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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  February 24, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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saturday night i'm walter perez in the news new jersey town doug pederson calls home goes all out to honor eagles skipper for winning the vince lombardi trophy. also a man and woman face charges linc to the death of the baby in wilmington. latest on the investigation. big story is another rainy , dreary day in the delaware valley. rain has been falling on and all all day long and it is not over just yet. this was the scene along schuylkill river trail in center city as runners and bikers hope for a reprieve from the rain during a week even work out. meteorologist melissa magee has our first check of the accu weather forecast, melissa
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>> walter, we are unfortunately dodging rain drops for majority of the weekend. we have a break here in fail and south and east but more moisture moves in later on tonight. storm tracker six is showing you that precipitation is, in our northwestern suburbs, tighter on street level, storm tracker six, shows you berks county, lehigh county we are track ago this moisture in allentown, traveling along route 222, between allentown and kutztown, also fleet wood, reading, traveling east, milford and doyletown, we are in and out of some fairly light moisture. despite the rain overhead temperatures are mild, high today in philadelphia 50. right now 49, in the city. forty-seven for allentown, reading and lancaster. thirty-nine in the poconos. slushy, slushy up on the slopes tonight, 48 degrees. future tracker six at 11:30 tonight we are in and out of wet weather. make sure wet weather gear and umbrella is on stand by.
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same thing holds true, pocket of heavier rain moves through at 4:30 in the morning during the overnight hours. we will talk about what we can expect. more rain on the way for rest of tonight, heaviest moves in overnight and right through early sunday morning, with that, we are calling for an additional half inch to an inch of rain and also, areas of fog on the way. we've got more details with the full and exclusive accu weather forecast, walter. >> thanks, melissa. get very latest on the forecast throughout the weekend plus check storm track er six live anytime right there on your phone or your tablet, six abc app is a free down load for your mobile device. from our delaware news room, two people have been charged with the death of a 15 month-old babe that i they were watching. "action news" reporter annie mccormack is live in wilmington delaware with more about this truly horrific story, annie. >> reporter: walter, the arrest where is made yesterday , nearly a week after the child's death and the medical examiner's office ruled that the 15 month-old died here from blunt force trauma.
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police arrested 37 year-old levar harris and 22-year old tameika wright, according to police, the child's mother placed the baby in their care. the couple lived in the 300 block of east fifth street in wilmington here at bethel villa, someone from the couple 's apartment took the child to the hospital, last weekend, and the child died at the hospital on the 17th. that is when, police were alerted. police began working with the attorney general's office in the investigation and also the office of children services and the medical examiner, all together, and they deemed this as a homicide. now back out here live, both adults are charged with murder by abuse or neglect, which is a first degree offense. each individual is being held on hundred thousand dollars cash bail. reporting live from wilmington , annie mccormack for channel six "action news". walter, back to you. >> so heart breaking, thank, ann ie. people in south philadelphia jumped in to action when they witnessed a
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vehicle smashing into cars. more than a dozen cars and trucks were damaged before neighbors stepped n "action news" reporter bob brooks spoke with those brave civilians. >> reporter: it was a pretty scary couple of minutes, hard to see, but you can nearly hear is what happening. police say a man in a ford pickup truck smashed into 16 cars. near third street around 10:30 last night. finally neighbors would put a stop to the chaos and yanked him out of the trucks. mike mcgee was one of those good samaritans. >> i was able to open up the door up and grabbed him out of the car. >> reporter: his quick thinking likely prevent further damage. >> we had to stop him. we don't know when would hit someone kill someone. >> reporter: one of the suv damaged belonged to scott. >> slammed right into it. >> reporter: he said he and his girlfriend bren a were inside watching a movie and thone truck came crashing into their chevy equinox. >> next thing you know a loud
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bang came to the door and see a truck, up next tour car. >> it may be totaled, pretty close, my car got hit three times. >> reporter: neighbors say did he not hit any of the cars on the right side of the road but he continuously rammed cars, going down the left side. he hit some of them so hard they literally launched up into the sidewalk. >> that vehicle ended up three wheels on the curb and then at that point i grabbed her, she's eight and a half months pregnant a push her back in the rouse. >> reporter: police identified him as four three-year old james kieser of wolf street, he has been arrest federal for dui but neighbors say put up quite the struggle before police arrived. >> he was saying i'm from the neigh hide. i said i don't care. you hit these cars. if my kid was out here he would have gotten killed. >> reporter: reporting from south philadelphia, bob brooks , channel six "action news". a head on crash in the overbrook section of the city, sent at least one person to the hospital, this morning. it happened shortly after 6:30 at lansdowne and haverford avenues. investigators say a man driving one of those vehicles was taken to lankanol hospital
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, and no word tonight on the extent of those injuries, also no word on who was responsible, for this crash. police are investigating a shooting this afternoon in the frankford section of philadelphia, they were called just before 3:00 at scatter good to charles street where a 19 year-old man was found shot in the head. victim has not been identified but is in stable condition, at a local hospital. president trump today weighed into pennsylvania's congressional redistricting battle. in a tweet he says that the newly redrawn map is unfair to republicans, and to the country, as a whole, and he said, it must ab peeled to the u.s. supreme court as soon as possible, in fact, state g.o.p. appealed the case on wednesday. last month the state supreme court threw out old map considered to be one of the most gerrymandered in the country. we are following the news, house intelligence committee released a democratic memo, rebuttals g.o.p. memo accusing the fbi of surveillance abuse. initial memo claimed that the fbi suppressed democratic ties to a research document on
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candidate donald trump. today's memo, says that an extensive review found no evidence of illegal or unethical behavior by law enforcement. there will be much more on this story and memo coming up on abc on world news tonight. students who attended school where 17 people were killed in the shooting last week are invited to attend an open house tomorrow, but they will return to the classroom on wednesday. meanwhile the broward county sheriff is investigating reports that three deputies rushed to the scene, during the shoot-out but remained outside the school. thirty-nine never engaged with the shooter. the schools armed deputy, also did not enter the school. and in the wake of the school shooting in florida a number of companies are cutting ties with the national rifle association. among them, hurts, avis, enterprise, met life, best western, delta and united airlines. some of those companies are ending they are discounts for nra members. late this afternoon nra issued a statement saying that their
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members had nothing to do with the school shooting in florida and blames what it called a failure of the school surety and law enforcement instead. much more to come on "action news", hundreds of people gathered, in center city to support workers rights , why a key court case could create a big change for unions. also fire fighters in delaware county go door to door to help prevent a tragedy , how they are helping residents from collindale to stay safe in case of fire. in sports a town in new jersey is celebrating eagles head coach doug pederson, jeff skversky explains in sports when "action news" comes right back.
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across the country and right here in philadelphia people are taking part in the working peoples day of action. a crowd gathered at thomas pay ne plaza this morning as you can see, join by labor unions, women's and civil rights organizations and faith based groups. they are calling for reasonable wages, affordable
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health care and quality public schools. protest comes days before the supreme court hears a case about union labor. the case questions whether non-union public sector workers were covered by collective bargaining agreements, should pay union fees. well, days after a fire in collindale delaware county claim the life of a man fire fighters were back outside in the neighborhood. they went door to door today along pitman avenue making sure that homes had working smoke detectors. the firefighters installed smoke alarms inside any home that needed one free of charge smoke detectors were collected by the operation six abc safe a life campaign if you live in colin dane and need a smoke detector you can call the fire department and they will deliver one free of cost. the tamend middle school team in warrington bucks county hit hardwood for a great cause. today they held their annual basketball fun raise tore benefit, families caring for children, with serious illness is, and disabilities and
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injuries. and, archbishop carroll high school in radnor, 7:00 o'clock last night to 7:00 this morning they held a dance marathon to raise money and awareness for children's hospital, of philadelphia. the students hoped to raise $50,000. and hundreds of people are walking and running today for cancer research. they took part in the miles for smiles 5k and 1 mile walk today at pope john paul high school, in royersford, montgomery county. it was all organized by emily smiles foundation benefiting brain cancer research for kids it is named after emily gould, a toddler from him rick who -- limerick who died in 2015. this is last weekend to go skating in the rothman ring, west of city hall in philadelphia warmer weather coming and park's, skating season is coming to a close. the rink is opened until 11:00 k tomorrow night. much more to come on "action news", eagles head coach doug pederson celebrates yet another victory this time
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in the new jersey town where he lives, jeff skversky has details in sports when "action news" comes right back.
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local fraternity chapter is working to change perceptions. national charity of the alpha fi, wrapped up a today meeting at stock exton university in galloway township. they talk about how to address negative stereotypes when it comes to greek life on campus and how to work with administrators. they talk about greater emphasis on community services and they were really getting ready for spring in kennett square chester count ate unionville high school baseball team held fifth annual used equipment sale. it featured items from all sports, but biggest were the bats, balls, helmets and gloves, kids need to hit the diamond with spring work outs already underway. time for a check of sports and jeff skversky.
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happy doug pederson day. >> another doug pederson day. >> it is like festivalus. >> seinfeld reference there. >> as hard as it is to let super bowl sees than go eagles coach doug pederson trying to move on to get ready for next season. yes, they have another season. upcoming salary cap decisions and combine is tuesday. >> applause. >> well, hard to move on with moments like this pederson honored in moorestown, new jersey this morning, where he lives, this is very special, for pederson and his family. >> it is very special. this is where we live. this is our community. thinks where our kids go to school and where my wife shops and goes to the grocery store and gets gas. it is, it means more, i think ate local it bit because this is your hometown now, and, you know, it is great to see the support outside. >> doug pederson got a hugo vation in moorestown sixers fans are throwing much deserved brotherly love at
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eagles quarterback carson wentz. wentz gets a standing ovation as he rings the bell before tonight's sixers game, and i you just won super bowl sixers are undefeated who but that. third quarter with orlando ben simmons to joel embiid, reverse lay up, sixers end first on the 21-three lead. second quarter they pick up where they left off, embiid for three, joe joe, 19 at the half. sixth others up 18 at the break. they have won 11 straight in philadelphia. and yes, philly is on fire , since the eagles won the super bowl. sixers and flyers have been a combined 15-zero and one since that super bowl, neither have lost in regulation. flyers, flat out hot in ottawa what a start 28 not to the game, ivan provorov the goal, twon nothing flyers. and then fast forward to the third, ottawa, brutal turn over, flyers take advantage, brandon manning to a wide open claude giroux. get in there.
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three-one flyers. everything going their way. even, this, check this out later in the third manning wraps it around the boards, how about this lucky bounce. they will take it. flyers win five-three. they have won nine of 10, what a run, they were in last place , just two months ago, and now they are tied for first. >> we have been finding ways to win games, early in the season but we have learned from that and we're having a lot of fun right now too, so we are playing as a team and we have to keep going like this. >> carlos san tan agoing zero for three begins o's in the spring training debut today in clearwater. santana batting lead off too. phillies paying tribute to roy halladay for their first grapefruit game in clear what ther with a moment of silence. tied at one begins baltimore jorge alfaro trying be the case for every day catcher. that will help. grand slam. phillies win nine-six. but they lose veteran, will
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middlebrooke trying to make the team in camp. he is carted off after hurting his left leg here in the eighth and taken to the hospital, and we're told he is okay. college hoops villanova may have cost themselves a number one seed in the ncaa tornment to day with yet another loss. third ranked neff a down by one at creighton, and 52 seconds left jay len brownson 39-point play, nova up two, creighton answers 35 seconds left, ballick bam, for three. we will go to overtime. all creighton, nothing, nova can do. ballick, nova loses for third time in their last six games, 89-83 the final in overtime. drexel coming off that are largest come back in division one history against unc wilmington they run out of gas losing a battle on the offensive board, jaylen forbes with the put back, drexel loses 83-82. they have dropped five of six.
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ra sal and delaware bet win their games today, st. joes is in progress. >> all right, thanks, jeff. much more "action news" coming up, stick around. we all have that thing inside. you can keep it chained. but i say smash the lock and set it free. that's the brotherhood of muscle. ( ♪ )
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that's the brotherhood of muscle. ♪ it isn't just about vision, it's about care. nobody cares for eyes more than pearle.
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rain was falling across arkansas as flooding there is showing no signs of going away thirty out of 75 counties have reported flooding, mostly in the eastern and northeastern sections. four to 10 inches of rain has already fallen and another 4
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inches, possible today. there have been severe storms, even tornado watches in the lidle rock area and some spots , flood waters are 12 feet deep. and further are north parts of the minnesota and business wisconsin are under winter storm warning as they brace for a heavy snow. twin cities could get 7 inches on top of what fell thursday night and friday. many communities in minnesota declared snow emergency to get cars off of the streets a head of the plows. time for a final check of the accu weather forecast f this was all snow around here, oh, my goodness, it would have been something. >> it is hard to believe we are in the month of february because we're dealing with rain and temperatures, despite moisture are pretty comfortable. we will talk about the details , walter, show you picture outside, earlier this afternoon, there in center city right along the schuylkill river trail. you can see we had lots of cloud around and area, of low level moisture as well, as folks are getting their morning, afternoon run in, here's picture of sky six live
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in hd looking at ben franklin bridge on this saturday evening. we have mostly cloudy skies, a break, as far as that rain is concern, here, in philadelphia but some moisture to our north and west. right now, in philadelphia we are coming in at 49 after a high today of 50. dew pointness at 44. anytime air temperature and dew point number are close, in number, that means we have got a lot of fog and reduced, visibility overhead. something to keep in mind throughout the rest of tonight winds out of the north/northe at 5 miles an hour. pressure 30.18. it is 47 in allentown. same thing for reading and lancaster. at the coast in beach haven 49 millville 49. dover in at 50. beach haven in the upper 40's, as well, also cape may. so we are looking at our weekend wows. and while it has been a week even, that is for sure we have had five straight weekend was either rain or snow across the delaware and lehigh valleys. this weekend at lee for the next 12 to 24 hours we are tracking an additional half inch to an inch of rainfall,
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and already for philadelphia we have seen more than 5 inches on have rain for the month of february, typically, our average rainfall, for this month is a little bit more than two and a half inches. well above that. this is going down as one of the top 10 in philadelphia's history as far as the moisture is concern. and the visibility is down to .8 miles in philadelphia three for reading and lancaster. we are up in many locations because of the moisture is starting to dissipate but it will refire as we go through rest of tonight. here's satellite six with action radar. mostly cloudy, light rain, into binghamton and unless to portions of new england. there is a that you had out stationary boundary and there is another piece of energy out across areas in the ohio valley, and midwest, that head our way throughout the overnight hours. so for the rest of tonight we will dip down to 44 in philadelphia. thirty-nine in allentown. forty in reading. forty-four in dover for overnight low. cape may 45. but that light rain and drizzle overhead, 45 the overnight low, in atlantic city. here's future tracker six at
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9:00 tonight we have moisture in the delaware and lehigh valley. another run of heavier rain moves in at 3:30 in the morning. we will see pockets of leading down i-95 metro area and south jersey, waking up early tomorrow morning 8:00 o'clock we are still dealing with rounds of moisture and finally by this afternoon by 3:00 o'clock this model showing you a few skies starting to break just a little bit with late day sunshine returning. on and off rain on the way for rest of tonight, heavier round s move in overnight. poor drainage flood age a big concern and ponding reduce ago this visibility. here's the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast n and out of the moisture early tomorrow morning otherwise p.m. drying and a high temperature of 62. clouds and sunshine on monday in at 56 for the high. tuesday, mild and sunny, not a bad looking day up to 58. on wednesday, it is warm, plenty of sun in at 60. cloudy on thursday, with rain, possible and a high of 58. on friday, it is cooler and that rain, continues, with a
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high temperature of 48, and this weekend in march, it is saturday, it is damp and dreary with a high of 42. time's flying. >> my goodness. this brave souls jumped in the cold, cold water off north wildwood beach this morning for a pair of good causes. it was 2018 fallen heroes polar bear plunge. some came in beach wear other costumes all proceed from the event and after party, benefit families of the fallen solder and mrsa awareness. world news saturday is next here on channel six, be sure to tune in for "action news" at 10 on the phl17 and then we are back here on six abc at 11:00. for melissa magee, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez, we will see you right back here at 11:00 o'clock. >> ♪
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tonight, states of emergency. the severe weather threat sweeping across at least a dozen states. reports of tornados touching down, along with massive flooding. also tonight, new questions about the florida school shooting. did more officers also hesitate to rush into the building and save students. clearance in jeopardy. is the president's son-in-law about to lose high level access? jared kushner's background check and the new rules in effect that may be blocking him. plus, not backing down. a crook with a shotgun confronting a mother and daughter. but the women defending their store, grabbing their own guns and firing back. wild escape. the prison break caught on camera. inmates busting out by smashing through a window. and the credit card company


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