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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  February 24, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program, with meteorologist, medical list a magee, jeff skversky and walter perez. i'm walter perez the big story on "action news" at 5:00 s been raining on and off all day long with another round moving our way tonight. meteorologist melissa magee joins with us our first check of the accu weather forecast, melissa. >> it is one of those weekends damp and dreary across delaware and lehigh valley, heaviest rain has stopped in philadelphia but we are starting to find that wet weather still to our north and west. we will go in tighter on street level storm tracker six you can see light rain in pena rgyl, easton, new hope, traveling on route 611 there. in allentown lehigh county on route 222, and fleetwood,
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hamburg and reading. this will continue as we go throughout the rest of the evening. another round of, precipitation moves through overnight tonight. despite moisture overhead, temperatures are fairly mild for this time of the year. it is 50 degrees in philadelphia. forty-nine in trenton. forty-seven for allentown and redding. forty-eight in cape may. down in dover coming in at lower 50's but moisture continues. here's future tracker six showing at 11:00 tonight we will have light rain scattered across delaware and lehigh valleys. 3:30 in the morning in the overnight hours here comes heavier burst of energy that moves through and it will continue as we get into sunday looking at weather headlines and what to expect, more rain, drizzle on the way for rest of this evening. heaviest moves through tonight , and during the overnight hours and right through early tomorrow morning , and we are calling for an additional half inch to an inch of rainfall and also tracking areas of fog. we have got more details on potentially a wash out this weekend with the accu weather forecast, walter. >> imagine if this was all snow, my goodness. thanks, melissa.
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get the latest throughout the weekend and check storm tracker six live anytime, anytime on your phone or tablet. six abc app is a free down load for your mobile device. new tonight at 5:00 a man and woman from wilmington have been charge in the death of a 15 month-old baby that they were watching. "action news" reporter annie mccormack is live in wilmington with details about this truly horrific, story, annie. >> reporter: walter, police made those arrests yesterday nearly a week after the child 's death during the course of the investigation, the medical examiner ruled that a 15 month-old child died , from blunt force trauma now, police arrested 37 year-old levar harris and 22-year old tameika wright, according to police, the child 's mother placed the baby in the care of those two adults. the couple lives in the 300 block of a fifth street in wilmington. the child was taken to the hospital, last week even, and then died at the hospital on the 17th. that is when investigators,
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were called. wilmington police began an investigation working with the attorney general's office, and also child services, and then the medical examiner, deemed this a case of homicide. now back out here live, both adults were charged with murder by abuse or neglect, in the first degree, each, again are in custody and they are being held on a hundred thousand dollars cash bail. reporting live from wilmington , annie mccormack for channel six "action news". walter, back to you. >> tragic story, thank you ann ie. police are investigating a shooting this afternoon in the frankford section. this he were called to scatter good and charles street where a person was found shot in the head. victimes name, condition and details of the shooting remain unknown. out of control, vehicle left a path of destruction in south philadelphia. investigators say a man in the ford pick up, smashed into 16 cars there, and this was the scene near porter and third street at 10:30 last night. neighbors helped end chaos by yank ago this driver from his truck. >> we had to stop because we
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don't know whether he was going to go all the way down the block so we had to do something. >> we will hear more from the victims coming up 59:30 during this newscast. ahead on crash in the overbrook section of the city sent one person to the hospital, this morning. it happened, shortly after 6:30 at lansdowne and haverford avenue. investigators say a man was driving one of those vehicles was taken to lankanol hospital and no word tonight on the extent of his injuries. also, no word, on who was responsible for the crash. across the country and right here in philadelphia, people are taking part in the working peoples day of action. crowd gathered at thomas payne plaza this morning and they were joined by leaders from labor unions, women and civil rights organizations and faith based groups. they are calling for reasonable wages, affordable health care and quality public schools. a protest comes days before, the supreme court hears a case about union labor. the case questions whether non-union public sector workers covered by collective
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bargaining agreements should pay union fees. just days after a fire in collindale, delaware county claim the life of the man, fire fighters were back in that neighborhood, going door to door today along pitman avenue making sure that homes there had working smoke alarms fire fighters then installed smoke alarms inside any home that needed one free of charge smoke detectors were collected by operation six abc save a life campaign if you live in collindale and need a smoke detector call the fire department and they will deliver one free of cost. >> thank you guys. you know who he is, led eagles to the first super bowl vick trim and today doug pederson was honored by the town he calls home. township council from moorestown, new jersey, presented pederson with a proclamation commending him for winning super bowl lii. pederson says he loves moorestown and people that live there he lived there before from 2009 to 2012 when he was an eag also cysttent coach. when he return as a head coach he knew exactly where he wanted to live. he says, that there is a sense
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of family and pride in moorestown, new jersey. >> anywhere we go in this community people are so gracious. we thank you so much for everything. i appreciate the proclamation. i never had a day before. >> we were there. >> from now on every day is doug pederson day. we will hear more coming up in the next half an hour. much more to come on "action news" people in north carolina line the streets to pay their respects to billy graham. and it has been months since puerto rico was hit by hurricanes, financial life line that will be extended on help the island. and next president trump takes to twitter weighing in on the gun debate
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body of billy graham made journey from the north carolina mountains to the hometown. his body was driven out of his christian training center in ashville and arrived this afternoon at his library any charlotte. he will lie in repose on monday and tuesday before being moved to the u.s. capitol. billy graham was referred to as america's pastor, he passed away wednesday at the age of 99. when it comes to debate across the country, tonight the president is once again, as well weighing in on twitter here's abc's linda lopez. >> reporter: ten days after the florida high school shooting that killed 17 students and teachers, the debate about guns, and gun safety, remains, front and center. the president once again pushing his idea of arming
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teachers. tweeting, armed educators and trusted people who work within a school love our students and will protect them. not all agree this is best way to prevent school massacres. >> i'm not going to stop, ladies and gentlemen, until we get these ar15s off of the streets and out of the hands of people who would use them to kill others. >> reporter: republican florida governor rick scott breaking with the president, saying arming teachers is not the way to go instead scott suggests raising minimum age to buy a gun. >> we will require all individuals purchasing firearms, be 21 or older. >> reporter: parkland high school students demanding more gun safety laws are turning up the pressure on congress to act. >> thoughts and prayers are not nearly enough. congress needs to do something more. we need action. >> reporter: this as broward county sheriff tells abc news he is investigating reports
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that three additional deputies rushing to the scene remained outside the school and reportedly did not engage with the shooter. and scott peterson, armed deputy who work at the school for eight years, also remain outside according to the sheriff. >> unaudible. >> reporter: linda lopez for abc news, new york. there are new abuse charge as begins a couple from california, accused of holding their 13 children, captive. david and lewis turpin faced a judge on friday and it has been six weeks since their daughter escaped and get help. prosecutors say they were tortured, starved and held captive. attorneys say seven oldest are being cade for at a hospital and making very good progress. couple has pleaded not guilty. hurricane ravaged puerto rico is receiving a financial life line, u.s. department of urban development says it is awarding the island $1.5 billion to help it recover from hurricane irma annmarie a money will be used
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as grants to support long term recovery of seriously damaged homes and businesses. housing secretary ben carson said hud will cut through bureaucratic red tape to speed up puerto rico's recovery. there are thousands of homes and businesses still without power. much more to come on "action news" meteorologist melissa magee has another check of the accu weather forecast. and then not exactly swimsuit weather as well but that didn't stop these folks from jumping in the ocean. and in tips for dealing with toxic co-workers.
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middle school tigers in warrington bucks county hit hardwood for a great cause. today they they had their basketball fund raise tore benefit the kelly ann doland memorial fund that helps family caring for serious illnesses. students at carroll high school, again, tonight. 7:00 o'clock last night until 7:00 this morning, the school hosted a dance marathon to raise money and wear necessary for children's hospital of philadelphia. they hope to raise, $60,000. hundreds of people were walking and running today for cancer research. they took part in the miles for smiles, 5k and 1 mile walk today at pope john paul high school in royersford, montgomery county. race was organized by emily smiles foundation, benefiting brain cancer research for kids it is named after emily gould a toddler from him rick who died of written cancer in 2016
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at logan elementary school in philadelphia. the school hosted an event called, taking charge, and healing hearts. organized by american heart association, along with einstein medical center. in addition to blood pressure screening there were fitness sessions, including a little stress reducing meditation. and we need that here. >> yes. >> stress reductions, all of the rain, it has me stressed out. >> maybe we will zen you out, kind of feels good inside, you don't have to go anywhere. >> snow stresses me out more. >> i'm trying to help you out, waltery need all of the help, i can get, walter. >> i need all of the help i can get. >> we are at spring mountain, montgomery county probably slushy on the slopes this evening because of all of that rain that continues to come down. it will be on and off as we go through the rest of the evening. here's sky six live in hd from temple university camera looking at a very nice shot of the center city sky line. you can see we have mostly cloudy skies, the rain has stopped for now but it will re fire as we question
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throughout the rest of tonight and during overnight hours. storm tracker six live double scan radar showing so moisture that we are tracking, it is mainly to the north and west right now, for berks, lehigh counties, you can see that rain in hamburg, reading, fleet wood, also that rain into quakertown to the south of allentown, north of doyletown, and in between, milford and new hope at this hour. the rain will continue as we go throughout the rest of the evening. despite moisture pretty comfortable 50 in the city. forty-seven for reading and allentown. at the coast in beach haven coming in at 49 degrees, beach haven in at 47 degrees. looking at the big picture as we look at the visibility, we're down to 8 miles here in philadelphia, and bit of the break in the atmosphere as far as the rain is concern, so visibility will start to increase, but still down to 4 miles in lancaster. up to 10 for allentown and into reading. here's satellite six with action radar you can see we have mostly cloudy sky, right now in philadelphia but that moisture continues, cross much of the mid-atlantic region.
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so we will track that rain moving across virginias moving through from the southwest to northeasterly direction as we get throughout the overnight hours. for the rest of tonight though , light rain, drizzle, will be overhead and that second round moves in later on tonight and with that about a half an inch to an inch of rainfall is expect, on top of what we have already seen, 44 in philadelphia for overnight low, 39 in allentown. forty-two in lancaster. 45 degrees in cape may. here's future tracker six taking you through the night. 11:00 p.m. we have rain in the region. make sure you have wet weather gear stepping out on the town. during overnight hours moisture continues. you can see heavier pockets moving on through, same thing holds true at 9:00 tomorrow morning we have rain on and you have. call from accu weather tomorrow, we do have that rain , first thing tomorrow morning, 46 degrees is the temperature at 7:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m. we are tracking pockets of heavy rain that continues for first half of the day and then mostly cloudy sky, drying is possible, late tomorrow afternoon, and then maybe a few sun breaks before
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all is said and done. we have more details, walter, coming up at 5:30. >> thanks, melissa. these brave folks jumped in the cold water off wildwood beach for a pair of good causes. it was 2018 fallen heroes polar bear plunge. others in beach wear others in costumes. all proceed from the event and after party, benefits families of fallen soldiers, and mrsa awareness. in health check tonight the world health organization is warning of a big surge of me unless europe. the group says that cases have increased four fold with 35 dead, and more than 20,000 people, sick. italy, romania and ukraine have the most cases, followed by greece and germany. parents shunning back nation for their kiddies reportedly part of the problem. almost everyone has had to deal with challenging co-workers peoples whose personalities do not mesh with everyone else. you know the won. if you have one in your work place experts say try to create space away from that worker anyway feasible.
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also be firm and staying true tour values. >> take your mission seriously , you have to take yourself seriously but form good habits, early on, stick with them, start to renews to cow tail to the avoidance behavior that is others might have, showing up late, not going to meetings, finding shortcuts. >> and research does show that mom was right, one bad apple can drag down everyone else's performance. so-called toxic workers can cost the company more than high performers add to the work place. much more to come on "action news", a doggies getting a lot of attention for his actions, wait until you hear how rex gert man shepherd protected his teenage owners when intruder broke in the house. and next we will show you new mural that honors philadelphia civil rights, activist octavius catto.
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americans waged a massive amount of food every single year while millions of people deal with hunger each and every day. now one organization is trying to fix that with a tech savvy twist. abc's karen traverse has more. >> reporter: we the pizza is a bustling restaurant in the shadow of the u.s. capitol packed with tourist, congressional staffers, even lawmakers but like most restaurants at night is there often left over food, and that is where food rescue u.s. stepped in. >> we're the missing piece. >> reporter: food rescue u.s. is a organization that uses an app to connect volunteers, known as, food rescuers, with
5:25 pm
businesses eager to donate extra food. it is really simple, log on, see what restaurants, farmer markets or shops in your area has food and what nearby organizations are ready to accept that. >> for busy people hoff busy schedules it vice nice to be able to look, see what works for your schedule. >> reporter: like celebrity chef and owner of we the pizza said food rescue u.s. fits a perfect need. >> we love helping someone in need looking for a meal. >> reporter: government has found that 10s of billions of pounds of food are wasted in american homes, stores and restaurants. community minded restaurant owner like spike, are working to change that and looking to volunteer, who can step in and get this great food, to people that need it. this is a food rescuers, we believe she and her husband bob stopped by we the pizza to pick up packages of left over food food. >> app makes it easy to dip your toe into this volunteer
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effort. it is a really rewarding thing to do. >> reporter: it makes a difference to shirley's place a sent their caters to the homeless and hungry on capitol hill. program manager sheila wilcox says she's always grateful for whatever donations that they can get but partnership with food rescue u.s. means they can get more than just noodles and sandwiches. >> everybody loves pizza, right so you cannot go wrong with pizza, wonderful donations for thanksgiving, so we appreciate that. individual are hungry. january through december. >> reporter: karen traverse, abc news, washington. the greatest norristown naacp is celebrating black history month by paying tribute to those who spend decade working in their communities. honoraries included four local churches, who for the for justice dating back to the anti slavery movement. the event was held at valley forge sheraton. mural arts project has commissioned a new mural to honor 19th century civil rights activist octavius catto of philadelphia. this is a rendering of the
5:27 pm
mural to be created outside of universal charter school in south fail where catto lived. catto was a assassinated in 1871 for campaigning for black citizens, rights to vote. boy scouts representing five states gathered at stockton university today to earn their merit badges. more than 40 badgees were offered in areas for archaeology, space exploration and citizenship in the community. stockton students and faculty led scouts through workshops and experiments they needed to complete and qualify for their badges. much more to come on "action news" we will hear more from eagles head coach doug pederson, today is doug pederson day. plus, sharrie williams sits down with eagles safety malcolm jenkins. he talks about the super bowl win and whole lot more. some women dread jean shopping we will look at a new pair of legins that less you find a perfect pair of jeans and help you narrow down the search before you even get to the mall.
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all for just $79.99 per month. it's time to fiber optics your netflix. go to getfios.comto switch today. here are stories making headlines at 5:30. a car careening down the street in south philadelphia, good neighbor stopped it before it did more damage. new option car dealers are banking ton lure more customers, the new prescription option near you. and malcolm jenkins still basking in the glow of the super bowl win our sherry williams sits down with the popular player as he sits back and talks about the night that changed the night. and, lets check the forecast. more rain moving in this evening after a wet, soggy
5:30 pm
saturday. meteorologists melissa magee joins with us from accu whither forecast, medical list soggy first start to sunday as well. here's double scan radar 3-d you can see we have rain across the mid-atlantic and northeast, right now, in philadelphia we're starting to find a bit of the break but still some light rain showers to the north and west, so what we have is a frontal boundary, stretched out, across much of our region back to the ohio valley and another area have low pressure out across the plain states riding autopsy long this boundary as we get into late tonight and during the overnight hours and, with that, more moisture is on the way. here's future tracker six showing you at 12:30 in the morning we've got the rain, scattered throughout the region. this will continue, heavier moisture moves in overnight tonight and then as you wake up tomorrow morning at 7:00 o'clock we are dodging rain drops with a temperature in philadelphia at 46 degrees. so when it is all said and done, overnight with this additional batch of moisture on the way, you can find anywhere from a half an inch to an inch of rainfall, and locally, higher amounts when that is ponding on some of the
5:31 pm
roads, it is also a big concern. looking at the weather headlines pockets of rain on the way for the rest of tonight and early tomorrow morning. also tracking areas of fog on the way, and good news, sunshine returns getting into next week. we will look closer with the full and exclusive accu weather forecast, walter all right, melissa. get the latest throughout the week the weekend plus check storm tracker six live anytime right there on your phone or tablet. six abc app it is a free down load for your mobile device. people in south philadelphia, sprang into action when they witnessed an out of control vehicle smashing into parked cars. more than a dozen cars and trucks were damaged before neighbors stopped anymore destruction. "action news" reporter bob brooks, spoke with those brave civilians. >> reporter: it was a pretty scary couple of minutes, it is hard to see but you can clearly hear is what happening police say a man in a ford pickup truck smashed into 16
5:32 pm
cars, near third and porter around 10:30 last night. finally neighbors would put a stop to the chaos and yank him out of his truck, mike mcgee was one of those good smart tans. >> i opened up the door, he was fighting back and we grabbed him out of the car. >> reporter: his quick thinking likely prevented further damage. >> we had to stop him. we didn't know whether he would go down the block. >> reporter: one of the damaged suv belonged to zach. >> ran right into. >> reporter: they were inside watching a movie and then this truck came crashing into their chevy equinox. >> and then next thing you know, banging coming to the door and see a truck, right next tour car. >> it may be totaled. pretty close to totaled. my car got hit four times. >> reporter: neighbors say he did not hit any of the cars on the right side of the road but he continuing to ran cars on the left side. he hit some hard, they literally launched up in the sidewalk. >> that vehicle ended up three on the curb, and then at that point i grabbed her, will and a half months pregnant a push
5:33 pm
her back in the house. >> reporter: police identified driver as james kieser of wolf street. he has been arrested for dui, but neighbors say he put up quite the struggle before police arrived. >> you know, neighborhood i'm from the neighborhood, i said i don't care. you hit all these cars. my kid was out here, my kid would have got killed. >> reporter: reporting from south philadelphia, bob brooks , channel six, "action news". a local fraternity chapter is working to change, perceptions. national chapter of the alpha fi delta fraternity wrapped up a two day meeting at stockton university at galloway township. they talk about how to address negative stereotypes when it comes to greek life on campus and how to work with administrators. they also talked about putting a greatest emphasis on community services. this believe it or not is the last weekend to go skating at rothman ice ring at dilworth park, west of the city hall in philadelphia warmer weather coming, the park's fourth skating season is coming to a close, and the rink is opened until 11:00 o'clock tonight, and 8:00 o'clock tomorrow night.
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we're really getting held foyer spring in kennett square chester county. union high school baseball team held its fifth annual used equipment sale. sale featured items from all sports but biggest share, of course, were the bats, balls, helmets and gloves, kids need to hit the diamond with some spring work out, all ready, underway. much more to come on "action news" tonight buying and leasing are not the only ways to get a car, now up can get a car subscription and we will show you how it works and what is a good deal. next we will hear more from eagles head coach doug pederson honored today by his fellow residents of moorestown to day is doug pederson day.
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okay, jeff skversky has sports if you didn't know today is a holiday, it is doug pederson day. >> there will be a lot of holidays for these coaches, and these players. >> oh, yeah. >> around here at least. >> probably forever. i would say forever. as hard as it is to let the super bell sees than go eagles coach doug pederson is trying to move on and get ready for next season. they have upcoming salary cap decisions and the combine is tuesday. >> applause. >> well, hard to move on with moments like this pederson honored in moorestown, new
5:38 pm
jersey, this morning, where he resides, this is special, for his family. >> it is special. this is kind of, this is our community, this is where our kids go to school and where my wife shops and go to the grocery store and gets gas. it means more, i think a little bit because this is your home town now, and, you know, just great to see the support outside. >> what a turnout. pederson not only eagle that gets a hugovation sixers fans throwing in carson wentz some brotherly love. wentz rings the bell at tonight's sixers game, gets a standing ovation. eagles are a good luck charm, sixers have been magical since the super bowl. tonight against orlando how about ben simmons and joel embiid what a start, reverse lay up, sixers upright now 30- 20 to start the second quarter. they have won 11 straight at home at the wells fargo center. since eagles won super bowl sixers and flyers are on fire, they have combined to go
5:39 pm
15-zero-one, neither lost in regulation. flyers flat out hot in on the was, what a start, 28 in, ivan provorov, makes it one to nothing flyers. fast forward to the third, and ottawa brutal turn off, brandon manning to a wide opened, claude giroux, the captain steers it into the net , three-one flyers. everything going their way, if you are not convinced, check this out, later in the third, manning wraps it around the board, how about this bounce some how, some way it goes in. flyers win five-three. they have won nine of 10. what a run. they were in last place in december, right now they are tied for first. >> we have been finding ways to win games, but, we have to learn from that, you know, we're having a lot of fun right now too. we're playing as a team. we have to just keep going like this. >> they have won six in a reon the road. carlos santana making his spring debut batting lead off and first base man, well goes,
5:40 pm
goes zero for three. first grapefruit game, phillies paying tribute to roy halladay with the moment of silence. second inning tied at one, jorge alfaro trying to make case to be every day catcher. he has helped. grand slam. phillies win nine-six. but they lose veteran will middlebrooke trying to make the team in camp, carted off here in the eighth. he is taken to the hospital. college hoops, villanova trying to scrap and claw their way back into first place in the big east today a win over create ton puts them atop of the conference. third ranked nova on the road at creighton, down 152 seconds left jay len brownson who jay wright says most complete player in the country. hits three-point play. creighton answers, 35 seconds left, for three, know of down by one. then in overtime, all creighton, ballick again, nothing nova can do, they lose for third time in the last six games, 89-83, the final, and
5:41 pm
this one, right here, may have cost them, the number one seed in the tournament. >> that hurt. >> we will see here, going forward but march madness is about to take off. >> right around the corner. thanks, jeff. tomorrow marks three weeks since the eagles won the super bowl. we are marking every single day. what followed was that amazing parade and one of the true team leaders was safety mal conn jenkins. sharrie williams spent sometime with number 27. >> well, malcolm jenkins, you have been busy. >> a little bit. >> a little bit. >> explain that feeling when that last minute hail mary pass hits the ground. >> it is like a delay, in everything, because the ball hit the ground and then you realize everything that you have been working for that
5:42 pm
entire year is done. >> i believe we're having audio problems. we will have it in just a moment. stick around "action news" will be back in a moment.
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it is time for a new car you can buy, lease and now subscribe. a new purchasing option, some auto makers are betting on and it could make car ownership as simple as a smart phone upgrade. consume are reports takes a look at the growing trend, and what it costs. >> reporter: swedish auto
5:45 pm
maker volvo released details about a subscription based ownership program called care by volvo, starting at $600 a might includes insurance, vehicle services, roadside assistance, 24/7 customer care and replacemented needed for wear and tear items like brake pad and wiper blades. >> what is interesting about car subscription programs they are based on what you do with the mobile phone, one monthly fee that covers all of the cost oz have car ownership short of gasoline and parking and lets them upgrade or get a new car every year, sometimes even every week depending on the program. >> reporter: volvo isn't the only auto maker offering consumers this type of a deal, bmw, hyundai, cadillac, porsche all have similar subscription base programs with varying degrees of how often you can exchange a car for a new one, and for those who bulk at volvo's substantial all inclusive price it is worth noting that the base price for the included vehicles starts at $33,200. >> right now most of these programs are by luxury makes
5:46 pm
but as main stream, so will the price. >> reporter: if you ref up for latest in car technologies, consume are reports say subscription based modeled could be a big hit. >> one type of consume wore like a subscription based program is someone who wants to stay on ton of the latest safety features, entertainment system and convenience items. >> reporter: subscription based ownership experience won't be for everyone especially for consume hours like the idea of paying off their vehicles and not having monthly car payments. for channel six "action news", i'm alycia vitarelli. >> if you are heading to the cinema mark theater this weekend don't forget about a new policy about bags this just went into effect. chain will no long's how people to bring in bags bigger then 12 inches by 12 inches by 6 inches. exceptions including diaper bags and medical bags. kotsay the change is safety related, and this way, staff members can easily inspect all packages brought inside of their buildings. if you are heading out tonight and planning to use uber, you may want to check out express tools.
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it is a ride sharing, cheapest 's way to get around. customers request express pool are pared with other nearby riders, heading to the destinations close to each other. you may have to walk a block or two to meet your car and may not be dropped off exactly at your final destination but it will be close. uber says fares for express pool, could be up to 75 percent lower, then uber x. a lot of women gree that finding a perfect pair of jeans, it is really just too tough. a brand new app is trying to make it easier. the program is called like a glove, it comes with a pair of smart legins outfitted with sensors that take your measurements. your information is then communicate todd a coordinating smart phone app. within seconds you get a list of the most recommended jeans for your body in a wide variety of price ranging. television produce inner kansas city agreed to try it out and she found most of her options fit, perfectly but she didn't like the price. >> i liked the experience, but i don't think it is worth $68.
5:48 pm
if it was worth maybe half that, that would be cool. >> and as you just heard app will charge you 68 bucks just for the smart legins and that does not include the cost of the pants you end up buying for your own. through have it. always a new way. >> always a way. >> yes. >> time for a check of your accu weather forecast. it was rainy, dreary today. >> this will continue even as we go throughout the rest of tonight and as you wake up early tomorrow morning, so sleep in. >> yes. >> really many options, okay. >> we will show you is what going on outside, sky six live in hd action cam was outside earlier this afternoon at penns landing. folks walking out and about right along the delaware river looking at ben franklin bridge they've got their umbrellas in hand. it is damp, dreary outside. here's a live picture of sky six live in hd from our city hall camera looking at the streets in center city and roads are damp, wet, folks are walking around with very little jackets, overhead because temperatures are fairly mild, right now in
5:49 pm
philadelphia we are coming in at 50. dew point at 46, winds out of the north east at 7 miles an hour and that pressure, 30.17. right now in the city still holding at 50. forty-seven for allentown and reading. forty-eight in lancaster. down in cape may 48 degrees. beach haven 49. fifty in dover. and here is the big picture as we look at all of this rain we have seen, so far, and the weekend, wow, we have seen five straight weekends, with either, having snow, or rain, in the forecast and right now, we're calling for an additional half inch to an inch of rainfall this weekend, and so far for the month of february, we have seen more than 5 inches of rain, well above the typical average of little more than two and a half inches. so this is going down as top 10 most wet in philadelphia's history for the month of february. so looking at the numbers north and west it is 43 for kutztown. and, 46 in new who will an. forty-four in quakertown. 48 degrees in newtown. across vineland, 47.
5:50 pm
cape may 58. and then 50 for smyrna, and dover. satellite six with action radar showing you we're dry right now. that precipitation is skirting off to the north. press nothing to new england. this is essentially a stationary front that is stalling out, so there is another piece of energy, that is back through the ohio valley and the nation's heart land that head our way as we go throughout the overnight hours and as you wake up early tomorrow morning. so for the rest of tonight we're tracking light rain and drizzle. about a half an inch to than a inch is likely. thirty-nine is the overnight low, in the suburbs, and then 44 degrees in philadelphia with that east/northeasterly win. future tracker six showing you later on tonight 59:00 o'clock we have light rain showers scattered about the region. during the overnight hours an heavier pocket of rain moves on through and then by 8:00 o'clock in the morning we're still in and out of the wet weather. it finally starts to clear as we get into late sunday, and then by monday, we've got blighter skies on the way. so as far as what we can expect, on and off rain will continue, a heavier round moves in overnight, and
5:51 pm
watching out for poor drainage , flooding, and pond ing on some of the roads especially during the overnight hours and in so much low level moisture overhead reduced visibility is a concern. here's the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, rain around early tomorrow morning, late day drying on the way and maybe a few pockets of sun, and when all is said and done by sunday otherwise a mild day in at 62, cloud to sunshine on monday, in at 56 for the high, and tuesday, it is mild, sunny, not bad, 58. warm on wednesday, high up to 60 with plenty of sunshine. on thursday, cloudy work rain possible in at 58, and then cooler on friday, and that rain continues, and in at 48 and then on saturday, it is damp, dreary once again and high temperature coming in at 42 degrees. we're kind of all over the place, for february heading in to march. >> thanks, melissa. earlier we had problems with sharrie williams interview with eagles safety malcolm jenkins. >> thank you so much for being here with us. >> thanks for having me. >> dressed like a champion,
5:52 pm
they say. >> yes. >> philadelphia eagles malcolm jenkins. >> well, malcolm jenkins, you have been busy. >> a little bit. >> a little bit. >> and incomplete, the game is over. >> explain that feeling when that last minute hail mary pass, hits the ground. >> there is like, it is like a delay in everything because the ball hit the ground and then you realize everything that you have worked for for that entire year is done and we're on the victorious side of it, and then it is just pure emotion after that. >> excited, you are relieved, happy, elated, all in the same breath. >> i was there. stadium went crazy. so many grown men and women that i talked to just balling, crying, after the game. >> me, included. i'm right there.
5:53 pm
>> people invested so much into this team, players invested so much into this team, there was a grit we had to show this season, amount of things we have overcome, totally embody the spirit of the city philly special did you see that going down on the side line or were you just waiting to see what the play ball might be. >> philly special. >> i thought we were going to run the ball or something but once i saw nick walk off to the side, i'm saying, oh, this is philly special. we were going to put tonight for nfc championship but didn't run it, i hadn't seen tonight practice leading up to the super bowl. i forgot about it until he walk off and said oh, here it comes, and once nick caught the ball, it was a great call. >> great call. >> it was completed. >> he steps up, he is going deep. >> how important then at this point is it to bring nick foles back next year. >> it will be tough. i think, i necessity, from the players standpoint self leslie wants to keep nick in the
5:54 pm
locker room. he played well, especially on the biggest stage, and whether that is here or somewhere else , it is probably going to be in nick's favor. >> at the parade, did you have any idea jason kelce was going to come like that. >> no, i did not at all, actually. but, when you come in the outfit that he came new can expect this is going to be a different day. >> bunch of under dogs and you know what under doggies, it is a hungry dog. >> everything he said was right on, and it was an epic moment
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
two-year old german shepherd is hailed a hero after saving his teenage owner
5:57 pm
javier more contacted owe was home when two men broke in the home in salt. when intruders went to the bedroom where 16 year-old was hiding in a closet, rex went on the attack. he said he heard bunch of barking and then gunfire and r ex, crying. >> rex, he is an angel, he is my four legged age that he will we had at our house. >> rex was shot three times, before the suspects took off. he had surgery yesterday. family has set up a go fund me page and hoping to raise $10,000 for his medical care. apparently a lot of people are pulling for rex, more than $58,000 has been raised so far thanks for joining us, coming up on "action news" at 6:00 president trump speaks out about the heated battle to redraw congressional districts in philadelphia. we will tell you what he had to say. also we will continue to follow a developing store friday wilmington where two people are facing charges in connection with the death of the baby, a live report is coming up. "action news" at 6:00 is up
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
6:00 pm
saturday night i'm walter perez in the news new jersey town doug pederson calls home goes all out to honor eagles skipper for winning the vince lombardi trophy. also a man and woman face charges linc to the death of the baby in wilmington. latest on the investigation. big story is another rainy , dreary day in the delaware valley. rain has been falling on and all all day long and it is not over just yet. this was the scene along schuylkill river trail in center city as runners and bikers hope for a reprieve from the rain during a week even work out. meteorologist melissa magee has our first check of the accu weather forecast,


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