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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  February 22, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> gunshots strike and kill a woman who was driving a van with children inside. police are searching for the gunman. president trump will discuss school safety as students rally against gun violence. water crews work through the night to repair a burst pipe that knocked out service to dozens of customers. 4:30 a.m., february 22. let's go over over to david murphy and karen rogers. yesterday i took my kids to rita's i don't think i'll be doing that right now.
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>> reporter: my kids were where is mr. softy? >> reporter: i said he is on winter break. >> reporter: we have clouds out there today, and there's moisture in the area. the main stuff is north of philadelphia. and reading is picking up a light shower. in the lehigh valley we've in and out of that, all that will fill in over the next several hours. we'll be off and on with rain and drizzle. 54 degrees in wilmington. cooler in allentown. the winds are dropping cooler air in from the north. 58 in millville. all the numbers will be on their way down later. step outside right now you don't feel that much of a difference 2 degrees cooler. reading is experiencing ager
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drop. some spots are milder. here's where the going, obviously yesterday we were shooting up to the 70s and today we're in the 40s, 6:00 we could be as cool 41. today is similar to today, forecast wise, things get better over the weekend, i'll talk about that coming up in the seven day. >> dreary, we soaked up that sun yesterday. we have an early morning accident, we have injuries, ems workers coming to the scene in newark, delaware. delaware county we had construction crews on i-95 northbound near kerr lynn street they are in the process of clearing that out. southbound construction has cleared on i-95. here's another accident norristown, dekalb at marshall street. you may see restrictions there. construction crews on the northeast extension they closed it southbound between had a honing valley and lehigh valley. for the detour, 209 southbound to 248 northbound, 148 southbound.
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to 22 westbound. detours are set up in place, if you're heading southbound on the northeast extension this emergency construction might get you. >> gun fire killed a 23-year-old woman driving a van filled with children in the fern rock section. the subsequent crash injured five people in the van. jeanette reyes is live at police headquarters with the latest on this good morning, jennette. >> reporter: matt, there were actually children in this van. police say that someone fired at least five shots at the drivers side door and much of this is still a mystery, they are trying to find a motive and the suspects this morning. >> got a phone call from pie brother said am i niece was in the accident. the timmons family is trying to come to terms with theseless
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violence that killed
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gunman, they are looking for a dark colored vehicle and no known motive at this point yesterday. jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." >> happening today, president trump will meet with state and local officials about school safety after holding an emotional white house family impacted by school shooting yesterday, as well we saw this across the united states as students walked out of their classrooms to protest against gun violence and honor the victims of the florida school shooting. kenneth moten is live in the abc washington bureau with more on the debate. good morning. kenneth. >> reporter: good morning, tam, president trump heard from park land students and parents in washington, he is promising action, a supporter of his, the nra is mounting strong
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opposition. the debate over guns intensifies. >> we should have fixed. >> reporter: a week after an ar15 was used to kill 17 people at mackerel marge in parkland florida. >> beyond whyic he go into a store and buy a weapon of war. >> i was born into a world where i never got to experience safety and peace. there needs to be significant change in the country. >> the president asks for solutions, but advocated for more mental institutions and open to arming teachers. >> does anyone feel strongly against it? we can understand both sides, we'll study that along with many other ideas. >> reporter: in tallahassee florida, park land students face-to-face with lawmakers,
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frustrated over a lack of of answers. during a intense scene and town hall debate. marco rubio shifted his stance on guns. >> i absolutely believe in this country if you are 18 years of age, you should not buy a rifle i will support a law that takes that away. >> the nra poe poses any will you that would raise the minimum age of purchase of shotguns to rifles to 21 matt. >> thank you, kenneth. pat toomey said he will re-introduce the bill to expand background checks on buying guns online and gun shows. toomey expects to make slight chains to increase its chances
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of passing this time around. a man was wounded in a shooting in delaware, officers arrived to find a 20-year-old mantua gunshot wound to his back. the victim was taken to the hospital, his condition is not known. water main break knocked out service to dozens of people in south philadelphia. an 8-inch line burst yesterday afternoon, it broke again immediately right after it was repaired. cruz from the philadelphia water department are back on the scene trying to fix that issue. >> david joins a lot of topsy-turvy rollercoaster stuff going on, including today. >> reporter: we had a lot of rollercoaster temperatures the last few days, today slightly different. in reading, and berks county, we have rain pushing toward the
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east. we expect the day to be damp and cooler and dreher than it was yesterday. we have cloud cover starting to move in over philadelphia. might get a little bit more early sunny breaks here and there. generally speaking we'll have thicker clouds, 54 degrees currently in philadelphia. 54 in wilmington. 52 in trenton. 58 in millville. these numbers in some cases a little better than where we were this time yesterday. up in allentown and reading we're down in the mid 40s, you can see the winds coming down from the north instead of the mild south. these numbers on the board will drop through the day. here the maximum temperatures we got in february, yesterday we went up to 77 in philadelphia. we missed the max of 79. wilmington, allentown and trenton not only hit daily highs, but maximum for the months. it was a very warm day across the region. and in some cases you hit 80 an in philadelphia, 77.
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today, worlds different we'll see clouds and cooler conditions with temperatures in the 40s, as soon as the a lot of us looking at drizzle and light shower activity. that continues through noon. later this afternoon, maybe a slightly more pronounced shower here and there, and later this evening, most of that is pushing off to the east. in allentown, lots of clouds, rain and drizzle at times, high of 44. that number will be dropping through the day. 52 morning high at the shore, rain and drizzle, temperatures in the 40s later. in philadelphia, i'll post the 40s, very soon we'll be in the upper 40s and low 40s at dinnertime. lots of clouds rain and drizzle. overnight it's colder, we get down to 35 degrees, cloudy skies it will be somewhat damp and not a lot of rain overnight, but a bit of a shower around. the rain train doesn't end until sunday morning. we'll have a wave of -- series
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of low pressures coming at us over the next several days, rainfall one to two inches or more. one and a half to two inches in philadelphia, more or less. one more batch coming in saturday night into sunday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high, we've already hit it, in the low 50s, we'll be sinking in the 40s during the day, at times it will be damp. tomorrow, 46 which is the average high. saturday, 56 mostly cloudy skies for the day and another rounds of rain arriving at night, it goes into sunday morning. sunday afternoon we have a chance of driving late sun, better high of 54. we get into next week, we'll have highs in the 50s, it will be dry, monday, tuesday, wednesday. cooler and the numbers above average as treating us pretty well as we head into the end of february. >> no complaints.
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4:41 a.m., current and former president's remember billy graham, the world's most famous evangelist. video shows a ferry exploding as it unloads passengers in mexico. , i-95 near bridge street, i say so far so good, no overnight construction, no problems, how does it look in chester county? we'll go there live, next.
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>> welcome back, taking a live look, the view out across center city, a beautiful place that we live, 4:44 a.m., i hope you got outside and had a run and got some ice cream. 54 is as good as it gets today.
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>> weather wise not so bad as long as you're inside the car. >> reporter: we'll have rain and drizzle, temperatures not too bad, but they will be falling through the day. you'll be waking up, but it's all downhill from here. ramp 30 bypass to 202 northbound, the ramp has reopened, traffic is slow. they had construction that's in the process of clearing out. traffic is getting by, at this point. just moving slowly now that the construction has cleared. in norristown we have the accident dekalb and marshall street. we're hearing there are injuries involved with the accident in delaware, on welsh track road at college avenue. let's check the roads gloucester county camden county. traffic is moving okay, on 42. no big problems, overnight construction is cleared, no delays right there. let's talk about the weather for you this morning. 45 in quakertown isn't bad. we're in the 50s in center city.
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54 degrees waking up at 56 in hammonton, 57 in dover, i drilled it into my son's head, no shorts today, because the temperatures are falling they are not rising today. what we'll see is periods of rain and drizzle and we're starting in the 50s be, but by the late afternoon and evening hours in the low 40s, huge change from yesterday's summer-like weather. explosion ripped through a ferry as it unloaded passengers in mexico yesterday. surveillance video shows the blast, 25 people were hurt, including two americans. none of injuries were life threatening. investigators are looking into a mechanical failure as the possible cause. current and former presidents are remembering billy graham. graham died yesterday at the age of 99 at his home in north carolina. his rerivals filled football --
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rivals filled football stadiums. in a tweet president trump said graham will be missed by christians and all religions. a delaware county man charged with threatening to shoot up a church is back out on the streets this morning much to the disbelief of police. her wood hard wood began harassing parishioners in upper darby. he said he was to come back and kill everyone. he turned himself into police yesterday morning. a judge ordered his release on $30,000 on unsecured bail. >> that is salute insane it's asinine. this guy can be a danger. when you make those kinds of threats there has to be consequences. >> the incident heightened
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concerns for nearby churches. church leaders are considering having armed and trained people on the premises to deal with potential conflict. >> experts offer tips on how to negotiate a higher salary at work. a basketball player who was benched over her religious head dress ask back on the court.
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>> lockheed martin hosted ther fly on the wall duct tape competition in morris town, new jersey. who could define gravity the longest, it is lockheed engineering team shared their insights with the students. >> a lot of fun. >> reporter: kids do not do that to your younger >> reporter: let's try it here. >> reporter: let's start with you. schuylkill expressway westbound traffic heading toward the vine. expect crews to return at 9:00. i'm first.
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david is as he could. is second, i am first. >> reporter: we are looking at temperatures falling cloudy skies we'll have intermittent rain and drizzle all the way. 51 degrees by 7:00, but really the flavor of the day is the 40s. 46 by noon, notice how we keep falling, 7:00. we're at 41. by 7:00 we may not have as much rain around. numbers dip and don't come up that much tomorrow, we're cooler in the 30s and cloudy and unsettled with rain and drizzle. >> little preparation head of time can go a long way when your negotiating a higher salary. practice the conversation with someone you trust or mentor. know what you have to disclose or what you don't have to
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disclose. many cities and states have legislation prohibiting employers from asking candidates about their salary history. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back taking a live look there, the talen energy stadium in chester, the commodore barry bridge off in the distance. 4:55 a.m., we'll continue our summer run from the last few days, the temperatures are expected to drop. a mobile home fire in burlington county has injured two people. the flames broke out before
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8:00 on sunset boulevard in southampton township. the victims were treated on scene. firefighters are trying to figure out what sparked the blaze. happening today, allentown mayor ed pawlowski will return to the witness standpoint to clear his name in the pay to play corruption trial that favored federal businesses that gave him donations. a 16-year-old managed to play in her hijab. she was told she couldn't play on friday because paperwork was not filled out for her to wear
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the hijab. mastery charter school is calling on the state's at&t threat he can association to reverse the policy which calls for approval of the religious head dress. alex trebek is getting a new job in pennsylvania. in britain they're betting who will design meghan markle's wedding dress. there's a new way to get around town that will save you money, but there's a catch. almond fans, your favorite cereal
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>> good morning, it is 5:00 a.m., thursday, february 22. here's what we're following on "action news." >> right now police are investigating a deadly shooting a woman was shot to death while driving a van with three children and others inside and police think she may have been a random victim. there's a new option for commuters it could gave money. >> grab the jacket we're in for a couple of dreary days, accuweather is tracking rain. >> we're on the down slope right now. >> reporter: we are, i was soaking up the sun, because i knew we won't be seeing it for a couple of days. >> reporter: i enjoyed the sun in the yard, but right now there's a different kind of parent setting -- pattern setting up.


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