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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 22, 2018 1:37am-2:10am EST

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the fern rock section of philadelphia. police are investigating a hidious crime on north broad street. a woman was shot to death while driving a van. three children were in the van and witnesses say they were splattered in blood. annie mccormick is live at the scheen. scene. annie, what's the situation? >> jim, family members tell us the 23-year-old driver, the homicide victim in the case was traveling in the van to a nearby gas station when shots wran sho. homicide detective detectives ae scene and the van is still here. shots were fired as the van traveled north on broad street. the 23-year-old family driver suffered at least one gunshot wound and was pronounced dead at
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the scene. five passengers in the car, three children and two adults in their 20s. all suffered wounds from the crash but are stable. >> family members who lived nearby rushed to the scene. police are looking for a dark colored vehicle. they believe someone in the car opened fire on the van as it traveled west on broad street. then the driver lost control and crossed other several lanes of traffic crashing into this building on the 5800 block of old york road. >> it appears the van was struck at least five times by gunfire. we found five bullet holes on the driver side as well as the driver door. that appears to be how the 23-year-old female driver was sthot. shot. >> at broad and lagrange which
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is where police believe the shots rang out there is a cricket store on the corner. homicide detectives are here. family members telling us the 23-year-old driver had a twin sister also a passenger in the vehicle. the twin and a 24-year-old and three children are in einstein hospital tonight. jim, back to you. >> throughout the united states today, students left their classrooms to make their voices heard. from the students of wilmington french school to young people in arizona to maine and all points in between, they marched and rallied against gun violence and to honest the victims in parkland, florida. students gathered in large
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numbers, many of the protests lasted 17 minutes in fribt to the 17 victims. inside the white house president trump gathered student and parents that told their own stories of tragic loss in places like parkland, florida and newtown, connecticut. they employered the president, put politics aside and protect america's children. >> kristi? >> jim, they didn't hold back. they had a clur flurry of ideas including mental background checks and arming teachers in classrooms. >> we should have fixed it. >> emotions were raw. >> i'm pissed. my daughter, i'm not going to see again. >> parents took their pain to president trump. >> if he's not old enough to buy a drink, he shouldn't be able to
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buy a gun at 18 years old. that's common sense. >> how is it that easy to buy this type of weapon? >> when that alert goes off and they put the kids in the closets, the kids under the desk, then i want the teacher to open the safe, pull out the firearm and do what needs to be done while waiting for the helicopters and swat team. >> does anyone like thatted tha? do people feel against it? >> i'm against having a teacher with a gun in the building. people are emotional. >> others begged for active shooter drills for students and staff. >> i think a change to increase the training and protocol so if god forbid another shooting happens, all of the teachers will be prepared and keep the
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students calm. >> how can we identify people at risk of hurting themselves or others before picking up a weapon. that's what we need to focus on. nicole who lost her child in sandy hook, advocated for health training. >> you don't want to be me. nobody does. you have the ability to save lives today. please dost waste this. >> a candid conversation clearly far from over. the president is looking at raising the purchase from 18-21 something the nra actively opposes. >> republic senator pat toomey will reintroduce his bill on background checks to require them for sales online and gun shows. the measure failed twice before at best getting 54 of 60 votes necessary, so he expects he will have to make adjustments.
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>> the allentown school community met to discuss safety concerns in the wake of parkland and an arrest of a student at dieruff high school the following day. he was charged with threatening to shoot up his classroom but no guns were found. >> >> >> two people were hurt during arrest mobile home fire in burlington county. it broke out at 8:00 in south haven township. victims were treated at the scene. >> we hope you enjoyed it while it lasted. the temperatures are already dropping at this hour and not headed back to the 70s anytime soon. meteorologist cecily tynan is here with the first look at the forecast. >> jim, we have a reralty check on the way. yesterday, 72. today, 77. not only a record for this date,
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but the warmest february in philadelphia in 88 years and second warmest day in february ever recorded here. it's certainly unusual. other areas warmer. allentown, 81. reading 82. lancaster 82. even in the pocono, not good news for the sk ski ski resorts. dover, 77. changes are coming. 3d double scan showing a cold front pushing in. we had showers wetting the ground. as we widen the view, there is a train of moisture, the front becomes stationary. that means several days of rain on the way. the rape i rain is here for the commute. i talk about that in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you, cecily. a buck's county medic thought he was meeting a 14-year-old girl
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for sex. instead the cops were there waiting to arrest him. 46 cheerld charles aimer of war minister was communicating with an undercover police officer. he is charged with luring and attempted assault. >> a man that threatened to shoot up an upper darby church is back on the street and the clergy are concerned. dann cuellar is with upper darby police. you have the full story? >> especially in the wake of the school shooting last week, people are on edge. police are looking for this guy when he turns himself in. hours later, he's back on the streets. >> the fact that he was able to sign his own bail is beyond belief to me. >> on sunday morning he was
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escorted out of church service at beulah tabernacle after he was harassing parishioners. >> he said he was going to come back and kill everybody. that's a threat. as terroristic as you can get. >> hargrove turned himself in this morning but was ordered released by judge anne daredako on $30,000 bail. >> that's asinine. this guy is a danger. when you make those threats, there has to be consequences. >> the incident has heightened concerns for other churches like the collision cente christian cr darby. >> pastors have to think about church security. >> church elders here have been
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looking at ways of securing the facility. >> i wouldn't particularly carry a gun myself. i believe in having people who are well trained, qualified and designated to take care of the problems if they occur. truth be told, we have people like that now. they are carrying, but people don't know they are carrying. >> do you blame him? >> no, i met with the elders of the church. that was one of my recommendations. >> the elders are reviewing the ideas and others like it. in the wake of recent events, they expect to make a decision within the month. dann cuellar, upper darby mis. >> still to come, we remember the life of america's pastor.
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billy graham dead at the age of 99. plus a new saga in the attempt to redraw pennsylvania districts. cecily? >> we have details and timeout the rain for the weekend in the seven-day forecast. >> if you are frustrated by the secrecy in healthcare, you are not alone. we have a list of medical procedures. details in the special report. >> ducis rodgers with the villanova wildcats and surprising news aboutal sean abt you've worked hard.
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a private funeral scheduled for march 2nd. billy graham was 99 years old. we have more on billy graham including a photographic tour of
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the visit the reverend graham made to philadelphia. >> new at 11:00, pennsylvania top republic lawmakers filed suit asking the court to block congressional redistricting. they argue that the pennsylvania spreblght oversteppesupreme cous constitutional authority. the g.o.p. leaders say they were not given enough time and had to hurry their version. >> a special report, the rising cost of healthcare is one of the biggest problems facing the country. "action news" is trying to be part of the solution by bringing transparency to the healthcare marketplace. nydia han explains how the effort reveals what procedures cost. >> it's really exciting. paying ott of pocket or with insurance especially with rising
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deductibles and copays, prices matter. philly health costs is an online tool to look up costs in our area. >> over the years, "action news" has heard your stories of frustration and anger over the price of healthcare, particularly when it comes to surprise bills. >> we were hit for $4,000. i thought that was crazy. $4,300 for david schafer's obligation to pay after insurance. that's after bob dlenty realized he was paying a $400 copay and could have been paying $150 copay at a different if salienty. >> i think it's insane. it's ridiculous. >> after hearing all of your stories, "action news" is presenting a solution, a way for
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you to know how much medical procedures and supplies cost. it's called philly health co-s, a consumer guide made possible by 6abc and the philadelphia inquirer. >> i didn't know something like this existed. >> we showed the guide to a physical clinic. it gets providers to contribute directly and asks people like you to contribute. the guide allows to you type in a procedure or code and find prices by zip code. look at the dramatic variation for price for an mri, as little as $69 or $3,285. blood tests $1 to $181.
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>> there are resources to help people control the cost of healthcare. >> dr. ryan bear the owner of the physical therapy clinic agrees. >> we are empowering the patient. we are in charge of the decision. not the middle man. >> dr. bear says parrots pay him directly. >> most people pay on average half of what they would pay if they went through an insuranced base clinic. >> he charges $121 an hour. most insurance based clinics charge $250 an hour. he sees patients most times a week. >> if you have a copay over $20, most instances, you will save money with us. >> on 6abc you will find a link to health costs and how to use it. the healthcare information you
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provide will be used anonymously. the hope is together we can build resources to help us all. >> you make the point that the key to the operation is for consumers to contribute information so others know what things will cost. >> we are counting on viewers to make it strong and robust as can be. >> we'll check frequently. >> ce start nex we start next w. >> a federal panel today approved the use of nasal flu vaccine. flu mist was stopped two years ago after research found it wasn't working against swine flu. it is effective against other strains and it has been given the green light for next winter. the cdc will make the final decision. now to accuweather. >> the warm shine is replaced by
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cool rain. chopper 6 flying high above center city. you can see visibility better than it was the past two nights dealing with fog. live on sky 6 looking at city hall where the roads are dry despite showers moving through with a cold front. it's not like temperatures are crashing. it's a gradual decrease, philadelphia 61. trenton 68. allentown, 53 and reading 53. temperatures continue to drop through the day. the highest temperatures in the morning, 7:00, 49-degrees and we gradually drop down to the low 40s by the evening with on and off periods of rain. take the winter coat and rain gear. you need it tomorrow. there is a plume of moisture, a stationary front with low
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pressure developing along it. there is plenty of moisture tapping the gulf of mexico. the next four days, heaviest of the center of the rain is to the west. three to four inches expected there. philadelphia, one to two inches. not real heavy rain over the next four days, but can't promise a dry day until monday. bus-stop forecast tomorrow cloudy and chilly compared to today. grab the umbrella. philadelphia, 48-degrees. light drizzle around. temperatures in the 40s except for the poconos, 33. could have sleet or freezing rain there in the afternoon lehigh valley berks county sleet moving in. this time tomorrow, first wave moves off. another waiting friday and another on sunday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast very unsettled weather patterns the next few days. chilly, damp and dreary.
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temperatures drop to low 40s. friday, periods of light rain and drizzle. there is a warm front saturday bringing warmer air, 59-degrees. the next shot of rain arriving sat night. sunday looks wet for the first half of the day. 66 and then a cold front slips through behind it finally we dry things out on monday, 66-degrees. tuesday, sunshine and 52. wednesday, partly sunny, 54-degrees, a bit of a shock to the system after two days in the 70s. they'll be back in may. you have to be patient. >> all right, we'll be patient. two dozen people will go on the trip of a lifetime thanks to businesses. next level presented a check of $90,000 to the sunshine foundation. the foundation grants wishes to
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children suffering from serious illness. >> new jersey's trophy winner was among those honored tonight at the hall of fame. the event took place at the country club. he is a graduate of woodrow wilson high school, played college ball at the university of nebraska. four other notable graduates of camden high school were also honored tonight. ♪ ♪
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strayer university. >> some young hockey players received training. the event called hockey you said the stars held at the ice works in aspen at the wells fargo center, villanova in action. >> this might be a magical season for the wildcats. villanova has had a couple of hiccups but not tonight, they obliterate depaul. early action, donte with a pass to jalen brunson, early lead for the cats. later in the first half, haskel playing the passing lane. he scores 16, nova up two. mykel bridges from the corner, game high 27 points, nova wins
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93-62. st. joe's hosting mason. st. joe's falls 79-76. eagle receiver alshon jeffery is a gamer. not video games. he played the entire season with a torn rotator cuff. he had surgery today to repair it. it occurred during training camp meaning he played 19 games including the superbowl with a bum shoulder. they noited the sacrifice he made for the team. >> he was a key component for the team. we needed that guy. he knew that and put his body on the line. by him doing that, he's a world champ. >> we caught up with mills this
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champ. >> we caught up with mills this evening. this is charlie not coughing because he took delsym. champ. >> we caught up with mills this evening. this is charlie not coughing while not to waking zeus. and this is charlie not coughing while getting really into nana's party. nothing lasts longer than delsym for powerful cough relief.
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