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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  March 7, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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will be back in session tomorrow but we are waiting to hear from major school districts. and our projected snow totals were pretty much on target. meteorologist, cecily tynan and adam joseph brings us up to date in a moment. first let go to annie mccormick in limerick she is touring t tri-state area for hours. hats about limerick? >> reporter: right now limerick is beautiful and the snow stopped falling two hours ago and the roads are clear especially 422. but getting up here was no easy feat. and we left bala cynwyd at 1:30 it took two and a half hours to get to king of prussia loan. this is video from earlier on the journey from 76 westbound by the conshohocken curve you see the car spinning out and a plow
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truck moves tree bnc of 76o the emergency vehicles could get is the scene from 76 westbound at the interest change and 76 looked like a parking lot. the number of disabled vehicles that could not handle driving on the snowy conditions and after passing king of prussia the roads became clear and here in limerick drir his a take on what the. nobody was out there and made it easy. >> and jim back here live with a number of through truck drivers. telling us they are heading down towards the villanova area and heading down there because they
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have a number of jobs they can get a lot of the areas that have snowfall. guy again commuters heading back around 422heoads aclreear ting liv in limerick, channel 6 "an news." >> thank you. lets get the the latest facts and figures on the storm from meteorologist, cecily tynan. >> double scan live showing the center of the storm south of long island and all the accumulating snow and heavy weather focused over new york and new england we have a band of snown right along the coast. near seaside heights but this is dwindl dwindling. and glimpses of sunshine in philadelphia. it was a quick hitting storm focused lunch to mid-afternoon but the snowfall rates really blossomed and the storm shifted 50 miles southeast that took the
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highest accumulating snow from the lehigh valley and the poconos and put it over the heart of the delaware valley. broomall reporting an even foot of snow. outside of the 6 abc studios, chris sowers measured 8.4. it's a heavy wet snow and takes effort to shel. and as that storm system was rapi intensifying a lot of people heard thunder. including adam joseph and i as we were walking here from the station kind of took us by surprise and this is a sign of the strength of the storm. the intensity. the nor'easter blossoms off the coastline and you don't need to o be excited. it lit up on #~ thundersnow. lightning strikeses along 95 in south jersey where it was
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plentiful. when you have the thundersnow it's an indication that the engine in th atmosphere is ramping up here off the coast. snowfall rates 2 to 3 inches an hour and that blasted through much of the delaware valley and even in fact ocean county a person was struck by lightning along with a house. it is true lightning like a thunderstorm. you have to treat it like that. it can be fairly dangerous as well. temperatures right now are above freezing acss the board 36 allentown and 35 in millville. and very wet and slushy at this point. and the visibles improving greatly here most areas near the perfect 10 mile visibilies hanging on to 10 miles in trenton and toms river 1.3 mile visibilities. as we press forward the clearing from the west and northwest wind 10 to 20 and temperatures drop below freezing area wide.
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remove what you can before you head to bed and it turns rock solid and anything not treated will be slick and icy overis night. cecily tynan has the seven day in just a little bit. >> got it. "action news" reporter, chad pradelli is surveying the ay on the lower main line in ardmore. chad, are they still route 30 or is that done? >> reporter: well, yes the plows are still out hitting the secondary roads and the plows are coming down route 30 an hour ago. and you see slush on the , somed and the cars are not having too many problems from what we have seen. we are here all day and the snow came and came fast. >> as the snow moved out just before 4:00 p.m. the plows continued to clean up the roads, the heavy wet fast falling snow kept crews busy this afternoon trying to keep
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the streets manageable. sarah johnson had to work until mid-afternoon. she started to get nervous. it's heavy. >> it is reallyeavy and alolike heavy. >> her drive home was touch and go. and others decided to travel by foot. >> feel like it's crazy. as long as someone has a warm place to say it's okay. >> you want plows, we got plows. there is a plow coming on through and the salt in the ck, and i want k about the powertages. this immediate area got walloped last year with the nor'easter and last check in haverford and radnor townships fer than 7, customers t power a the numbers increasing that is a good storm. channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the day off was a delight
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for both people and pooches. owners and their pets donned winter coats to take a stroll in rittenhouse square. lets get the full story from center city philadelphia. sara bloomquist is live at 12th and market street. >> hi jim, the snow tapers off here a couple of hours now, now we are dealing with the slushy wet situation. here in center city philadelphia. look along the side of market street. all the slush that it has build up. that will be problematic if it freezes over tonight and looking out on market street we are down to the pavement and the plow trains are coming through and not a lot to do anything more on the main streets and the side streets could be snow covered. all in all a difficult day to get around. >> this morning the nor'easter got into a slow start with the wintry mix of snow and sleet and mid-afternoon the flakes were flying and big heavy snowflakes coating everything and coating streets in slush and making
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sidewalks slick. >> dangerous i think. i literally have to buy new boots and the traction i had were not good and slipping and sliding. >> you come from macy's with new boots i had too. >> big chunks of heavy snow fell from below forcing them to post warnings to keep pedestrians away. a day of hazards and difficult conditions. >> pretty miserable. cute light snow or needles in my face. >> my feet are soaked and freezing but i have leggings on under my pants so not all the way freezing. >> it's not the fun fluffy snow it's caking to everything. >> getting slushy everywhere and it's really gross. >> sin the snow stopped around 4:00 more and more people are coming out and about. the lowes hotel sidewalk out in front is still blocked off
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because of falling ice and snow. you can see the police car. shutting off 12th street the snow and ice is falling off the side of the high rise hotel tonight as well. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." how did you spend the snow day use hasht#6abcaction and em coming up on "action news" police officers take a pledge to serve and protect. and camden county officers certainly demonstrated that during the nor'easter. >> we have two nor'easters in less than a week and believe it or not i'm tracking the potential for another storm over the weekend. and i'll have all the details in the full accuweather forecast.
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mobile 6 driving westbound between gladwyne. there are trouble spots on the roads and this is not one of them. traffic is light and slick on the pavement on the roadway. but just take care and there is no trouble going westbound on the expressway going into lower merion. lets check in with matt pellman. >> we are slipping and sliding all afternoon and got so bad along woodhaven road they threw
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in the towel and closed it down. eastbound traffic gets by but you have to exit at route 13. crews are out plowing and salting but woodhaven partially blocked off because of the earlier iciness and stuck vehicles. here comes a plow train now. 95 nearby a vehicle that ran off the roadway and stuck in the snowy ditch. you see the lanes while passable are still very slushy and still very slick. similar situation on 95 in delco a vehicle off the roadway and they have it cleared out and lanes open toward delaware. and a live look at the schuylkill expressway a vehicle off to the side here but earlier we had triple digit travel times on the westbound schuylkill, so we'll take the 18 minutes we see now. slowly but surely it's getting better out there this evening. "action news" reporter christie aleto is staked out in
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south jersey in pennsauken. what is the latest there? >> reporter: the snow stopped an hour agop the roads are passable and you are looking at asphalt. but wow a lot of headaches for drivers behind the wheel earlier today. >> there are cars all over the road. off the road all down 295, and route 70 here. it's bad. >> i ran into like an embankment of snow and didn't see it. >> and my grill came off. >> the 100 member snow removal team tried to keep pace with the fast falling make zbrz flakes. >> and helping folks that could not clear their walkways. >> afraid i might fall. i'm happy to see this today.
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>> i had to work early because i know they were stopping the buses. >> new jersey trackity stopped at 4:30 and people had to pack their patient. >> i'm heading to riverside. if it's on time. if not i'm heel footing it. >> down treed and power lines caused the new jersey transit to suspend service or serious delays. and primary roads again like route 38 but neighborhood streets may be sthnow packing causing residents to clean out. what about the jersey shore, the nor'easter created dangerously large waves like here in north wildwood. they were dangerous for those on the piers and caused beach erosion and the extent of that erosion we won't know it really
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until the storm completely moves out of the area. driving conditions deteriorate the quickly at the height of the storm. two people had to abandon this car after driving into a stretch of pike in newcastle. the driver may not have been able to see that the road was closed. further along airport road in wilmington, driver were taking precautions. >> "action news" will be on early tomorrow morning. as our area recovers from the nor'easter, please join the morning team begin agent 4:00 a.m. you can find weather updates any time at your fingertips or at your fingertips, if you will. we have real time view terrorize stormtracker 6 live double scan on your phone or tablet. the 6 abc app is a free download for your mobile device.
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it didn't take howie rose man to start wheeling and
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dealing. the super bowl win is only a month old. the eagles reportedly traded for defendantsive line man michael benik. he had 8 1/2 stacks last season and started every game last season. and the eagles get a reported seventh round draft pick. and things got tough for the flyers another back to back with the penguins at home and tomorrow they skate in boston. this is an important game and the flyers sit if second place. and it's time to hucker down. >> everybody has a busy schedule and that is just part of the rhythm at this time of year. you know you have to be successful with it and that rhythm. >> march in the nhl and everybody is tired.
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there is no excuses and everybody has the same type of schedule. it's the best part of the season. >> phillies and red sox, aaron nola awesome on the mound four scoreless innings. the game tied at 1-1. and that is a harmless pop-up and always run it out and nick wilt scores on the error. and the phillies win it 2-1. and think opening day is 21 days away. coming up cecily tynan with the accuweather forecast. when we continue.
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folks in delaware are finding some interesting ways to have fun in the snow. "action news" spotted this guy on a snowboard as he was pulled along by a jeep on dunkin road and this was wilmington just a short time ago. >> kids don't try that at home. the mom in me says that is dangerous. >> but a fast way home. >> that is true. what a mess out there. it's over though. things are going to be improving. >> just to be clear. you guys nailed it. for most of the area, the storm formed far east and the zone moved into the delaware valley. for the most part we got most of it right and a storm like this has last minute surprises.
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>> and you set 8 to 16 and 10's and 11's all over the place. we said that since monday too. it's over now live at sky 6 hd taking a look at the ben franklin parkway where it's windy and wet and we have the slush over the roads and what a mess. that is pretty to look at. keith posted on the facebook page and the drone over doylestown 10.8 inches of snow covered in snow and the clouds begin to break and temperatures are dropping, we are still hovering above freezing now that the snow has moved out temperatures actually went up a bit. philadelphia 35 and allentown 36 and cape my 37 and overnight tonight temperatures are dropping a little bit below freezing and any of that slush will be freezing over solid. you do want to remove it and go ahead and treat your driveways and sidewalks. double scan live radar showing the storm system is out of here. one batch of snow over the garden state parkway lakehurst
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and that continues to push to the east most of the action now is over new england and snowfall totals are definitely impressive. brandywine, and 10 inches cherry hill 5 inches and langhorne 10.2 and valley form 8 inches of slushy snow. wind speeds 8 to 21 miles per hour. there is definitely a chill in the air. and windchills make it feel like 26 in philadelphia and allentown 30 and cape may 31 and wilmington 27. this satellite showing the storm system really winding up moving up to the northeast a pretty fast moving storm moving 35 miles per hour. and fortunately it did not linger here. and that low pressure will just spin up to the north tomorrow. and the windchill tracker showing we see peeks of sunshine but windchills feel like 21 at 7:00 and only up to 32 degrees by the afternoon. you need to dress for winter.
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heading into friday the low pressure is spinning there and rotating a little piece of energy down our way in the morning and could bring us a snow shower or flurry not going be a big deal. a high of 43 degrees and then we do clear out for the first half of the weekend. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. tomorrow temperatures remain on the cool side. the normal high for this time of year is close to 50. we won't be anywhere near that. mix of clouds and sunshine and factor in the winds up to 20 miles per hour and windchills are stuck below freezing move of the day. friday morning flurries and high of 43 degrees and saturday a lot more sunshine but it stays on the chilly side. 43 degrees and we lose an hour this weekend. don't forget to spring forward saturday night as we given day light saving time. sunday is clouds up 44 degrees and tracking a system that moves up from the south is and could bring us the third nor'easter in
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about a week and a half. the latest guide an is showing it's a close call and some models are bringing it to our south. missing us but at this point. it's just too close to call. 44 degrees and i'll keep you posted and tuesday 42 and wednesday no sign of spring and temperatures remain on the chilly side. 42 degrees. most of us are hoping sunday's storm say misand i'll keep you posted. abc world news with david muir is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on p h l 17 with brian taff and ducis rogers. and please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers, i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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tonight, the states of n the air. the massive nor'easter hitting right now. from virginia up through philly, new york city, and new england. up to two feet of snow in some places. thundersnow in new york city. tonight, a teacher on bus duty, struck by lightning holding an umbrella. and our weather team telling us there could be another nor'easter brewing. also breaking tonight, reports hope hicks, who resigned from the white house, had her e-mail hacked. and the porn star now suing the president. her lawyer saying the president must have known about the payment to silence her. there is news coming in now, an apparent accidental shooting at a high school, several hit. and at another school, a student


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