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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 22, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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parkland florida. sharrie williams sits down with malcolm jenkins. that's a special report, and that's next. >> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program, with jim gardner. ♪ >> it was a week ago jed when stoneman douglas high school turned into a shooting gallery and 17 people were killed. over the last couple of days, the national conversation has
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turned to the idea of arming personnel in our school to protect our children. it turns out there was an armed officer charged with protecting stoneman douglas. word has come that the officer never went inside the school when the bullets were flying. >> it's thursday night and the brutal revelation that the only armed officer stationed at the school did not engage. he has resigned. monocle mall pass the local sheriff says he's sick to his stomach. >> the officer resigned today after he was suspended without pay pending an investigation. there is a video showing his response during the school attack. officials are not releasing the video because of the criminal investigation that could lead to charges. >> devastated.
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sick to my stomach. >> sheriff scott israel was horrified by the witnesses he interviewed and the images he saw. the officer never engaged nikolaus cruz during the carnage. >> i saw a deputy arrive, take up a position and never went in. >> four agonizing minutes went by while the deputy waited. 17 students, teachers and coaches were slaughtered. what should have been officer's response? >> went in. addressed the killer. killed the killer. >> sheriff israel is mortified when he thinks about how the security guard might have stopped the killer quickly. >> the families lost their children. we lost coaches. i have been to the funerals. i have been to the homes where they sit and shiver. i have been to the vigils. there are no words. >> the school security cameras
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were on a 20 minute delay causing confusion but wouldn't have saved lives. the acting fbi director says they are trying to tighten up their procedures after getting two warnings about cruz but didn't track him down. >> there are sirn things that we need to address because there is a threat to the public. president trump is still calling for teachers to be armed. >> you will have this plague stop. >> teacher unions today say they are opposed to the idea of arming them at school. jim >> coach phis was one man hailed a hero. today thousands packed a church in florida for his funeral. he ran toward the gunfire and died ushering students to safety and shielding a freshman girl.
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>> six service dogs have returned from parkland florida where canines provided support for victims and their families. christie ileto is there too. christie? >> that's right, jim. these are the boots and paws on the ground. their mission to ease the pain of complete stranger in the form of therapy. >> you can come. >> exalted from five night and four days on the road, these are some of the paws from the canine response team serving another community in need, this time parkland florida. >> when we went down, difficult as it always is because the whole community at large is in crisis. in total, six therapy dogs and their handle letters helped grieving families and survivors push past the pain that unfolded
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at stoneman douglas high. >> there was a woman sobbing and we were walking down the sidewalk and she pulled next to her. she didn't get in her face, just went next to her and the woman looked down and she started petting her. >> in the process of relaxing, you can, perhaps deal or speak to someone, the children, be able to speak to a council they couldn't articulate before that. it's just a moment in the beginning healing where people can exhale. >> we heard so many stories that were just horrific. some of them really want to make a statement, and others are trying to get through to the next day still. it was definitely worth going and helping them express whatever feelings they had. >> that's right.
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another mission accomplished for an organization that operates primarily on donations. this is the fourth mass shooting sponts iresponse in two years, l testament to the times we live in. christie ileto, channel6 news, jim? >> a woman was gunned down while driving on broad street in logan. tyesha timmons was driving near grain street when her van was struck by five bullets. the van crashed on old york road. timmons died from a gunshot wound to the head. three other children including timmon's twin and two children were in the van. mail is not being delivered consistently. tonight congressman bob brady
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organized an opportunity for residents to confront the postal service and boy did they ever. dann cuellar, what happened there tonight? >> jim, there has been a myriad of problems and complaints, that the postmaster general wanted to come out himself. he got an earful tonight. >> it was a standing room only crowd with complaints about mail that never arrives, long lines at the post office. >> we have long given up on it so we don't go there anymore. nobody has that kind of time. >> a woman that seems to get everyone's mail at her door. >> i go out and take time to deliver the mail. i don't want to throw it away. >> when asked how many people get other people's mail, almost the entire audience raised their
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hands. problems not just here in northern liberty, but stretch of the city, southwest and overbrook. >> it's something i needed to hear: . it seems he's on the case. he introduced a new manager for the post office serving northern liberty. >> i needed someone familiar with the area. he carried mail in the area so he know it is neighborhood. >> michael hernandez that arrived in january vows to tackle the problems head on which is why he wanted to be here personally. >> the first thing to me is assigning the right people to the right office to get this done. we have different strategies, retail to nondelivery to late delivery. i plan to address all of those. it's a timely process. it's not something that will
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happen overnight. >> it's clear the new city postmaster has a lot of problems to check out. he vows to come back to check on progress once he and his team have a chance to work on the problems. jim? >> thank you, dan. investigators are looking for answers in a deadly freak accident in the lehigh valley tunnel. >> he was driving southbound on the turnpike through the tunnel last night when an electrical conduit fell through the ceiling piercing the wind shield killing sexton instantly but the vehicle kept going unfound for three hours. >> is a discriminatory practice
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called red lining. bankswithhold bank loans to black tellers to keep them out of the white neighborhoods. philadelphia banks are one of the worse at red lining. >> meteorologist cecily tynan is here with a first look at the accuweather forecast. >> jim, what a difference a day makes. if you compare yesterday's 3:00 temperature to today, 77 record high to 33-degrees, a 34-degree drop in 24 hours. add to that, we have been dealing with gusting winds and it's been damp with winds out of the northeast, the windchill makes it feel 32-degrees. the northeasterly winds pulling in the mist and drizzle. double scan live showing the next system pulling into the ohio valley. that's moving in tomorrow.
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the second of three batches of rain. looking ahead, three more days of damp, dreary weather. the next sunny day isn't until tuesday. no snow in the seven-day forecast. i have the details on what to expect coming up. jim? >> still to come on "action news," the accusation that led to the arrest of missouri's governor today. >> plus consumer reports reveals top vehicle choices of the year. sharrie williams joins us with a special report. >> and jim, i sit down with eagle superbowl champion malcolm jenkins for the historic journey, being an underdog followed by the joy of whipping it all. >> and ducis rodgers with the sixers and flyers trying to keep up their winning streaks. that and more when "action news" continues. ♪ ♪
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at citizens bank we can help you refinance how we can help you reach your potential. ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. but you get to keep the memories.18 subaru. now through february 28th. >> this was missouri governor eric greiten oath of office 2017. this is him leaving court after a felony charge of invasion of
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privacy. that's his mug shot. he took a picture of a woman nude or partially nude without her consent. a local television station reported he had an affair with the woman and tried to blackmail her into keeping quiet. >> robert mueller has new charges for rick mueller and robert gates. they stem from tax evasion accusing the men of laundering 10s of millions through offshore accounts. manafort says he's innocent and will be acquitted. >> consumer reports is out with top vehicle reports for the year. after months of testing its own track, handling to how easy it is to install a car seat, the magazine named the chevy impala as best car, subaru forester
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best suv and ford 150 best full sized pick up. that consumer report says the average price of a new car $35,000 and recommends buying used for a better value, particularly a three to five-year-old vehicle off a new lease. eem soos likseems like the entiy packed the streets for the eagle parade. witsharrie williams visited with malcolm jenkins. >> he is easy to speak with and sat down with us. he is a force to be reckoned with on and off the field. he has been named second pro bowl, champion again.
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i sat down with the captain to talk about the season that was. >> nice to have you. >> philadelphia eagle malcolm jenkins -- >> malcolm jenkins, you have been busy? >> a little bit. explain the feeling when the hail mary pass hits the ground? >> there is a delay. the ball hits the ground and you realize everything you worked for, for that year is done. you are on the victorious side of it. it's pure emotion after that. you are excited, relieved, happy, elated -- all in the same breath. >> i was there. the citiestadium went crazy.
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so many grown men and women crying after the game. >> me included. people invested so much into the game, the grit we had to show, the things we haveover come embodiy the city. >> did you see that on the sideline? were you waiting to see what the call might be? >> once i saw nick walk off to the side, we practiced putting it into the championship but ran it. i didn't see it until he walked off. i was like, here it comes. once nick caught the ball, it was a great call. >> more completed. how important then is it to
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bring nick foles back year? it will be tough. everyone wants to keep nick in the locker room. good things happen, here or somewhere else, it will be in nick's favor. >> at the parade -- did you have any idea jason kelsey was going to come like that? >> no, i did not at all, actually. when you come in the outfit he came in, you can expect it's going to be a different day. >> bunch of underdogs. you know what underdogs is? hungry dog. >> everything he said was right on. it was an epic moment. >> done as only philadelphia can do it. i asked malcolm can the superbowl keep up the underdog
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mantra now that you are a superbowl champ? he says yes, even with the experience, they'll never forget the people that counted them out and doubted them and keep the chip on his shoulder. >> his praise for leadership, could you sense that from him? >> he's looking ahead ready to do it again. sharrie williams, thank you. >> there was another eagle star showing off his softer side today. ♪ ♪ yes, that is jason kelsey. he'kelce.this is part of the exe program with kelce's alma mater where he was in the school band. >> i love it. he's multitalented. >> we have rain coming. >> we do. periods of rain through the weekend. get used to it. live sky 6 looking at penn's
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landing where the rain is out of here, but we have misting out there. a lot of moisture in the the a. you can see the temple university camera and clouds are hanging tough through the weekend. i want to stress the entire weekend won't be a warre wash o. we'll have dry periods. saturday, it's cloudy. organized rain holds off for the afternoon. temperatures up 58-degrees saturday. the steadiest rain saturday night through sunday morning late in the day. we could see brightening in the skies. the showers turn off late sunday afternoon and the temperature on the warm side, 62-degrees, not as warm as the past two day, but warmer than this afternoon in the 40s. we have a thin band of patchy
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fog north of philadelphia reporting visibility three miles. nothing like the fog monday night. there could be areas of patchy fog. philadelphia 39 now. same in trenton, millville 40. poconos 30-degrees. winter weather advisory in the poconos with the threat of freezing rain. satellite and radar, clouds in place with a batch of showers moving in tomorrow. bad timing for the morning commute. it's here. take the rain gear heading to school or work. temperatures in the 30s rnlings below freeding. as we head to the afternoon, pockets of light rain and drizzle. nothing that steady and heavy. a break in the action saturday morning, light showers south of philadelphia, a few across lehigh valley with heavier rain saturday evening and that lasts into the morning on sunday
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before finally, mother nature turns off the faucet. the exclusive seven-day forecast, periods of light rain and drizzle. saturday, 58-degrees, cloudy, showers arriving in the afternoon, steady rain saturday night and sunday morning, sleep in sunday morning. it's going to be wet to start, late day drying, 62-degrees. if we are lucky, a few peaks of sunshine. more clouds than sunshine. 56 and one good sunny day tuesday, 56-degrees. wednesday, increasing colloids with clouds andthursday, first a chance of rain. tuesday is looking really nice. i'm excited about tuesday. >> coming up on "action news," ducis rodgers continues in just a minute. ♪ ♪
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>> sixers wanted to do well tonight. >> the break wasn't needed. they won five in a row. joel embiid, sixers open on a 25-7 run. second quarter bulls come to life. port is career high 38 from him. eight seconds to go. emdiid comes up with the steal. simmons fouled. two free throws for him. he's not the best free-throw shooter.
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sixers win 116-115. six in a row, simmons and emdiid coom 62 points. >> sixers not the only team hot lately. fliers won of seven of the last eight games. claude giroux 21 goal of the season, game tied at one. ait leads to a powerplay goal third straight game with the goal, flyers win 2-1, 19 saves from the new goally, peter rodman. >> each night we have had different players that stepped up and were key parts of good third periods. it's krillme of year. there are a lot of close games. a lot of times it comes down to the wire and fighting for every
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point is critical. >> still ahead, drexel's men's basketball team does something never done before. >> and phillies are playing games in clear water. >>
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>> the phillies open tomorrow against the bluejays. today they played an exhibition game against the university of tampa. phils off to a good start. tommy joseph, andrew knapp in the third. 1-0 phillies. same count in the fourth inning.
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6-0. manager was pleased with the staff today. >> walks on a day fairly unusual in a spring training game. we didn't even work a lot of three ball counts. guys on top of it. >> drexel hosting delaware. blue hens lead by 34 points. dragondragons storm all the way. drexel wins 85-83. the come back is the largest in division one men's basketball history. >> it's a shame nobody saw it. it was all about style in philadelphia. the sente 21 department store hosted a runway show part of fan week.
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with us phyllis of pink lips, melissa magee the event. and choosing the canvass for benefit therapy. the designer challenge unway in langhorne. designers picked up the if you were the they have to months to transform. it will be auctioned off at a gala in april. >> you think i have any shot? >> you can do it. >> "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel6 followed by "nightline." guests oprah winfrey, shall may and music from andrea day. >> all right. for "action news," i'm jim gardner. maybe we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪
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from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- and now, so to whom it may concern, here's jimmy kimmel. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: oh, you're very nice. thank you.thanks for coming. oh, i'm glad you're excited. special night. [ cheers and applause ] i don't know if you got the word but oprah is here tonight [ cheers and applause


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