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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 5, 2018 2:35am-3:57am EST

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carpet. what didrodu trytelope mishap? >> reporter: whatever they did, it clearly worked. the envelopes had the words clearry written for what category they were forenit employees who were invaurvled last year were not invited back this time around. and they were not allowed to take photos be on social media during thing show because the producers were trying to avoid any potential distraction. >> they figured out a systemal that worked for them. and kobe bryant won an oscar. >> produceing "dear basketball." he said winning an oscar was
2:36 am
even better than winning a championship. >> i'm sure his teammates will appreciate that comment. >> i think that's a subtle shade at shaq after all these years. marcy, you're looking fantastic. who are you wearing? >> reporter: thank you. i have no idea. i'm not fancy like that. come . >> so some of the parties are just steps away from where you are right now. >> reporter: and i wasn't invited. so thanks for rubbing it in. the governor's ball upstairs. it's 3400 people or so were at the oscars. only about nvited fancy eventwolfgang puck and a lot of people heading to the vanity fairs party, partying well into the morning. >> you look like an a-list actress tonight. just give it a shot. >> reporter: i'll try to sneak in. happens. >> as you should. and thank you for telling us all about the ywood and the early morning
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hours. and coming up we have more news now. they're still cleaning up from friday's storm in the northeast but another one is on the way. >> widespread travel disrussians are heading. >> a boat was just about the only way to get around in massachusetts, south of boston. a very high tide brought down trees and power lines. 10s of thousands of south shore residents are still without power. >> and there's another storm that's pretty early on could hit the area in about a week. turning to the latest twist in the russia investigation, turning to include the middle east. mueller is looking to buy political influence in jared kushner's name is coming up again. >> reporter: the special counsel is reportedly expanding his
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investigation to include possible influenc russia but from the middle . the new york times reports bob mueller is focussed on man, nader with close ties to the united arab emirates who had frequent meetings that white house last year. and met with steve bannon and jared kushner. kushner has faced a barrage of headlines raising questions of possible conflicts of interest with his family. hemething ai aclrancurity se taking a toll. trump joked he was sorry he was late but kushner had trouble getting through security. he also cracked jokes saying he offered jeff sessions a ride to the dinner but that sessions recused himself. >> i don't think it would be good for the president for attorney general sessions to leave but i also think the
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president has made up his mind in regard to how he feels about the recusal. he feels like thatn. sin, the ori israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and we're expecting more details on new tarifffes on imported steel and aluminum. lots of concern about a possible trade war. >> so many developments there. well, coming up. frightening moments auto ss at an airport. a roof collapsed sta ahead. and as our oscar party continues.
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strong winds and rain caused partial roof collapse at an airport in southeast china. luckily no one was hurt. debris fell on nearby cars. the winds we cseos wn. >> this is ae people to get sometimes
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welcome to the third annual "world news now"skers. with kendis gibson and diane macedo. >> thank you, thank you. i see you girl. love you too. >> i ner many of hollywood elite were insomniacs. >> if you need help sleeping, just watch meryl streep in "the ngyl ftr meryl streep. and then there's justin timberlake fresh off his super bowl performance, of course which is why he's working security for us tonight. >> justin you have one job, to
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keep warren away from the envelope. hold your applause seriously. you're confusing nicole. >> and without further ado, let's get to our first category best supporting anchor. >> and the nominees are ronayburn for his in "the tired man". ♪ let's get on let's get it on ♪ >> nick watt and his portrayal of the real-life irish family in h no you >> and frank in"hoppingmad." >> frank was here. frank is excited to be >> mixing it up with us. >> and the nowsker goes to nick watt.
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>> "in turmoil." >> i'd like to thank my parents, obviously. should i thank diane macedo? yeah. thanks diane. it was obviously me but thanks. >> next up. best correspondent collaboration. >> big category and the nominees right here are maggie rulli in "the patriot". ♪ can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ >> genay normened in "little princess". ♪ with a couple of guys who were up to no good started making trouble in the neighborhood ♪
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>> and kenneth moten in "the quiet man." >> no, no. >> and the nowskar goes to. kenneth moten in "the quiet man." >> thank t recognition. thank you for not i'm kenneth >> one of the a yr caest >> and the nominees are "going to make you sweet." >> franco in "if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen." ndpietro in "my gy." goes to >>amg. i'm so grateful.
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>> and best animated short. >> and the nominees are. >> donna in "reaching for the stars." >> you going to do the lift? >> dawnonna again "fright night." >> and donna in "get low". ♪ it's the remix to ignition ♪ >> this is going to be a tough one. donna. >> meryl streep of the l on of diane macedo. thank you so much. >>nk right. whatn our s now"scars. >> thirdear br itnominated? tell
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tekeelau. thank you. >> just want to say thank you. >> we do. >> i love the behind the scenes moment. back stage after their big oscar wins. enjoying some cocktails as they well deserve after big night. >> where am i going to put my oscar? >> decisions, decisions. >> everybody if joying their victory, including the big party at the governor's ball. >> and then the big party here. oscars were pretty -- no surprises this year. tiffany haddish. maya rudolph. take a look. >> we are so happy to be here but our feet hurt. >> i had to take my shoes off. >> me too. i've been wearing these since 11:00 this morning.
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how long you been wearing yours? >> since the people's choice awards. my pinky fell off. a few years ago people were saying oscars were so thehas but outare the oscars too black now? >> but we just wan so many more white people to come today. >> so many. we just came from back stage and there are tons of them back there. >> tons of them. >> and not just movie stars. there are white people walking around with head sets clipboards. i'm personally not a fan of white people with clipboard because i'm always wondering what are they writing about me. >> i'm sorry you're not on the list and they didn't check the hey, white dude with the clipboard, check all the pages. >> and what about when they on their headset and your like who are they talking to? >> are you talking to me. >> okay, kim. >> who's kim?
2:53 am
>> i don't know but it feels like i'm in a department store. >> white guys with headsets. >> those two are going to host next year's oscars. >> b that brief moment and were lihost? >> they were great ideas. >> should we all go shoeless. >> that time she wore that dress. >> brilliant reporting on that. >> and is thirdink.
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this morning on "world news now" hollywood's biggest night. >> after fiasco finish last year 2018 was by the book with awards spread all around hollywood's deeper issues. we have team coverage. we are live in hollywood. also this morning a massive clean up is underway after the deadly winter storm slam s thes the east. in the west severe storms have triggered deadly and
2:56 am
dangerous avalanches. it led to desperate issues like this one. he was nearly buried alive. and later the red carpet looks. we are being put a to the test to see how much we know about fashion. >> zero. >> this is going to get interesting folks. >> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now." >> hurray for hollywood. we're throwing a party and no one is there. but wait we're throwing a party. "world news now" after party bar is hot, it's hopping. >> it is open, most importantly. >> i think one of you is empty. >> sean just asked for an old-fashioned. so i'm here to mix it up. >> those are all virgin
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cocktails. >> this is just ice tea. we're going to get to tim a litter later on. >> to drink ice tea. hollywood celebrating 90 years of oscar gold and declare declaring a new day in the movie industry. >> deltormo for "shape of water." and the stars did not shy away from controversy. >> reporter: there are a lot of people breathing a bigging sigh of relief this morning i'm sure because there were no hiccups mix ups. some light hearted moments, emotional moments while honoring movies from this year and years past. a night celebrating cinema.
2:58 am
>> she's been nominated for 21 oscars. >> reporter: and serious issues impacting hollywood and beyond. >> we can't let bad behavior slide anymore. >> reporter: jimmy kimmel hosting the oscars the first to focus on the #me too and time's up moment. >> the powerful sound of new voices joining together in a mighty cors that is finally saying time's up. >> reporter: the first oscar going to sam rockwell for best supporting oscar. >> i'd like to thanking the academy. never thought i'd say those words. >> allison janney "out of time." >> i did all by myself. >> reporter: nba star kobe bryant taking home oscars gold for best short animation.
2:59 am
>> basketball players are really supposed to shut up and dribble. >> put it kettle on. i'm bringing oscar home. >> frances mcdormand "three billboards." >> so i'm hyperventilatinging a little bit. if i fall over pick me up because i've got some things to say. >> reporter: best"the shape of ter:t redemption after last year's mix up. you know they took some precautions to make sure that didn't happen this year. the menu includes caviar dusted with 24 karat gold. i'm sure you're snacking on that this morning as well. >> sure. something like that at the "world news now" bar. >> by the way, fayed dunnaway.
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what was the ski? >> reporter: jimmy kimmel trying to lighten up what was other wise a serious award show. he started with saying whoever gave the shortest acceptance speech got a jet ski. he had helen mirren being the show model. and o tg a le to hurry it along because everyone w >> i like the strategy. >> it didn't quite work. >> reporter: no the show ran long anyway but a for effort. >> gary oldman read pretty much an entire monologue there. looking great. >> all right. and now let's get more insight from a true movie insider.
3:01 am
>> and joins us by phone from l.a. when you were here last yeek you gave us your predictions and of the top five categories, you were five for five. >> oh you guys. i am so happy tosic cept the academy award for best academy award prediction. you know what that says about this ceremony? >> boring. >> yeah and very predictable. i nailed it and i'm so disappointed that i did. >> does that mean you're psychic? what does that say? we thought you had magic powers or something? >> i hate to briekeak it to you. i'm not psychic. i could figure out pretty easily how the voters were going to behave based on all the other awards given out. and i would have loved to have seen more surprises, split votes. but i do have to say one of the most exciting moments of the
3:02 am
night was being able to say that "get out" is an oscar winning film. boom. >> absolutely. and speaking of get out, we have jordan peele hitting the stage. that was such a moment for so many people even though it wasn't best picture. this was a big, big moment. >> it was so big, so exciting. i was really happy to see him up there and because this wasn't daniel kalua's win. jordan jordan peele deserved it. >> and you are our big winner for tonight. five for five. >> so the lottery numbers and will we be talking "black panther" next year? >> you bet we will if there's any justice in this world.
3:03 am
>> thank you so much. we'll be back in touch very shortly. >> slash ms. cleo. more from the academy awards this half hour and see if we make the cut in the fashion police and we'll see how jack and sean and tim are doing. i think they're doing all right. >> first we're going to get to some of the morning's other news and at least nine people are dead. about a million customers are still without power in the northeast after the massive storm. >> state of emergency remains in effect. there was major flooding in coastal areas and schools will be closed in several communities today. >> causing power outages. it could be midweek before all power is restored just in time for another storm to hit. >> we get the details from
3:04 am
accuweather's paul williams. >> mother nature's about to play out a different kind of drama. we're watching out for 12 to 18 inches of snow in the dakotas and then here's the real cliff hanger. another nor'easter that's going to bring big time problems in the northeast.paul thank robert mueller's investigation is reportedly widening beyond the issue of meddling. they're looking into pos efforts by the united arab emirates to buy support from the trump administration. mueller's investigators have reportedly questioned the advisor. the president meets today with the israeli prime minister. florida law makers are expected to pass a bill. but it does not ban assault rifles. they rejected the ban in a rare weekend segds but supported arming some teachers who go
3:05 am
through law enforcement training. it also includes new security measures. it must also be passed by the florida house and for an 11th day all schools in wa waest virginia will be closed again. stranding some 200 had hn0880280,000 students. the increase was approved but then the senate reduced it over the weekend. the teacher's pay is among the lowest in the country. and more news coming up for you including the avalanche danger in the west. one bearuried for six minutes. and the fashion. will we know what a -- >> you can't even read it in the prompter. plus tell us what you thought of the oscars on our facebook page
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live picture of the dolby theater where there's still a party taking place right above there. it's going to continue into the early morning hours. but first we have news to get to. and winter storms have triggered a series of avalanches over it weekend. >> james larsson and another man were killed while snowboarding near cle elum. look at this. this was incredible video. an avalanche came down on five people. you see him buried alive for some six minutes as rescuers tried to pull him out. >> i got tossed and ended up completely buried. >> they say a beacon can be the
3:10 am
difference between life and death. high school kids get in on the act as well. >> just outside new york city. down two when -- that's julian mcgarvy with that. flinging the ball over his shoulder and it went in. >> what? >> wow. >> watch as the fans storm the court. the panthers win their section championship by one and that is enough to send them to the state tournament. quite a nail biter. >> and the crowd goes wild. >> understandably so. >> when we come backing red carpet fashions. the ultimate challenge. who will win? >> yurou're going down gibson. >> that's actually true. hey! are you taking the tissue test? yep, and my teeth are yellow. clearly my whitening toothpaste is not cutting it. time for whitestrips. whitening toothpaste only works on the surface.
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welcome back. it's time for the "world news now" oscar fashion pop quiz. let's meet our contestant.
3:13 am
she orders her fancy dresses on amazon. it's diane macedo. and he wears the same suit every day kendis gibson. the rules are simple. you'll be shown a red carpet look and the first person to ring their bell and answer my question correctly gets a point. nailed it. are had right. >> i think i should win because happy birthday. >> thank you. it's my birthday. >> happy birthday will. >> you're starting with a handicap. >> let's go the first look. first look here. that is of course adam rippon. you know him from the olympics. what might be the inspiration? >> any bar named the eagle. >> i'll give it to you. yes. s and m is what the look was inspired by.
3:14 am
it's by machino. >> oh. >> question number two. we've got allison janney wearing ream acruand the question is what do you call those sleeves? >> wings. >> they are angel sleeves and angels have wings. we'll give crow the points. they're extra long. she's 6 feet tall. >> extra long angel sleeves. >> or wings. number three lupita in versace. she tweeted this dress was vibranium. what type of fabric is that? >> gold. >> not gold. it is. >> black and gold. >> it's chain mail. >> chain mail. oh versace.
3:15 am
versace created chain mail. >> drake once rapped about versace. >> and bruno mars sang about it. >> this is a gated community. >> next up jennifer lawrence in dior. describe her eye makeup. >> oh it's shadow. smokey. >> cat eye. >> wow, it is exactly a smokey cat eye. >> points for everybody. >> answered. >> we'll give you both points. i wish you were a littl this is really starting to -- >> anyway next. >> question number five daniel culieuau, what color is his tux? >> orange, rust. >> you can teat. >> marmalade. >> apple. >> butter scotch is what we're looking for. >> who comes up with these
3:16 am
things? >> bonus question. what kind of collar is that? >> a black silk one. >> a butterfly collar. >> shaul collar. i just want to point out. >> i'm wearing a shaul collar. >> this is my favorite one far and away. we're going to look at sent a vincent the singer. caption that. >> hot mess. >> walk of shame. >> you win. we'll give the points to diane. my personal caption was i'm going to sleeve this one alone. see. >> all right. >> but what are you guys wearing tonight? you both look incredible. >> salvation army. >> beautiful. you can't tell except for -- >> the tag on it. >> and you? >> for the record you won 3-2
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now who would like a anyone want a hot dog? do want aim the hot dogs that vegetarians. there you go. we've got a hot dog canon and a mustered canon coming too. this is better than halloween. >> that was jimmy kimmel and a few friends crashing a movie theater there. you can see some of the patrons coming out of the movie. i don't think anybody finished watching "a wrinkle in time." >> a have that big moment with oprah on the screen -- >> i don't think they were disappointed disappointed. so they had their own party in a movie theater and tim, we understand you have a few e in the "world news now" oscar party bar officially set up here. and when we talk about oscars you've got to talk celebration.
3:21 am
and i've got a classic cocktail in all of the old movies. if you ever watched cas"casa "casa blanca". sugar cube couple of dashes of bitters goes in and you simply top it with champagne. and this is the classicing champagne cocktail. >> why the bitteractually the definition of cocktail was spirit de minthe and -- >> you know what's fun about it too. as the sugar cube's dissolving t creates this fountain of bubbles. >> it's just gorgeous. and i tell you what this is coming back in style today. so what was old is new again.
3:22 am
>> why did the old part go -- >> what is old is new. how it works. >> and i'm serving this with a little bourbon pecan fudge. >> how do you make this? >> it goes great with champagne. it is delicious. a nice combination. what a celebration. it's just perfect. >> i'm going to have to try this. we'll be trying this all mor we'll enjoy our >> important message for women and men ages 50 to 85. please write down this toll-free number now. right now, in areas like yours, people are receiving this free information kit for guaranteed acceptance life insurance with a rate lock through the colonial penn program. if you're on a fixed income or concerned about rising prices, learn about affordable whole life insurance with a lifetime rate lock that guarantees your rate
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call now for your free information kit. don't wait, call today. ♪ this year when you hear your name called don't get up right away. give osminus a minute. we don't want another thing. >> that was jimmy kimmel could to prevent last year's mess at the oscars. and he did. whether it's thanks to him or
3:25 am
not, this is hollywood's biggest night and it drama. >> we're live from hollywood on a very special oscar after party edition of "world news now." it's all going o morning on "world news now." >> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now." and a good morning to hollywood. there right now for us as well. marcy, good morning.ople sigh o hiccups, there were light moments, emotional moment all while honoring the best of movies this year and in year's past. a night celebrating cinema. >> she's been no oscars. issues impacting hollywood and >>due. we c't l behavior slight anymore. >> reporter: the first of the night to focus on the #me too and time's up movement. >> the beingven powerful cors that
3:26 am
is finally saying time's up. >> reporter: the first oscar going to sam rockwell for best actor. i'd like to thank the academy. never thought i'd say those words. >> allison janney "out of time." >> i did all by myself. >> reporter: former nba star kobe bryant taking home oscars gold. >> basketball players are supposed to shut up and dribble but i'm glad we did a little more than that. >> and the winner is gary oldman. >> put the kettle on. i'm bringing oscar home. >> frances mcdormand "three billboards." >> so i'm hyperventilating a little fall over pick me up because i've got some things to say. >> "the shape of water."
3:27 am
>> reporter: presented again by warren beatty and faye dunnawy. a chance at redemption. and they definitely took some precautions to make sure the mix up like that didn't happen again. next many of the stars headed to the governor's brarar where the menu included caviar dusted with 24 karat gold of course it's dusted can't haveod >> does that tas good? >> i have no oscars back stage for the entire u fro behind the scenes. good morning to you, leslie. >> reporter: there weren't any surprises this year and i guess that's a good thing. because i have to admit when they announced the best picture nomination i hesitated. i was waiting for something to happen. but i wasn't surprised by any of
3:28 am
the winners. i was struck by how gracious everybody was back stage. celebratory night for we saw. >> i have a feeling everybody is asking what is an inclusion writer? >> it is a mandate in a contract that basically stipulates there needs to be diversity with the and actually back stage frances mcdormand said she's been in this business for only last week. i think we'll see more ting for this kind of clause be in their contract. there's been such an out cry for more diversity and better representation on screen and behind the scenes. and i think when more people are sp change that means that we're going to see it. you saw some of hollywood's biggest stars on nationalr more diversity and i think with every year we'll see a little bit more of that come to
3:29 am
pass. >> it is some of hollywood's biggest stars but not sure they're the biggestry itself. and "the shape of water" is a movie they were saying there are more people who will climb mt. ev this year than will have seen that movie. they didn't necessarily go for a popular movie at all. >> this was a strange year in thatsaw with "la la land." it was a big hollywood movie with big you've at least heard about it. this was an art house year. a lot of small budget films being celebrated. "get out" was made in 23 days or something like that. these are smal sedei really big way. >> made over budget of 4 million and "call me by your name" received the lowest for any best picture nominee. >> thank you. >> thanks. and ourage continues later this half hour
3:30 am
and throughout the morning. so keep it here. >> we're going to turn to the russia investigation. reportedly expanding to include possible influence peddling from the middle east. >> special counsel robert to influence. mueller is focusinn george nadera businessman with close ties to the uae. jared with standing fierce criticism to slum imports. the british prime minister said she expressed her deep concerns in a phone call with president trump. the formal announcement of the tariffs is expected this week. it will not include exemptions for any country. in a late-night tweet the president sorry, we need a change. that storm will seem to stall but restrengthen as it reaches the northeast.
3:31 am
it will arrive before all power is restored. >> reporter: the northeast a mangled mesof toppled trees and complete darkness. more than 2 million lost d. >> i've never steen this bad and as i said i've been here for 50 years. >>ne county, pennsylvania told it could be days before the lights are turned back on. scott roland was sleeping friday morning when he hurd the waves and the crash. his red oak sliced through his bedroom wall. roland pinned but alive. >> reporter: falling trees blamed for at least nine deaths. but massachusetts feeling the brunt of the storm. more than half a dozen water gone.
3:32 am
these destructive waves left behind piles of rocks and rubble. airports are moving planes in and out but with delays. tree uprooted and nearly split this house in half. the priority for crews, and get the damaged storms covered before the next storm rolls in. >> there's talk of another nor'easter come maentd monday people are talking about. coming up could we have extra ea aurvg-bound nicole inconfront as bus full of tourists. jack is hanging out as well. >> cheers. >> it is our post oscar party.
3:33 am
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3:35 am
♪ cueing the orchestra. >>osng in the roman catholic church learning whether he'll be put on trial for sexual abuse. >> france's former f he's acc he as denied any accusations.
3:36 am
the u.s. closed in ankara turkey. it didn't provide any details. u.s. citizens are being advised to avoid large crowds as well as the embassy itself to maintain a low pro file. watch it there. an arab-israeli crashed into a police officer, he also crashed into two soldiers near a train station. he was stopped when a soldier opened fire. >> incredible considering that video. some conspiracy theorists say they're certain they walk among us. they being you know the aliens at least near the south pole. >> t using images from down south as proof that beings from another planet may be here
3:37 am
on earth. may be on earth. they say an image on south georgia island in the south atlantic oc a crash landed space ship. >> i see. they zoomed in for that. there are also long tracks behind the object suggesting it slid through the snow. suggests a rock slid by the glaciers. >> no la la la. none of that. >> i'm convinced they walk among us. >> why are you so sure? i suddenly feel like "men in black" when he res arealizes everyone is an alien. the skinny. he last minute. guys, i have a couple of things to wash we got this. even on quick cycle, tide pods cleans great 6x the cleaning power, even in the quick cycle it's got to be tide
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ah the thrjts the music yes. it's time for the most important skinny we've ever done. our oscars skinny. and joining us live at the dolby theater in hollywood. >> thanks so much for making the trip throughout for us. being you're there on the scene, what is everyone talking about? >> i'm wearing tie in honor of theyear.
3:40 am
one of the things everybody is talking about is a star who did not take home a trophy tonight and that is tiffany haddish who had had us dying laughing from the moment she walked on the stage. her heels were in her hand and her slippers were on her feet. but does tiffany haddish's dress look familiar? >> she may have warn that before. >> reporter: if you'll remember when she hosted snl back in november a $4,000 alexander mcqueen dress that she was going to wear it more than once and she sure did. on snl there and again tonight at the academy awards. >> i love that. >> isn't that amazing? >> she said she was going to squeeze every cent out of it. >> i tell you wearing these
3:41 am
things is a little torturous and i fully support the shoes off movement. >> the funny thing is she took those off my feet. >> we've seen you run in high heels before. so you've got the practice. and there was another repurposed dress everyone's talking about? >> she won the best supporting actress in 1962 for "west side story." and she sure knows how to make an entrance. >> it's that kind of subtle dress people won't remember that like a little black dress. she slayed in this thing. it's the same dress she i can wear a dress 50 years -- or a suit in my case you're all the way in l.a. on the red carpet and yet the reception is so clear it's almost like you're in the room with us. >> yeah it's just a really good feed i guess. >> that's great.
3:42 am
let's talk about meryl streep. she was one of the most talked about topics ss night. >> as she deserves to be. tiffany haddish said it was her mission to meet meryl. she had to hop over a rope divider on the red carpet but tiffany was able to do it. >> from getting to meryl. >> so she's in the dress talking to michael. >> she's like i'm looking for her. >> spots her and jumps over a divider. >> watch out, meryl. she's comin incredible. >> and on stage she was like meryl can be my mom. let's make that money, girl. >> do you think meryl was impressed or afraid? >> oh it's tiffany haddish.
3:43 am
so before the show started weamazing story she shared herself on her instagram, a celebrity siting tour. she rolls d her window and surprise as group full of tourists. for this tour right? and that is money well spent. >> i swear you sound like -- the satellite is so good. >> really sounds like you're right here with us. wait why are you at the bar?
3:44 am
3:45 am
♪when you've got...♪ ♪...nausea, heartburn indigestion, upset stomach diarrhea!♪ ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ here's pepto bismol! ah. ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach diarrhea!♪ my gums are irritated.
3:46 am
i don't have to worry about that, do i? actually, you do. harmful bacteria lurk just below the gum line and if you're not taking care of your gums, you're not taking care of your mouth. so now i use this. crest gum detoxify. introducing new crest gum detoxify... it works below the gum line and is clinically proven to neutralize harmful plaque bacteria and help reverse early gum damage. new gum detoxify, from crest. gums are good. so is my check up! crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. lighting is really well lit but can we just dim it a little bit so i can geo back to my 40s? just a little lower. oh, 39. keep going, keep going. 39, 38. yes -- no, 35. that's the sweet spot. >> i kind of like that.
3:47 am
>> it's brilliant. >> can we try that? a little lower. >> in my 20s. go down to 27. >> 22. awesome. >> that's the sweet spot right there. >> that's moonlighting for our cocktails would look even better. >> everyone has to leave the bar it's closing. >> but it is not closing time our chief officer in the house. >> the oscars are over so i thought this was an appropriate cocktail called "gone with the wind." it's a bow to the south. it starts with an ounce 1/2 woodford reserve bourbon, a southern thing to do. that was good ounce 1/2. >> i was help you out a little. >> that's kendis's ounce 1/2. you have a different measure than anybody else. and peach nectar. georgia peach.
3:48 am
and about three ounces of iced tea goes unsweetened ice tea. going to give this a good shake. what are you putting i wee stir and of course i'm knowgoing to serve this with something southern. or you can have that afterwards. i'm going to pour this you have your own. >> the way i poured that i think nole should get that one. >> that will put some hair ---ing. >> we have this. >> give a try. that's the extra kicked up kendis. the kendis pour. what do you think of that? i've got to try to kendis pour. >> ohieve that coming from nole. i don't think so.
3:49 am
let me just try it. >> we'll
3:50 am
3:51 am
making news in america this morning -- hollywood's big fight. the academy awards shining a light on the me too movement. >> if i fall over pick me up cause i've got some things to say. and the oscar goes to -- >> the moment of redemption for faye donea jn fayedunaway and warren beatty. why host jimmy kimmel was giving away a jet ski. we're live in hollywood. the russia investigation. special council robert mueller may be expanding his focus. why money from the middle east and jared kushner are turned microscope. parts of the the eparalyzed after a
3:52 am
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