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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 26, 2018 3:00am-4:00am EST

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this morning on "world news now" the deadly tornado outbreak in the southeast and a massive path of destruction. >> at least four people are dead. homes flattened, cars tossed around in neighborhood s and the growing flood threat. and the emotional return for students, parents and teachers at stoneman douglas high school in florida. they head back to school for the first time since that february 14th shooting. this as the debate rages on with congress coming back to work. >> and a blast leveling a supermarket and apartment. sending several people to the hospital. and encase you missed it biggest olympic moment ever. the u.s. now has a gold medal an
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curling, everybody. but it seems some people saw it coming. "the simpsons" they've done it again. we're going to get into it on this monday, february 26th. >> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now." >> how do "the simpsons" keep doing it? a nobel prize winner, donald trump's election. >> they have nast ost rudoms on staff somewhere. it's a strange, strange thing. we're going to start on the storm front and that spring of tornados ripping through the eastern u.s. >> the systemal is still hanging over that area. and the violent weather is being blamed for at least four deaths. >> reporter: 12 tornado s touching down, some in the
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middle of the night. >> they take off and the windows busted out. >> reporter: severe weather being blamed and a 750 mile stretch of damage. debris scattered throughout entire neighborhoods. and packing winds up to 120 miles per hour. leaving a gaping hole enhis house. >> came across and knocked those walls. >> reporter: his wife home alone when the twister barrelled through. >> he said it was about two or three freight trains coming through. >> reporter: parts of arkansas getting up to 12 inches of rain. and this is some of the damage these winds left behind. this is part of a roof that pealed the roof away. now debris is strewn about. >> you could just hear a really loud noise and it almost sounded
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as if the roof was coming off of our house. >> reporter: the cooper family hid in their bath tub. the same storm system flooding parts of india, swallowing cars in missouri and prompting more than 100 water rescues in kentucky. and at least 50 homes are damaged here enthis neighborhood but they're thankful everyone here survived. they'll continue to survey the damage to see how many tornados touched down. and it rain will effect a large portion of the country, stretching from the great lakes to the gulf of mexico. >> a sdllow developing disaster for inmidwest. good morning. although we'll have high pressure drying things out is because we're looking for the rivers to remain very high. the threat of flooding stays high and the same rain shifts to
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the southeast with thunderstorms going to georgia and throughout the southeast. then the south central part of the country for tuesday. thunderstorms expected throughout arkansas, texas and the if had tire lower mississippi region. >> our thanks to paul there and we're going to keep on top of that. there was a major weather concern in the northwest. at least one has been killed by an avalanche. >> and they were in eastern washington. it fully buried three of those hikers, killing one. rescuers were able to save those other four. we're going to turn our focus to stoneman douglas high school. stepping foot on campus for the first time since their classmates were gunned down. thousands of teens and their parents returned for an orientation and cleked backpacks and others that were left behind when the gunman opened fire.
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more on the emotional return and the growing pressure on the hear isf. >> reporter: it was an emotional return here enparkland. it was also a sea of strength as thousands made their way back into the halls of the south porter school. it was a chance for families to prepare for the week ahead. there are still major concerns about security. parkland is trying to move forward as the demand for answers intensified. they sent a letter to florida governor rick scott, accusing him and his department of ignoring repeated warning signs about the suspected shooter, nikolas cruz. and investigating the claim several deputies waited instead of rushing in during the shooting. scott peterson allegedly seen on video taking cover hads already
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resigned. the superintendent says the school will likely build a memorial parking for the 17 people killed. and president trump is vowing to keep the gun debate high on his agenda. the president and first lady hosted it governors last night at a black tie ball and he says the parkland massacre will be first on their list but some of his proposals are clashing with the nra. stephanie ramos reports. >> reporter: president trump and the national rifle association, the closest of allies, at odds about what to do in the wake of the deadly florida high school massacre. >> doesn't seem to make sense you have to wait until you're 21 years old to get a pistol. but to get a gun like this maniac used in the school, you get that at 18 and frankly, i explained that to the nra. >> reporter: but the nra is
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pushing back against any calls. >> you do not want to raise the age? >> that's what the that's correct. >> reporter: anothinger area of contention. like the rampage that killed 51 people. he supports the ban but nra spokesperson clear on the group's opposition to that proposal. >> the nra has seen eye to eye on securing schools. the president calling for teachers to be armed. >> and if they had had concealed permits, you wouldn't have this problem today. but this teacher who survived the florida shooting speaking out against that proposal. >> i would say not. having something like this in their vicinity is not good idea. >> reporter: over the weekend,
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delta and united airlines joining more than a dozen companies, severing ties with the gun advocacy group. >> trying to blame 12 million immigrants and law abiding gun owners. >> reporter: but when law makers return, they have no immediate plans to vote. california senator, dianne fi finestein says she won't rest until congress pass as bill. supporters of her primary challenger claim she's weak on emgration. she failed to win her party was official endorsement. but her challenger, had the state senate leader didn't get enough endorse either. four people have been
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celled, four others are hospitalized. that blast happened in a three-story building housing a supermarket with apartments above it. it damaged several surrounding buildings. police anosay there's no indication the explosion is terror related but haven't related the cause. and possible game changer in the battle against the flu. it takes tamiflu one step further by killing the flu virus with just one dose. they're working to bring that there u.s. which has been fighting the deadliest flu epidemic in nearly a decade. but reportedly not up. for approval until next year. crayola the students at marjory stoneman douglas high school have a little something to smile about. >> the eagles came in needing to
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win to take the championship. >> and you can see they jumped off their bench to mob their goal tender. 7-4 the final score. >> their fellow class mates were on their minds all had weekend. >> we knew what we had to do to get this weekend. we just gave everything we got. this is for the 17 vektms. we played for them. crayola passionate, crayola emotional. it's all had for them. >> it hockey program was directly impacted by the mass shooting. >> and his 14-year-old sister jaime was among the 17 students killed. a day they get to walk around very proud. coming up a full report from the olympic closing ceremony as they celebrate gold medals never won by americans before.
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it's the last time. >> we get to conduct the olympic orchestra. >> we'll see you in four years in china. the fire has officially gone out and after team u.s.a.'s lowest medal total in decades. >> and north korea says it's open to talks with it u.s. here's alex stone. >> they were shrouded in political intrigue. u.s. and north korean leaders were seated only feet away from one another as the ceremony unfolded, announcing that north korea has agreed to hold talks with the u.s. the white house is responding saying the maximum pressure campane must continue until they have denuclearization. they'll see if the willingness
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to hold talks and close they saw gold medals never before won by team u.s.a. winning gold in women's cros country skiing, hockey, alpine skiing and snowboard. but despite those victories, the u.s. had the lowest medal count since nag. the next wave, looking towards the future. celebrateing it athletes as the olympic flag was handed over to the next winter olympics host in 2022. and a moment signifying the end of the games. as children wave to it, slowly the olympic flame faded away. >> bye, olympic flame. and one of the big, big moments from the games this year was when u.s. curling won gold.
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completely unexpected. they were huge underdogs here. nobody knew this was coming. >> reporter: there will be movies made about this. this is the miracle on ice 2018. >> nobody saw this coming except. >> for "the simpsons." they predected it in this 2010 episode, boy meets curl. and not only did they predict it, they predicted a victory of the u.s. over sweden. not even the -- canada dominates curling. . >> can we also just look back for a second. 16 years ago they predicted a trump presidency. >> which few people saw. >> they also predicted one of the most random nobel prize winners ever. we're crayola curious to know how "the simpsons" are doing this.
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♪ baby grut boogying down. every kid dreams of being a superhero. but saving the world apparently
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is hard work. >> learned that first hand as she went behind the scenes and she even did her own stunts. >> back stage with marvel universe live i got to train with the pros. >> i promise i won't hurt you. i don't know how coordinated i'm going to be but i'm definitely going to be fearless. those on the marvel squad like nick have been doing martial arts and gymnastics their whole lives. they have only hours to show me what they've built a career doing. >> i'm going to get away from her. nice. >> reporter: then came rehearsal from "black panther." ♪ >> reporter: oh, thank you. it took you long enough. next is makeup.. which the performers do themselves. >> we're going to make you look
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sleek and half cyborg -- so you're going to look like a bar coded human. >> reporter: i'm transformed into the first ever female ravager from guardians of the galaxy. i barely recognized myself. ready for a scene straight out of the movies. who are you? >> i am grut. >> and we are the guardians of the galaxy. >> all right, let's everybody calm down. >> reporter: abc news, new york. >> she got into it. she looked awesome. >> almost the same as you did with the velcro curlers on your
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head. >> this is our attempt. it didn't go quite as well as adrian's take.
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a drop of dawn and grease is gone. time now for the mix. we're going to start with a huge round of aplauz for the kfc pr. after a horrible shortage that left hundreds of kfc stores closed. >> so -- >> it says fck on the bucket. and they say sorry. essentially apologizing to hundreds of restaurants for running out of chickens. >> they have to close thankful kfc restaurants. it was horrible. >> no one -- >> luckily there had was annot shortage in the u.s.
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>> and for our brothers and sisters across the pond, we've decided to enjoy some on their behalf. huge apologies to our customers. sorry about that. >> fck in the uk. wheel you continue that, we'll do something else that's sort of related. what you smoke in vegas has to stay in vegas. so you know it's legal now to light up in nevada. at the mckaeren airport in loss investigates, they have these marijuana amnesty boxes where they urge people to drop off whatever residual pot they have so they don't get in to trouble when they get back home. they're not only getting that, they're getting other things strat been dropped off by
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people, prescription drugs and other prohebted items. >> they need a good kfc. >> that would be -- all right. over to australia. where a very important event is being held today. thousands of people are expected to show up at melbourne's federation square. it's exactly what it sounds like. >> seven projects. wow. >> going to be our unhaddy moon. >> so you acan have all these people saying wow. wow. >> wow. wow. >> wow. something else to make you say wow. dad of the year -- this
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this morning this morning on "world news now" florida students return to stoneman douglas high school for the first time since their classmates were gunned down and pressure's mounting over what his deputies did and did not do during the shooting. >> and a deadly tornado outbreak has devastated the southeast. it's being blamed for at least four deaths. and flood waters threatening several states on alert. >> and frightening moments for passengers on board a plane. >> the carey-on bag catches fire in the over head storage bin. and the women tell-all episode sent shock waves.
3:31 am
like the never before seen comments to the parade of ladies putting him in the hot seat. there were mic drops and glitter bombs galore. our analyst is hoping it's all over but no, bachelor nation lives for another week. that's coming up in the skinny. >> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now." >> glitter every ware. glitter. i guess that's the big term. and we thought that worst glitter was that mariah carey movie. >> jack is very excited to hear there's an extra episode of "the bachelor". >> just when we thought the fufally was the finale. and the students in parkland florida back on school grounds since it left 17 people dead.
3:32 am
>> it was part of a phased reopening. a student did capture this in the cafeteria. meantime the sheriff's department is under scrutiny over what officers did before that massacre. here's abc kenneth moten. >> reporter: a sea support. thousands of students and parents made their way back to the walls of stoneman douglas high school with class set to resume, their concern security. >> i'm sending him back on wednesday with no progression on gun control. no progression on school safety. so he's going into the same 14t. nothing well be different. >> reporter: parkland is trying to move forward as the demand
3:33 am
for answers intensifies. 74 gop state law makers, urging him to suspend scott israel, acusingi him of ignoring clues. >> i can only take responsibility for what i knew about. >> reporter: before the rampage, they responded to 18 calls related to cruz. >> we're not sure if our deputies did everything they could have or should have. >> reporter: and reports from nearby officers who responded to the call. several officers were waiting instead off rushing in during the shooting. scott peterson allegedly seen taking cover has already resigned. >> our investigation to this point shows during this horrific attack there was only one law enforcement person period and that was former deputy scott
3:34 am
peterson. >> reporter: the superintendant says the school will leakly build a memorial park for the 17 people killed. our thanks to kenneth there and president trump is expected to get more input on how to amend gun laws. he hosted a ball at the white house for governors gathering in washington for their annual meeting. she's suggested arming teachers for minimum age of rifle purchases. an idea the nra opposes. the president says the school shooting will top the agenda as he meets with the governors today. >> we'll be talk bouth paing ab parkland and the horrible event that took place last week and i think we'll make that first in our lest because we have to end our country of what's happening with respect to that subject.
3:35 am
>> well, the president has insisted that congress is going to act as the gun control debate heats up. they're returning with no consensus of ahad they'll handthal issue. >> and the central u.s. is soaked and the rain will not stop for the next few days. >> you can see it there had. the midwest is dealing with it. today it's again expected to bring heavy rains from the great lakes to the coast. more than 70 storms, including nine tornados. four deaths are being blamed on that weather. and we have rising flood waters threatening five states right now. expected to reach its highest level today in cities. >> good morning. rivers still remaining high
3:36 am
around. the ohio valley region. that same raen will shift the southeast, watching out for thunderstorms and then throughout the center part of the country, drenching down pours by midweeking with widespread soaking and flooding to occur. then then werks bracing for possibly heavy snow through some of the passes. >> all right. our thanks to paul there. well, the end of the south korea olympics may mark the start of the diplomatic batble tween north korea and the united states. there were strong words from the north as the first daughter, ivanka trump, took a seat near top officials at the closing ceremonies. >> a dizzying array of diplomaticing signals from north korea just moments after ivanka trump took her seat, barely an arm's length away from the powerful spy chief enthat north
3:37 am
hat, kim jong-un labelling the tough sanctions against the north an act of war. those sanctions the administration calls the toughest yet includes the possibility off a naval block aide of north korea. but just minutes later with the dancers and lights still daztling the crowd a surprise diplomatic twist. north korea saying its delegation would be willing to meet with the u.s. delegation. so far that hasn't happened. ivanka trump is set to leave the region overnight. >> would there be anything to talk about? >> until we see some movement, the denuclearization of the peninsula, there's not a whole lot to talk about. >> officials say russian cyber spies have hacked hundreds of computers that olympics.
3:38 am
they say they've tried to mask it to make it look like the north korean did it in what's called a false flag operation. they say this could be pay back for russia being banned over doping. seoul, south korea. and the former first lady is getting are eddie to tell her story at a book store near you. the coming will be published in mid-november but it's already a top five best seller on amazon and mrs. obama will nair ate the audio version. she says writing the book as been a deeply personal experience and she can't wait to share her story. still several months out. . >> the bots are taking over. and noathey're even taking over the cat walk. dolce & gabbana's fashion show had an aerial look. the handbags came soaring down
3:39 am
the cat walk in milan courtesy of drones. they had to accommodate it remote control presentation. >> they had to shut off their wifi and personal hot spots for 45 minutes. they weren't told why until the drones came flying out. no fair because the drones do not have to walk in high heels. >> exactly. although they are some sexy looking drones. pretty hot. k coming up in the skinny. see what we learned from the women-all-all episode. and first see the new app that fights back for you. you're watching "world news now." my bargain detergent couldn't keep up. it was mostly water. so, i switched to tide pods. they're super concentrated, so i get a better clean.
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so this was a moment a car slammed into one family's home outside of los angeles, demolishing the baby's room. the crib and changing table were both destroyed just minutes after the mother says she brought her 14-month old son into the it living room. they say the driver had been drag racing and swerved to avoid another car. >> unbelievable. and overseas a fire forced
3:43 am
the evacuation off a china southern airlines flight to shanghai. >> you can see it there. it happened while the plane was still on the ground and passengers were just boarding at the time. and the damage was reportedly lemted to just that compartment. the fear was sparked by a passenger's spare power bank. most leakly we're told powered by a lithium ion battery. >> and passengers reacting very quickly with water and what looks like orange juice. but it did the trick. and it's estimated there are 2700 robo calls per second to people in the u.s. >> there's a new app that could help stop these robocalls and even phone scammers. >> reporter: the department of justice cracking down. >> this is rachel at card how older services. >> reporter: coning people like
3:44 am
margery jones out of her life saving savings. >> it pains me to say this but she took her life because of this incident. >> reporter: the most common offender, robocalls. their ay're the number one call had fcc. >>itary rr targeting really the most vulnerable in society. an app called robo killer. here's how it works. first the calls stop. an at base service protects you from numbers known be to scammers and telemarketers. you'll just fwaet notification. >> reporter: also answer bots fight back for you. wasting the scammers time like this. >> i actually have a baeby sleeping. >> reporter: it app actually getting a little vin dictive.
3:45 am
as for the crack down enwashington, the department of justice just filed two major complaints including one that build money out of consumers. >> now can we get one that will prevent our exs from calling us? >> you want to talk about it? >> no. all right when we come back ari.
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♪ ♪ skinny the skinny the skinny i really love to chat more with her. there's a little bit -- >> could he get more annoying? possibly. some interesting moments from the women all tell-all episode.
3:48 am
>> and our global analyst, jack, watched it and lived to tell the tale. >> i did. i survived. if love is a battle field like pat benatar once sang, this felt like it battle of the sob. roll that beautiful "bachelor" footage. start off with young bekha, we'll remember, 22 years old. she called the whole age thing annoying. and she said that ari was actually insecure about his own age in comparison to her hads. she also clarified where she was, the whole missing person thing. she said she went to a pot growing farm in humboldt county, california. there was no phone service. they called her mom while she was on theary. didn't matter. next.
3:49 am
crystal. you'll remember this was the producer's lunetic of the season. one of the ladies called her a socio path and who could argue, really? >> did she throw glitter at her. >> for was glitter all over the place. crestal said the whole experience was crazy. another cast member asked her about her voice. hi, bye. you get the idea. crystal's answer gets us to the sound bite of the day. >> when i speak slower and more controlled when my vocals are stressed, i can control my voice better. and my time with ari i do speak softer and more gentle. >> let me hear it voice. so whatever that was. glitter all over the place. mic drop that.
3:50 am
well, ari came out. he accused her of being two-faced. he said it sucks to see how she treated the other women and said he probably kept her around a little too long. it got nasty enough that they feinally made it to the end. >> and speaking of keeping around for too long. >> is that me? is that cue to leave? >> the show. >> the show will go one more week according to the show. so we'll see what's up with that. three women left. kendall, becka k. -- he is the kissing bandit. so we'll see how that goes. . >> see you next week, jack. over to miss piggy, shall we?
3:51 am
an invitation to meghan and harry's wedding. >> i'm going to try to get inveeted and who knows. maybe i'll meet some handsome royalty and we can have another wedding next summer. >> i wish them better luck entheir relationship than i have had in mine. >> you were lucky, frog. >> things are still tense pae t apparently between those two. when asked about losing prince harry to markle, she said apparently i was still with this bozo. she gave it some love, a little cleaning. even gave it a little talking to. she said oh, now you're looking
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good, girl. don't let people walk all over you. great advice from reece witherspoon. eece witherspoon.
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it was a historic weekend as the 23rd winter olympics came to a close. >> and the wild weather and world of politics kept everyone busy. >> a former top advisor to the trump campaign pleading guilty. and late today after that plea, we have just learned of new charges against paul manafort. >> prosecutors accuse gates and manafort into funneling in off shore accounts and failing to pay taxes in more than $30 million of it. close ties to vladimir putin and the kremlin.
3:56 am
>> rebutting a republican memo alleging the fbi abused his powers when he was a presidential candidate. >> emotions high as teachers return for the first time. rick scott backing raising the minimum age to buy all firearms including assault rifles like the one used by 19-year-old nikolas cruz. >> we will allow all individuals to be 21 and older. >> reporter: they responded to 18 calls related to cruz before the shooting. and the woman saying cruz was quote going to exploed and she was worried about him getting in a school and shooting the place up. neighborhoods under water and 12 states in severe weather alert. and water as far as the eye can see in kentucky.
3:57 am
this parking lot in louisville -- >> reporter: dozens of them just like this in white county. >> leading a rag tag squad of aparecons has heavily favored sweden. schuster had been ousted at the last olympics but sealing the gold for the u.s. it's the first gold for the u.s. in the history of the sport. >> so weird. we didn't get any recruiting calls. >> no. not at all. they're like no, we'll pass. pass.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning -- we take you inside stoneman douglas high school, as shooting survivors return. new details about the plan for the school going forward. and the new investigation into the police response. plus, ivanka trump answers whether she believes arming teachers will make kids safer. and the passion and emotion. athletes from stoneman douglas rally to win a state title. we're there for the celebration. new this morning, a reported plan by president trump to have his personal pilot appointed head of the faa. a new look at the damage after a dozen tornadoes rip across the midwest. the death toll mounting. now the flood risks growing as rivers rise. later,


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