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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  February 22, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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three other children in the van with her. after the gun fire the van crashed into a building behind me. >> take my baby girl from me. if you know who you are, do the right thing please. >> lisa timons is pleading for the person that pulled the trigger killing her daughter taisha to sounder. >> if you all are listening to me do the right thing. >> surveillance video shows the van taisha was driving careened into a building on old york road last night. moment before it was traveling northern and broad industry when it came under a barrage of gun fire at the cricket store. we have descriptions of two black males wearing gray hoodies that fled. >> the van crashed on to a building on old york road.
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three other women including taisha taisha's sister and four children were in the van. bystanders rushed to help and bring the children to safety. taisha died of a gunshot wound to the head. and it's van was hit by as many as five bullets. >> we don't believe they were targeted and we don't believe it was road rage. >> family members call taisha sweet and she had two jobs at the same. you heard the homicide captain talking about two men wearing gray hoodies it's not a lot to go on but we are talking about north broad street at 8:30 last night. there would have been a lot of motorists and people around and homicide investigators want to talk to anybody with information. live in the logan section, i'm sara bloomquist channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. delaware state police are
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investigating the death of a worker who drove a front end loader off a pier and into the delaware river. rescue crews were called to ocean port llc at 6200 philadelphia pike in claymont at 10:00 this morning. drivers recovered the body of a 62-year-old man at 11:30 and investigators are trying to determine what led to the incident. they will perform an autopsy. pennsylvania state police are asking for witnesses to come forward in the wake of a freak accident that killed a south jersey man yesterday while he was driving through the lehigh tunnel. john rawlins is live in mickleton gloucester county. >> the family of the driver and the driver live here. his family is trying to get around the idea of what happened. they know the incident happened about 6:00 last night but authorities initially did not
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know that a truck was involved and did not know there was a fatality. and it was an odd chain of events. >> these images show how a portion of electrical conduit fell and pierced the roof and windshield of this truck the force instantly killing the truck's 70-year-old driver howard sexton. and inside of the family home his widow michelle and others trying to understand the bizarre incident and sexton a 19 year employee of raymore and flannigan driving through the northeast extension's lehigh valley tunnel. it carries conduit for lights and fans run as long the roof of the tunnel and they say that sexton hit him in the head. and it travel the distance about a mile before coming to a stop along the highway unnoticed. and police activity focused on vehicle that had minor damage
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and sexton's body and truck were not found for several hours. located after raymore and flannigan's where for a welfare check on the driver. it was last inspected in 2016. and there is not said if there was work done in or around the area where the materials fell. >> so lots of unanswered questions at this point. chief among them why did the conduit fail and when it failed. and raymore and flag began estimated he had driven more than million miles for them and had been through the tunnel thousands of times and his plan was to retire next august. >> all right thank you. former radnor township commissioner phillip ahr is fow facing federal child pornography charges and the indictment unsealed charges are receiving and possessing and distributing child pornography. that is in addition to charges
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that he is facing in delaware county. if convicted ahr faces a mandatory five yearson entence. in bucks county the story of a bensale manllegedly impersonating a police officer and no charged with kidnapping and robbery and impersonating a public servant. vernon odom has that story. this is 28-year-old eric miller of bensalem. he remains in the bucks county prison and arrested last night at this warminster shopping center arrested on kidnapping and stalking and impersonating a public servant a police officer. and talked two women in montgomery county here at street road driving the black honda claiming to be an off duty officer working for the u.s. marshal and allegedly stopped the females for a motor vehicle violation and then said they were drug suspects.
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>> and rummaged through their purses and took their cell phones. >> and then he calls for backup. calls the buck county 911 center and asks for a police officer to come to the scene to help him with the investigation. >> that is right. during the course of allegedly committing a crime he calls the cops. when the warminster officer realized this was a hoax. he locked up miller for theft and unlawful imprisonment and robbery are. and said the the defendant watched the victim in hatboro and approached them in warminster and pretended to be a police officer and detained them for a period of time. and now police want to know if pulling the scam before. was advanced and on how he stopped the women a pat the down one and took one into custody. >> police want to know in bucks or montgomery county area had a similar encountier with eric
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miller. if so contact the police here right away. his bail is set at $400,000. i'm vernon odom channel 6 "action news" in warminster. students at the university of pennsylvania took a stand against gun violence and joined the national movement at stoneman douglas high school and rallied at the love statue on campus and calling for common sense solutions for gun violence. and new jersey state police honored two of its owns for saving lives during a terrorist attack in ocean county. the detectives were recognized as troopers of the year. they deactivated two homemade bombs found in a trash can found at a charity race in seaside park in 2016. their work is a true team effort. >> it's an honor. humbled by the award.
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and again i accept it on behalf of everybody that was there and the entire state police. >> earlier this month. ac mad rahami the man convicted of planting the bombs was sentenced to life behind bars. and widener university announced they selected a chinese education company to ainquire the school and the $40 million deal allows the choir college to continue operating on the princeton campus and help offset ryder's recent financial losses. and the reading terminal market celebrates a birthday complete with roll back prices and a look at the new plans to honor civil rights activity octavius cato is unveiled today. and first round of rain is move ago way but double scan live radar showing the next round of rain is waiting in the
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wings and the steadiest rain over the weekend and i'll time it out and let you know when the sunshine returns in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. and ducis rogers with the latest from spring training from clearwater florida.
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the reading terminal market is an institution that people feel great affection. >> gray hall was there. >> reading inging inging inging inging inging inging terminal market is celebrating 125 years. >> i love the people and food and the sound and everything.
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>> 7800 square feet and 80 family owned merchants. here is advice. >> just breathe. take it in. ha, ha, ha. >> reading terminal opened in 1893 and until now never had a ribbon cutting ceremony s can you find anything your appetite desires. everyone has an opinion on what kept the market around for over a century. >> good food and good product and price. and centrally located. shop owners say it's more than just a business and part of the community. the atmosphere and community and all types of people here and most of my customers are friends, i don't call them customers anymore they are more like friends. millions flock to one of america's oldest and largest public market. they admit it's a one of a kind experience you must see for
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yourself. no doubt it will be around for another 125 years. >> and then the customers, it's the customers that fought 30 years ago when this building was almost demolished to keep it alive and turn it into what it has become today. the most visited site in greater philadelphia. >> and happy 125th birthday if you missed out on the festivities not to worry there are event goes on throughout the year including a big party on saturday. reporting at the reading terminal terminal. gray hall, channel 6 "action news." he is celebrated with the first philadelphia statue for an african-american. and gets his own mural. they unveiled their design for octavius cato. painted on the side of the universal charter school. cato was assassinated in 1871 after a leading voice advocating voting rights for black citizens. and students from chainy and
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lincoln university learned about leadership and professional development. the leadership forum took place at the marion anderson at cheney university. and the guest speaker was former basketball player helen darling top and shared insight on personal branning and networking. >> and camden county police officers were assigned to the classroom today. the officers visited the dudley family school to read with kindergarteners this afternoon part of the book mates program ission here meant to help students with their reading skills to bring positive relationships with officers ultimately teaching the students that police were keeping to keep their community safe.
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more and more student debt is keeping people from doing what they love. (horn sound) ♪ ♪ ♪ like buying a home.
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♪ ♪ ♪ (knocking sound) traveling. ♪ ♪ ♪ even getting married. ♪ ♪ ♪ at citizens bank we can help you refinance both your federal anate so you can start saving and get on with your life. ask a leader in student lending how we can help you reach your potential. phillies actually p actually played baseball today. >> can you smell the grass from clearwater and not exactly game seven of the world series but if the phillies have not played a game if five months they play an
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exhibition game against the tampa spartans and the gabe kapler era is underway. bottom of the first that is tommy joseph doubling andrew nap scores. and danny hopes to make the team check out the glove outhere. nice diving catch and the phillies blanked the college kids and he likes what he saw from his pitching staff today. be w he go gor goo and they attacked the strds e zone and no walks on the day that is fsual. one hit by pitch but outside of that it was command city. and attack. we didn't work lot of three ball counts the flyers are about the hottest things going in the nhl. tonight they host columbus and when they do the flyers will ride with a new goalie. jaime apody has more.
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>> for peter moreassic -- >> it's like any game but i'll really excited. and i hope we play well and make some saves and help the team to win. >> the new goalie still in the red wings pads thrilled to make the debut with the team that always gave him fits. >> we are excited to have him part of our group and he is off to a good start here in terms of getting into the dressing room and becoming part of the group. so first opportunity tonight now to come out and do his part and help us win a game. >> the flyers have won seven of their past eight and now they have an established veteran goalie for the stretch run. >> i'm e exited and it's tadsee dalw now and the playerses and fans are excited to see what he can do. >> ii' sure he is will he
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excited to show of his stuff for us and play hard tonight and wet i'l do the same. shobe whim it's easy to play for us. >> the injury bug has bitten again the flyers may have to face columbus without travis. he left the ice from skate around this morning. >> he bring a lot to the line so whoever going in he may even play. we'll see what happens. >> in south philadelphia jaime apody channel 6 "action news." >> to the nba. break tavee is over. the sixers will return to action tonight in chicago. the spbers hope to keep the momentum going and they won five games in a row and the playoffs are within reason and sit in the s soen and spot and the spbers are aiming to make the post season for the first tavee in spb years. >> the playoffs are around the corner? >> i think we'll be in the playoffs and wen the playoffs. and you know i understand what goes along with that bold type
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of sentence that was my goal and their goal and i said it the second i met these gulw the thing i said first first day of training camp and nobody is back pedalling from that. i own and it we ock are not there yet. >> the coach is confident since day one. hopefully it translates to victories on the court. >> got to like brett brown. >> love him. philadelphia's young chess players got back on the word in university city and that makes us philly proud of the fierce competition is among the city's top chess teastar and competed in the asap's chess funnels among the artifacted the university of pennsylvania museum. s bt shows to improve academic abilities and influences positive social very many.
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accuweather is sponsored by buick gmc. sponsored by your
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. you said winter was come back and boy were you right. >> i e s rainy out there. lets go live on sky 6 hd we are stuck in this for a while. penn's landing and the ste moved out of philadelphia. but we still have the dampness in the air and drizzle and sticking around for the weekend and ground level at city . and the roa glistening with that rain. and it is a wet fe and look at the average rain for february this tavee of the s b e s twofnches and we are about double that. and this is our fifth weekend in a row. veith rain or snow. rain not snow. and you look at this and see we finally dry out as we head back
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to work and school monday and tuesday and the steadiest rain is saturday night into sunday piorning. double scan showing what i of the first batch of this rain kind of a light line from the garden state parkway. through mays landing crossing 49 into delaware. this is really the first of three rounds of rain working through ovof the next tadsee dalw. right now temperatures tell the story. we were in the 70snd 8 yesterday and0 in philadelphia andover 4 poconos 31 degrees with the ntor weather freezing rain up there. compare this to this time yesterrom 27 degrees colder than yesterday. and this does not factor in the ll 30s. here is the conveyi of thvalley. in tvernight hours, the next round is gathe movin that arrives your com cloud and drampnese. and no organampes rain. 37 in philadelphia and cape m33 and wilmington onouture tracker 6 showing byera:00 tomorrobe wmofrom ing. the showers are back and
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temperatures above freezing except for the poconos where the winter weather advisory is in effect for 1:00 in the afternoon onoor light freomoing rain and we get another batch 3:30 in the afternoon on friday. and late friday night we get a break in the action just rizzle to the south and next round of rain arrives late in the day on saturday. saturday night into sunday before we b t out and the woming exclu seven-day forecast if you ow.y people tha like it e i teand clouds and periods of light rain and drizzle and saturday morning we gng wd break in thrain showers and damp and 58 and warmer with a warm front advancing to the north and steady rain sunday into into sunday morning. heaviest rainloo2 djarees the high on sunday. not a cold rain and drying late sunday afternoon and monday i sunshine and 56 degrees and here omes the bright sunny day on tuerigay.
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56 degrees doesn't last long and increasing clouds on wednerigay and 54 djarees and thursday the arrival of march, a chance of more rain with 52 djarees and keep the umbrellas on hand. that is your best friend. abc world news with david muir next on channel 6. and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff sharrie williastar and dk fis ng and please join us for a special report at 11:00 here on channel 6. "action nrellla anchor shaa williams sits down with super bowl champion malcolm jenkins and talkingredible game and about nick foles. i'me at gotin us for mbction news" at with bpe 0.
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tonight, president trump doubles down on his idea to arm teachers in this country.
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what he's saying tonight, after that tearful listening session. parents who lost children and survivors. the president had first suggested there, allowing teachers to carry guns. a few hands of support in that room. tonight, he stands by it suggesting bonuses for those teachers. also breaking news from florida. just moments ago, authorities now revealing there was an armed deputy who arrived at the building while the shooting was taking place. and authorities say he allegedly did nothing. as the pressure mounts tonight, parents, survivors, face to face with lawmakers. >> senator rubio, can you tell me right now that you will not accept a single donation from the nra? also tonight, we're following breaking
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