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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  February 23, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> a startling revelation in the florida school shooting, an armed officer was there when the shooting began and he did nothing. sky6 live hd looking at philadelphia international airport, accuweather is tracking more rain today and for the weekend. malcom jenkins sits down and tell us about the emotion he felt on the field when the eagles won the super bowl. >> let's go over to david
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murphy and karen rogers to start us off. >> reporter: it is 4:30 a.m. in the morning. good morning. >> reporter: yesterday was crumby and today is, too, but it gets better for the weekend him we're starting out with a winter weather advisory in the poconos toward jim thorpe and palmerton, poconos, included, as well. the idea here as the rain moves in, the temperatures at the surface are cold enough you'll see freezing rain in the poconos. be careful if you're driving up there this morning, maybe this afternoon. cloud cover is thicker overnight here comes rain, it's taking a while, but here it comes. we are beginning region. it's fairly light rain, some of this is pushing into areas south of allentown. the big massive precipitation od southeastern pennsylvania and chester county into delaware, especially new castle county and
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parts of south jersey, like yesterday, some of you will get wet this morning. temperatures are cooler to start out. 38 in philadelphia. 38 in trenton. 36 in allentown. 39 in wilmington, 39 in millville. 40 degrees in cape may. as we go through the day it is going to be a cool, cloudy and damp one, again. we'll start out at 40 degrees at 8:00 and struggle to get up to 46. that's the high, but we may not get there until 6:00, 7:00. milder over the weekend, but more rain at times. detail in accuweather. >> reporter: we have an accident blocking the two right lanes, woodhaven road eastbound at thornton road. as i step aside you can see the amount of emergency workers dealing with the accident scene, be careful as you travel through the area. i want to take you to nottingham township, an accident at chris teen road at old forge road look
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for fire department and peco on the scene. a vehicle went into the pole and there's low-hanging wires. it's creating a problem, crews are out there trying to fix it. bucks county, newport road an accident brought down a pole here, as well. matt and tam. >> thank you, karen. a sheriff deputy assigned to the florida school where the gunman that killed 17 people last week resign. the deputy stood outside for critical minutes during the gunfire rather than going in and confronting the shooter. the details come as the debate over how to protect schools grow. kenneth moten has more. >> reporter: president trump said there could be paid bonuses for armed teachers who could highly trained and ready. florida said their highly
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trained officer did nothing to stop the mass school shooting. the sheriff in parkland floriday stayed out of the buildings during the massacre. >> he never went in. >> what would he have done? , went in and dress -- address the killer. >> reporter: scott peterson stood outside for 4 minutes, the shooting happened in 6 minutes killing 17 people. >> devastated sick to my stomach. there are no words. >> reporspded without pay resig. the development comes as president trump declares the way to stop shoal shootings arming teachers. >> instead of advertising this school has no guns, we are gun free. you let the people know the opposite. you come into our schools you'll be dead. >> reporter: the president suggests, 20% of teachers 700,000 people should be trained and armed.
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another idea raising the legalgs from 18 to 21. >> the opportune opportunist wt one second, they don't care about america's school system. if they cared what they would do is protect them. >> reporter: florida governor rick scott will announce an action plan on student safety including keeping guns out of the hands of those suffering and struggle with mental illness. a group of service dogs and their volunteers returned to south jersey from parkland florida from helping grieving family and survivors push back the initial pain of past murders at the high school.
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the teens listened to survivors. >> a woman was sobbing, she pulled next to her, she went and went next to her, and the woman looked down and there she was looking up at her and she started petting her. >> the volunteers say they found some of the people in park land aiming to make a statement to make a change while others are trying to get through to the next day. >> authorities in bucks county are looking for more possible victims of a police impersonator. eric miller pulled over two women on street road. he detained them and preceded to give them pat downs. after rummaging through their purses he called 911 for backup. he is facing additional charges including talking and
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kidnapping. two charge they haves on -- thefts on the same night, authorities say someone is stealing change from the poor boxes. they are urging congregations to keep an eye out for anything suspicious. post master general is addressing mount mail frustration in the city. michael hernandez spoke to a packed crowd in northern liberties last night. residents rattled off a numberol getting delivered to the wrong houses or mail nothowing up at all. he said he making management changes to help the system run more smoothly. another day to notswayed s. >> reporter: it' be already in spots, tam. storm tracker 6 live doubl scan shs that.lot of green oap. as we look at the overhead view, you can see the movement from west to east is underway. this is sweeping into south
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jersey quickly. route 55 is getting wet. if you're traveling the ac expressway, southern camden and gloucester counties, camden county, cruel get wet in the next a couple of minutes. we have sprinkles and showers up near allentown. we're looking at a day like yesterday, cloudy, damp and well, a lot of rain off and on across the region. i mean it's not going to be heavy, but damp and dreary today. sky6 live hd shows you from our temple university camera looking south into center city. cloud cover overhead in philadelphia right now. temperatures across the region are starting out chilly. 36 degrees in allentown. 38 in reading. 28 in trenton, and philadelphia. 40 in cape may.the numbers unliy will b climbing today, but not by a whole lot. it will be chilly overall. future tracker 6 shows you between now and 9, what you have on radar will course in from
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west across theegion, allentown will not get as much. we get into lull, in t afternoon and evening there's freezing rain in the poconos. there's an advisory for that. 3:00 p.m., intermitten dreary conditions occasional spritz on your windshield or light quick overnight tonight less rain, bd. in allentown, rain andrizzle, high of 4 cooler than yesterday. at the shore, rain and drizzle, getting up to 46. in philadelphia we'll go for a high of 46. a late day high. it might be dinnertime by the time we get there. slow climb of the 46-degree high intermittent rain and drizzle. if you're heading out on the town. rain or spritz early. after that, 46 degrees and we hold close to that all the way through dinner and movie time. cloudy skies overnight, damp and chilly, temperatures not dropping all that much. 44. for the weekend, 48 degrees,
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milder on saturday, there will be the threat of showers, the ca night and into morning. and we hope that evening on b gets out of here by fairly early sunday afternoon. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today'shi, . saturdble, the bulk of it later at night. rainy start on sunday, dry i aff 62. back down to 56 on mda breezy. more sun on tuesday, 56. clouds increase on wednesday, 54. 52 next thursday with rain arriving. >> thank you, david. 4:40 a.m., a father's reckless student designed to serve school safety concerns ends up in handcuffs. nra takes a harsh tone in
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criticizing media coverage of a father plows into an emergency room. >> reporter: it's too early to be this busy, we have an accident on the ramp to the schuylkill expressway eastbound, we have otheridents we'll run through them coming up n
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>> 4:43 a.m., waking up the delaware and lehigh valleys. that is our duty, that is what we do, and that is what we are doing. >> and i guess it's time for karen to do her duty and take a look at troubles 4:43 a.m. on the roads. >> i was overall dramatic, wasn't i. >> reporter: it's time for karen to do her duty, here i am.
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let's show you the problems we have on the roads right now. this is an accident causing issues on woodhaven road eastbound at thornton road. we have fire crews and ambulance on the scene. slight volume not causing too much problems. be careful as you head out in the area. west nottingham township a vehicle went into a pole, there's low-hanging wires that's crediting problems, as well chester county at chris teen road at old forge road. walt whitman bridge eastbound we have construction blocking two lanes, that could be creating issues for you, as well. it's damp as you head out. in some areas you have more than damp conditions, but showers here, especially south and west of the city. let's take a closer look right now. if you're traveling on the northeast extension you're seeing showers from norristown to green lane. in chards ford and media, we're
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looking at showers from there. wilmington, newark, turnpike and 295, woodbury and glassboro, 55. damp out there as you head out. farther to the north, there's a big concern of icy conditions. lake harmony, freezing, 32 degrees, 36 in bethlehem. 35 in quakertown. less of an issue there. the winter weather add -- advisory is for the poconos. we're in the upper 30s in center city. in south jersey and delaware in the upper 30s and 40s, matt and tam. >> thanks, karen. new witness video shows flames filling a connecticut hospital emergency room as firefighters arrive on the scene. police say a driver purposely drove his car into the hospital in the middletown and then set himself on fire. the car contained multiple containers of gas, the driver 27 stephen alan was flown to a burn center for treatment. the security guard was treated
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for smoke. gun contr rages calling for stricter measures. nra leaders spoke to the conservative committee they delivered an i am am -- impassioned statement. mass media love mass shootings. i'm not saying that you love the tragedy, but i am saying that you love the ratings. crying white mothers are ratings gold. >> loesch was part of a town hall in florida after she defended the guns. she said gun control advocates are the violent ones saying she
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needed a security detail at the event. a father in wisconsin was arrested for pulling off a stunt to talk about school safety. he walked into the elementary carrying several cardboard signs saying guns. he wanted to talk about intruders, the school principal said the incident was disruptive, students and staff were never in any danger.
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school students in indiana reached every single classmate with a message. of encouragement. two years the carmel school had random acts of the kindness day. they placed messages on all 50 lockers of their piers. >> people are so like, this is amazing. >> 20 years from now you'll be more disappointed by the things i didn't do. >> school hopes to challenge the random act of kindness.
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>> they are putting things on pieces of paper. they are not communicating digitally. >> it's something nice between teenagers not the bullying. >> reporter: there's so many things to reminded, we focus on the bully and there are people doing great works in their spare time. this is the schuylkill expressway westbound twep -- between the vine. right lane construction is trying to clear out. live on the vine street expressway, we're moving okay. >> reporter: we have rain out there, some of it in the northern suburbs, the bulk of it out of lancaster county getting ready to affect chester county. south jersey and delaware have had their share, this will move east. during the morning we'll have a batch of this, overall it's
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cloudy cool and damp. 41 by noon, 43 by 3:00 p.m. i'm going for a high 46 degrees it may not hit until 6:00 p.m., maybe not until 7:00 p.m. tonight, it will be a slow climb it's not like you will notice a difference between 41 and 45. poconos, saturday night it will be wet on the slopes, sunday a morning soaking afternoon drying, 52. >> "action news" anchor sharrie williams sat down with malcom jenkins to talk about the super bowl victory. he said the grit the birds show embodied the spirit of philadelphia. complains how he was feeling when the last hail mary pass hit the grounds. >> it was like a delay, the ball hits the ground and you realize everything you worked for that entire year is done and
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you're on the victorious side of it. and then it's just pure emotion after that. you excited, relieved, happy elated all in the same breath. >> jenkins talked about nick foles and the importance of having a quality backup quarterback. >> worked out very well. >> philly special. arch bishop tweets out he complaints up next. a brawl breaks out at a high school in delaware, the story is brand new at 5:00 a.m.
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pennsylvania attorney general josh shapiro has announced an investigation into the discriminatory housing practice known as red lining, when banks with hold mortgage loans to keep people of color out of a white neighborhoods. philadelphia is one of the worst offenders of red lining. new on "action news," a new jersey arch bishop raised a few eye brows with his tweet. supposed to be airborne in ten minutes, nighty nighty baby i love you. it was intended for his younger sister. he said he later deleted it, because it was misinterpreted.
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>> now we know what it is. >> we learn about a freak accident that killed a man on the northeast extension. officers were in the right place at the right time, zee how they rescued a child who fell from a balcony. jason kelce shows off his musical talents. almond fans, your favorite cereal
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pick your yogurt 5:00 a.m., friday, february 23, here's what we're following. a delaware high school basketball game ends abruptly with a major fight on the court. students on both sides had
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to be pulled back. >> residents confront the local post office over issues that keep them from getting their mail. >> weather repeat, grab the umbrella because it's going to be damp and dreary again. >> at least it's friday. let's go over to david murphy and karen rogers. >> reporter: we have survived a great week. huge weather changes. >> reporter: i don't know what i am saying. let's get you to the weather center, first an issue with a winter weather advisory, mountain pocono and jim thorpe and palmerton. the idea as rain moves into these areas later this morning, temperatures could be cold enough it could fall as freezing rain. be careful driving into the poconos in the afternoon. we have rain marching toward us in the overnight


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