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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 27, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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philadelphia the scene of a deadly fire and solving money troubles for our viewer, next. >> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. ♪ ♪ >> tuesday night, the big story on "action news" tonight is breaking. a killer fire in west philadelphia tonight. the blaze was one alarm but it too many an enormous human toll. the blaze killed a resident
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inside. firefighters were called to the 5300 block from race six blocks from another fire that erupted as this was extinguished. this was a stwotory brick twin and the blaze erupted on the second floor. >> i thought it was going to explode. >> there was a lot of fire in the building of origin and extended to the occupancies next door. when they arrived, there was fire two stories above the building. officials don't know what sparked the deadly blaze. another person was injured in a fire a few blocks away. the 100 block of south 50th street. this blaze broke out at 9:30. the victim was rush today hospital with second degree burns to the back legs and arms. >> a couple of bhoks from there,
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gunshots rang out and a man is dead. an unidentified man was shot and died minuters later at penn presbyterian. no suspects or a motivate on the latest murder in the streets of philadelphia. the fight over the suspension of a beloved teacher continues at cherry hills east with a dispute with officials spilling over to the school board meeting tonight. dann cuellar is live where the board met tonight. more frustration than cooperation or so it seems. >> that's right, jim. the school district and board have been given every chance to set the record straight and it seems they only made matters worse as you are about to see. >> chaos erupted after barry dickinson announced that by law
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they are not allowed to speak about personnel matters, but everything you have seen is wrong. >> no facts exist in public. i'm going to have to ask you to be quiet. the meeting came hours after hundreds of stiewment students t to support teacher timothy locke. >> i asked the board how you could suspend a teacher that won most influential teacher last eight years, going on nine. >> locke was placed on leave and bags searched and required to undergo a psychiatric exam. >> the meeting seemed to do
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little to appease students and parents concerns. >> so many people feel safe and you have done nothing to assure us we are safe. the doors to the school are open and anyone could walk in. we don't feel safe and at ease. if you can't understand something simple as that, how can we trust him with our lives and safety? >> so again, with locke suspended, was he on administrative leave? is there a difference and why was the war veteran ordered to see a slink? >shrink. >> thank you, dan. >> the students at marjory douglas stoneman school will go back to school tomorrow. the attack could have been
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worse. suspect niklas cruz reportedly had 180 rounds of ammunition left he didn't use. he may have been trying to breakthrough a window to shoot at fleeing victims but was thwarted by the heavy duty hurricane windows at the florida school. >> a scare at the pentagon, an envelope with a strange substance was opened and eight marines fell ill. the building was evacuated and has been decontaminated. the envelope has been taken to the quantity compan quanco lab . what about the final day of february? cecily tynan is here with a look
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at the forecast. >> if you liked today, you will like tomorrow. we are ending february on the mild side. today was 55-degrees, nine degrees above normal. wildwood 53. allentown and reading, 58. in the poconos, 49. future tracker showing tomorrow afternoon we are back in the 50s, likely a few degrees higher than today. the one change for tomorrow, it won't be bright and sunny. today, bright blue skies not a cloud in the sky. we have high, thin clouds getting closer. they continue to move through during the course of the day going all the way out to the west coast. pieces of energy are starting to move ashore. that will be part of a coastal storm bringing us a messy start to march. the rain begins thursday afternoon. we are looking at pers of rain, heavy at times into friday afternoon.
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this system will be strong enough to essentially create its own cold air rain ending as wet snow for part of the viewing area. i'll show you where that's most likely in the full forecast. jim? >> an internal affairs investigation is under way as to whether this video captured police brutality or justified force. the video shows officers punching mengala on the ground. three camden county cops are on paid desk duty as the prosecutor's office holds an investigation. >> teachers say they have been working without a contract for two years. they want the board to work with them to come to an agreement. parents expressed fuss administration with the way
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teachers are treated. they say the teachers deserve better. you think the odds of getting into harvard are tough? try the charter school in north philadelphia. tonight they held an annual lottery to see who gets to go to school there. live there is annie mccormick. long odds even for kindergarten, in fact, especially for kindergarten. >> yeah, and at least at harvard you submit an 57 occasion. an application. this lottery is random. even the wait list has quadrupled since 2011. >> my heart is beating out of my chest. >> disappointment for some parent and relief for others. >> i can't even tell you. i'm so excited. this is the lottery at the k-1 masssnenechchl.l.
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11,500 applicants for roughly 150 spots. chanelle jones' youngest will go to kindergarten here. her sister is a student here. >> this school is really good. i wanted my daughter to get in. >> for those students that didn't have their name called, the next best option, the coveted wait list. >> she's number one. that's pretty good. >> i'm third on the waiting list for 11th grade. both of my siblings go here, so that's a privilege. >> many that left defeated say they'll try again. >> i'm disappointed. i wanted this school. >> i applied for fourth grade for my son. there are no applications. >> they are pitching the kids in the right direction from the
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beginning, whereas public schools can't do that right now. >> it's a shame you are not allowing more people in the school. every year, it's a tough process to run. >> jim, like we said, this is a pass one school k through 12th, there is mass two. the lottery for that school kindergarten through fifth grade is next week. and they are expecting to have a mass three school but not until 2019 or '20. annie mccormick, channel6 "action news." back to you. >> do you have unpaid parking tickets in philadelphia? the city will cut you a break beginning thursday. the fine for tickets will be wiped out as long as you pay for all of your recent violations 2013 on. your outstanding tickets from
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before 2013 will be forgiven for a 50-dollar late fee. the amnesty period runs until april 30th. the good samaritan paying for hundreds of local kids to go to see black panther. body cam video showing police rescuing a man from a fire and the twist they later found out. and america's top cyberwar your says we are not doing enough to stop russian hacking. cecily? >> we have climbed out of the mid 40s and 50s. we have a windy, rainy, snowy cool down. i explain in the seven-day forecast. >> i'm nydia han. troubleshooters, search for missing money. details coming up. >> ducis rodgers hears from
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lebron james reacting to the billboards courting him to join the sixers. that and more when "action news" continues tonight. ♪ ♪ if you'd have told me three years ago
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you prosper. >> "action news" was given exclusive access to this body cam video showing two officers rushing in to save a wheelchair bound man in a fire. the officers happened to be nearby when the 911 call came in last year. in an unusual twist, that man 48-year-old henry flowers was convicted of setting the fire as part of a feud with a neighbor. presidential son-in-law jarred cushner may no longer view the top secret information because his security clearance has been downgraded. cushner has been working with an interim clearance since the start of the trump administration and chief of staff kelly said those without security clearance by last
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friday would be cut off. trump allies are speculating if cushner's days at the white house might be numbered. the cyber command told congress he's not been given authority to respond to russian meddling in elections. he is awaiting president trump to give him permission to take steps against the russian activities. >> the notion that you have not been given the mission to stop this from happening this year is outrageous. >> rodgers said clearly, what we have done has not been enough. >> clearly the troubleshooters are on the hunt for missing money. they have an issue that struck a cord with viewers.
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here's nydia han with details. >> he stopped talking. he couldn't feed himself. >> after a long illness, patricia wade's husband, father of their two children, passed away. >> it's still hard. it's six months today. >> shortly after he passed, she and her children moved into this home and ordered new furniture to get a fresh start. the bedroom set wouldn't fit upstairs. >> they took it back and promised me a refund. >> this is where your furniture was supposed to go. >> after a month, still no refund check. we have contacted the troubleshooter via call for action. >> a week later, i got the check in the mail. i was so happy and excited. my family thanks them. i thank them. there was so much on my plate to
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know that "action news" volunteers jumped in on my behalf was a great relief. >> last center "action news" warned you about a bogus fee being charged by republic services. >> i think they are taking advantage of consumers. they bill customers to pick up bin after service is canceled. some consumers contacted troubleshooters for help. >> i got a call from republic. >> i got a zero bill. >> later, they had more complaints about the same fee. joanne zeller was double billed for it. $132. >> i looked at their fees. there was no fee for removing the trash can. >> but republic says it's wring into the agreement and is the
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cost of doing business. they'll look at fees on a case by case business. they have waived the fee for many of those troubleshooters brought to their attention. >> they put us in collections. it was wonderful that you were there to help us out. i thank channel6 and l effort and determination and support. if you need help go to or 866978cfa. >> nydia han, "action news." >> hundreds of kids took a trip to wakanda. real estate investor rented out the amc for a showing of black panther. this is the second time he's done this. he rented it out friday and so
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many kids showed up, some had to be turned away, so he rented it out a second time. >> this is important to see. it depicts african-american superheros. they need to see the profit light. all of the kids that showed up heard about the free screening through word of mouth. with the countdown on for the 90th oscars, the final slate of presenters. here is a live look at the doany theater in hollywood. emily blunt, sandra bullock, jane fonda, jody foster, ashley judd, nicole kidman, matthew mcconaughey, and christopher walkin will all be there. you can watch the oscars live
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with host "jimmy kimmel live" here only channel6 beginning 8:00 sunday night. >> who is going to be there again? just kidding. we don't have time for that. i have to talk about the weather. we have a lot going on as we beginning march. tonight, action cam looking at center city skyline. we have clear skies, not a cloud in the sky. temperatures not that bad. sky 6 looking at penn's landing. a breeze picking up out of the south. that brings us a mild, dry day tomorrow. as march begins, grab the umbrella, the rain gear, chance of rain 90% on thursday, rainy friday and we dry out as we head through the weekend. right now, step outside, light jacket is all you need. 41 philadelphia down from a high of 56, allentown the same, cape may 42. trenton 41 and wilmington 40.
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satellite and radar showing after blue skies, completely clear conditions today. you can see how the high thin clouds are moving in from the southwest, and they will through the day tomorrow. milky white skies, temperatures with winds out of the southwest, 59 philadelphia, 56 allentown, cape may 54 and wilmington 57-degrees. we have a couple of pieces of energy to look at. this is a snapshot of the atmosphere. we have a surface low moving across southern california, another piece of energy diving down from the pacific southwest. this one has a pool of cold air. they start to interact across the central plains and becomes a coastal storm thursday night into friday. the latest models say this could intensify quickly. what we know, the potential for heavily rain, one to two inches,
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strong gusting winds along the coast. what is uncertain is how much cold air the storm with generate, how much snow we get and the extent of coastal flooding. the most severe to the north. back end snow across the lehigh valley and poconos. we are talking about accumulating snow. there is the potential of light snow far south as philadelphia not likely south of philadelphia 6789 new information tomorrow and a snow map. 59 tomorrow, thursday, rain in the afternoon and 54. friday, accuweather alert day with high winds, heavy rain, the potential for wet snow, 44-degrees. saturday, the storm system spinning off of the coast, 46. sunday, more sunshine, 45. monday, stuck in the 40s.
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47. tuesday, the next system with a chance of rain, 48 and david murphy has new information on the coastal storm on "action news" at 4:30. >> thank you, cecily. this is an exciting night for the robotic owls. tonight they showed off a giant robot for the power up game. it took six weeks to design and build. it's the tallest one they have ever created. ♪ ♪
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>> sixers on the road in miami. >> a young team that needs to know how to close games.
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they lost the first against the wizards sunday night looking to rebound in miami. joel embiid emdiid down low, sixers up by 10. emdiid dropped 23 points later in the quarter ben simmons to the rack. 11 points for simmons. end of the game, sixers up one ten seconds to play. dywane wade takes the shot. heat take the lead, final chance at the sixers other end, j j-reddic wide open for the win. they visit the calves thursday. >> lebron james says he hasn't seen the bil billboards but he's aware of them. the billboards were paid for by chester based rebottling
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company. he's not saying what they'll do. >> it's actually very flattering. i'm 33 in my 15th year. people in their respective cities want me to play for them. that's cool, i think. >> donny jones kicked his last football. the eagle punter announced his retirement, spending 14 seasons in the nfl. the 37-year-old jones goes out on top. a big win for st. joe's after the break. - [narrator] look around.
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>>ry halliday will be inducted into the team's hall of fame. >> third inning, 5-0 detroit.
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tommy hunter, tagged by derek norris. phils down 8-0. they tried him on a comeback. reece hoskins deep in the fourth inning, a solo shot. phillys, lose 11-6. villanova face seton hall tomorrow. they have yet to lose back-to-back games. they credit their resiliency. >> it's in the program how tough you can be. we don't think about that we lost or next game, we just try to get better. we are regaining our focus and playing for each other. >> >> host: facing rhode island. taylor funk with a funky shot. hawking 5-31. later, all hustle here.
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james demory, scores 21. 78-48. their biggest win of the season. >> that's why they play the game. flyers hosted the game for women tonight, hockey for her was created by the female executives in the flyer's front office. it was a chance for female hockey lovers to connect with each other and learn more about the fast paced world of sports. they got a tour of the locker room and posed in front of their favorite player's jersey. >> "jimmy kimmel live" live next. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. goodnight. ♪ ♪
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"jimmy kimmel live!." tonight -- meryl streep. ♪ thank you. >> jimmy: thank you for watching. thank you for coming. we have a what is sure to be a highly overrated show tonight with meryl streep. meryl streep is here tonight because -- [ cheers and applause ]


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