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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  February 25, 2018 11:45pm-12:01am EST

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>> tonight on sports sunday. >> i am having some fun. >> it's fun to be a philadelphia sports fan right now. >> joel embiid. the last man on defense. >> since the eagles won the super bowl, the sixers and flyer s are on fire. and brett brown is fired up to make a deep playoff run. >> i want to try to win in the playoffs. and, you know, we feel like we can. >> the phillies believe they can fight for the playoffs too. >> that's why you play the game, man. it's -- i'm just getting chills thinking about it. >> we go one on one are rhys hoskins, plus we're talking eagles. who are still parading in the streets. listen up, sports sunday starts.
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>> this is action news sports sunday. sponsored by audi. welcome to sports sunday. i'm jeff skversky. since the eagles won the super bowl three weeks ago tonight, both the sixers and flyers have been on fire. the flyers are the hottest team in hockey. the sixers had been the hottest team in the east. 76ers had won seven straight. their longest winning streak in nine years. but, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. tough on a back-to-back for joel embiid and company. a playoff feeling down in d.c. first quarter, embiid with the slam. 25 for jojo. second quarter, under the net, dario saves the play, ben simmons slams it down. and sixers outscored by 17 in the second, fall down by as many as 23. sixers lose the first game in 22
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days, 109-94. seven game winning streak is over tonight. well, the sixers, painful process with the exception of tonight, is in the rearview mirror. but in the driver's seat from the beginning, brett brown. the sixers coach. has trusted the process. and finally, after five years, brown tell ours jamie apody, he's feeling good about this team. >> i am enjoying it more. but i'm enjoying it for a different reason. some of the years in the past i enjoyed, you know, like the development of our young guys, the relationships, working hard. i think the league respected how we played. we didn't win a lot. but they wore their heart on their sleeves. we're playing hard again. fourth in the league defensively improved our offense. we are getting a little bit old er. and i just feel now because i lived a privileged life in, you know, my old job where you always went to the playoffs. this is when it gets fun. this is why we do our jobs. and i know what's around the corner. i have been lucky to live that. to share that with our guys and know the responsibility.
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it's so different, the playoffs than regular season. and we just got to get in there. and i think for those types of reasons, you know, i see the world a little bit differently than i have in previous years. and i am having some fun. >> is the playoff the end goal right now? or are you looking beyond that? >> you want to look beyond that. we to want try to win in the playoffs. and, you know, we feel like we can. we feel like this team is trend ing in the ways we want to. offensively, defensively. we understand we're still young. but, you know, that doesn't water down our -- our ability to dream. our desire, our goals. and i feel like, you know, that's my job to try to put them in a position to also think like that. and so, the disposition is as much a part of this as anything. >> from brett brown, it's not just good enough to get the playoffs. sixers could be the next team in town to follow in the eagle's footsteps.
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speaking of doug pederson and the eagles, the front office have moved on from the super bowl celebration. work to be done. the nfl combine in indianapolis starts tuesday, and the cash- strapped eagles have two weeks to trim money. among the options, the eagles could cut or trade a player or two, including receiver smith. that would save the eagles around $5 million. but if smith says if that happen s, no hard feelings. >> i'm expecting to be back. but i know how the business goes so, i'm-- i can't be mad at someone who gave you a chance and you won a ring with them. so, i don't know how it's going to play out. but i'm expecting to be back. ♪ >> look who is back in that out fit? jason kelce. sounds and looks great. back in a mummer's outfit. parading down the street today. playing his saxophone as part of
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the avalon string band. >> they lent me a suit for the super bowl parade. least i could do is join their parade. so, i'm just happy to be out here. interact with some of these guys and play along. >> and he played just fine. earlier this week kelce fired up the phillys with a pep talk. among the guys who loved his speech, aaron nola who will get the call to start opening day down in atlanta next month. making his spring training debut against the yankees. first inning, oh, nola, three- return double to danny espinosa. he strikes out three. it is a big year for this guy, mikhail franco, good start at the plate. two run homer. but not enough. phillies lose 8-3. when they signed carlos santana, it came out of left field, createing an effect keeping rhys
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hoskins in left field. got to 18 homers faster than anyone in baseball history feels good about his spot and the phil 's position too. >> different than last year. not that last year was bad. but you can tell there's a little bit more energy in the air. >> does the energy and the positive message, coming from jason kelce, from gabe kapler, make you feel you can win right here, right now? >> absolutely, no doubt. he's stressed that if each one of us takes a small step forward , you know, that collect ively as a group, we can do some pretty special things. >> and a high fly ball to deep left center field. this one is gone! >> last year, you did a very special thing. 18 homers, faster than anyone. breaking ted williams' record. as you're going through that, do you have any moment where you're going, oh, my goodness, i can't believe i'm actually doing this? putting up numbers with hall of famers. >> i think as it was going, no.
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no. i think it was all kind of just happening so fast that there wasn't really much time to think and i think that was okay. you know, i think as a hitter we look for that place of pure bliss where there isn't a lot of thought. i think if we can hold on that as long as we can like i did for that stretch there, good things are bound to happen. >> time like you did last year. it was special. look, i think that -- i think i have the ability to top that, yes. but, you know, we -- and this is something that kap has stressed, control what you can control, right? i think if we lose ourselves in the preparation, i think the ability will shine through on the field. i think all of us are confident, you know, in each other that something like that can be top ped, yes. >> is it also important, though, to not put that pressure on yourself? whether you get off to a fast or slow start or whatever, to not put extra pressure on yourself?
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those can hurt you in the long run. >> of course. this game is a game of failure. there are going to be bad times. that's baseball. but i think the beautiful part about it is figuring it out and flipping it around. >> going to the eagles super bowl, being in minneapolis, watching them winning, how much does that inspire you to take the field with the phillies? >> that's how you play the game. i'm getting chills thinking about it. it's -- yeah. it's leaving me speechless. it really is. >> hoskins says he can not wait to host his own parade with the phillies down broad street. still to come on action news sports sunday, an eagles starter motivating the temple basketball team. first, our play of the week, a heartbreaker from st. joe's. ♪ >> three, two -- the ball gets away. we are headed to -- oh! no! ian boyd! we'll see if he got the shot off it didn't look like he was going to. he picked it up.
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you redefine all that will be.
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action news sports sunday, sponsored by audi. challenge all givens. back here on sports sunday, flyers back at it tomorrow. but there is some other business to handle perhaps off the ice. they could be buyers by tomorrow 's trade decline. they have won 11-straight without a loss in regulation. from dead last in december to a one point out of first. remarkable turn around for a team that lost ten in a row earlier this season. >> off of -- >> we went through that ten game stretch. it was miserable. but, you know, those were tough days. but our team wasn't, you know, it wasn't miserable inside of this room. guys were upset. guys were, you know, guys
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weren't having fun. guys knew that we could do a better job. but hung in there. and i think it's the same now. guys, you know, there's a certain level of confidence and a certain level of calmness. whether it's under fire or thing s that are, you know, when things are going well. there's a certain level of focus that our leaders have carried. >> flyers face face the canadien s tomorrow in montreal. eagles corner jaylen mills spoke today. >> it don't last forever, bro. we don't last forever. us as athletes, we beat our bod ies up day in and day out. you will never get nowhere in life playing it safe. that's any job. >> mills, good luck charm, senior walk on steve leonard from collegeville, making his first start. nails back-to-back threes. temple wins 75-56. that's sports sunday. i'm jeff skversky. good night.
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>> i'm karen rogers. >> and i'm alicia vitarelli, tonight on fyi philly. >> (laughing) >> we visit two new places to party in the city. >> wooh. >> get a taste of northeast philly's cultural cuisine. >> learn about two premier dining events. >> restaurant week. >> and discover how to succeed in your daily routine. >> oh, chef. >> plus, a taste of orlando and your chance to win a trip for 4 to florida. >> hi everyone and welcome to fyi philly. we are here at clubhouse in center city. >> it's in the rittenhouse neighborhood right under davio's. >> this is a brand new sports bar and it's also home to the city's first ice lounge. >> we've got our faux furs for later. >> this is one of two spots we found bringing a new wrinkle to nightlife here in the city. >> clubhouse is a 10-thousand square foot upscale sports bar. >> well this is nice! >>


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