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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  February 22, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy.
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good afternoon we begin with breaking news emergency crews recovered the body of a dock worker that when over the pier operating a forklift. >> it happens in claymont at the delaware river. you see the equipment submerged in the water and the man was working at the ocean port industries pier when the accident happened. local divers worked for over an our to recover the man's body no word on the man's identity. we are following new information about the woman that was shot to death while driving on broad street. the victim is 23-year-old taisha timones. she was behind the wheel of a van with children when the bullets came through the victim. now police believe she was an
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innocent victim. jeanette reyes spoke to the victim andinvestigators. parents a and you can imagine we spoke to them this morning. the a finding the case to be challenging to and o believe th victim, this woman may have been at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> they take my baby girl from me. if you know who you are, just do the right thing please. >> stricken with unimaginable grief alicia tim ons is pleading with her daughter's killer to come forward. >> she has a twin sister. and nieces and nephew. taisha timones seen here with her niece was driving this van at 8:30 last night at broad and grange with her twin sister and three children under the able of
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6. at least five shots were fired at the drivers side door and timones was the only one struck by a bullet. >> it was struck five times. the 23-year-old female, the driver was shot in the head and killed. in crossed over several lanes and hit this building. >> we got a call from my aunt saying there was an accident. timones father, jim buckman rushed to the scene and the horrific images are seared in his memory. >> i came down. >> if you have any remorse, any kind of heart. please just turn yourself. >> as they come to grips with the tragedy, philadelphia police are desperately searching for clues, not much is known but authorities have reason to believe this was not targeted.
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>> we don't believe it was targeted and don't believe it was road rage. >> coming back out live, this is one of many camera as long this corridor that may have captured all or part of the shooting. it's one of the things that help police as they search for clues, we confirm one store was able to capture part of the shooting and police are reviewing that surveillance tape as we speak. >> all right thank you. authorities in chester county have arrest aid father in the death of his infant daughter, 18-year-old zion shochley of coatesville is charged with first degree murder for allegedly shaking and throwing and dropping the 5-month-old girl. investigators say he was the babied primary caretaker at the time of her death. shochley is held without bail. and a three-alarm fire ripped through a building in southwest philadelphia. the flames erupted at the intersection of pascal and island avenues. the fire is not yet under
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control and no injuries are reported so far. time for a check of the accuweather forecast. back to reality today after the early taste of spring. looking live outside, at penn's landing from sky 6 hd a dreary scene. and temperatures have dropped almost 30 degrees from yesterday's record highs. you want to keep that umbrella handy throughout the day. david murphy is tracking the latest conditions. >> reporter: you can see on that image on sky 6 hd we have rain drops on the camera there and that is probably going to be the case off and on throughout the day, you see a lot of rain mainly north of philadelphia and stormtracker 6 live double scan shows you that along with the gray clouds and that cooler condition you are experiencing out there. there are rain drops and even where you don't see the green there is possibility of drizzle and near pottsville and the lehigh valley valley, but at sometimes we will all be out around the light stuff. and lehigh valley and reading the northern suburbs you have a
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better chance of seeing more shower activity than what we get points south. cloudy and cool and damp and temperatures in the the process of dropping. we went on the air at 5:00 a.m. now down to 45. and we don't expect that to come up. down to 40 and close to the 30s in allentown, 43 in trenton and 50 in millville. but you'll be down to the his by the time we are done today. as we look at the difference between now and 24 hours ago. with numbers crashing now and the way they were going up yesterday, you see the difference. 27 degrees cooler in philadelphia and 33 degree drop in reading and lancaster and 31 down in allentown un28 in trenton and some shots not as dramatic still dramatic, 21 in millville and cape may. here are the numbers, they continue to fall from the mid-40s now all the way down to 40 at 10:00 tonight and the
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intermittent rain and drizzle dropping off in the evening. tomorrow a repeat of this and better for the weekend in some ways, the temperatures come up and i'll have the details in the seven day. >> get the latest on the forecast and check stormtracker 6 live double scan any time on your phone or tablet. the 6 abc app is a free download for your mobile device. >> in washington, president trump is hosting state and local leaders at the white house to discuss school safety it follows the emotional meeting with family impacted by the school shootings last week. >> facing public pressure president trump out to tighten background and mental health check and supports raising the age for purchasing military style gun. >>s i promise you this the nra
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are speak out and stronger than ever before. >> the students of parkland say this is not enough. >> people are not coming into our school. we have people with mental illnesses in our school. they are not coming in with mental illnesses and killing us. >> president trump at a listening session with school survivors, talked about the idea of arming teachers. >> does anybody like that idea? >> what i said was look at the possibility of giving concealed guns to gun adept teachers or military or special training experience, only the best. at a cnn town hall. marco rubio the only republican to accept the invitation took heat. >> that is the wrong way to look at it -- the people buy into my
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agenda. he did budge on the purchasing age to 21. >> i will support a law that takes that right away. >> and arming teachers appears to be none starters on capitol hill for republicans and democrats. channel 6 "action news." >> back here a man from south jersey has died after a freak accident on the pennsylvania turnpike. an electrical beam collapsed killing 70-year-old howard sexton. and the metal fell and broke through the windshield of his truck. it caused a major backup. the mayor of allentown is back on the witness stand as he tried to clear his name in a corruption trial. the four term democrat ed pawlowski is accused of organize straighting a pay to play scheme.
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and he began testifying in his own defense yesterday and denies the charges. widener university announced a deal that will keep the westminster music college open in princeton. they will sell it to a chinese company for $40 million, allowing choir college to continue operating and help to offset recent financeal losses. up next new video of an exmotion at a popular mexican beach town. we hear from an american tourist injures in the blast. and two boaters become stranded on the desert island. the message in the sand that led to their rescue. and two troopers are honored for preventing an explosion at the jersey shore.
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today is the day. strayer university. let's get it. there is new video of an explosion that rock aid ferry in mexico. the fiery blast went off after pastors were unloading on a dock and 75 americans were injured and a family from north dak suffered scrapes and bruises. >> there was bits and pieces that hurt a bit. and we were in shock.
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so confused what just happened. we were on the grown and not sure what to do. >> none of the injuries are serious and investigators are looking into a mechanical failure as the possible cause. a suicide bomber has killed himself after throwing a grenade at the american embassy in mont negro, it caused a crater but caused no other damage to the property and all embassy staff is safe. he was an exsoldier from serbia. and two people were rescued from an island thanks to a han written sos note in the sand. a storm smashed their small boat on the rocks and they were able to swim to the beach where they scrawled a giant help sign and set off their beacon after 12 hours in a cold remote location. the helicopter stopped to pick
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them up. they detected the distress signal and figured out the location. thanks to the clever plea for help. the super bowl was won and the memorable parade is over and yet the birds are still flying high. anchor sharrie williams sits down with safety malcolm jenkins, he knows the impact of the championship season is felt by fans and players alike. >> well, malcolm jenkins you have been busy. >> a little bit. >> so many grown men and women i talk to bawling just crying after the game. >> me included. >> he shares his thought. the fans and the big game and the chances for a repeat. watch the interview tonight on "action news" at 11:00.
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health check at noon the federal panel approved the use of the nasal vaccine. experts stopped using mist two years ago when it was not working against swine flu and it has been affective against other strains and the advisory panel gave the spray the green light for next winter. if the idea of getting old fills you with dread this week's art of aging it for you.
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tamala edwards introduces us to a "new york times" reporter that literally wrote the book for finding happiness as you age. >> if you asked john leeland about aging he would focus on the negative. >> you lose your eyesight and hearing and you don't have sex. >> and going through a divorce he became the primary caretaker of his 87-year-old mother and i med people in the age group and they had full and fulfilling lives even when they didn't do the things they used to do that defined them. >> it was a life changing realization, bad things happen at 20, 50 or 80. and we have a choice if we define ourselves with the things we lost or still have. it inspired a book. and based on elders with various backgrounds but one common thread. >> each suffered a loss or
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another. and got on with their lives. >> fred jones taught him gratitude. >> i said fred what is your favorite part of the day. and he said waking up and saying thank god for another day. >> and another couple. >> make your say available to sun in your 90s knowing the bond could end soon. >> and a nazi slave camp survivor, he developed a wonderful motto in life. >> keep dancing and singing and do not be too serious. >> we should lift tonight them not because it's the right thing to do, but because there is life lesson there's that could make life better for all of us. >> that is a great story. >> the "action news" team is work on news stories today beginning at 4:00. alicia vitarelli is live with the preview.
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>> coming up today at 4:00 if you like the idea of smaller pours and tighter younger skin and don't want to go under the knife or harsh lasers you may want to watch our show. a local dermatologist may have the answer for you. at 4:00 a new light activated cream works and how can you get a discount exclusive for you or "action news" viewers. and hate shopping for jeans? there is an app for that. the new high tech leggings that promise to find you the perfect pair without ever stepping foot in a dressing room. we'll have that at 4:00. >> thank you. your accuweather forecast is coming up next.
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wow what a difference a day makes. this time yesterday gorgeous and today not so much. >> we'll get more later on in the spring. okay. >> appreciate it. >> the flowers need rain.
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stormtracker 6 live double scan and we have rain up north around reading and allentown and steadier and more filled in there but nothing are you seeing today is all that heavy just light, nuisance stuff and add the gray skies and sort of murky conditions out there. and it's not as pleasant as yesterday. lets go outside on sky 6 hd and the proof is in the picture. a couple of umbrellas in the picture here and wet and damp roads. and again just a little bit gloomy and damp through the rest of the day and continuously cooler and right now 45 in philadelphia. again we were up over 50 at dawn this morning but the temperatures have gradually and steadily fallen and down close to 40 by dinner time or there abouts. winds out of the east at 14 and maybe getting you to hunch your shoulders a bit more. 48 in allentown and 41 in reading and numbers on their way down today. holding on to 50 in millville but not that much longer and
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here is the cooler air instead of the southerly flow. and boy did it bring that warm air in. these are actually all time maximum temperatures in the cities for the month of february. here is what happened yesterday. we tied the monthly max in wilmington and topped it in allentown and reading and philadelphia a record high of 77 for the day yesterday. we didn't quite make the monthly high record but really impressive warm air that surged in and of course it is gone. for the rest of today. scattered sprinkles and showers the farther north you are the better chance of sustained rain and steadier shower. and up in the poconos especially into the nighttime period. there is a possible of freezing rain mixing in. that is way up north the rest of us just wet and a good portion of the region may be on the damp side. later on this evening we expect this to die down. up in allentown clouds and rain and drizzle and more in the
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lehigh valley and points south. i am posting a temperature of 44 that is where you are now and slide into the upper 30s by dinner time. and may have gotten below the mid 40 mark in areas up north. 52 at the shore and rain and drizzle and 40s in philadelphia. you saw how dropped to the mid-40s. dank and drizzly out there. 35 is the overnight low in philadelphia. it gets colder for tomorrow morning. but not cold enough to produce anything but rain in the morning and we are on the air up through 4:00 a.m. through the rush hour we are looking at more intermittent light rain and drizzle and tomorrow more freezing rain mixing in in the poconos, and then 6:30 off and on sprinklesp showers and on the rain train over the next several days, straight through mid-day sunday there are a series of low
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pressure come through and in the seven day a few opportunities for rain between now and sunday afternoon. dropping through the 40s and cloudy and cooler and damp and more intermittent rain and drizzle and cloudy and 56 and dry during the day and at night another one of those lows pops in and rain overnight into sunday morning and drying out sunday afternoon. mild again and 64. hey next week we are in the 50s. cooler than yesterday. and cooler than sunday. but dry and still above average. >> okay thank you. much more ahead in the next half hour of "action news" at 12:30. new jersey state troopers are honored for a pn an award. and now students are encouraged to use mobile apps for anything suspicious on campus.
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"action news" continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. we begin with breaking news former radnor township commissioner phillip ahr is indicted on pornography charges and he resigned following his arrest last october. in addition to charges ahr is facing in delaware county it
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adds the federal charges of distribution and attempted distribution and receipt and possession of child pornography. >> and following the arrest of a man accused of impersonating a police officer in bucks county that erick miller was taken into custody after he claimed to be a special police officer united stated marshall. he pulled over two females and was driving a black honda civic at the time and accused of padding the women down and detaining them for a period of time and durthat time he took their cell phones and other belongings, he is behind bars at this hour. we are in for a day of rain and the gloomy weather sticks around for several days and unfortunately dampens the weekend as well. the center city skyline from the temple city camera. you will need the umbll


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