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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  March 1, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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be strong enough to bring down trees and power lines and cause serious damage. matt pellman is standing by with road conditions and how they are preparing for the storm. >> lets check in with cecily tynan and adam joseph with the late of on what we can expect tonight and tomorrow. >> hey i tell you this is a powerful storm and long duration storm with a lot of different elements. >> rain at first and then the winds kick up and then snow. and then the coastal flooding as well. so much to go over here. just getting cranked up now and go to the weather center and double scan live radar showing one low. it's moving into the ohio valley and already seeing that wrap around cold air bringing snow north of detroit and now a coastal low is starting to form near cape hatteras. and when that storms the storm system intensifies and that
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brings us the heaviest precipitation and the highest winds and the change over to snow. this is what it looks like now. the primary low and coastal low, as we head through the overnight hours, the transfer of energy occurs and notice the isobars it tightens up and increases as the storm system intensifies and rain and a lull actually. light rain in philadelphia tomorrow morning. but as the storm system really deepens and gets stronger we see the change over to snow and the isobars get a lot tighter. this is when the winds really start to increase. we talk about the timeline, tonight that heavy rain will be arriving when are looking at a half inch of rain later on tonight and right now just light rain and tomorrow morning the change over to snow. already occurring in the poconos. the rest of us we get a bit of a break with light rain but don't be lulled into thinking this is not a big event. friday afternoon and friday
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evening the winds howl and the storm system taps into the cold air changing the rain to wet snow and everybody is interested about the snow but the big story is the winds. >> the duration and strength we have to watch here. in fact, as we go into friday morning into saturday morning for basically 24 hours we have a high wind warning across the board. lehigh valley delaware valley to the shore. winds gusting over 50 miles per hour hour and hour. we look at the low level jet the river of air that feeds the nor'easter, basically 5,000 feet above our heads, can you tap into that area when have you precipitation that drags down the winds and the certain of storm not much in the way of wind. here is the jet 90 miles per hour into new england and wraps around and heads over long island and loses stream over friction when it hits land and 60 to 70 miles per hour over our
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heads we tap into the wind and we will into late friday. in fact, on top of the wind we have coastal flood warnings for jersey and delaware bay and saturday night even after the storm ends we watch the flooding at the shore and times of high tide both the high tides tomorrow, friday morning and friday evening is minor but the blooding expected to be moderate or even major as we go into saturday morning at 8:17 a.m. for the high tide in conjunction with the full moon. when cecily tynan comes back she will talk about how much snow everyone will see friday into saturday. and conditions on the roads are getting worse. matt pellman has an update in the traffic center. >> we see the wet roadways now in the western burbs here on 422 in phoenixville road surface is wet and traffic is slowing in
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the westbound lanes away from 202 from this point at 29 and normal afternoon volume in combination with the wet conditions kicking in and secondary roads we start to see accidents because they are wet they are slippery. one in east vincent along pughtown road and stay up on 23 ridge road instead. and at rite aid a crash at township line road a spot that would normally be busy any way. ain serious accident of a freight train that struck a vehicle in gladwyne. waverly road there by the schuylkill expressway. you want to stay clear of waverly at river. and a broken down truck we are watching on 95 southbound near the betsy ross bring than is cleared out of the way. and plenty of red. vine street expressway expressway busy in both directions by the schuylkill but at least conditions are not too wet just yesterday and a crash
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in delaware hockessin at gap pike. but the vehicle fire in galloway that was closing the white horse pike is extinguished and everything is open there. we'll check it again in the next half hour. meantime peco and penndot are ready for whatever the storm brings us. gray hall is live now. >> reporter: well rick, you have driven in the area and you know with a small amount of rain this area can quickly flood and with the potential of a lot of wind and rain on the way this could become one of those problem areas and crews tell me whether the here or anywhere else across this region they are ready to respond. >> as the region waits for the first effects of the approaching coastal storm. christina papas says crews are
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ready for whatever mother nature brings. >> we are ready to handle storms like this so nobody is scrambling and do tree trimming and making sure it is reliable for the customers. >> and the storm is expected to bring a mixed bag of rain, and snow and wind. and the possibly wet snow that could bring down limbs and trees and poles. >> the wind has the potential to take down trees and branches and some equipment. >> hundreds of workers are monitoring the storm and on stand by and will be dispatched as needed. he doesn't expect the system to create much of a plowing situation but peco targets problem areas throughout the year and making sure drains are clear in the hopes of preventing flooding. >> we'll use all of our guys as soon as mixed precipitation or snow starts to fall. but challenges with the storm.
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motorists need to be aware that winds will be especially high. and crews are assuring the public they are prepared to respond now and waiting to see what the weather holds. >> another remind their winter is not over. we have several more weeks and march is an active month and we are not doing potholes we'll do more winter service activities. >> and back out live you heard peco and penndot say that wind is a major factor and peco reminding customers that the wind could bring down power lines. if you see downed power lines in your neighborhood. do not approach them and contact customer service they will be out to repair the lines. gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you. >> well, delaware is also preparing for the approaching nor'easter tonight. "action news" is in delaware city today where officials decided to keep a series of portable retaining walls up to prevent flooding from the
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delaware river are. chief dave bailer told us the combination of a full noon and high tides and strong winds is a big concern wherever we get storm warnings like this. the barriers come up and stay through april and the summer. >> and the town has heavy duty pumps to protect itself and the third is on stand by. >> be sure to wake up extra early with the "action news" morning show. wake up with the morning team to stay on top of the nor'easter, matt, tam, david and karen will have the latest condition on the road and school delays start at 4:00 a.m. get constant updates on the storm including stormtracker 6 live double scan any time on your phone or tablet. the app is say free download for your mobile device. meantime breaking news from delaware tonight. the state supreme court just overturned the conviction of a 17-year-old girl in the school bathroom attack that led to the death of another student amy joiner francis.
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the girl was found culpable of criminal criminally negligent homicide. they found joiner francis had a rare heart decision died of sudden cardiac death aggravated by stress from the fight. they say it would be unjust to blame the defendant because she could not have known that the fight would lead to the victim's death. and -- on behalf of a seventh grade girl sexually molested by an employee. the i.t. worker took the girl in his office and engaged in inappropriate behavior. they say they should have been aware of the behavior and done something to stop it. the worker was tried and convicted of molesting the girl. the school did not comment.
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philadelphia mayor, jim kenney laid out his future with the budget proposal. what is in store for the school and services. vernon odom is live with the story. >> reporter: rick can good evening, the mayor is spending plan for the new year is an ambitious one and now out here now for review and evaluation. and the most eye popping proposal a 6% hike in real estate taxes than will be evaluated in the months ahead. >> the mayor came to city council with the spending plan with goodies for everyone. more money for police and firefighters and more resources to battle the opioid crisis and more for the school district and there in lies the bone of contention he wants a hike in real estate taxes to the tune of 6% to cover the deficit this time projected at $900 million over the next nine years.
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>> there is nothing else to cut and no one to turn to. we continue to press the commonwealth to fund schools adequately, we can no longer wait for other people to help us. >> the arrange property owner with a home assessed at $113 will see an additional $97 a year in their tax bill. >> we are supportive of the mayor's proposal today to increase property taxes. >> at 6%? >> it's a broad base tax to be born by residents and businesses. >> and the verdict goes to city council now and key members are not signing up as they sense public reaction could be negative. >> i don't know if 6% property tax is a good way to do it. we have a lot of poor people in the town and a lot of people who are on fixed income zbrz we have to talk about property taxes. i know we have to do something. what that should be is a different question.
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>> monica the deadline to pass the new city spending budget is june 30th in the months and weeks ahead there will be plenty of public hearing to talk about all of these issues. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." live at logan circle. >> thank you. stocks turned sharply lower as talk of steep tariffs on steel and aluminum spooked investors the arrange dropped as much as 5 had hundred points today and the dow ended down 420. and the nasdaq and s&p 500 both down as well. more ahead on "action news" thursday night. more proof that what you eat is having a major impact on your health. >> new evidence tonight the diet can play a role in developing cancer. what a new study revealed. >> we have rain moving in light rain in philadelphia and a bit heavier across the lehigh valley. but this the leading edge of what will become our nor'easter with high winds and heavy rain
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and yes even snow. i'm have new information what to expect where you live when "action news" returns.
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the a mission to educate the public about american prisoners of war and those missing in action. the powmia flag is making the
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round through the 50 states and starting today delaware got its turn and made several stops including here add donely and that continues its track through tomorrow and saturday as well. health check tonight. new evidence of how your diet plays a role in disease. a team at yale has found a link between diet and inflammation causing foods and colon cancer and men and women that ease processed food and red meat and soda are more likely to get cancer than those that eat low inflammation foods, leafy green vegetables and squash are examples. colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer related death. doctors in chicago have taken the wraps off a 12 kid my transplant exchange. they call it a remarkable swap
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opportunity. they met for the first time at northwestern memorial hospital. the six pairs consisted of six sets of friend and aunt and niece and second cousins and a good samaritan none knew whose kidney they got until they met. >> that kidney has been all over the world and eaten so many good foods. >> take care of it. >> it was rewarding and a relief we got it off successfully. it speaks to the power of living donation. >> and workers at moss rehabilitation in elkins park got to chill out with tender the facility dog that normally helps outpatients but today it was at the physical therapy gym. the yappy hour was a big hit.
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in camden city officials kicked off the st. patrick's day festivities early this year. the freeholder board held the flag raising ceremony the first
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time an event was held in camden county. after the singing of the irish nag alan them there was an announcement of events. the annual parade will be held on sunday. a delaware elementary school wrapped up black history month with a living wax museum and the owe children took pride in the projects to tell the stories of some of the greatest african-americans. they dressed in costumes and sat beside the creations.
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we have breaking news from lehigh valley. a jury reached a verdict in the the case against ed pawlowski. he has maintained his innocence. once we know the verdict we'll bring it to you. >> now time for a check of the accuweather forecast. cecily tynan is busy in the weather center tonight. we have a major storm on the way. and show you the shot from the pagoda overlooking reading and the leading edge of the rain is pushing in and stormtracker 6 live double scan showing along i-95 it's light however it's picking up in intensity across berks county and the lehigh
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valley valley and bethlehem and easton and seeing the yellow, and this is from the initial low pressure and the transfer of energy to the coast bringing the high gusty winds with the event you'll change over to snow. philadelphia 53 degrees and we hit 5810 degree as government normal for a high. and allentown 55 and cape may cooler with the wind off the ocean 47 and the poconos currently the cool spot 46. satellite 6 along with action radar showing one low pressure to the northwest and little bit of snow on the back edge and it's transferring its energy to low pressure off the coast. than is when everything really intensifies. if you head out tonight take an umbrella and temperatures in the 50s and the heavy rain begins to move into lancaster overspreading the area by 10:30 and we get a lull in the precipitation by 7:30 just light rain and notice in the poconos.
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this is when the storm is beginning to tap into colder air, pulling it around and pulling it down from higher in the atmosphere and the change over to snow in the poconos and that change over occurs all the way down across our whole viewing area by the evening commute. this time tomorrow night a lot of people are driving home dealing with snow that really reduces visibility the wee hours of the morning this system is elevation we are looking at 4 to 12 in the poconos and allentown 4. and great news for the ski resorts a foot of snow. north of philadelphia 2 to 4 slush y inches of grassy surfaces. the big story with the storm is
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not the snow and not the rain it's the wind we are look agent 12 hour of wind gusts 50 to 60 miles per hour from noon tomorrow until midnight. the problem with the ground saturated this likely results in a lot of downed trees and this is the time to prepare for power outages and make sure your flashlights work. a lot of people are probably going to need them. tomorrow windy and the rain turning over to snow from the north to the south. 44 is the high and saturday we are under the influence in the storm in the form of wind and blustery and chilly and windchills in the 30s and sunday 48 and monday 49 and tuesday it clouds up 49 ahead of the storm system. adam will talk about that in the seven-day forecast. a lot going on. still more ahead on "action news" stick around we'll be right back.
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at the beginning of what could turn into 24 hours of severe weather conditions we have the accuweather forecast coming up. as president trump and lawmakers debate new gun control measures, companies are taking steps on who can buy weapons. and a tasty payoff for a group of firefighters, a boston delicacy arrives in philadelphia thanks to the eagles super bowl victory. >> now the details a major storm system is headed our way expected to bring rain and even snow to the area. but the biggest worry is the winds. gusts could reach up to 60 miles per hour. and adam joseph is joining us now with the first check of the accuweather forecast. >> basically everybody is seeing the same thing wind to start and the wind picks up and snow on the back edge and coastal flooding and a lot of almosts to the storm now in the infant stages of development.
5:31 pm
the primary low over ohio sending the rain our way. this low pushes the energy to the coast where a new low will develop south of long island and that is the storm that gets us into coastal flooding and the snow and extremely strong winds. a flood watch in effect tonight through tomorrow night. anywhere from philadelphia all points to the north and west. the northeast extension montgomery county and the lehigh valley. and trenton and burlington county and camden county we could see 1 to 2 inches of rain here. flooding on the streets and smaller streams given how saturated the ground is. we look at the rainfall total, inch and a half close to allentown and philadelphia. same for trenton and 3 inches or more in the poconos. over an inch in wilmington and places to the south like millville. and the winter part of the storm we have winter storm warnings in the poconos. carbon and monroe tomorrow morning and through saturday morning a winter weather
5:32 pm
advisory for parts of the lehigh valley from bethlehem to easton. this is where we expect most of the accumulating snow to really kind of pile up as we get into friday afternoon and friday night. future tracker 6 showing those areas could see anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of snow in the mountains and as close as allentown and easton and as much as 3 to 6 inches of snow. we'll talk about the wind aspect of the storm and the coastal flooding coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. meanwhile people at the jersey shore are taking the coming storm seriously and the potential for flooding is a big concern and they will watch the high tide on saturday morning and are asking residents to be ready to move their vehicles to higher ground just in case. and another area of concern is the possibility of beach erosion. >> the high winds, peco energy crews are on alert for possible power outages and they prepare all year for storms like this. they will be ready to respond
5:33 pm
quickly. officials with penndot are getting ready and hundreds of workers are on stand by and dispatched as needed. they are clearing drains and trouble spots to keep flooding at minimum. >> looking at the roads tonight. mobile six is in galloway township. smooth sailing right now but this of course will be a different scene tomorrow as the storm moves in but just your normal traffic volume on a thursday night on the white horse pike and things are trickier once the precipitation moves into the area. the severe weather could have an impact on the roads in the coming hours of course. >> matt pellman is live with the details on that. >> hey guys we see action on the roads now and windshield wiper action in chester county and the windshield wipers geerg gearing up for a long shift due the day tomorrow. here is the bypass and definitely wet in the western burbs and traffic is slow on the
5:34 pm
westbound side of the 30 bypass from 202 from this point at 282, just ahead at 340 and chester county the crash along east vincent near brown backs church ride and stay back on 23 ridge road. but it sounds like in gladwyne they are in the process is of clearing out the accident involving the freight train at waverly and river. things are getting better by the schuylkill expressway. but on the expressway itself. slow, speeds like 9, 11 and 14 miles per hour. no accidents on the schuylkill just a lot of volume and the wet conditions. but there an accident on 95 southbound direction near the walt whitman bridge and pushed off to the side and jammed solid coming south of penn's landing and crossing the river via the walt whitman bridge it's a slow go and once you get to 42 it picks up to 55 and not too bad and not too wet or soaked at least not yet. a crash in west depford along
5:35 pm
grove road. and expecting a lot of accidents, downed trees and flooding tomorrow. if you head out allow plenty of time for the commute. karen will be here tomorrow morning and i'll be here tomorrow afternoon. >> back to you. >> thank you. "action news" will be on early tomorrow morning to help you with what will surely be a wet commute. and washington now lawmakers are still processing the surprising proposals set forth by donald trump for gun control. they are close to revealing the sweeping changes for the gun laws, including tough new restrictions. kenneth moton joins us live from washington. >> reporter: good evening, president trump has some big plans to try to prevent school violence from the hands of guns but his proposals are met with harsh political realities on
5:36 pm
capitol hill. >> it's an honor to be with you -- >> in the wake of the deadly school shooting, arming highly trained teachers and beefing up the background system and raging the able to buy guns to 21. >> this is not something we expect to happen overnight and supporting legislation that helps states detect and report threats to school. wednesday trump raised eyebrows on how to take guns from someone identified as a possible threat. >> take the guns first and then go through due process second. the nra responded -- >> due process must be protected and respected. >> and the democrats push to strengthen background checks. >> not having background checks at gun shows is like checking i.d.'s at the liquor store but not at the bar. >> the president's support for broader gun control met with skepticism on capitol hill.
5:37 pm
>> he has to get a few republicans to pass the the background checks and we can get it passed. >> i want to respond in ways that will save lives. >> this morning president trump held another white house meeting on school safety. and they heard from families impacted by school shootings including parkland, florida. kenneth moton, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a big drop on wall street today. the dow lost more than 400 points after president trump announced his intense to impose new tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum and alis are expressing concerns it could mean higher costs for american consumers, the president made the announcement this afternoon and will formerly sign the measures next week imposing tariffs of 25% on steel and 10% on aluminum. shortly after the announcement
5:38 pm
the dow plunged 600 points and closed down 431 points. meantime chief of staff john kelly meaning to bring more order to the west wing had comments at a round table discussion. he attended the event marking the anniversary of the department of homeland security. and served as second of the department for six months before he was tapped to replace him at the white house. kelly joked he was not sure what he did to end up in the current position. >> the last thing i wants to do was walk away from one of the great honors of my life running the department of homeland security. >> his tenure is rocky lately. after aides working without perpnant security clearances. still ahead a celebration of stories, how one local school is encouraging a love of reading and taste for green eggs and ham at the same time.
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>> and a firehouse makes good on a bet with the men and women of engine 45. >> looks good. and the sixers get ready to play lebron and the cavaliers.
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mr. brown can move. green eggs and ham are some of the most popular dr. seuss books on display for read across america. it happened in gloucester county and kids in pre-k and first and second grade dressed up for the is assembly. it calls for every child to celebrate reading or march 2 and the birthday of dr. seuss. a delicious served up by both cities in the super bowl a bet with cheesesteaks and lobster rolls. >> and the firefighters got to taste fresh lobster victory. a rep from pauly's drove eight hours to engine 45 ladder 14 in strawberry mansion and brought 25 lobster rolls for everybody.
5:43 pm
and mayor kenney decided to let them enjoy the rolls instead of him. >> time for sports. cleveland cavaliers and lebron is in town and also the chapter about his contract. >> the sixers were there in cleveland. and lebron james explained he might be a sixer and may not be. we have no idea yet. and absolute rumors that he and his reps were exploring than is not true. he said he absolutely did not. the sixers are in cleveland and they know lebron james is the guy they have to get a handle on. >> we have to do a good job of making it tough on him. you know ben is's transition game we have to get back and load on him he say one man fast break. >> the red hawk flyers host the
5:44 pm
hurricanes and up against the capitols for first place in the division. >> the a tough schedule and big challenge for us. i see it as more of an opportunity to kind of prove ourselves and we kind of deserve to be where we are at in the standings. it's not just coincidence. we need to keep playing hockey and making a statement here. >> four weeks from today it all counts and for now the phillies are probably glad it doesn't. >> the phils hosting cleveland. and on the board with a home run to left. that was the phillies only long ball but the pinstripes had five of them this one by tyler austin almost went on to the highway. phillies fell 6-4. 1-6 last place from you counting but they don't count. and relief coming from the bullpen once things get rolling, jeff skversky has the story.
5:45 pm
>> it helps -- >> he left money on the table to sign with the phillies. the two time all-star had other offers but his heart was here. >> love the city and my teammates. and awesome. you won't find that in new york it's a special place for me. he loved living in green mills and playing for the phillies. the 1.12 earned run average was the lowest in history. >> at 37 years old he is the oldest player on the roster and his young team looks up to him. >> they joke can you sign a card for me? or stuff like that. they'll be this one day too. you'll see a lot of all stars amongst this group down the road. >> the wise and older -- believes they can take over the
5:46 pm
roster of future all stars, one of the reasons he wanted to call citizens bank park his home once again this year. >> he is what we need with the young guys, we are lack that. last year it was bad. not a good place. it just wasn't a healthy environment. >> he doesn't know if he could top what he did last year but as long as they win he is happy. jeff skversky. channel 6 "action news." >> he and the manager are almost the same able how about that? >> well the ride sharing service uber is launching a new service saying that people that need a safe way to get to and from doctors appointments is called uber health and partners the drivers with hospitals and senior centers and rehab facilities and an associate could use a ride as well. the service is hipa complaint.
5:47 pm
looking live at the center city skyline a severe storm is on the way. meteorologist, adam joseph, has the details.
5:48 pm
5:49 pm
they are warning folks to get off the roads and stay inside. in croatian major snow drifts
5:50 pm
like that one. and in rome the coliseum is frozen solid. and some are stuck on the roads today. and it's warmer in the arctic region than it is in europe. back here we have rain and snow and winds. and we have a potpourri of stuff. coming our way. >> a long duration storm and the winds are the most destructive part of the storm given what part they will be. looking at double scan live radar light rain in wilmington and philadelphia and all areas to the northern and west. and even a steadier rain berks county in pars of the lehigh valley. and in fact slatington and easton yellows are popping up on the radar. and hamburg as well as reading. a steady soaking rain now. especially in the lehigh valley. slowing down motorists on the roadways. and the rain is with us all night into tomorrow morning.
5:51 pm
warm for the front end of the storm. the back end of the storm tomorrow afternoon. a big difference from right now. 55 in allentown, 53 in philadelphia and millville and even the poconos 46 degrees and in fact raining as far as the poconos and beyond. and right through tonight yellows popping up tonight at 10:00. the heavy rain a half inch in southern areas north of philadelphia. and 7:30 tomorrow morning a lull in the storm and don't let your guard down tomorrow morning. if it's raining lightly in the lehigh valley and areas to the south this is when the nor'easter starts to ramp up. as that ramps up we start to have the the colder air coming in around the storm and flipping to the wet snow tomorrow afternoon at 4:30. and the snow could be blinding at times reducing visibility because of the wind and combination of the snow and midnight on saturday. we are still feeling the effects of the storm with rain and snow
5:52 pm
in the region. and even though temperatures are in the 30s it's above freezing and the snow map here is mainly on grass and not the road surfaces. millville, atlantic city and lakehurst on the brink of philadelphia. this white line is the 2 inch line. 2 inches pottstown and landsdale and close to philadelphia and trenton and 4 inch allentown and southeaston and kutztown. the 12 inches is mainly confined to the poconos north. future tracker 6 winds this is the most serious part of the storm. not bad tomorrow morning as the low takes shape but as it deepens winds tomorrow afternoon starting to gust 60 in trenton and 62 in lakehurst and 58 in philadelphia and 58 in the poconos and that continues into 6:00 branching up to 60 plus miles per hour almost everywhere tomorrow and that continues into 11:00 tomorrow night with winds still over 50 miles per hour.
5:53 pm
with that persistent wind and the ground is saturated and not frozen and the winds continually out of the northwesterly direction and compromise trees. and moderate flooding for shore impacts and minor on friday and moderate on saturday. storm surge 1.5 to 3 feet above the normal height. waves 4 feet on friday and 12 feet building on saturday with floods roads and coastal erosion. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast it is really downhill tomorrow windy and rain going over to snow and the winds picking up in the afternoon and the sun returning and sunday bright and breezy and upper 40s and we stay there for monday. monday is a beautiful day. near 50 degrees and clouds increase tuesday and hints of a coastal storm on wednesday. with more rain and possibly wet snow.
5:54 pm
in the northwestern suburbs. and quiet on thursday. 46 and in march lion is about to roar. >> thank you. it was a special treat for kids in wilmington, seeing the blockbuster film black panther for free. as students arrived to see the new film from marvel university. this is the third group of kids from wilmington to see the movie for free. we are just days away from the 90th annual academy awards ceremony and the red carpet is rolled out and preparations are in full swing the famous red carpet is in place along hollywood boulevard and finishing touches to the entrance of the dolby theater. watch the oscars with "jimmy kimmel live" sunday night at 8:00 here on 6 abc. and tune in for red carpet coverage that starts at 5:30.
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students at the philadelphia high school for the performing a arts. they had a dance lesson taught by the show of something rotten. the juniors and seniors learned the dance in the production. >> very nice. jim gardner and the "action news" team is standing by with these stories next at 6:00. we are tracking the major storm. bringing high wind and rain and snow to the region. and awaiting the verdict in the corruption trial of allentown mayor, ed pawlowski. and a 10-year-old accused of a threat to schools this morning. i'm rick williams have a nice evening.
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5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, cecily tynan and jl. jim gardner. thursday night and authorities charge a 10-year-old with making threats against schools in gloucester county and a water main break turn a wilmington street into a geyser. but the big story tonight is the two day weather event that could get violent before it is all over. rain is moving into the tri-state area but the bigger problem comes tomorrow with tree rattling winds and wet snow. meteorologist, cecily tynan and adam joseph is tracking the approach of the march
6:00 pm
nor'easter. cecily lets start with you. >> the ingredients are starting to come into place for the nor'easter to hit the atlantic and the northeast. and one low pressure around the ohio valley. wrapping up cold air and snow in detroit. that will transfer its energy to a coastal storm. that storm really deepens through the day tomorrow. once the low pressure gets the extra piece of energy. notice the isobars, you know it's serious when we talk isobars. tomorrow morning they get compact and a lull in the action. and tomorrow afternoon and evening the isobars gets packed close together and the storm deepens and intensifies and the winds are howling and this storm will pull in cold air. that brings a change over from the heavy rain to a heavy wet snow. from the north to t


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