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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  February 21, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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today's temperatures are just what the doctor ordered. if it's a pickup game everyone was outside. trying to soak up the sun. >> the big story on central new york record breaking temperatures in our region. and doesn't feel like february and more like what we feel at the ent of the may. >> some areas in the mid to upper 70s and even higher, what better way to spend a sunny way on the top of a mountain of ice and snow. look agent spring mountain through the sky 6 cameras. folks are taking advantage of comfortable conditions and fresh powder. we sent cecily tynan outside to tell us how long it will last. >> this is the end of it and big
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changes tonight. usually in february i'm out here talking about the cold and snow. not today. we didn't just break records we shattered them. the record 72 set back in 1930. this was the warmest day in february in 88 years.mest febru ever recorded in philadelphia. and it was even warmer in other parts of our region. allentown 81 and lancaster 81 degrees and they had more wind ahead of the cold front and temperatures were slightly higher there. and wilmington 78 and trenton 78 and atlanta see airport 76 and cape may it's wind off the bay a lot colder and 60. and the poconos where the snow is melting quickly reached a record high of 70. but there is much colder air waiting in the wings, a cold front west of our region right now and goes from temperatures in the 70s to temperatures in the 30s and 40s.
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we have a 30 degree drop heading into tomorrow. and it comes with rain as well. double scan live showing a few broken lines of some showers. even embedded thunderstorms and that is tracking when you move in during the dinner hour. if you want to do grilling you want to do it quickly. a line of gutty showers with a few embedded rumbles of thunder. temperatures fall into the 40s and rainy damp and raw for the start of the day. and we stay that way for a few days and we'll talk about that in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. lets switch live to sara bloomquist inside of the morris arboretum in chestnut hill. we like the weather but may not be good for plants and flours that are not suppose to sprout yet. >> with the record warm day you may notice the daffodils popping up in your neighborhood. it's normal to get the taste of
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spring and they will probably be just fine. there are others that will not be happy if we get another cold snap or get some snow. >> visitors came out for a walk ain peek at state your on this urn usually warm february day. they found flowers peeks out of the ground. >> the flowers are peeking out and they will be in for a surprise. >> snow drops are the dominant flower around and yellow winter, three good colors a nice sign of spring on the way. >> we asked the director of the arboretum if there is a cause of concern? >> there is not much you can do. tulips and daffodils are tough and they evolve to withstand the ups and downs, things like magnolia trees are not out yet but if the warm weather persists and turns cold as it did last
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year. the emerging flowers can be damaged. >> are you not imagining it flowers are blooming earlier than can throw things off. it's problematic, they may bloom earlier that the pollinators have not arrived yet. you can be losing some of the activities that plants depend upon. >> some here today tell us they are worried here about that. the warm weather doesn't feel quite right. >> it concerns me a lot: we need the winter and we need it for our souls to rest and need it for our plants to rest. so yes, i enjoy it. but it also scares me. >> so again the flowers are blooming now. daffodils and crocuses and snow drops they develop overtime to withstand the cold temperatures, after a day like this. maybe we should ask how will we endure the return to colder temperatures.
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live in chestnut hill. sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> get the latest on the big warm up and when it ends and check stormtracker 6 live double scan live any time on your phone or tablet. the 6 abc happen is a free download for your mobile device. >> in other news, his dynamic personality is movie star looks and christian believed made him followers for a half century. billy graham passed away at the age of 99. john rawlins is live now with more on his history in our area. >> mr. graham came to pennsylvania a number of times. he was in philadelphia twice in 1992 and 57 years ago in 1961 in both cases they had multinight revivals called crusades, reportedly big crowds turned out to see the celebrated preacher.
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>> jesus christ as your lord and master and savior. billy graham used television and stadium base revivals to call people to the christian church and the farm boy became a counselor to presidents and a big deal to americans facing a cold war and social change. >> to try to get a sense of the closest equivalent in society you would have to look for someone like oprah winfrey. >> a pro presser of studies, he described his abilities. >> the combination of personal charisma. and ability to connect with people one-on-one with. >> graham's revival message simple come down from your seat and accept christ. reverend kay marshall williams of the nazarene baptist church says he was a uniter not a divider. he removed a rope during a
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revive ale that separated blacks from whites. >> billy went down and pulled the rope and allowed everyone to sit together and took a stand at a time when that was not popular. >> that action earned graham death threats. he took a stand. >> and two crew aids in philadelphia one in 1961 and the other in 1992 when he preached at the old veteran stadium over five nights. >> that vet stadium crusade was televised and drew $200,000. and it went on for a number of weeks, reportedly 600,000 people turned out to the various revivals. live in villanova, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. read more about the life of reverend billy graham at see social media reaction to his passing and photos of graham's
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visits to philadelphia through the years. "action news" has obtained exclusive video of a car that may be involved in a violent home invasion. look at the car there, speeding away backyards and hitting several parked cars on roosevelt boulevard boulevard. it could be the gunman that broke into a home and pistol whipped two people today. and the man apparently went to a second floor apartment and pistol whipped a woman and afterward the pan assaults ran from the scene and the the suspect shot at him on the street but missed. a woman was hit by a car in philadelphia's hunting park section overnight and the driver did not stop to help her. this is the scene at hunting park and polanski avenue. the victim injured her arm and is being treated at the hospital and working with her to get a description of the car that hit
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her. >> philadelphia police are looking for two men that pull of an armed robbery after posing as a pizza deliveryman. they released this video of the crime unfolding on february 5th, one day earlier the suspect faked a pizza delivery to the back door of a store called the best of both worlds and came back the next day and demanded money from the back door. and on a mission to avoid fire deaths in the fox chase section of philadelphia. firefighters went to homes along the 7600 block of marie road to install free smoke detectors on saturday a fire kill aid woman and injured two firefighters. if you know someone that need a smoke alarm. are you urged to can't philly 311. students across the country and those from parkland high school where 17 people were killed in the the shooting rampage all held rallies today demanding change.
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hundreds challenged from florida to the state capital building in tallahassee meeting with the lawmakers, urging them to make tougher gun laws and voiced concerns that the republican controlled chamber refused to take up a measure that would have banned assault rifles and large capacity magazines and in delaware kids at friends school walked out of class to honor the victims of parkland and held a victim of silence that lasted 1 minutes one for every life lost. and they would like to see more redescriptions on who could buy a gun plus a ban on assault style weapons. >> they are not used in hunting. they are only meant for killing. and i think that is terrible. and i don't think there should be any reason that children should be able to get their hands on it. and i think we need to find a way to stop that. >> casey said he was surprised and delighted to see how much
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students chose to take part today. time for a check of the "action news" traffic report wednesday night. >> lets go live to matt pellman in the traffic center to see what's up. >> in honor of temperatures in the 70s today. let take a live look at i-76 the schuylkill expressway where speeds on the eastbound side are nowhere near the 70s. it's jammed packed at montgomery drive underneath 30th street station where there was an accident that just cleared and you are looking at speeds of 11 miles per hour coming into center city or south philadelphia for the villanova basketball game this evening. stick with river drives and a crash northbound somer dale. and that is cleared out and watching a fire location in upper darby west of 69th street at brief avenue and stay up on haverford avenue rather than westchester pike it's a mess because of the fire. watching a motorcycle crash in
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bucks county this afternoon along dark hollow, stick with bristol road instead and the debris spill in mercer county on 295 southbound is cleaned up as you come out of trenton. >> matt, see you then thank you. be sure to wake up with the "action news" morning team to get a great head start. join matt, tam david and karen for the latest look at the skies starting at 4:00 a.m. >> and they are taking the fight against opioid addiction to the next level and they voiced opposition to the companies that make the drugs. it's uniquely filed under racketeering statues, that they operated an operation that shipped highly addictive opioi d
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opioids. >> health check tonight a warning is out for a controversial herbal supplement. ali gorman is at the big board with the story tonight. >> hi guys, the cdc believes that 28 salmonella cases in 20 states are due to an herbal supplement that some use as pain medication and 11 people are hospitalized due to the medication and that is a plan crushed and used in powders and tea. and two of the people are in pennsylvania. the cdc thinks that more people may be affected and have not reported it. earlier this month. the fda warns against using it at all. saying it's dangerous and that it's linked to 44 deaths. >> also today a team at johns hopkins says it's not just being obese and the number of years that you are overweight. that say factor in heart disease. the access weight causes silent
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heart damage, the longer the pounds stay on the greater the risk. the factor remains regardless of whether the person has high blood pressure diabetes or kidney dice. and there is evidence that losing weight even after decades can help to reverse some of that heart damage. if you hit the gym or run races or watch the limb pings you probably notice more athletes wearing this tape here. elastic therapeutic tape and it has benefits, placed correctly it can restrain movement. and research has not shown long-term benefits but it helps people feel more comfortable in the short-term. experts say if you want to try it, you should have a physical therapist show you the best way to use it. and in conjunction with other
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therapies and an evaluation of what is causing the pain. >> something that doesn't go away and you are going to take your first step to getting treatment. it's important to see a health care professional to understand the underlying problem cause that system. >> dr. king says it's important to note that the tape will not help you recover any faster from an injury and you do want to make sure you apply it correctly otherwise it could make the injury worse. >> good to know thank you. meantime, drinking too much could lead to dementia, and records from more than a million french patients with dementia shows that 20% of the men have alcohol use disorders more than twice the rate of men and women have twice is the rate of excessive alcohol use as well. high with those with early onset dementia.
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more money in new jersey is dedicated to women's health, governor phil murphy restored $7 million for planned parenthood and this is the first legislation that the democrat signs since taking office and supports prefatal care and life saving screenings.
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and the rising cost of health care is one of the biggest problems in our country. tonight on "action news" at 11:00 here is nydia han with a preview. >> "action news" is bringing transparency to health care by revealing what medical procedures and treatments cost. we partnered with the philadelphia inquirer to bring you this guide. a long list of medical treatments and services in our area. and as you see the range of what you could pay for the same exact procedure is dramatic. hundreds even thousands of dollars difference and that range impacts you even if you have insurance and we'll explain and how this new guide works, philly healthcosts. texas senator ted cruz stopped by the area to talk about energy, part of an at energy solutions. that required transportation
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fuel sold in the u.s. and contain minimum volume of renewable fuels. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. eczema exposed. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more.
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in the state with more ski mountains than any other, family fun reaches a new peak. so whether you're a speed demon or more of a snow angel, your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway at new york state. it's all here. it's only here.
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a check of the warm accuweather forecast. >> cecily tynan with the good news. a two day spring tease now heading back to winter. hope you enjoyed it. a change is on the way lets go
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to the weather center a great shot from linda from spring city it shows the blue skies and shows it's clouds building if the distance ahead of the cold front bringing us a big change and if you look at the trees. you can see this is a sign that this is still winter and no leaves are budding on the trees yet and the temperatures feel like late spring. 73 in philadelphia and little bit on the humid side. dew point 60 unusual for february and winds from the south sound west pulling up the warm air and pressure is still high as high pressure continues to work off the eastern seaboard. currently in allentown 78 and reading and lancaster 79 and trenton 75 and the cool spot with the wind off the bay cape may only 57. i want to show you what until today were the all time warmest days ever recorded in february. now, i'll show you what we hit today. philadelphia 2 degrees shy of our all time february record.
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wilmington tying that, allentown reading and trenton the warmest days ever recorded and allentown and reading making it up into the low 80s. a change in february. the blue days afternoon highs below normal and red above normal. the last two weeks we had a surge of warmth so so far about 5.5 degrees above normal and likely this will be the top 10 warmest februarys on record. last year we were 8.5 degrees above normal the warmest february on record. this is the system just the radar showing the scattered showers developing out to our north and west. with a cold front and hitting in the philadelphia region by 8:00. gusty showers and embedded thunderstorms washing out over south jersey at 11:00. this front stalls and waves of low pressure stalls and that brings us a raw, rainy day tomorrow. and storm tracker showing us at
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6:30 in the morning and hitting the high of 49 degrees and could be a few sleet pellets mixing in in the northwestern suburbs. the five-day at 5:00. raw and rainy 49 is the high hit that early and temperatures drop. and friday the same 46 degrees and periods of light rain and drizzle and we made a change to saturday. and saturday is mostly cloudy and dry. 59 degrees before rain moves in for the first half of the day on sunday. 66. and dry it out on monday and 56. and will we stay dry? we'll talk about that in the accuweather forecast. >> all right we'll take a break and more "action news" coming up in the next half hour. - [narrator] look around.
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if our world isn't stuck in the past, why is higher education? we say if there's a better path, you should take it. and when there isn't, well, you know where i'm going with that. don't do things by the book if the book can't keep up. take your page from one that hasn't been written. we took two renowned universities, including a premier medical school, and created a single university that defies convention. at jefferson, we're making modern look old and making old look new and making sure new is not enough. we're adding more weight to your degrees
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and more meaning to your careers, going where others wouldn't dare, making connections few think to make and setting tomorrow's standards by breaking today's. because we believe the lines that are drawn are meant to converge. that's where the future is born. and once you realize you're not limited to what's possible, guess what? you redefine all that will be. "action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, rick williams and monica malpass. hello again. here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. survivors of the parkland school shootling descend on florida's capital to urge lawmakers to pass tougher gun laws. a live report coming up.
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and local lawmakers meeting with school leaders finding out how to make schools safer. and record breaking warmth descends on the area surprisingly high temperatures and what is to come in the accuweather forecast. >> now the details, students in florida and many places throughout the nation walked out of class today to push for gun laws and more security in schools as the survivors of the parkland shooting gop to tallahassee calling for change and they say the fight won't end there. tara joins us from washington. >> reporter: students around the country rallies and protests in support of gun control. >> at the florida state capital. survivors of the deadly school shooting in parkland had harsh words for lawmakers, before the student as rived the lawmakers rejected a vote on the ban. >> i can vote and i foe who i am
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not voting for the people i meet with and people i have seen. fon of them have really put it into words what needs to be done. >> before the four our journey they were hopeful after the meeting seemed defiant. >> they won't dismiss us or reschedule or push us into another room as they dance around our questions. we came here prepared. >> students across the country staged walkouts in solidity. they marched down to the white house. >> something that can resonate. those kids were us. president trump holding a televised listening session. under public pressure he made a surprise announcements he directed the the department of justice to ban bump stocks and the support for a senate bill that fixes instant background checks. >> some democrats have pointed out that the bureau of tobacco
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and firearms do not have the power to ban bump stocks, they say the president proposed length acceleration to deal with the issue. back you. meanwhile, similar rallies took place in cities across the nation. thousands of students staging walkouts in support of gun control and in solidity of the students from parkland florida. from maryland to kentucky to california. students staged 17 minute long walkouts to honor the 17 students killed in last week's shooting and have the support of the administrator saying they support the students right to protest. and president trump hosted a listening session including survivors and parents from parkland florida, vice president mike pence and betsy devos was on hand here. and the president promises the administration will be strong on background checks but stopped short of policy announcement.
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monthose were the survivor from stoneman douglas that lost a friend in the shooting. >> i lost a best friend who was practically a brother. and i'm here to use my voice because i know he can't. and i know he is with me cheering me on to be strong but it's hard. and to feel like this, it doesn't feel like a week. time has stood still. >> in addition to survivors from parkland there were parents that lost children in columbine and sandy hook. back in our area one lawmakers is hoping that the parkland shooting spurs safety measures in schools here and they met with superintendents throughout delaware county to find out their concerns, they are drafting legislation to make
5:34 pm
new safety protocols. he is planning to seek state funding to make schools safer. >> some of the biggest challenges, weren't the gun issue but the mental health issue in their school districts and making their buildings more security tight. >> he also unveiled plans for a website to allow students and parents to share concerns and suggestions. >> in maryland a police officer was shot and killed today after he went to help his neighbor during a domestic dispute. investigators say the officer was home and off duty and went to help a woman fighting with her husband. the officer stepped in to help the woman and he was shot. the alleged gunman fled the scene and led them on a chase. he opened fire and police returned fire killing the suspect. >> a bombshell report alleges that hundreds of young athletes with usa swimming were sexually
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abused over the course of two decades and that report was published in the orange county register since 1997 at least 252 coaches and officials have now been arrested prosecuted or arrested or punished. former olympian ariana says that former coach john hutchinson sexually assaulted her when she was 16. >> i app hopeful we can bring change to this that the right conversations can start taking place and i'm struggling so hard to be right here and it's costing me everything. to sit in this room right now. and rip myself open. >> hutchinson denies the claim. an update now to a weekend fire in old city that forced the evacuation of 160 people. that building near 3rd and chestnut will need to be knocked down but not before a lot of work can be done on sounding
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properties. lni officials are trying to determine how to stabilize the buildings. four of the surrounding builds are not safe for residents and the fire department is on the scene. and continues to put out hot spots there. there is no word yet on the cause of the fire. >> three people are charged with killing a man in bucks county and arrested charles alexander and vega and rodriguez. the victim 26-year-old kevin hill was shot while he sat in his car on the 900 block of bristol pike and later died at the hospital and all suspects are held without bail. and police in southwest philadelphia are trying to track down a thief that held up a 7-eleven on valentine's day, it happened on the south 70th street. and video shows the thief pointing a handgun at the 29-year-old clerk. right there. and the gunman ran away after
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getting cash from the register. time for a check of the highways tonight. >> matt pellman now. >> weather is perfect but the traffic leaves something to be desired. 95 northbound is extra heavy all afternoon we started the afternoon with a crash northbound around woodhaven and long gone now but you can see we are still backing up by cotman avenue, a 10 minute delay along 95 through the great northeast. and a crash on the schuylkill eastbound underneath 30th street station and that is gone with slow speeds in the 20s if you head to the villanova basketball game this evening in south philadelphia. slow speed as long 209 through montgomeriville. 11 miles per hour and hatfield we are watching police department activity and shutting down 40 foot road broad street route 463 as a result. broad street not where you want to be this afternoon. had an earlier crash in
5:38 pm
newcastling 495 approaching the merge of 95 and cleared out of the way i would stick with 95. speeds of 12 miles per hour. single digit speeds in mt. laurel burlington county thanks to a crash near the new jersey turnpike and slow going in both directions. use 70 or 38. and you can't use the a.c. rail line from philadelphia to cherry hill. the njt buses are cross honoring tickets and septa paoli thorndale rail line has 15 minute delays outbound because of signal problems. >> thank you. much more ahead on "action news" tonight. the little girl's heart breaking plea to her local sheriff. what she is asking him to do to keep him and her classmates safe. and engineers spend the day
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duct taping themselves to a wall in knowledge. and warmth that was nice while we had had it and change is coming in from the west and cold front and a line of gusty downpours and showers on stormtracker 6 live double scan. and i'll time them for you and talk about the reality check in the seven-day forecast. >> sounds good. the sixers get back to work after the all-star break. jaime has the details when "action news" comes right back.
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a local teenager that plays basketball was allowed to return to the court after being banned for not taking can off the religious head dress. she goes to the mastery charter campus. anything worn on the head must be approved by the state's athletic association. and they asked for religious exception and it was granted allowing her to play today while wearing her hijab. and we missed them after the break and now crunch time. sixers five games over .500 and
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27 games left to play playoffs or bust. joel embiid is back to work and he was wearing shoes and simmons was not wearing a shirt. that does not matter winning does. they travel to chicago and play the bulls tomorrow. they are seventh and sights are set on moving up and even getting home field advantage. >> we are a step closer and nobody led by me feels like we arrived. and at some point getting in the playoffs and you want to play and the mentality and mind set i have. the phillies begin grapefruit league play and play the university of tampa tomorrow. it marked the manager debut of gabe kaplan and work ougt in the gym with them and motivating
5:44 pm
them with well known area an leats. jeff skversky went one-on-one with reece hoskins. >> gabe's influence on this team is what. >> the first and foremost thing you can tell is the energy the guy brings. >> it's echos not just in the clubhouse but throughout the whole organization, you can tell that when you walk in the door. i mean, camp has been fun so far. different than last year. not that last year was bad. but there was more energy in the air. >> not only kaplan made a dent but received a dent. nick williams hit a batting practice so far and landed in the parking lot and on the top of kapler's suv and today he nearly did it again. hear from kapler about that. and the third ranked team in the nation and drivers seat for the number one seed. and villanova returning home to take on depaul for senior night. they get phil booth back and the
5:45 pm
cocaptain was out four weeks with a broken hand and without them it made things interesting losing two of their last four and coming out a blowout win against xavier still a half game up on them in the conference. >> there is nothing wrong with a bumpy road and can you learn a lot from it. we never lost any confidence. we knew we played good teams playing hot and playing in a tough environment at providence and we are just not clicking but we know we still have a lot of work to do. and we did learn a lot from the games. >> don't look now but the flyers won seven of their last eight. in overtime they beat the canadiens 3-2. and a heart breaking plea from a local girl in tennessee
5:46 pm
to her local sheriff asking him to please keep her and her classmates safe. annabel wrote the letter and asked for the doors and windows not made of glass and a school resource officer on site. >> please i'm begging you let us have more protection and i don't want anyone coming into our schools and hurting kids. >> abigail felt sad and scared after the shooting in florida. and the sheriff will see what it costs to put an officer inside of every school in the county. her mom says it's a good lesson in letting abigail know her little voice could be heard. >> good for her. still to come wednesday night the exclusive accuweather forecast. lets take a live look from the sky 6 camera a warm evening out there and changes are on the way. and adam joseph with details when we come right back.
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feeling like spring why not get out and golf. that is what folks did today at mercer oaks golf course, a few golfers chose to practice at the driving range and officials got in 18 holes. >> folks are acting like april in may and it's february and we love this. hope you enjoy it. >> hope you do too. it's changing now especially in the western suburbs, cannot capture this for more than two days. it was a nice break while we had it. looking at the weather center,
5:50 pm
live on sky 6 hd one location and many locations that do not like this break the winter ski resorts and patches of green developing along the slope there in spring mountain montgomery county with this warm weather, and the fog especially at night. it eats away at the snow quickly and with rain coming in on top of it. not a good sign. as we look at numbers upper 70s for reading and allentown and still in the 80s today, 74 today 75 in trenton and 74 in millville. and beach haven cooler along the immediate shore when the wind catches in of the ocean. it drops the temperature into the 50s and even for the city of philadelphia. look at the drop in temperature. just between the 7:00 and midnight hour 70s from 50s with a gusty line of showers coming through and the northwest wind sets in and by the time we wake up tomorrow morning we'll be in the 40s around here with a
5:51 pm
dreary day tomorrow. lots of clouds and on and off showers and drizzle. lets talk about today. where it was summer like, and take a look at the record breaking temperatures, it happens in every city today. delaware valley and lehigh valley. and philadelphia above the record by 5 degrees set back in 1930. and allentown demolished the record. the old record 67 degrees and 14 degrees above that 81 degrees set back in 1953. 8 degrees above it for trenton and the same for wilmington and atlantic city airport. 76 degrees there while the boardwalk in atlantic city was only in the 50s. stormtracker 6 live double scan. this is the line we are watching to the west. no severe weather but there is gusty winds with these downpours and even a rumble of thunder could top up and see the sky turning dark and kids outside
5:52 pm
playing at this park get them indoors. and the line crossing 122 and racing west to east and then you feel the chill come in with the winds as well approaching honey brook and downings town and westchester and look for the flair-up east of reading. and satellite and radar a frontal boundary and summer like warmth to the south and tornado watches in parts of louisiana. and just to the north in oklahoma. dealing with ice and snow so over the next four days, we see the train. it continues to pivot north and west and clipped by it so nashville 3 inches of rain and cincinnati 4 inches of rain over the next four days. philadelphia we can pick up 1 and 2 inches of rain between tomorrow and the end of the weekend. here is the line collapsing to philadelphia at 7:00. then into south jersey by 9:00
5:53 pm
tonight with temperatures in the 50s behind it. lingering showers at 11:00. down between millville and dover and wilmington and waking up tomorrow morning. showers around and cool in the 40s and stays in the 40s tomorrow afternoon. and mixing with sleet pellets tomorrow afternoon up toward the lehigh valley and temperatures there in the upper 30s. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 49 tomorrow and chilly damp and dreary we do it again on friday and light rain and drizzle and raw with temperatures of 46 degrees, milder on saturday. and we could get a break between systems saturday with just a lot of clouds and drier at 59 and more rain saturday night into the the first half of sunday. 66 warm degrees and the pat everyone will break down the sun and clouds and take control monday, tuesday and wednesday with highs above average in the low to mid-50s. a nice stretch coming in next week. but unfortunately we have four days of the drearies first. >> thank you. >> as always get the latest on
5:54 pm
the big warm-up and when it will end and check stormtracker 6 live double scan live any time on the tablet or smart phone. students at win coat elementary took part in a history bee. second, third and fourth graders took part and designed to teach them about notable african-american men and women in their own county and township. a sticky situation for lockheed martin engineers, why they spent tote to deny gravity with a role of duct tape. okay, i never thought i'd say this, but i found bladder leak
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underwear that's actually pretty. surprised? it's called always discreet boutique. it looks and fits like my underwear. i know what you're thinking. how can something this pretty protect? hidden inside is a super absorbent core that quickly turns liquid to gel... ...for incredible protection. so i feel protected... ...and pretty. always discreet boutique.
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it's national engineers week and lockheed martin launched the annual duct tape competition to see who could defy gravity by taping their suggests to the wall at the plant in morristown and the engineering team shared
5:57 pm
their insights with the local middle school students. >> that one not holding up so well. right now jim gardner and the "action news" team is standing by with these stories next at 6:00. spring like temperatures in winter. how the cold snap can affect the early bloomers. and ed pawlowski takes his own defense in a corruption trial. and billy graham and the time he spent in philadelphia. those stories next at 6:00. for adam joseph, cecily tynan, monica malpass and the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams have a nice evening.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan and jim gardner. wednesday night and philadelphia district attorney larry krasner ordered a change to the bail system and a multivehicle truck crash closes the northeast extension for hours. but the big story on "action news" is the historic day in philadelphia. it will go down as one of the warmest february days since they began keeping records and we smash the record for february 21st. the temperatures were soaring all over the tri-state area and made for a spectacular day for visitors and animals at the the brandywine zoo and it made for a delightf delightful stroll on the boardwalk of atlantic city. lets get the facts and figures
6:00 pm
from cecily tynan. >> reporter: for philadelphians younger than 88 years old this is the warmest february day in your lifetime. the high shot up for a record high for the date 77 degrees, the old record was 72. set back in 1930. but this was the warmest february day in 88 years. the second warmest february day ever recorded in philadelphia. some areas even warmer. areas north and west closer to a cold front you had even a stronger prefrontal surge of air. reading 82 and lancaster 81 degrees and wilmington record high of 78. and trenton 78 as well. and dover airport 76 and the poconos not good for the ski sorts there a record high of 70. a strong cold front is pulling in and big drop in temperatures, 70s ahead of the front to 40s and 30s behind it and the front is pushing in showers as we


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