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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  February 26, 2018 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> breaking on "action news," two people are gunned down in montgomery county. new information just coming in. >> back to school a lehigh county district devastated by a bus fireworks through the weekend so students will be able to to go back to class. >> surveying the damage, cleanup continues after a deadly tornado crowd break that impacted millions in several southern states. good morning, 5:30, february 267. let's go over to david murphy and karen rogers to see what to expect on this monday morning. >> reporter: starting a new week and ending a month. >> reporter: february gets out of here on wednesday him we'll see if march enters like a lion or a lamb. anyway, for now, you can see that the rain is over, if you're traveling down south toward maryland and the virginias. we'll be dry.
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temperatures not too bad, 44 in trenton, 43 in philadelphia. the average high is up close to these numbers. 47 in millville. 43 in cape may. we have fog in parts of the region, particularly down south where we're down to a mile visibility in atlantic city. half mile in wildwood, a third of a mile in dover, under a mile in in wilmington we're getting the fog mixing out in allentown, we had worst numbers up there, anywhere you see the gray slow it down just in case, we're looking at mostly problems with the fog down south. we'll start out cloudy and sunshine comes back in the afternoon. 49 degrees by 11:00. 50 by 1:00 p.m., i'm expecting a high of 53 around 3:00 p.m., 3:30 p.m. before we slide back to 49 by 7:00 p.m. we'll have temperatures milder over the next a couple of days.
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there's a slow moving storm toward the end of the week that could bring pockets of heavy rain, karen. >> reporter: no more rain we've had enough. langhorne, bucks county. southbound traffic heading toward woodhaven road. in some areas it's particularly foggy heading toward the north, allentown, poconos, northeast extension northbound watch for the fog. we have construction crews out here that have been blocking the right lane. live in i-95 delaware county. you see a little bit of fog, as well. i-95 northbound traffic heading toward the blue route. a little more volume than a half-hour ago, certain no major problems just yet. route 42 looking foggy, that's northbound traffic coming up from deptford or turnersville doing so without a delay just yet. >> we're following breaking news, a man is shot and killed in a car in norristown and second victim has died. "action news" reporter, jeanette reyes is live on the scene on
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chain street where the investigation continues. jennette. >> reporter: well, matt, good morning to you, we were able to confirm in the past hour two men are dead after being shot to death this is video of the scene not far from where we are at the police station, this is the car that was towed away police and detectives seem to be focusing on, it happened around 12:15 chain street near west oak in norristown, one person was shot and pronounced dead. the passenger door was found open. the car left in the middle of the street. a second person, a second man was rushed to the hospital. at one point he was in extremely critical condition, we are told in the last hour that the second man is dead, as well. as far as investigation that is still underway, we know that police and detectives are processing evidence as we speak, that gunman is on the run this morning him we'll let you know as we get an update. reporting live in norristown, jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news."
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>> thank you for that. new this morning, fire broke out at a waste management facility in philadelphia. the action cam was on the 5000 avenue of bly avenue in at that cane. crews contained the flames to the a garage area. no word on a cause. classes will try to resume for the parkland district in the lehigh valley. a massive fire in orfield forced the district to cancel classes on friday. 16 buses destroyed, 30 badly damagedment crews spent the weekend doing what they could to make repairs. there were no injuries, there's no word on what led to the blaze. smoke poured out of a tour bus in delaware, a group of chinese tourists were heading from washington, d.c. to new york city. the bus caught fire on i-95 north to 495 in claymont.
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police arrested a second suspect wanted in connection with a shooting in north jersey that left a ten-year-old boy. the authorities caught up with him in florida last night him he he will be extradited to face murder charges. he was taken into custody following wednesday's deadly shooting in asbury park home. happening today a judge will hear a casey on abu jamal. files kept byron castille will overturn his conviction, a judge postponed a hearing on the request until next month to give the new district attorney time to prepare. both sides will meet to make sure broking is being made.
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president trump will meet with the nation's governors at the white house. the school shooting in parkland florida will be the first subject he brings up with them. congos back to work under pressure to responds to the latest school gun violence. the president proposed raising it is minimum age and suggested arming teachers in schools, but it's should be debated at the state level. thousands of students were allowed to go back to the premises at marge -- marjory stoneman douglas high school and other belongings they left behind. in north jersey, a rally addressed common sense legislation. >> we had a meeting in florida, sadly they wouldn't, because what they are trying to do there is trying to make us forget
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we're not going to let that happen. >> in a bitter sweet moment, marjory stoneman douglas high school hockey team celebrated a championship game last night. they are dedicated to the 17 friends they lost, classes resume on wednesday. cleanup begins from a deadly tornado crowd break across the nation's hart land. five twisters touched down by the kentucky and tennessee state line. more were reported elsewhere in arkansas and clarksville, tennessee, a group worked to rescue a dog buried by the rubble. there's widespread flooding in michigan and ohio and western pennsylvania. >> let's turn to save save, probably flooding this past weekend there could be next weekend there's a lot of rain. >> we have late this week another storm coming in. if the models are kind of on the fence, it may be an inch of rain which would not be a lot of flooding, it's going to be wet. others have more, we'll see. we're dry for now, storm tracker
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6 live double scan shows we had rain over the weekend. we dried out in the afternoon and done in time for the mummer's fest in manayunk where jason kelce got to play his saxophone without it getting wet. ben franklin bridge we're seeing fog it's not developing all that well in center city along camden as we can see up the river to the distant northeast in the background there. 33 degrees, current temperature, winds out of the southwest at 7. we have a dozens fog advisory in southern counties, atlantic county, cape may county, wake up david, and around millville, as well. the top two-thirds counties in delaware, widow some fog developing fairly thickly in the lehigh valley. that's getting out of here, this may break up quickly this morning, but for now, be careful if you encounter that. lots of clouds out there, we are
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expecting breaks in the clouds out to the west they are working into philadelphia this afternoon. overall the forecast is dry which is a nice change from a good portion of the weekend him we'll get a little bit above average. 47 degrees by 10:00. the temperature 50 by noon, that will feel good, high of 53 by 3:00. the average high is 47 a little bit above average recovering a bit from the weekend. 53 degrees in trenton, to toms river. 52 in allentown. similar numbers across the region, 54 in millville. cape may probably stopping at 50. temperatures across the eastern united states right now show up colder due west of us, this is the area where we'll manage to draw from over the neck couple of days, milder air in places like atlanta and raleigh we'll wind up with slightly temperatures tomorrow and again on wednesday before our next issue arrives. that will be a slow-moving storm that comes in on thursday and may not get out of here until
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friday, for that reason we have an elongated stretch of rain. in some cases it could be pockets of heavy rain, too. coastal low storm issues with flooding. higher elevation snow wouldn't be out of the question, it wouldn't amount to all that much, the details being honed. thursday and friday, the time period to watch. 53 degrees, clouds and late sun today. mostly sunny tomorrow, high of 56. that's a good one. sun and patchy clouds on wednesday, high of 58. these are the three pretty good days. thursday we cloud up during the morning. in all likelihood we start to get wet. we have periods of rain thursday, and thursday night the morning period on friday, some of it could be heavy at times. 52 is the high, friday, 46. for the weekend, we dry out, but it stays chilly, 46 is the high on saturday, 45 on sunday, and a little breezy and cool on saturday, the union opening up
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at home on saturday night at 7:00 p.m. at talen energy stadium. it's back, union soccer. doop, we have several of those games this year. bundle up for for the union game union fans. >> we have the sons of ben scarf. a man is leading police on a chase find out what he was doing. new video hose a home in western -- no video in western pennsylvania shows a home crumbling in a landslide. >> reporter: this is 202 traffic is moving fine, we're getting a little bit of volume, no big deal. we'll check the fog coming up next.
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pick your free yogurt a live look here, the action cam is live along the delaware avenue there at penns landing, taking a live look after all that rain it's nice not to see rain drops on the camera lens, 5:44 a.m., 43 degrees. >> looks like a big ship doesn't it. >> it does, and a beautiful one, too. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live showing no rain, but we have fog, you have to have some weather for your morning commute. bucks county, route 1, business route 1, traffic is moving fine. we have an accident that popped
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up in williston township, chester county. forest lane at sugar town road. our latest accidents. it's been kind of quiet with accidents lately. upper chichester delaware county we have construction on chichester avenue and 452. that's scheduled through friday with lane closures in upper chichester. let's check the fog reports, 3 miles in trenton. we're so much better in allentown and poconos, 7 miles visibility, five miles at philadelphia superintendent, you want to call ahead if you're flying out. a mile or less along the coastline. be careful as you head out. temperatures wise, average high, 47. we're at 45 already. quakertown, pottstown, low 40s, center city itself, 42 in browns mill, 45 in hammonton. 48 in dover, delaware.
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a good looking morning and day today with a high of 53. matt and tam. >> thank you karen. talk about distracted driving, new video shows people sharing the road with a naked atv rider. the man clearly comfortable with himself, bared it all in kansas yesterday. police followed him for an hour before he came to a stop. an app created by a new jersey tech company could get rid of robo calls. the company said it will protect you from 200,000 phone numbers known to belong to tell marketers and scammers. >> marketing the most vulnerable in society. they won't ring on your phone, you'll get a notification. the developer says they are constantly changing their
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strategy to stay ahead of scam. video shows a home in pittsburgh crumbling from a landslide. the home evacuated on friday and the situation worsened yesterday. it crossed the street and knocked out utility poles and causing power outages in other parts of the city. >> a four day period to pay republicans for the late billy graham will get started in north carolina. the man called america's pastor died at 99. he will lie in repos at the u.s. capitol wednesday and thursday, his funeral is friday in north carolina. >> the former first lady is writing a memorandum wore when to expect to see the book from michelle obama. >> reporter: we have mile visibility in atlantic city airport.
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and not better along the cape may coastline. be careful if you're driving around in south jersey this morning. i'll have the 12-hour forecast and see if we can't squeeze sunshine back in the skies later on today.
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among the temple graduates who returned to campus yesterday, 6abc president bernie prazenica, temple alum. they met at the liacouras i can't center to cheer on the temple owls to victory the final home game of the season. >> that was fun, that was the annual kline college alumni getting together. it was great to do it at the stadium. >> reporter: great to see you, davey. let's check the roads, the blue route, traffic moving just fine. good to go, mass transit, new schedule septa buses, trolleys and subways dave. >> reporter: we're looking at temperatures on the cool side with temperatures nice for this time of the career. 43 in philadelphia.
5:52 am
our average highs are pushing into the upper 40s at this point. we're already in the morning not far below the average highs. 41 in allentown, 43 in reading. 46 in millville. a little bit of fog in south jersey and delaware, look out for that over the next couple of hours. we'll stay in the mid 40 rake for the morning commute. getting up to 53. this model has 55 degrees, i'm liking 53 better. the sun comes back later on as the day moves on. in the evening commute we're holding on to testers 50 degrees, notice how it's colder tomorrow morning, zipping into the 30s. >> fall is the biggest season for books, we know one release that will get a lot of attention this year, the memoir of michelle obama. the book becoming the memoir of michelle obama. the audio vehicles will be released and voiced by the first lady herself.
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it will trace her jewish knee from a humble childhood on the south side of chicago to life on the world stage. we'll be right back. >> philadelphia international
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airport, live on sky6 live hd, monday morning. starting a brand new workweek
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here. we're saying goodbye to february in a few days. 43 degrees, getting up to a high of 53 degrees today. >> a wrong way driver is blamed for a deadly crash in chester county. melvin baskerville crashed on sunday morning. he and the car he crashed into, died at the scene. the search goes on for the intruders who pistol whipped a homeowner in philadelphia. two masked men broke into a home in the oxford circle section yesterday morning, a second person escaped and called tore help. 400 musicians took over the stage at world cafe live yesterday. all proceeds from the inaugural kids rock philly will benefit
5:57 am
nonprofit live connection it helps underresourced schools in the area. credit card cruisers could be getting money back, we'll talk about the mistake impacting more than a million people. check out the meal and deal two for one brunch. alicia vitarelli tells us how in the next half-hour. he
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>> good morning everyone, 6:00 a.m., monday, february 26. we're following breaking news. gunfire erupts killing two men, investigators are in norristown piecing together what happened here. >> pothole problems a rather large one is damaging cars and
6:00 am
frustrating drivers in philadelphia's northern liberties section. >> let's go to sky6 live hd taking a live look out across penns landing it was a soggy weekend, the rain is starting to move out. the sun we might see that again for the start of the workweek. >> meanwhile, david and karen are searching for fog this morning. >> reporter: the fog is hit or miss this morning. >> reporter: it's starting to get better visibility-wise, too. as we look at the weather center, the big issue is going to be cloud cover. rain to the south and staying there. temperatures not too bad, 44 degrees in philadelphia. the average high 47. we're already close to that. 44 in trenton, 42 in allentown a little bump up there. 46 in wilmington, and millville and 43 in cape may. here the latest visibilities these are getting better, dover we're up to a mile and a half visibility, 4.8 in wildwood.


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