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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  February 25, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program, with gray hall, nydia han, and meteorologist, chris sowers. good afternoon it is sunday february 25th i'm nydia han with gray hall. here are stories we are following for you right now on "action news" one man is tied up and beaten during a home invasion while his friend manages to escape and run for
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some help, we're live in oxford circle with the very latest. authorities remain on the scene of a deadly crash, long a popular stretch of roadway in chester county. and stunning announcement from the north korean delegation attending the olympic closing ceremonies, we will tell what you they said about relations with the united states. but the big story on "action news" this noon we are finally going to dry out from the soaking we have seen across the region over past few days. >> rain was heavy at times overnight and in the morning making it down right difficult to get anywhere without get ting wet out there. >> that is right, "action news" on main street in manayunk as steady rain fell, people out and about had their umbrellas up in an effort to keep dry. one woman using a piss becomes to protect herself. >> meteorologist chris sowers is at the "action news" big board with more on when we will see the sun again, chris. >> probably won't see the sun again, gray until tomorrow but rain coming to than a end. we have an hour, hour and a half to go and everything should start to calm dawn. here's very latest, pushing through western suburbs right
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now, lighter shades on have green, this vice light rain some areas are not even reporting rain just seeing a mist or lighttories will there is philadelphia and i-95 corridor here. it is areas mainly to the north and to the west. quakertown, doyletown, pottstown, reading, lancaster all reporting a mist or very light rain. rainfall totals through 11:00 a.m. very impressive. it is on top the five and a half plus inches we have pick up so far this month. almost and inch in allentown, trenton .67. philadelphia a little bit more than half inch, wilmington closing in on a half inch and atlantic city american a quarter inch of rain. forecast for the remainder of the afternoon light rain will continue for the next hour or so, it will be ending between one and 2:00 p.m. from west to east across the viewing area so, places like reading, allentown, lancaster probably shutting off around one. southern new jersey, jersey shore closer to two. it will still remain cloudy and damp as rain comes to an end with left over drizzle and mist but steadier rain finally
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working their way out to sea. when i come back in a few minutes we will talk about when we will see sunshine and how long it will last in the accu weather seven day forecast. >> all right, chris, thank you >> remind you you can get very latest from the forecast from the six abc app. through will find storm track er six live anytime of the day, it is available on your phone or tablet. six abc app is a free down load for your mobile tea vice. detectives are investigating a suspect home invasion in the cities oxford circle section. >> police found out about this when one of the victims managed to escape and call for some help. >> "action news" reporter bob brooks joins us live from the scene in oxford circle with the details on the investigation, bob, what can you tell us. >> reporter: well, nydia and gray these two men were with guns, and luckily they were not killed. one man mention escaped and ran to a wawa. i spoke to neighbors around here and they are absolutely terrified. or even thinking about moving out of here, now that this has happened. it is 4:30 this morning in
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oxford circle. police say one or more suspects go into this home, they pistol whipped one of the men inside and tied him up and then robbed a house. luckily a second man in the home was able to escape, he ran to the wawa down the street and then called 911 and now neighbors here are scared. they are thinking that this could happen to them. >> i'm scared for my life right now. i don't know what is going on. i have lived here 20 something years and never in my life had to see this happened. >> reporter: kelly ryan lives nearby and she's thinking about moving. >> i'm going to get out of here. >> reporter: thinking about leaving. >> yes, i really want to move. this really wants to make me move. >> reporter: another neighbor stephen sellinger said he lived here 40 years and according to him things have been on a steady die kline. >> not the same neighborhood it once was. i used to know everyone on this block and now i don't know anyone, honestly, people have moved in and out of these houses at least five or six times. >> reporter: he fears something like this could
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happen to him, on any given night. >> i'm outside of my house a lot, i smoke cigarettes unfortunately and that is a big fear of mine, when i turnaround to go back in the house that somebody will be behind me and push me in the house with a gun. >> reporter: terrible to hear neighbors living in fear like that. at this point police giving us no word on any suspects. as for the man pistol whipped and beaten, he is in stable condition. reporting live, from oxford circle, bob brooks, channel six "action news", gray and nydia back to you. >> a serious situation, thanks very much. at least one person was killed in this crash on route 202 in west chester chester county this morning. it happened in the southbound lanes between swede forward and mill road just after 8:00 a.m. roadway still remains closed in that area right now. investigators are flying to work out how the crash happened but we do know it involved two cars, we're told the other driver was also seriously injured. earlier this morning medics had to rush a man to the hospital after he was shot , in the neck, and right
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now, philadelphia police are working hard to look for that shooter this was the scene on the 7300 block of theodore street in southwest philadelphia, gunfire as you can see shattered the window of one of the cars there in the area, it is not clear if the victim was sitting in this car, when he was shot, police have not released that man's condition or a motive. and north korean envoy making a rare visit to south korea for closing olympic ceremonies says his country is willing to open up talks with the united states according to the office of the south korean president moon jay in. kim young toll arriving with the north korean delegation in pyeongchang said kim jong in wants time prove ties and has ample intentions of holding talks. he is said to meet remarks during meeting with the south korean president. they met earler with ivanka trump just hours after new sanction as begins north korea had been announced by u.s. abc news learned that she had no interaction with the north
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korean delegation despite, sitting feet away from the group during the ceremonies. the final victim of that parkland florida high school shooting was laid to rest this weekend, funeral services were held for 14 year-old martin angelo, a member of the jrotc and within of the three cadets among 17 victims of the mass shooting that happened on valentines day. students will begin to return to classes on wednesday for the first time since that tragedy. this weekend, president donald trump tweeting it should be left up to the states whether teacher should be armed that is a change from his initial comment which he indicated federal legislation would pay for gun training for teachers. president trump says he believes that teachers with military or, special training, experience, should, be given guns, but he says he does not want all teach tours care weapons. most teachers and law enforcement organizations oppose idea of arming teachers with weapons. body of the reverend billy
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graham is in the past for's home town of charlotte, north carolina. he will lie in repose on monday and tuesday before being moved to the u.s. capitol. he will lie in honor at the rotunda. graham will be second person who is in the a politician to lie in repose at the capitol. rosa parks was the first. on friday graham will return for a funeral and burial. man known as america's pastor died on wednesday at the age of 99. world newsweek end will have much more on the new developments on potential talks with north cover re, return of the teachers and students, at stoneman douglas high school as well as the funeral of reverend billy graham. you can watch that following "action news" at 6:00. back here demolition will begin this week on an olde city building that was destroyed by a massive fire last sunday. the 200 block of chestnut street remains closed this morning, the city's planning to demolish what remains of 237 chestnut. the apartment building was destroyed by the fire forcing 160 people to evacuate no one was hurt. before demolition begins a wrought iron fisod will be
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salvaged. lit lyle on restaurant will remain closed for the next two months. happening today a change initial to effect for septa's city and suburban transit schedules. route 58 buses will provide services to neshaminy mall on sunday. route 73 bus will serve shoppers at wissonoming, and beginning, mid-march, route 96 buses will operate with new routeing at at the lansdale station. a very special guest will strut his stuff down main street in manayunk this afternoon. eagles center jason kelce will take part in the fifth annual mummers mardi gras parade. kelce of course became a foulke hero in the area when he showed up at the eagles parade in a mummers outfit, they is, and then gave that loud, funny at times very moving speech, the parade will march down main street from 1:00 until 3:00 this afternoon with after parties until abot tonight, and that parade has raised more than $75,000 to help preserve the mummers tradition. parade today well attended
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with perhaps even more so, this year. >> yes. is there still much more to come on "action news" for this sunday afternoon, disappointing news about the health of our nation's children what doctors are saying about their weight and their future. a frightening encounter captured on camera, a mother and daughter become victims of a crime inside their own family store but they would not back down without a fight, we will show you the horrific moment. >> plus chris sowers will be back with the full forecast, with the full accu weather forecast, when "action news" continues.
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time now for accu weather. lets see some sun, chris. >> wilt come out tomorrow afternoon we will have decent amount of sunshine as we get over to the weather center and that will be followed by two more nice days tuesday and wednesday, all three look really nice with sunshine and
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very mild temperatures returning in the 50's, some locations, close to 60 degrees let's talk about the month of march, kind of funny, because february has felt like spring, as we get into the month of march, things will change a little bit. pattern will turn colder especially for first couple weeks. doesn't mean cold. what we saw over holidays get that out of your mine, it will not be anything close to that. it will be colder then 50's, 60's and 70's we have enjoying last couple weeks. pattern will turn stormy again as well and with the being colder and possibility of storms yet, snow is possible. positive note thousand we are gaining daylight every single day at this point. now, in spring officially arrives on march 20th. old man winter running out of time but pattern does look colder here, as we turn the calendar page into march. storm tracker six, we have zoom into far western suburbs there is i-95 corridor right there. you can see for the most part those driving rains we had first thing this morning they are long gone, now. we have seen a couple very
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light showers, with spotty drizzle or mist taking place across western suburbs and i-95 corridor. very light stuff at this point and as we go, a little bit wider here, i'll tell what you let's punch up weather source three behind me. we have the wrong source in front. we're stuck on the radar. there we go, okay. there is wider view and you can see moisture to the north, the rain/snow line up in southern new england, maine, vermont, new hampshire picking up snow but everybody else seeing rain. temperatures are in the 50's and 60's from areas as far west as pittsburgh, buffalo and cleveland. this is very last of it. that will swing through over the next hour or two. then that steady rain should shut off and remainder of the afternoon is cloudy, damp. fifth wetest february on record, philadelphia up to 5.95 inches and our records go back to 1874. it is about 143 years worth of data, there has only been four februaries wetter then the one we're experiencing right now, and some locations atlantic
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city this is second wetest february for you folks down there a lot of rain this month 46 degrees in philadelphia dew point of 44. winds are light out of the northeast at 8 miles an hour and that puts wind chill values somewhere between 40 and 42. here's some good news. all of the visibility numbers are coming up the exception being atlantic city. everybody at 10 miles, ac stuck at 1.5 but this will be improving over the next few hours as well. dense fog advisory for south jersey has been lifted. temperature wise, very mild numbers, still expecting temperatures to climb up in the lower 60's across south jersey and delaware later on but that warm front will get to about here, so upper 40's across the lehigh valley and poconos, mid 50's for i-95 corridor and lower 60's for places like millville, cape may and dover. here's future tracker six. rain coming to an end in the next hour and from that point on it is cloudy, damp, left over drizzle and mist, yucky out there overnight tonight more cloud, perhaps a stray shower during the evening hours and that will quickly
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pull off the coast and then most of the nighttime hours just dry and cloudy. first thing tomorrow morning more clouds, mild though, temperatures in the 40's and then skies bryant up quickly by afternoon we will enjoy sunshine and mild temperatures look at that, 56 by 3:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon in philadelphia, in wilmington and 55 in trenton. so forecast for today remainder of the afternoon all of this rain, shower activity coming to an end, highs around 55 in philadelphia, 47 in allentown and low 60's across south jersey. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast shows improving conditions, monday, tuesday, wednesday, all look fabulous, sun, clouds, 56, 58, 58, thursday and friday i will focus on that later in the broadcast. that is another storm, and more rain, guys. >> okay, chris, thanks very much. health check now, america 's childhood obesity epidemic appears to be getting worse. new study finds a significant rise in the rate of severe obesity among preschool children between age of two and five years old, the rate
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increase between years of 1999 and 2016, research also found african-american and hispanic children have higher levels of obesity then whites and asian children. the first preventive treatment for peanut allergies passed its final test, treatment uses capsules with tiny amounts of peanut flour to desensitized children. in the test two-thirds rds of the kid taking them could toll kate two peanut compared to other percentage gent dummy powder. they have fast tracked that treatment and could okay it by early next year. if you would like a glass of red wine you will like this new study find it can prevent tooth decay and gum disease. red wine contain nutrients that reduces bad back tear use known to cause dental plaque. same chemical in coffee and green tea. it could lead to new dental treatments.
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his tear use.
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so glad you stayed with us , terrifying encounter was caught on surveillance video in tulsa, oklahoma, watch this is as i gun toting robber hold s up a mother and doubt are in the family liquor store 's he leaves, mother grabs the gun and shoots the robber. suspect comes back, grabs would the man, pistol whips her and then takes her gun. that is when woman's daughter grabs another gun and fires at criminal as he struggles with the mother. she described those heart stopping moment trying to fight that man off. >> i was just, pulling the trigger, just trying to keep him from getting the gun and pulling the trigger, pulling it. >> boy what a frightening, situation, and, intense piece of video here. mother, daughter getaway, suspect is injured, in custody and he may be connect to 10 other robberies in the area. >> wow. >> we have an important consumer alert to pass along
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to owners in several 2018 toyota and hyundai trucks and suv. toyota is recalling 26,000 cars. the cars electronic stability control system may shut down unexpectedly. hyundai is recalling 44,000 of the santa fe sport models, because of the steering wheels at risk from break ago way from the steering column. owners impacted by the recall will be notified next month. consumer reports unveiled its new top vehicle picks, after months of testing everything from handling, to ease, and installing a car seat, magazine named the chevy impala the best large car, and the subaru forrester, the best small suv, and then the ford f 150 the best full sized pick up. consumer reports says that the average price of a new carries $35,000. they recommend buying used for berth value. three to five-year old vehicle just off of a lease. we will be right back with sports.
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all right. so glad you are with us, in sports you might call it super bowl effect, other local sports teams are red hot right now because eagles brought home that vince lombardi trophy. >> that includes one team on its longest winning streak in more than 15 years. here's jeff skversky with all of your sunday sports. >> it is magical, there is something in the air in philadelphia, since eagles won the super bowl the sixers and flyers have not lost in regulation, sixers have won season high seven straight. carson wentz in the house last night and brings down the house, pregame ringing the bell, hugovation for eagles quarterback but joe joe steals the show begins orlando. joel embiid 19 of his 28 before the half. embiid says game is starting
12:25 pm
to become easy for him. end of the third rebound takes it out, turns it around, drops it, seconds later embiid's defense is on point, too. how about the block coming upright here, sixers win 116- 105 they have won 10 straight at home, longest streak in 16 years. >> we're all getting better. we have been learning how to play with each other. great to see. we still have a lot of work to improve but we're on the right track. >> sixers take on wizardness d.c. later today. flyers, they are on fire too. what a run flyers were in last place in the beginning of the december and now nearly three months later they are only one point out of first place. flyers flat out hot, in ottawa yesterday what a start 28 seconds in the game ivan provorov the goal, one to nothing flyers, fast forward to the third, ottawa brutal turn over flyers capitalized brandon manning with the wide opened claude giroux, and you know where it is going.
12:26 pm
three-one flyers. everything going their way, even this, unbelievable call, later in the third, manning wraps it around, dumps it in, it dumps into the net. how do that happen. flyers win five-three. they have won nine out of 10. flyers and sixers 16-zero-one since the super bowl combine. spring training baseball phillies had moment of silence in honor of roy halladay yesterday with their game against baltimore. second inning jorge alfaro trying to make the case to be phillies starting catcher. yes, this helps. grand slam. phillies go on to win nine-six creighton giving jay wright and villanova a headache, third ranked nova down 152 seconds left, basket and foul by jaylen brownson, nova up two but creighton answers 35 left in regulation mitch ballick for three, and, send it to overtime, in overtime, cats go ice cold
12:27 pm
miss seven out of their last nine shots, nova lose 89-83, they drop to 25-four. and that could hurt their shot big time at a number one seed in the ncaa tournament. that is sports, i'm jeff skversky. have a good day. another half an hour of "action news" is just ahead. >> stay with us, we will see you after the break. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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happening right now on "action news" a man armed with a gun stormed in a home in philadelphia's oxford circle section and ties up the home owner but little does he know someone is able to report his crime, we are live with the latest. it sounded like a demolition derby in one local neighborhood after more than a dozen cars are banged up by an out of control driver. we will tell you yes is facing charges. trouble ahead for u.s. relations with mexico why the president of that country cancelled his meeting with president trump at the white house. those stories and more, but first chris sowers looks at weekend accu weather forecast. chris, you will be my friend again if sunnies somewhere. >> we will be friends today because we will have sunshine as we get into tomorrow afternoon, tuesday and wednesday. we have one more miserable afternoon to get through. what you are looking at is wider view on storm tracker six. rain/snow line across new england. lots of mild air in place. area have low pressure here, trailing cold front, slice ago cross western pennsylvania, and then we have what is
12:30 pm
called a triple point low. it is a small area have on low pressure right here. now there is a warm front trailing back, like this. the question is going to be, how far to the north is that front lift before this cold front ultimately, kicks everything out to sea. because air is extremely mild down here. they are all ready in the 70's in the virginia capes. we can lift that front to the north which some forecast models are showing. we're easily in the 60's in south jersey and delaware later this afternoon. here's zoomed in shot delaware bay still under a dense fog advisory, immediate waters. coastal area under dense fog advisory until 4:00 p.m. oceanfront until 7:00 p.m. right there on the boardwalk, visability less than a mile. delaware bayless than a mile but go a mile or two inland and then is there no is visibility issues at all v light rain falling across south jersey, delaware and southeastern part of the pennsylvania rainfall totals earlier in the broadcast i showed what you fell so far today. this is what is fallen so far this month. atlantic city 6.4 inches.
12:31 pm
wilmington these numbers keep climbing and climbing. 6.02. philadelphia just under six. trenton, five and a half. allentown, also, five and a half inches. so the numbers so far are chilly to the north west, only 41 in quakertown, bethlehem 45 malvern 45, south and east is getting milder though close to 50 in tuckahoe, 51 in dover. then mid 40's for interior sections of south jersey. for the remainder of the afternoon lots of cloud out there, rain and showers coming to an end in the next hour or so. 55 degrees. cloudy, gray, rest of the afternoon, guys? >> all right, thanks, very much for the update, chris. you can get latest forecast from the six a. bc app, you'll find storm tracker six live anytime, it is available on your phone or tablet, six abc app is, of course aches free down load for your mobile device. philadelphia's detectives are investigating a suspect home invasion in the cities oxford circle section. >> police found out about the violent crime when within of the victims managed to escape and call for help.
12:32 pm
>> "action news" reporter bob brooks joins us live from that scene in oxford circle with the details on that investigation. bob, a scary investigation. >> reporter: nydia and gray, absolutely. suspects went in, kick opened the door. they used those guns to beat these victims. luckily they were not killed. again one of the men was able to escape, ran to a wawa and called 911. now i spoke with many neighbors this morning and they are absolutely terrified. some even thinking about moving, now that this has happened. it was 4:00 o'clock this morning in oxford circle, police say two masked men with guns kicked opened the door, they pistol whipped one of the men inside and tied him up. they started demanding money. luckily a second man was able to escape. he ran to the wawa was down the street and called 911. when help arrived police found the victim inside bleeding from the head and left in the second floor bedroom. now the neighbors here are scared thinking that this same thing could happen to them. >> i'm scared for my life
12:33 pm
right now. i don't know is what going on. i have lived here 27 years. and never in my life had to feel this happen. >> reporter: kelly ryan lives nearby and she's thinking about moving right now. >> i want to get out of here. >> reporter: you are thinking about leaving. >> yes, i really want to move. this really wants to make me move now. >> reporter: another neighbor stephen sellinger said he has lived here 40 years and according to him things have been on a steady decline. >> not the same neighborhood it once was. i used to know everyone on this block. now i don't know anyone, honestly. people have moved in and out of these houses at least five or six times. >> reporter: he fears something like this could happen to him on any given night. >> i'm outside of my house a lot. i smoke cigarettes unfortunately and that is a big fear of mine, when i turnaround to go back in the house that somebody will be behind me, and push me in the house with a gun. >> reporter: absolutely terrible to hear neighbors living in fear, now at this
12:34 pm
point police are not giving us a word on any suspects, as to that man, who was beaten, pistol whipped, i'm told he is in stable condition. reporting live from oxford circle bob brooks, channel six , "action news", gray. >> bob, thanks so much for the update. right now there is no word that the wet roads caused the crash on i-95 right here near the airport this happened overnight on the northbound lanes, in southwest philadelphia, just before 4:00 . we're told one of the vehicles involved actually flipped over , medics rushed three people to the hospital, no word on their condition. and a philadelphia police officer is is recovering this morning after being hit by a stolen car. this is the scene on the 3100 block of reid street in the cities kensington section. police say the officer was responding to reports of the vehicle responding to a parked koran saturday night. he was then hit by a woman driving the stolen car. the officer suffered a leg injury. the suspect was taken into custody at broad and another any tioga nicetown and now faces various charges.
12:35 pm
that awful noise, is what started residents of the south philadelphia street, out of their homes late last night, and it sounded like a ford pick up, smashing into 16 parked cars on the 300 block of porter street. destruction didn't end until mike mcgee and his neighbors ran up to the pick up. >> i opened the door up, he was fighting back, i grabbed him out of the car. >> we had to stop him. we don't know when would go all the way down the block, hit somebody, kill somebody. >> police arrested the man they say was the driver of the pick up, four three-year old james kieser from nearby wolf street. neighbors say he put up a struggle. in an effort to make a run for it. he faces dui charges. happening right now police have been searching for person who shot a man in south philadelphia the action cam at that scene, the 700 block of meekan street. police arrived thereafter receiving reports early this morning of gunshots in the area, mckeen street we should say. the man was lying in the street with built and injuries in the stomach. he was taken to jefferson
12:36 pm
university hospital where there is no word about his condition. so far, police have not indicated a motive for the crime. shots were fired inside pennsbury's racket and athletic drug in falls township, bucks county. police say two men got in the argument when one shot the other. victim is in stable condition in the hospital. that suspect got away. classes are scheduled to resume tomorrow in the school district disrupt by a big fire at a bus depot. twenty-five buses were damaged , and, by by that inferno on early friday morning. the is district has enough buses to cover transportation to classes. the fire is reportedly, not believed to be suspicious. a grandmother says one of the last things her grandson did was respond to a text message. short time later he was dead. here's rick williams with this morning's crime fighters. >> reporter: report sophia dick-sonnies honest when it comes to her grandson, zakey allford. >> he was a good kid. he wasn't, he wasn't an angel,
12:37 pm
none of us are, but he didn't deserve that. >> reporter: dicksonnies referring to what happened on monday, june 19th, she says that the 20 year-old was at his father's house on the unit block of north udell street. allford received a text message around 3:00 a.m. she said he was sitting on the front porch when he was suddenly approached by a gunman. >> zakey was shot multiple times in his chest. >> reporter: allford died at the scene. >> i know people, out there, know, who did this, but no one wants to come forward. >> reporter: the city of philadelphia is offering up to $20,000 in reward money for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible, all you have to do is call the citizens crime commission at 215-546-tips. all calls, will remain anonymous. >> i would like to say think about your family, think if
12:38 pm
this was your loved one how would you feel with people being out there knowing who did this horrific crime. >> reporter: for crime fighters i'm rick williams for channel six "action news". battle of classified memos continues with democrats on the house intelligence committee releasing its own version of the declassified memo that republicans believe showed fbi and justice department conspired against donald trump during his presidential campaign. democrats partially blackened out versions claims that there were substantial reason's for government to pursue the russia investigation. g.o.p. claims investigators abused a secret surveillance process to spy on one of the president trump's operatives. official trip to washington now off for president of the mexico after intense phone calls with president trump. visit had been planned for march, the washington post initially reported cancellation saying it came about because of a strained phone call that happened last
12:39 pm
week. during the call mexico's president reportedly called off this trip because president trump refused to publishly affirm mexico's position that they will not pay for a border wall. the u.n. security wall has unanimously approved a resolution demanding a 30 day seized fire in syria. so far the government of syria has ignored the resolution. today a bomb not far from the town of the capitol of damascus. it nissan effort to stop the killing in the rebel held area near damascus and start delivery of desperately needed food and medical supplies. air strikes by syrian government forces have killed at least 500 people, many, women and children. is there still much more to come on "action news" this sunday, a dangerous situation continues to get worse, parts of the midwest following several days of heavy rain and suspected tornadoes. plus good news for twitter users fed up with unwanted ads , the social media company is taking them on and we will explain how. lets take you live outside to sky 6hd, giving you a
12:40 pm
glimpse there, it looks like the sun may be coming out, meteorologist chris sowers is tracking the forecast when we come right back.
12:41 pm
12:42 pm
white out conditions forced colorado state patrol to close highway 93 near denver this weekend. authorities say blowing snow made it impossible forecaster and trucks to safely navigate, for a time only plow where is allowed out there on the roads same system that triggered conditions like this in colorado also caused heavy flooding in other parts of the midwest. at least four people are dead after first round of severe weather in 2018 that strong storm system that included widespread flooding and tornadoes ripped across parts of the midwest this weekend. >> strong winds, heavy rain demolished homes, up rooted trees and damaged vehicles in parts of the kentucky, tennessee and arkansas. >> it was a scene of destruction in adams, tennessee last night after strong storms moved through that area winds tore through the small towns and flipped cars on to their roofs and even took the side off of a
12:43 pm
home. >> people in nashville saw similar damage to their property and one person was killed after getting trapped inside of a home, another person died when his or her car were submerged in flood waters. >> it is like almost like we didn't have time to hit class es and get the door shut. >> all of the windows busted out. >> it was like dynamite. all i could do was cry, scream because you don't think you will ever be hit by one. >> in kentucky rescue teams remain at ready as flood warnings remain in effect for entire persian of the ohio river, and louisville metropolitan area. >> we have been joking around complaining about the rain in our area but when you see pictures like that, you are grateful. >> it is heart break to go see that kind of stuff especially considering this time of the year. when we get outside that kind of weather usually occurs in april, may rarely in the february. that is what they are dealing without there i'm wondering with this next storm that will produce, the coastal low for
12:44 pm
us in the mid-atlantic later in the week i'm wondering if that same storm produces another round fun those folks wednesday afternoon. the pattern looks very, very active. that is the familiar view here , just about all afternoon long. heavier rain have already work their way out to sea but we are still dealing with low level clouds, drizzle, perhaps couple left over showers down here but again heaviest is long gone. the fog, visibility report, all locations are at lee at 10 . we are in the dealing with the surface fog anymore either. delaware bay, south jersey, there is delaware, new castle county and southeastern, pennsylvania all light stuff. light drizzle, very light rain falling at the moment. that is very last of it. the cold front is pushing through harrisburg as i speak in williamsport stretching southwest ward through johnstown, altoona. as that clears the coast it will bump this out to sea and we will clear behind it especially into monday afternoon. full sunshine and temperatures in the upper 50's. 55 degrees is what we're shooting for today, we're
12:45 pm
struggling right new though so hopefully we will get there. forty-six is the average. we are struggling because of all of the cloud cover and remaining shower activity out there we are still showing 46. so we have some work to do. dover 52. millville 49. cape may 47. milder 51 in atlantic city. there is this warm air right here look at this pocket off virginia capes this red color here. sixty's and 70's, showing, it is trying to lift north, southern del marva also in the upper 50 ease, lower 60's. the question is how far north can we get that front before this cold front here bumps everything out to sea. so, it is kind of fighting this cold air. it is called cold air damming, being driven against hundred tane and it is having a difficult time eroding or lifting back to the north. here's future tracker six, at 4:00 this afternoon. most of this rain coming to an end. could be a left over shower, over next hour. cloudy skies, damp, remainder of the way with a few left over showers here from time to
12:46 pm
time. by 7:00 o'clock 53 in philadelphia tomorrow morning waking up to more clouds, still damp but mild, temperatures are pretty close to normal highs for this time of the year and then by afternoon it is full sunshine. we will finally get that included deck out of here and we will see brighter conditions for monday, tuesday , wednesday, and then we will focus our attention on this right here yet another storm coming out of the western gulf of mexico, lone star state of texas. it will move in a very similar track to what this previous storm just did. problem is it will run into this block right here over eastern canada and hold this storm in place. do you see these lines? this is a fetch. if you own coastal property or know someone that does they are very familiar with a fetch , it is an area have 0200 , 250 miles where the wind blows in the same direction. easterly wind. as it blows in the same direction the seas start to build and waves start to build there could be a tremendous coastal flooding problem here depending on where this fetch sets up. models have it as far north as
12:47 pm
new england and as far south as dell marv a fetch develops up here there is no problems for us. if it develops across new jersey we will have to watch this thing closely here late in the week. right now the time frame is thursday, friday, this is a very slow moving storm, more heavy rain for us, maybe higher elevations of snow and possibility of coastal flooding and beach erosion, again, thursday evening, we also have a full moon thursday evening. thursday evening right through friday evening. for today rain, showers ending , 55 degrees is the forecast high. here's the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, so 55 today. monday partly sunny, breezy, nice, 56, tuesday and wednesday, 58, sunny skies bet days and then there is that second system here thursday into friday more clouds, more rain, but mild temperatures, 56 and 46 for friday. >> all right, i'm focusing on monday through wednesday. >> let's go. >> chris, thanks very much. there was a big celebration this weekend for a place special to all of our hearts here in philadelphia, more than 1500 people were there for 120th birthday party
12:48 pm
for reading terminal market. looks like a fun time there, with plenty of food on hand along with the variety of craft beers and spirits. party decor was victorian harkin back to 1839 when the market first opened. february quickly coming to a close but there are still black history month celebrations going on throughout the city. this weeks six abc loves the arts karen rodgers has a round up of those special events. >> reporter: nation first celebrated black history month in 1976 when president gerald ford urged all americans to honor the oven neglected accomplishments of black americans. and from museum exhibitions to the performing arts, philadelphians are doing just that. last hope at african-american museum, features work that art that spans more than a century and aim to shatter stereotypes about the black experience. >> anyone who is interested in african-american art, history and culture has a destination here at the african-american
12:49 pm
museum. >> reporter: in september city hall became home to a memorial for forgotten local hero octavius catto and philadelphia history museum has an exhibition that pays tribute to his legacy. >> he was an educator, activist. >> reporter: it highlight's catto's fight for equality before being gunned down in 1871 while trying to exercise his legal right to vote. >> what he was able too accomplish at only 32 years of age is amazing. >> reporter: internationally renowned choreographer darryl brand moldry is staging a world premiere with ballet ex- >> it is my second time here and not because of my skin could or but because of my talent. >> he worked with beyonce in 2013. >> it was a surreal gig where you go am i in the room with beyonce right now. >> it will infuse modern ballet with spanish harlem roots. >> growing up all you heard was, so i wanted to create a piece, a collage with lane
12:50 pm
american/jazz score. >> ♪ >> reporter: you can find details on all of these special black history month events at six the arts. to learn more about octavius catto check out six black history. for six abc love the arts, i'm karen rodgers.
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
twitter is taking new steps to crippen spam on the social platform. but, adjustment with made to twitter and, limiting coordinated posts of numerous accounts. users will not be able to post identical or nearly identical content across multiple platforms at once and they will not be able to retweet or like posts from numerous accounts at the same time. uber's ready to roll out a new service here in philadelphia, you will soon see a ride option called express pool, links riders near each other and wanting to go to similar destinations. once linked up they will direct you, to walk in the nearby location to be picked up. they will be dropped off a
12:53 pm
short walk from their requested destination. philadelphia is one of the six major cities getting the service. express pool is uber's cheapest option. subway is working to win back customers after a slum in sales. it is adopting a loyalty program. beginning next month, customers will be able to sign up for the program, that gives users four tokens for every dollar that they spend, once they get 200 townens or spend 50 bucks they will receive a two-dollar award applied to any menu item and according to food service researchers the sandwich chains sales in the u.s. fell 4.4 percent last year. lovers of coffee and girl scout cookies you cannery joyce because dunkin' donuts announced new coffee flavors inspired by those popular cookies. trio of new flavors includes thin mint, coconut carmel and peanut butter cookie. all three flavors will be available nationwide, yes, beginning tomorrow, select dunkin' donuts locations have also invited local troops, to
12:54 pm
sell girl scout cookies at their stores on weekends from february 24th through march 18th. we will be right back.
12:55 pm
12:56 pm
recapping our top stories, police are looking for gunman who pistol whipped a philadelphia resident during an early morning home invasion it happened on the 2100 block of fanshaw street in oxford circle. after the gun man tied up the man he robbed the place. there is no word on the victim 's condition. another resident escaped and called police from the wawa. two car crash this morning on route 202 in west chester county, west chester, chester county killed one person and seriously injured another.
12:57 pm
it happened in the southbound lanes between swedeford and mill road police are still looking for the cause. southbound route 202 between swedesford and mill road remains closed for the investigation. office of the south korean president reports that north korea indicated it is opened to talks with the united states. the source says that north korean envoy made a remark during meeting with the south korean president. they reportedly said the leader kim jong u.n. wants time prove ties with washington. final check of the forecast with meteorologist chris sowers, talk about the sun. >> i feel very confident that one day, this rain will end. >> there you go. >> great. >> can't go wrong there, right fifty-five. actually rain and showers coming to an end now, it will be cloudy remainder of the afternoon and damp but steady rains are gone. fifty-six for tomorrow, sunshine returns. >> all right. >> very nice. >> tuesday and wednesday we have a couple sick days left you should use them then, both days sunny skies, 58 and then thursday and friday more rain, more showers, and it is a mess
12:58 pm
, so enjoy that three day stretch there. >> we will. >> thanks, chris. fyi philly is next on channel six. >> "action news" continues at 5:00. >> for gray hall, chris sowers and entire "action news" team i'm nydia han. have a super sunday. >> ♪
12:59 pm
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>> i'm karen rogers. >> and i'm alicia vitarelli, tonight on fyi philly. >> (laughing) >> we visit two new places to party in the city. >> wooh. >> get a taste of northeast philly's cultural cuisine. >> learn about two premier dining events. >> restaurant week. >> and discover how to succeed in your daily routine. >> oh, chef. >> plus, a taste of orlando and your chance to win a trip for 4 to florida. >> hi everyone and welcome to fyi philly. we are here at clubhouse in center city. >> it's in the rittenhouse neighborhood right under davio's. >> this is a brand new sports bar and it's also home to the city's first ice lounge. >> we've got our faux furs for later. >> this is one of two spots we found bringing a new wrinkle to nightlife here in the city. >> clubhouse is a 10-thousand square foot upscale sports bar. >> well this is nice! >>


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