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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  February 28, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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lies for the president and did not say what they are job would be and when her departure date would be and had no words to express her gratitude to the president. >> president trump issues this statement. hope is outstanding and has done great work for the last few years she is as smart and thoughtful as they come. a truly great person. i will miss her by her side. we'll continue to follow the breaking news story and have more on world news tonight with david muir. now, to an accuweather alert tonight. waez continue to track a powerful coastal storm threatening our region tomorrow and friday. we are talking about high winds and the possibility of beach erosion and heavy rains and that is not all. lets get to meteorologist, cecily tynan live in the weather center with the latest. >> after a beautiful end to february we have a major coastal storm waiting in the wings. double scan live radar showing one piece of the storm low
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pressure moving out of the southern plains and that will be providing the moisture and another piece that brings extra energy and also colder air aloft that could change some of that rain to snow in parts of our viewing area. hard to believe when you look at the temperatures. philadelphia 59 degrees and down from the high of 61. good amounts of sunshine out there. just high thin clouds. but future tracker 6 showing this low pressure will track up to the northwest and what this does, it delivers a coastal storm transfers the energy along the coast and thursday 4:00 in the afternoon it's rain everywhere. even in the poconos, but as this low pressure deepens and strengthens and pulls down colder air in the atmosphere and brings a change over to snow. and as that storm system intensifies it cranks up the winds. future tracker 6 showing a lot of rain especially areas closer to the center of the storm and
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north and east of philadelphia. this is where the poconos could get 2.5 inches of rain and trenton closer to 2. farther down to the north and west. dover a half inch. so location is really key. and the biggest threat for the storm system is the high wind. we are looking at wind gust what to 65 miles per hour that could be tropical storm force winds, the heavy rain and falling temperatures and coastal flooding and low risk for heavy snow and it will likely get accumulating snow and the snow map is coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. >> of course get constant updates as the coastal storm approaches. and including stormtracker 6 live double scan the 6 abc app is a download for your mobile device. >> and one man is dead and one is fighting for his life. authorities are trying to find the suspect that pulled the
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trigger. that is where officers found a 28-year-old man and a 36-year-old man both with gunshot wounds. one victim died at the scene and another at the hospital. >> the jury is now deliberating the fate of allentown mayor ed pawlowski. and accused of orchestrating a pay to play scheme. walter perez is here with more. >> it seems unlikely that the jury will reach a verdict today because it was determined that evidence and testimony given to the jury for deliberations not permitted or discussed in court. and they are going over the materials before resubmitting them all as the mayor of the third largest city in pennsylvania awaits his fate.
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>> today a bit past noon the jury started to deliberate his fate after receiving two hours of instructions from the judge. pawlowski stand as accused of allegedly changing favors and city contacts in exchange for campaign donations. >> during the trial they played secret fbi recordings in which he is heard expressing his frustration of the apparent unwillingness for organizations that received city contracts to make donations to the campaigns. >> but even after recording pawlowski for three years, he is never heard agreeing to trade contracts for campaign contributions and he has pled not guilty to all 54 counts against him including bribery, conspiracy and fraud. >> and once again no verdict yet an update coming up on "action news" at 6:00. reporting live from allentown, walter perez, channel 6 "action
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news." >> thank you. in georgia a social studies teacher barricaded himself inside of his classroom and they believed it may be a warning shot. the only injury was a student ta hurt her ankle when the school was evacuated because of the teacher. jessie davidson was taken into custody without incident after a 30 minute standoff with police. authorities did not immediately say why he fired a gun but aimed he aimed away from anyone. students and teachers at stoneman douglas high school returned to classes for the first time since a teenager walked in and opened fire and killed 17 people. the half day began with fourth period so the nearly 3300 students could first see all the people they were with during the shooting and students spoke to the media and said the mood was serious and then plenty of hugs
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and a few laughs later. hundreds of police officers were on hand to make the students feel more at ease. >> it's extremely difficult for students or anyone to return to the scene of a shooting like that. ali gorman spoke with a local counselor and joins us at the big board. >> reporter: it's difficult to even imagine but i spoke with a local expert that specializes in trauma about why it was vital for students to return to campus. flanks by balloons and flowers and friends, students went back inside of stoneman douglas high school this morning. >> i'm nervous. but happy to see everyone come together and support each other. >> that support and being around people that faced the same horrific tragedy is something that sherry a licensed clinical social worker in cherry hill says will help with healing. >> if they need to cry or want to talk or having flashbacks
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they'll have people to talk to. >> it's two weeks sin the gunman went on a rampage shooting and killing 17 people inside of the school. as difficult as it is she says it's important that students and staff return. >> in some ways that is what makes people move beyond trauma going back to the place where it happened because sometimes we need to do that and saying this is something that happened to me, this is something that happened to many of us but we go back and reclaim the right to be in this school and be safe again. >> the mark is above my eye is from shrapnel. >> and she was shot and will finish her credits online. but like so many classmates she continues to tell her story and advocate for change. >> i will speak to large audiences and spread my message and attend rallies and be
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everywhere are i need to be so people can hear me clearly. >> the trauma will stay with everyone affected for everyone for a long time but talking about it and pushing for change gives a sense of control and helps to turn something horrific and something hopeful. >> at the white house today president trump wants congress to put measures into a bill that bolsters background checks to find ways of addressing gun violence and an exchange from the president and senator pat toomey. back in 2013. toomey and democratic west virginia senator pushed the bill called mansion toomey bill and would have expanded the background checks to online sales and gun shows. but the measure failed to move forward and now the trump is calling for the minimum purchase age to be 21 years old and asked toomey and mansion about that.
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>> it doesn't make sense i have to wait until i'm 21 to get a handgun but this weapon at 18. i am curious as to what we did in the bill? >> we didn't address. >> you are afraid of the nra right? >> another proposal is to prohibit sales. bump stocks and wil executive order to do that. >> rare move attorney general, jeff sessions defended himself on attacks how he is handling republican complaints about the russian investigation. earlier today he tweeted that session's decision to rely on the inspector general was disgraceful and sessions issued a statement that he did the right thing but referring allegations to the justice department's internal watch dog and when on to say as long as i'm the attorney general i will discharge my duties with
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integrity and honor. >> and world news david more will have more on hope hick's resignation and the students returning to stoneman douglas high school in parkland florida. watch it tonight at 6:30 following "action news" at 6:00. time for a check of the "action news" traffic report midweek. >> matt pellman is live. >> a fond farewell to february this evening and in a couple of spots that is not the way you want to do that. a crash on 422 eastbound side. right by route 23 it's off to the side and sluggish eastbound from trooper at this point and slower speeds on the westbound side. and that is the way you go in the afternoon and slow pace 202 at oaks. the kitchen barn where that cleared out. and however still watching the accident involving a four wheeler in chester county.
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garden station road at hill top road and use clay and state instead. ain crash involving an overturned vehicle over the state line on the delaware side. naaman's road at shipley road is to be avoided and use south instead of naaman's a crash in wilmington by the bucks stop market by mlk boulevard. one at the roth bridge. back up to pace there. good news. speaking of bridges, don't head for bridges, the tacony palmyra going up in 10 minutes. head for the betsy ross instead. >> okay matt thank you. more ahead on "action news." we'll be right back.
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a section is of the 200 block of chestnut street is back on its feet after a four alarm fire and several businesses say they are ready for crowds to come back. sara bloomquist is live with more. >> reporter: no one can really say how long the work will go on here. demolition is turning out to be
5:15 pm
a painstaking process but amidst it's dumpers and yellow tape and construction equipment businesses are starting to reopen since the fire. now they are pray that the customers will come. >> it's hard the delivery trucks are having a hard time. >> she is the owner of the gelato and pizza here in old city. recently with the opening of the museum of the american revolution across the street business was booming. >> this neighborhood was coming back with the museum. >> and then on february 14th a massive fire burned down it's block. she was structurally unscathed but the restaurant wreaks of smoke. >> the entire restaurant was washed from the ceiling to the floors and every item in here was washed. >> finally tonight from the go ahead from the health department the restaurant opened for the first time since the fire.
5:16 pm
but the block is still cordoned off and workers cleared neighboring building and she is concerned that customers won't come. >> i got some obnoxious balloons and tied them out front and put up ridiculous signs causing people to look. >> next door the souvenir shop owner business is suffering. >> no business horrible. no one comes here. >> the customers were the first to return today. they wanted to support the businesses impacted by the blaze. business owners hope others do the same. >> bad. it should be bustling right now. >> i hope everyone in the city comes to old city and all the businesses. not just us but please come to us. but everyone. >> some businesses are offering incentives to draw customers, she is offering free gelato to
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anyone that dines there and demolition moving at a snails pace and investigators are not able to get inside of the main build that burned to get a good look and try to determine the cause and origin of this blaze. live in old city sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." all right thank you. teenagers rolled up their sleeves for a good cause in the first state today. students at william penn high school in newcastle. holding the record actually of the largest blood drive in the state of delaware. and aim to hold on to the honor with today's drive to help save lives.
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job seekers have a chance to impress employers, they are having a job fair along mall boulevard from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. businesses like friends hospital and mattress plan will be there. customer service and retail sales are available. if you want a job you can submit your resume and network. black history month and read across america week came together to teach students in german town teaching us lessons that make us philly proud.
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>> i am talented -- >> i am intelligent -- >> i am creative -- >> 100 black men spoke to the children to keep them inspires. and the performance of learning about african-american leaders and the performance of reading. in camden firefighters were honored for their recent efforts in not one but two recent fires. ferman street and clinton street, they were awarded for saving two people that were trapped.
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. big changes in store time to check it out. a pleasant way to say farewell to february. fifth wettest and our weather changes towards march. let head to the weather center a live shot looking at cape may and we are talking a lot about the coast and a coastal flood watch tomorrow evening into saturday. now we head into march. the old saying. marches comes in like a lion and
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out like a lamb. the average high is 48 degrees and once we are well above that but past tomorrow temperatures will be in the upper 40s through the weekend into the middle of next week the average high 58 degrees and 2 degrees above that. typically we don't get a lot and arrange snowfall 3 inches and the biggest impact we gain 80 minutes of daylight as we head through the month. >> right now a lot of daylight. high, thin clouds and temperatures feeling like april. and 59 in philadelphia after we hit the high of 51. and the same in allentown and trenton 60 degrees and cape may with the wind off the ocean and 50 in reading. and satellite 6 along with action radar showing the moisture velg developing to the south that is one ingredient that brings us high winds and heavy rain and coastal flooding and even snow. tomorrow morning really no
5:26 pm
troubles at all. temperatures in the 40s. could get some peeks of sunshine and then as we head into the afternoon you bring the kids to school they need the rain coats off the bus. the rain is developing in philadelphia and notice the temperatures even the poconos in the 50s. it begins as rain. we get the first push of moisture and gets heavy on thursday night. 8:30 it's pouring north of philadelphia and friday morning. a bit a lull in the action. and the precipitation gets lighter but the poconos change over to snow with the temperatures in the 30s and through the day on friday the cold irair tries to catch one the moisture and we'll likely see a change over to snow. however the big question how much moisture is left and the fact that the ground surfaces are warm and it's tough to get that snow to stick. where it sticks likely the northern lehigh valley and the poconos. 3 to 6 inches.
5:27 pm
great news for the ski resorts and northern and with western suburbers, 1 to 3 slushy inches and south jersey possible grassy coating. it's hard to get an accumulation. the big story is the wind gusts, at the height of the storm 45 to 50 to more than 60 miles per hour with a saturated ground with 1 to 2 inches of rain there could be power outages thanks to the wind. that is the biggest factor in the storm. the five-day at 5:00. mild and rain developing in the afternoon and 56 degrees, friday winds intensify and periods of rain changing over to wet snow and 44 and windy and chilly on saturday and windchills in the 30s. and the middle of next week another storm is on the way and agd am will talk about that in the seven-day forecast. march is coming in like a lion. >> like a polar bear actually.
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"action news" continues. >> here is what is happening on "action news" wednesday night. students at stoneman douglas high school in florida beginning the healing process as 17 teachers and classmates were shot on valentine's day. we are live with the latest coming up. and the dialog surrounding gun control ramps up philadelphia police announce the details of a weapons buy back in an effort to reduce violence and a spring like day today but a storm coming our way and could bring rain high winds and even snow for parts of the area. the later accuweather forecast coming up. an emotional day as students return to the school where 17 teachers be classmates were killed two weeks ago. the parents dropped off their kids and they were greeted by military members with weapons and therapy dogs.
5:31 pm
and maggie ruly joins us live from park lan, florida with more on that. >> reporter: the superintendant here says that today was a major milestone and called the students resilient and inspiring and reminded everyone that this week is not about a curriculum but rather about comforting these students. >> classes are now back in session at stoneman douglas high school. >> relieved to be back. >> as they try to move forward -- >> we want to move on with our normal lives, today was a strange emotional day. >> everything is now different. >> in my spanish class especially because one of our students didn't show up because he was one of the 17. >> grief counselors and therapy dogs were on campus. >> i love the dogs so much. good helping students find a new normal after two weeks that have
5:32 pm
been anything but. >> students turning their anger into action. pressuring lawmakers and companies to make changes. this morning dicks sporting good announced they will no longer sell assault style rifles and not sell firearms to anyone under the age of 21. >> if the kids are brave enough to organization like this we can be brave enough to take this out of here. >> rick scotts want more police and bullet proof glass in schools. >> and president trump called for more professionals to carry guns. >> you can't be sitting ducks and that is what we allowed people in these schools to be. >> even though classes were optional 95% of students returned to campus today and described it as a heart warming and healing family reunion and classes continue for the rest of the week on a modified schedule. channel 6 "action news."
5:33 pm
>> thank you. back here philadelphia police have announced a major gun buy back program and announced a news conference today and taking place from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. at a property at the 2300 block of north broad street adjacent to the official unlimited store. anyone that turns in a gun get a $75 gift card and people can turn in weapons anonymously with no questions asked and the aim is to reduce gun violence and to get guns out of the hands of criminals. last year close to 700 firearms were stolen from their owners. >> those are guns on the street that were almost undoubtedly be put to criminal use. it's tough to measure crimes that don't happen in other words how many people were avoided. >> we posted details about the gun buy back program on our
5:34 pm
website at >> president trump's former campaign chairman paul manafort pled not guilty toal gages of meddling in the 2016 election. manafort's plea come a week after rick gates pleads guilty to reduced charges in exchange for cooperating with prosecutors. >> a casket bearing the body of billy graham was carryied up the capital. president trump and the first lady were those paying respect to the pastor who died at 99 on friday. and students demanded action to protect the so-called daca program. >> these students were outside
5:35 pm
of congressman bob brady's office in philadelphia this morning and students plan to rally at district offices and other cities across the keystone state in an effort to save the dream act and the legislation in a protects immigrants expired on monday. now, to an accuweather alert. a major storm is headed our way, bringing heavy rains and high winds, in our area. now a first check of the accuweather forecast for us. >> good evening, a major coastal storm setting up throwing everything our way. and a piece of energy with that system over oklahoma city. we see rain running out of the tennessee valley one piece of the puzzle pulled together tonight into the day on friday. it begins here on friday afternoon as light rainfall. any time after the lunch time hour coming from the southwest to the northeast. and turns steady and heavy at times thursday night into the daytime friday.
5:36 pm
and ends late friday afternoon into the evening hours and cold air wraps around and some of us will see wet snow especially philadelphia off to the north. but the winds will howl and be the star of the storm and the dangerous part of the storm. 35 to 50 miles per hour thursday into friday. and along the immediate coast 55 to 65 miles per hour and could create power outages if you are susceptible to losing powers make sure your generators are up and run and high wind watch friday into saturday. and most areas into south jersey and the entire state of delaware where the strongest winds will be close toert er to the center of the coastal storm. especially for the high tide late friday into saturday and the back bays with a full moon and tides are running higher than normal any way and look agent possible major beach erosion as well.
5:37 pm
we'll have more on the storm in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you. of course get constant updates as the storm approaches including stormtracker 6 live double scan on your phone or tablet and the a free download for your mobile device. from our new jersey newsroom tonight. investigators are trying to figure out the cause of a fire that destroy aid home in lawrence township. this was the scene around 5:00 a.m. at the unit block of cedar brook lane. flames were shooting from the home when crew as rived and went to two alarms and nobody wassed injured. >> police released this video of the robbery of adams avenue in the crescentville section. entered dunkin' donuts at 2:00 p.m. and handed the employee a note demanding money or threatening to shoot. the employee complied and the two suspects took off. >> take a look look at this
5:38 pm
surveillance video. philadelphia police say that it showed the moment when a driver for new pizza palace was robbed at gun point on february 13th it happened on the 2900 block of chad ham street in the fort richmond section and approached by a woman looking for an address. and handed over the pizza when he arrive at the destination and two armed men approached and demanded his money and all suspects took off. coffee is a treat for many but having a cup of joe with a police officer could be better. the middletown police department hosted their cops and coffee program, which they do every month and they were at rio grande coffee and talked about the issues in the community and got to know each other over a cup of joe. >> nice. >> time to get a check of conditions on the roads midweek. matt pellman is here with the latest. >> reporter: with we have presentee of trouble brewing in the last half hour since i spoke to you. including this new serious crash
5:39 pm
along 422, the eastbound side approaching trooper road. it looks to me to be five vehicles involved and emergency crews are on the scene and police are stopping all the eastbound traffic at times. you may remember up ahead at 23 we already had a crash and traffic was backing up because of that one and in the backlog the second more serious accident happened and an ambulance to the scene as we watch live traffic is parked coming away from oaks to this point approaching trooper. that is two ambulances attending to this accident. you want to avoid it and use ridge pike or 723. and a vehicle burst into flames and 320 is blocked now. and a crash on 95 northbound by academy is on the shoulder but speeds just in the teens there coming north of the betsy ross bridge. this is the tacony palmyra
5:40 pm
bridge stopped for a passing ship. head for the betsy ross instead. the ben franklin has an accident heading towards center city and a crash on 295 that cleared and still slow to 38. and i want to warn you lincoln drive southbound is closing for overnight construction at 8:00 and stay local at east falls until tomorrow morning. back over to you. >> thank you. breaking news right now we have a sad story from mercer county, new jersey where authorities were called to hamilton township lake moments ago the spring lake area near sewell avenue and the report of a body discovered there, no word if it's a male or female but emergency crews are on the scene. still trying to recover the body of a person. not much information at this time. this is along the hamilton township lake area spring lake. there is more ahead on
5:41 pm
"action news" tonight. a famous tight rope walker does it again. this time he balanced 35 feet above the ground on a wire the width of a nickel. >> and a day after sponsoring controversy. they sign a new deal with a pizza place. the birds get their first look at potential new players. jaime apody has details when "action news" continues tonight. right now, comcast business is doubling your internet speed so you can download large files faster
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pizza hut has replaced papa johns as the nfl's official sponsor that made one very happy. carson wentz tweeted saying there is a new nfl pizza partner i could get down with some pizza hut. it came a day after it and the nfl opted to end the relationship with papa johns and pizza hut stepped in. and jaime apody is here with football's combine. >> and tory smith told me that the eagles are back in the gym because they are behind. being the last team standing gives other teams a chance to get a jump on the next season
5:45 pm
and i never thought about it. and they are scouting for the draft and pederson is trying to move past the super bowl but can't. >> my wife and i are watching tv and you catch the game. i have done this four times now. not that i'm searching for it but it's on and i go back through the game and it's like -- did we win? one of those things -- but you know what for me t. was a great way to just kind of analyze the game from afar. and just to make sure i was doing everything possible to help our team win. i gave the coach a week off because it's been 20 plus weeks since we had a break. took a week and got away from it. and got back a couple of weeks ago and we are ready to go. we are energized and jazzed up and ready for the season.
5:46 pm
>> one team taking their cue from the eagles is the flyers. they have won ten of 11 games including six straight. they are set to host the hurricanes and a point out of first place in the division despite the fact that they lost ten straight earlier. >> we came through a challenging schedule and coming into a tough schedule coming up and what we have been able to do is keep a short-term focus and not get too far ahead of ourselves here. we don't have to play and able to play in the next 10 games and worry about playing one game tomorrow. >> spring training in full swing opening day for the phillies in atlanta. they are back taking on the blue jays and curtis granderson a thorn in hire side. a three run homer and crush the phillies 7-1. and philadelphia union back
5:47 pm
from clearwater where they were training across the street from the phils. and union getting set to host new england to kick off the 2018 campaign. it's interesting to see how the roster comes together on the field after all they have an interesting mix of youth and experience. >> you put a 17-year-old and a 33-year-old in the locker room today what happens. >> it's a big argument on the music that is played it's a starting point and touchy starting point. probably about i would say 12 guys on the roster that are 22 years old and younger, there is kind of half and half down the middle and the experienced guys that have the routine. it makes for a little bit like brothers older brothers that put their arm arounds and the occasional moment the disagreement in practice and it's healthy a good group they get along well and translated so
5:48 pm
far on to the field. >> we are proud of our partnership with union soccer watch the opener on our sister station phl 17 saturday night at 7:00. all getting started. all the sports coming together. >> thank you. still to come on "action news" the exclusive accuweather forecast. and you are taking a live look at spring mountain intrepid skiers out there. adam joseph has the details.
5:49 pm
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meteorologist adam joseph is here now with a closer look at february and the beginning of march. >> lets talk about the end of february. >> it's lovely. >> really nice. and flipping big time. you flip the calendar and the weather does a 180 or 360. stormtracker 6 live double scan in the weather center shows the leading edge of moisture streaming out from the north and west. and things don't move quickly as this storm deepens and throws a lot our way. parts of the area northern and east of philadelphia under a flood watch as we get into friday and early saturday. coastal flood watch in effect because of beach erosion and coastal flooding because of high tides and a full moon in conjunction with the storm and high wind watch for most of new jersey and delaware with
5:52 pm
powerful winds and winter storm watch for the poconos where they see 3 to 6 inches of snow from the storm. temperatures are mild near 60 degrees across 95 points north and west. and 55 in millville and cooler at the shore and winds off the water in the 40s there. as you go through the day dry for your rush hour and temperatures if the 40s with filtered sunshine and showers start to arrive in the afternoon and this is 2:30 in at noof and it comes if from the south and west and starts to crank up and turns heavy as the energy is transferring to a coastal storm especially north of philadelphia. we see almost two inches of rain from the storm where the flood watch it and southern area a half inch of rainfall. and then again continues to rain on and off heavy at times in friday morning and liquid everywhere with temperatures in the 40s and we start to see snow developing in the poconos as we get into friday late morning and especially afternoon and evening
5:53 pm
and the storm intensifies especially on the track. we see the cold air collapse down into the column of the atmosphere changing the rain over to heavy wet snow in the late afternoon and evening and philadelphia north and east. this is our first call map and this changes a bit depending on the track of the storm and as of now the end of the storm could be a possible coating lancaster and trenton near millville. 1 to 3 inches north of philadelphia and montgomery and bucks and lehigh valley to the poconos 3 to 6 inches of heavy wet snow that you typically see in the month of march. the winds are the most powerful part of the storm gusting 50 to 65 miles per hour friday into saturday. it's a long period of strong winds that will break limbs and weak trees and the ground saturated and that could uproot the trees creating power outages and at the shore. minor to moderate flooding
5:54 pm
saturday at high tide waves on friday are 3 to 6 feet building 6 to 10 on saturday is and could bring significant beach erosion. the exclusive accuweather forecast mild with afternoon rain developing tomorrow and 56. and windy here thursday night and friday friday night with rain going over to wet snow 44 degrees and windchills in the 30s and dry here with peeks of sun on saturday and sunday still breezy behind the system and sunny and 47 and duplicate here on monday plenty of sun and 47 and near 50 as it clouds up and another system to bring rain wet snow north and west into the middle of next week. >> thank you. meantime tonight, in the all new the goldbergs we can relive eagers glory with a special super bowl episode is. it senteres on a family living in jenkin town and it has merrill reese and the hail barry
5:55 pm
episodes tonight on 6 abc. and designated survivor followed by "action news" at 11:00. we'll be right back.
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5:57 pm
all eyes return to the sky in oxen hill mand as high wear performer nik wallenda walked between two building he walked the wire 75 feet above the ground and the wire is the size of a nickel. wow. all right that is it for us. right now stick around jim gardner and the "action news" team is next at 6:00. >> for adam joseph cecily tynan monica malpass i'm rick williams have a nice wednesday night. we'll see you tomorrow.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. wednesday night the jury deliberates in the corruption trial of ed pawlowski. and a truck slammed into an overpass. the notorious for that misfortune. >> but the big story is the accuweather alert and the weather starts to go downhill tomorrow. lets get to cecily tynan with the latest information from accuweather. >> jim, the ingredients are starting to come together for a major coastal storm to welcome in march. double scan live shows the
6:00 pm
moisture gathering from the south that is with one low pressure and that combines with another one and the second one brings the energy and colder air and could change the rain over to snow in parts of our viewing area, it's hard to believe philadelphia 61 degrees today that is 14 degrees above normal and this is typical for early april than late february. wednesday this shows by 7:00 tonight that low pressure begins to reach areas northern and west of us. by tomorrow afternoon. temperatures are in the 50s as this moves in it starts as rain. across the entire viewing area and this low pressure transfers energy to a coastal low and that deepens quickly and infence if is and trapped in the atmospheric traffic jam than pulls down colder air from higher in the atmosphere during the day on friday and that brings a change over to snow in


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