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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  February 21, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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from cecily tynan. >> reporter: for philadelphians younger than 88 years old this is the warmest february day in your lifetime. the high shot up for a record high for the date 77 degrees, the old record was 72. set back in 1930. but this was the warmest february day in 88 years. the second warmest february day ever recorded in philadelphia. some areas even warmer. areas north and west closer to a cold front you had even a stronger prefrontal surge of air. reading 82 and lancaster 81 degrees and wilmington record high of 78. and trenton 78 as well. and dover airport 76 and the poconos not good for the ski sorts there a record high of 70. a strong cold front is pulling in and big drop in temperatures, 70s ahead of the front to 40s and 30s behind it and the front is pushing in showers as we
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speak. this is stormtracker 6 live double scan, the actual front are farther out to the west. the showers are breaking out ahead of it and the lehigh valley getting showers touching the northern lehigh valley and parts of berks county and lehigh valley, coming with gusty winds and a rumble having thunder. this marks the big change on the way. this is what to expect this evening. line of gusty showers and perhaps a rumble of thunder and temperatures fall down into the 40s and raw, damp and dreary by dawn and get used to that and i'm explain in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> all right lets go live to "action news" reporter sara bloomquist at the morris arboretum in chestnut hill. it's not nice to fool mother nature but mother nature is fooling her flowers, how is that going to work? >> yes jim. you probably out and about, and notice daffodils popping out in the area and the experts say that is not uncommon and typical here in the philadelphia area we
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get a quick hit of of spring like weather and the daffodils can withstand it but there are tree bugs and flowers that are not too happy if we get a cold snap or see snow. visitors the arboretum in chestnut hill came time-out to enjoy the warmth, they couldn't help but notice spring flowers making an appearance. >> it's fantistic, it's a long time coming and flowers coming out off the ground. >> it's magnificent and i see the crocuses and snow drops for the first time. and daffodils poking up through the grass it's wonderful. >> a wonderful sign of spring but is there reason for concern? can the flowers and tree buds endure the cold snap that is coming. >> things like the magnolia trees they are not quite out yesterday but if the warm weather persists and turns cold
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like last year the emerging flowers can be damaged. here at the arboretum there are signs it's shifting overall. >> one thing we see with global warming the average timeline is moving forward. things that say used to bloom in the first week of may are come only see the last week of april. >> that could be problematic because the pollinators may not be ready to go. they are concerned and find this really warm weather just weird and others think it's just right. >> it creeps p me out. we wants to come out and walk in the rain and cold. this is not normal for february. >> i think it's right on target. we get surprises like this that gives us hope for the spring. >> reporter: even those magnolia trees some years they do great and other years they don't.
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that is the joy of gardening, every season is different and no year is the same. live in chestnut hill, sara bloomquist channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. you can get the latest on the big warm-up and when it will end and check stormtracker 6 live double scan any time on your phone or tablet. traffic is moving again on the northeast extension after a multivehicle crash shut down the highway for hours today. two tractor trailers and two box trucks were caught up in an accident. police say there were injuries and we are waiting to hear details on that. police redirected traffic between the landsdale and quakertown interchanges until reopening the interstate at 2:00 this afternoon. hours after putting out a fire in collingdale. firefighters found the homeowner dead inside.
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flames broke out along the 900 block of pitman avenue. 65-year-old michael olecease was trapped inside and neighbors say he had mobility problems. video obtained by "action news" shows what appears to be the destructive get away of the suspect in a double home invasion. the crime happened at 4:00 this morning on the 200 block of west roosevelt boulevard in the feltonville section of philadelphia. police say that a gunman broke into the basement unit where moses lawrence was sleeping and lawrence says the suspect beat him and asked for drugs and money. and he played dead after the suspect went to a second floor unit and pistol whipped a woman the owner of the home. the mayor of allentown ed pow pawlowski took the stand in
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his corruption trial. outside now is walter perez. what happened there today? >> reporter: well, until today the defense relied heavily on witnesses testifying on the mayor's character and pawlowski himself went into great detail explaining why this trial amounts to nothing more than a modern day witch hunt. >> ed pawlowski was under no obligation to take the stand during the ongoing corruption trial and today he did just that. during the allentown mayors testimony defense attorney jack mcmahon replayed for jurors the secret recording of pawlowski on the surface where the mayor is expressioning a desire to threaten organizations that have city contracts that were allegedly dragging feet donating to his campaigns. pawlowski says that was pure frustration over the tedious fundraising efforts that come with any campaign and told the
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jury, quote, i wouldn't do that. and expressing frustration to staff and telling a donor are two different things. he cooperated with the fbi since the charges were announced and pleaded not guilty to all 54 criminal counts including bribery conspiracy and fraud. >> and defense attorney jack mcmahon pins the blame for the charges against two of the campaign advisers. testimony continues tomorrow. reporting live from allentown, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. philadelphia's new district attorney is ordering change to the bail system as part of an overall effort to reduce the number of people in city jails and larry krasner announced that the office will no longer see cash bail for misdemeanors and non-violent felonies and that it discriminates against the poor. they are locked up while
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wealthier defendants can remain free while on trial. students are getting in on the ground level of of a new expansion project in northeast philadelphia. the youngsters and administra r administrators held a ceremonial ground breaking, in addition to the lewis farrell elementary school. and once complete the 115,000 square foot wing has 12 high tech classrooms and a life skills support room. and superintendant, william hite stopped by to check on the progress slated to be complete in time for the new school year in the fall. philadelphia mayor, jim kenney honored students this afternoon for their hard work, and "action news" stopped by the cte star students award ceremony at city hall. students from each district high school were recognized for their academic and professional excellence. a local robotics team received help from the experts, boeing
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brought in engineers to mentor aspiring new engineers in ridley park. and the students spent their day preparing for competitions and showing off their robotic skills. workforce demand for engineering skills. still to come on "action news" the life and legacy of billy graham. we'll take a look at the evangelist's visit to philadelphia. and the sixers look to keep the momentum going following the all-star break. after record warmth and sunshine, stormtracker 6 live double scan showing gusty showers moving into the northwest suburbs and this is with a cold front that brings us auto reality check. ill explain in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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he was the most widely heard evangelist in history. >> this was the last time billy graham held a crusade in philadelphia at the old vet stadium in 1992. by then he was an american icon. >> jesus christ at your lord and master and savior. >> losing television and stadium based revivals graham called people to the christian church and was a counselor to presidents and a big deal for americans facing a cold war and social change. to get a sense of the closest equivalent in society at billy
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graham. you have to look at someone like oprah winfrey. >> and he describes the abilities. the combination of personal charisma and ability to connect with people one-on-one. single them out of a crowd. >> and the revival message simple come down from your seat and accept christ. >> he can forgive your sins. >> reverend kay marshall williams says that graham was a uniter not a divider. that he removed a rope that kept blacks segregated from whites. >> and billy when down from the podium and pulled the rope and allowed everyone to come in and sit together and took a stand at a time when that was not popular. >> williams says that action earned graham death threats and took a stand because of his commitment and convictions about our christ. >> not counting television it's
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estimated that graham preached to 215 million people. the first crusade in philadelphia was 1961 and it took place over several weeks and multiple locations and attracted some 600,000 admirers, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." and world news tonight with david muir has more on the life and teachings of billy graham. tonight at 6:30 after "action news." high school students in south jersey honed their golf game this morning and all part of the 13th annual technical hosted by timber creek high school in sicklerville. the theme was hole in one. months back engineering and tech none students were challenged to build a miniature golf device meckcly operated and students from timber creek and highlands and try tan took part today.
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ducis rogers went to the head of the class this morning and spoke to cadets at the military college in wayne. and ducis spoke with his school experience and path to become a sportscaster. and i could think of no one better to give advice than ducis rogers. >> out there a lot of energetic students out there. hopefully they have a bright future. move ago on to the sixers it's back to work for them. the sixers sit in the seventh playoff seed and three games away from being in the fourth spot. at practice today all the talk was keeping the momentum going and before the all-star break they won five gay games in a row. and jaime apody caught up with brett brown and asked about joel embiid among other things. >> did you enjoy watching his first experience. >> i was proud of ben and dario
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and joel. all three handled themselveses with interviews and on the court with tremendous pride and grace. i think they represented themselves and the program well. i have had the privilege of coaching in two of those and it's a memorable experience and being around all the great players and i look forward to talking to them and downloading them and listening and see what they get out of it. >> kevin durant says when he is done joel embiid will take it's league over. i feel like in part he has. >> what does that mean to hear that? >> i am so proud of joel for most of the other reasons. i get what i does on the court but for him to mentally navigate through a few operations and loss of a brother and trying to deal with all of the stuff we have all gone through in the
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city of philadelphia a tough city and have the expectations and all of those types of things be on him in many ways and come out the other side. just, i think he is fantastic. >> the phillies will be playing exhibition games tomorrow. yes, things are moving quickly in clearwater. the ball is also moving quickly off the bat of nick williams. yesterday the outfielder hit one out of the park and dented gabe kapler's rental car a bill old mark on the top listen to what transpired today. a nice breeze from right field the breeze coming in from right field did not stop rick williams from hitle the baseball and almost hitting my car for the second time. if he is destroying cars and it happens to be mine no problem. >> eagles receiver alshon jeffrey went for surgery to
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repair the rotator cuff. he played all regular laugh 16 games and super bowl and playoffs through the pain. hats off to him. >> jaylin mills still feeling the love. he was at af fitness. and a $5 donation to chop got fans an autographed photo and he is doing a few public appearances and still amazed at all the reactions. >> the first thing you hear is thank you, thank you, thank you. that is it from the oldest fan to the youngest fan. they continuously say thank you. especially you know, for what we did for the city. it's been a long time coming and i'm just proud to be a part of it. >> he better get used to it, he will hear that for the rest of his life. cecily tynan has the accuweather forecast.
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so that is it. chilly again and to days in the 70s and now back into the 40s. actually it warms up a bit over the weekend. >> it's not fair. >> this is february and very unusual. the action cam in fairmount park where this is what you needed to do today. go outside the artist heading outside to enjoy the may like warmth in february. and now things are changing. this is a live sfap shot from the pagoda overlooking reading and the skies are dark and it's showers and gusty showers have started there and that is all ahead of a cold front than brings us a reality check tomorrow. double scan live radar showing we have shower activity north of
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i-78 northern lehigh valley cross through easton and 33 and another cell at hamburg and farther to the south heavier rain with gustier winds and wind gusts 35 miles per hour. moving due east at 35 miles per hour. and harmony and lindhs dale in the path. it will have heavy downpours and gusty winds ahead of the cold front that brings changes. these are the all time february records, until today philadelphia we missed it by 2 degrees but wilmington 78 degrees and allentown 81 and reading 82 and trenton 78 these areas the warmest february temperature ever recorded. right now mild out there. philadelphia 72 and allentown 75.
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and trenton 73 and lancaster a rain cooled 68 degrees and cool spot cape may off the water. ocean temperature is 40 and the air temperature currently 52. satellite 6 along with action radar showing the leading edge of this cold front moving in right now. and the front extends all the way down to the gulf coast. and they had severe weather in louisiana. that is where the first of several lows rideing along the front the rain train, thursday through sunday, waves of rain looking at 1 to 2 inches over the course of the four days and a bit of a break on saturday. and generally pretty gloomy, future tracker 68:00 gusty showers i-95 and drying out at 11:00 and tomorrow morning grab the winter coat. at 7:30 upper 40s and drop to the low 40s and sleet is possible mixed in areas north. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we are stuck in the 40s tomorrow with pers of
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rain and the same on friday and 46 and saturday mostly cloudy and 59 degrees and i think we are dry during the day and rain moves in saturday night into saturday morning and sunday high 66 and it drys us out monday 56 and tuesday 52 and wednesday partly sunny and 54 degrees, so next week temperatures are slightly above normal but saying good-bye to temperatures in the 70s for a while. and saying good-bye to february with to snow. we could get some in march. >> no. abc world news next on channel 6 and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, sharrie williams, adam joseph and ducis rogers. and then join us for a special report at 11:00 here on channel 6. the rising cost of health care. one of the biggest problems we face in this country. at 11:00 tonight "action news" reveals our own way of being part of the solution. here is nydia han with a preview. >> "action news" is bringing
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trance parentsy to health care by revealing what medical treatments and procedures cost. we partner with the philadelphia inquirer to bring you the new consumer guide. it reveals prices of a long list of medical treatments and services in our area. as you see the range of what you can pay for the same exact procedure is dramatic. hundreds even thousands of dollars difference. and that range impacts you even if you have insurance and we'll explain how it works philly health costs "action news" at 11:00. >> for cecily tynan and ducis rogers and it's entire okay team. i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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tonight, the extraordinary moments late today inside the white house. president trump face to face with the families. parents, student survivors after the deadly school shooting. the father who lost his daughter. >> it's my daughter i'm not going to see again. >> families from florida, from sandy hook, from columbine. and what the president then said to them. the young people descending on florida's state capital today. what they encountereded as students across the country walk out in solidarity, demanding an end to the school shootings. tonight, honoring the man known as america's pastor. reverend billy graham. and what he told diane sawyer about death. how often he thought about it and his hope afterward. the massive winter storm tonight. 20 states. the rescues. this woman on the roof of her car. snow, ice,


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