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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  February 23, 2018 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> breaking right now, fire destroys dozens of school buses in the lehigh valley forcing the school district to cancel classes. a startling revelation in the florida school shooting, an arm officer was there when the gunfire began, but authorities say he did nothing. >> taking a look outside, accuweather is tracking rain for today and the weekend. >> good morning, 5:30 a.m., friday, february 23. let's find about the rain with david murphy and karen rogers has the commute. good morning. >> reporter: i think people might be a little too excited it's friday. we have accidents roads are wet. don't drive on your friday. >> reporter: isn't it funny how a little bit of rain can get everyby. >> reporter: it's a little damp.
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>> reporter: all right, everybody, cool it. up in the poconos, you want to cool it. starting at 7:00 a.m., to 1:00 p.m. we have a winter weather advisory. temperatures up until 1:00 p.m. may be freezing or near it, so freezing rain up north. cloud cover in the overnight hours, there's rain welling up shooting across the state. that is here now, storm tracker 6 live double scan with the most accurate view with the rain. you can see it's enough to make the roads wet. south jersey is covered by this. trenton, there's more out near gettysburg and that's coming into new castle county and chester county and delaware county. a little bit wet out there. that batch will be through the morning, okay i got it. we're looking at some lulls during the day. 38 degrees by trenton, 36 in allentown. 38 in philadelphia and
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wilmington. 39 in cape may. as we look at the we'restti at . there unt 7:00 p.m. tonight intermittent rain and drizzle. cloudy tomorrow, damp and milder for the weekend, i'll citizen details coming up. >> we have a ramp blocked, the accident on the schuylkill expressway eastbound looking live, the ramp to the boulevard, a number of crews on the scene with the accident involving tractor-trailer. first they were letting traffic by, now they have stopped all traffic traveling on the ramp from the schuylkill expressway eastbound to the boulevard northbound it's blocked for 20 minutes already, be careful as you travel there. looking live on the tacony-palmyra bridge, tacony traffic is stopped it's hard to see, you can see the bridge is up right here. head to the betsy ross bridge instead. it will be down shortly, but the tacony-palmyra all traffic stopped there. bristol township, bucks county an accident brought down a pole
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and wires. ford road is shut down between newportville road and frost road. sometimes it takes a while to fix the poles. an accident in west nottingham township a car ran into a pole christine road at old forge road. matt and tam. >> thank you karen. a sheriff deputy's assigned to respond to the florida school where a gunman killed 17 people last week has resign. this came as authorities saw that the deputy stayed outside during the gunfire rather than going in and confronting the shooter. kenneth moten is live in the abc washington bureau with the latest with what's going on. good morning, kenneth. >> reporter: good morning, tam. president trump said there could pay bonuses for armed teachers who would be highly trained and
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ready, but authorities in florida say the highly trained officer did nothing to stop the mass shooting. new scrutiny in one of the most mass shootings. armed resource deputy stationed at marjory stoneman douglas high school stayed out of the building during the massacre. >> he never went in. >> what would have he done? went. >> and killed the killer. >> reporter: scott peter is standing outside for four minutes. the shooting happened in 6 minutes, killing 17 people. >> devastated sick to my stomach. there are no words. >> reporter: deputy peterson suspended without pay resign. the development comes as president trump declares the way to stop shoal -- school shootings arming teachers. >> instead of saying this school is gun free, do the
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opposite. you come into the school you will be dead. >> reporter: president trump said 700,000 people should be trained and armed and raising the limited age of buying riesms riesms -- rifles from 18 to 21. >> the opportunist wasted one second. the elite don't ware about america's school system. if they cared what they would do they would protect them. >> rick scott will announce an action plan on student safety including keeping guns out of the hands of those struggling with mental illness matt, kenneth moten channel 6 "action news." >> a group of service dogs and their volunteers just returned to south jersey from park land florida. the tri state k-9's mission was to help families push past the
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initial pain from the event. >> a woman was sobbing, we were walking down the sidewalk, she pulled next to her, she didn't go up in her face, she just went next to her, the woman went down and she was looking up at her and she started petting her. >> some people in parkland are trying to make change while others are trying to get through to the next day. >> let's get to our breaking news story, a fire at a bus garage at the parkland school district in the lehigh valley forced the cancellation of classes in parkland today. we shared the many pictures of the devastation. we have learned that 25 buses were destroyed in the fire. that fire is still burning at the bus garage which is on
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stadium drive behind the orfield middle school. we're trying to find out if firefighters know what started, how extensive the damage is, once again parkland schools are closed due to the massive fire. authorities in bucks county are looking for possible victims of a police impersonator. eric miller pulled over two people on street road. police say he detained the women and proceeded to give them pat downs. he called 911 for back up. he facing multiple charges including kidnapping and stalking and impersonating a public servant. police in upper darby are investigating two church thefts, saint lawrence catholic and calvary presbyterian church on wayne avenue. someone is stealing change out of the poor boxes. they are urging people to keep
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an eye out for anything suspicious. >> we'll experience rain and dreariness today. >> reporter: pretty much a repeat of yesterday overall. we have green in south jersey, as we go in our on the two dimensional view you get a picture of where this is. southern bucks county we have rain pushing through. we have a tweet from my follower in collingswood new jersey, it's cloudy and controversy cast and when you step outside it will be cool, as well. there's more rain in lancaster county and back to gettysburg and we'll be in and out of rain drops and in them more than not and a central portion the region. even where you don't see the green we have drizzle out there. sky6 live hd yeah looking wetter at the airport than it did an hour ago as the rain moves in. temperatures are cool, 36 in allentown. 38 in reading, philadelphia, wilmington and trenton.
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39 in millville and cape may. future tracker 6 shows you between now and 9:00 we're dealing with the rain coming out of the gettysburg later in the morning up to lunchtime it's spotty precipitation not as bad. later in the day we get intermittent showers moving back in, there's blue in the poconos between 7 and 1:00 p.m. there's a chance of freezing rain be careful of that driving up north today. tonight, cloudy and cool, maybe a little bit drizzle here and there. up in the lehigh valley, 42. we'll have to wait a while to get there. at the shore, 46 there's a late-day rain and drizzle. 46 might not arrive until 6:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m. a slow climb up to 46 today. lots of clouds and rain and drizzle. for the night out on the town. you're mainly dry. certainly drizzle. temperatures in the mid 40s, grab a coat if you have plans
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tonight. overnight not much change in the temperature, 44 degrees, chilly at times overnight. tomorrow we get milder high of 58 degrees. there's a possibility of a shower during the day, the steadier rain probably at night. that goes into sunday morning, sunday we get some afternoon drying and mild high of 62. by the way here's the rain for saturday. there could be a shower in the morning and afternoon. obviously the heavier stuff is later at night. that goes into sunday morning. we hope it gets out of here pretty quick on sunday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, here we go, cloudy cool rain and drizzle. saturday, 58 the high. rainy start on sunday, give way to afternoon drying mild high of 62. monday, 56. some sun. tuesday, 56. wednesday, 54. thursday we expect more rain, which the flowers love. >> they do. >> and the grass. >> the daffodils are already
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loving it. trees, bushes. >> at the national rifle association they are going on the offensive, their hard edged defense of the second amendment. >> actor chevy chase was in a road rain incident claiming the other driver kicked him when he pulled over. >> reporter: it's a damp dreary ride in on i-95. at least no problems hear. we have a few accidents we'll go over them coming up next. >> we are trying to make the
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most of the soggy morning, live look on sky6 live hd. you can see rain drops falling on the lens. 5:44 a.m., friday morning. >> karen, whenever we have conditions like this it could be treacherous on the roads, good morning. >> reporter: i have to say at 4:00 a.m. we were busy with traffic. we still have a a couple of accidents, but this just cleared. the ramp on the boulevard was shut down gosh more than 30 minutes because of an accident. it was creating problems, they just cleared it. traffic is slow in the wake of that closure. it finally reopened on the ramp schuylkill expressway eastbound. tacony-palmyra last time i showed you this shot, traffic was stopped for a bridge opening.
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traffic is moving on the tacony-palmyra bridge. west nottingham township, a vehicle went into are a pole. there's low hanging wires christine road at old forge road. a couple of problems this morning, that's one of them. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we have showers. we're watching the progression of the showers over the past a couple of hours, a little while ago we saw the showers moving due east. you're wetter in the city, but wetter in the new jersey. damp in malvern, but more so in downingtown and coatsville. chadds ford there's steady showers moving through, chadds ford, media and wilmington. almost in woodbury new jersey. medford lakes it's wet there, as well. up north in the poconos, temperatures are around freezing that's the concern for ice in the poconos matt and tam. >> the debate over gun control
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continues to rage with the growing calls for stricter measures. yesterday top officials from the nra pushed back hard. nra spoke to the political action committee is maryland. they delivered anism -- an im passioned event. >> many in legacy media, love mass shootings. you gets love it. now, i'm not saying that you love the tragedy, but i am saying that you love the ratings. crying white mothers are ratings gold. >> loesch was part of a town hall in florida after the shootinghe defended guns blaming the death on mental health and poor enforcement. she said gun control advocates o
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tolerant runs because she needed security at the event. a father went into a school and carried several cardboard guns and said guns, he went to the principal to talk about intruders in the school. the principal said though the incident was disruptive, students and staff were never in any danger. chevy chase said he was ray tacked during road rage incident in upstate new york 24678 when the driver kicked him. the other driver cut him off nearism-87. he thought the truck was the damaged -- near i-87. he thought his truck was damaged. he was kicked in the shoulder, that driver was the arrested and charged. 5:47 a.m., do you need help
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getting your life organized. >> i can help you. >> if you do, we have a local entrepreneur who wants to help.
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>> getting organized westbound a complicated process for many people, but help can be a box away, jeanette reyes talks with an entrepreneur who educated a solution. >> reporter: this is a success box and it is packed with tools to help you stay on track. and they is mount heiry native and drexel grad who found
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herself suffering from busyness. she created the success box. it's a system to help you have good habits have your own personal coach at their finger tips that can walk them through what to do next. the super piece of the process is the planner, you'll able to set and achieve a 90 day goal. it will take you through the day-to-day process on what to focus on cruising our mission control. >> reporter: the success box has toolts you can use in the never ending daily grind. it's to make sure that the goals you want to accomplish are at the top of the your to-do list. jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." >> write it down, vision board. >> reporter: that can help, i need a vision board and someone to create it for me. let's take look at route 1, pennsylvania turnpike, checking the roads here, wet slow ride
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in, northbound traffic heading toward new jersey, we see a car that just stopped there off to the side. there you go, he is going to move, you're on the highway, keep moving. let's look at i-95 near highland avenue, northbound traffic on the right heading toward the blue route, moving okay on on this wet morning especially in delaware county. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan we have a slot of showers out of the gettysburg through philadelphia into parts of south jersey and trenton is seeing a little bit of this, not a whole lot happening up north, but when it does there's a freezing rain possibility in the poconos and later in the afternoon. keep that in mind if you're heading north. kind of cloudy and damp and dreary with rain and drizzle. temperatures will struggle to climb. we'll get a high of 46 degrees probably around 6:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m. before we get there. not difference as we roll through the day between now and later. in the poconos this weekend we've had better, drizzle and
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light rain on saturday, 47. 52 with the morning soaking on the slopes in the poconos. >> anchor sharrie williams sat down with eagles safety malcom jenkins to talk about the recent super bowl victory. he said the grit embodies the spirit of philadelphia. he complains how he was feeling when the last minute hail mary pass hit the ground. >> the ball hits the ground and you realize everything you worked for that entire year is done, you're on the victorious side of it. and then it's just pure emotion after that. excited, you're relieved, happy, elated all in the same breath. >> jenkins talked about nick foles and the importance of having a quality back up quarterback. ton cooks up two new ton cooks up two new dishes. >> rachael: this
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manager or former campaign manager paul rick gates face charges in the robert mueller investigation. they are accused of lau of dolln
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offshore account. paul manafort said he will be acquitted. cardinal joseph to been said his tweet read, supposed to be airborne in 0 minutes, nighty night, baby, i love you. he deleted the tweet because it was being misinterrupted. he said. >> we're following breaking news impacting big school district in the lehigh valley. >> residents confront the local post office over issues that keep them from getting their mail. changes are being made. >> coming up all brand new, consumer alert from members of y you might not be able to access your accounts.
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6:00 a.m., friday, february 23 we're following breaking news. >> more than two dozen buses go up in flames at a school district depot in allentown, forces officials to cancel classes for the day. delaware basketball game end abruptly with a major fight on the court. students on both side had to be pulled back. weather repeat, grab the umbrella it's going to be damp and dreary. let's find out about the damp and dreary, david murphy and karen rogers what is the morning commute. >> reporter: this is the last day, but things get marginal better for the weekend. storm tracker 6 live shows us we have a little bit of precip. more on that in a moment. winter weather advisory kicks in from 7:00 a.m.


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