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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  March 8, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EST

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nternet offer ever. you do the math. because for a limited time, you'll pay the 75 mbps price and get 150 mbps internet. so, double your speed and save today. that's speed on sale up to 1 gig. act now to get on america's largest gig-speed network. call today. many people will be digging out from the nor'easter. it dumped more than a foot of snow in parts of the area. >> philadelphia public and archdiocesan schools are on two hour delays. hundreds of school closings and delays are running on the bottom of the screen and good morning 4:30 a.m., march 8. we have live team coverage around the area. let's go over to matt pellman and karen rogers.
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>> reporter: my kids get to relax 2 hour delay, these people never go to school. satellite and radar, you can see the nor'easter sitting and spinning, it's not affecting us, it's moving north and east. we'll have gusty winds today. it's a dry day today, it will feel chilly for the next seven days. 31 in lancaster. at this point the rest of the area above freezing. we'll get melting through the area. 7:00 a.m. we'll dip down to the freezing mark. lunchtime, partly sunny skies and 39. clouds build ahead. 3:00 p.m., partly sunny 40. high of 42. 7:00 p.m., 35 degrees, the day ahead is dry, a chilly gusty breeze at times. it's a day for lots of cleanup. delaware and new jersey, wilmington, 6 inches. hammonton, 5.6.
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cherry hill, 9 inches of snow. princeton township, 17.8. a range in snow totals from yesterday. matt that's a lot of cleaning up to do and perhaps stuff left on the roads. >> reporter: especially the local streets in the city, completely covered with snow, at least mine was in east falls. we're in recovery mode, karen rogers. the crews have been working hard. live in king of prussia, 202 where it meets up with the schuylkill expressway. had our first crash of the morning on the ramp coming up nexting 76 with 202. it's gone now, but you have to take it easy on the ramps, there's a lot of slick spots this morning. speeds don't look too bad so far. we have the storm damage from friday left over in my neck of the woods in east falls. and some of the traffic lights are not working on kelly drive. it's wet great northeast cottman
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avenue. everybody is out in the southbound lanes traveling southbound no delays just yet. down the shore, the garden state parkway, for the most part it's wet on the parkway. wet on route 40 on the ac expressway, everything is blocked there because of flooding. mass transit situation, back to normal schedule on the regional rails, expect delays, ac rail line is suspended because of issues. njt buses are resuming service as we kick off things on this thursday. >> let's switch over to jeanette reyes live in south philadelphia. jennette on a good morning you have to have care to get out and about on some of the streets, what would it be like today? >> reporter: tam, it's more of the same. the main roads are looking impressively clean. the plow truck drivers did a good job clearing the roads.
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it is the side streets that are tricky, it's the narrow ones. the issue is your car is kind of stuck in a mound of snow. this is one of the roads we're looking at 17th and titan in south philadelphia. it's not too bad, but it's tricky to get out of the parking space. we have icing because the temperatures did fall, although we were above freezing yesterday, whatever was leftover on the sidewalks and streets have iced up. the video from yesterday, of course we all saw and experienced yesterday's mess with the snow. the good thing was most of the day was just slush. seems like plow truck drivers took add advantage of getting roads cleared.
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a tree fell at 23rd and race and some people pitched in and cleared the rod and sidewalks. >> it was more water, it was like slush. >> reporter: so give yourself extra time this morning and be careful as you go to work, especially for the kids, a lot of students do walk to class, make sure you give yourself time and be careful as it can be icy this morning. reporting live in south philadelphia. jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." tam. >> jennette we'll start for the mothers, stop running, take your time and plant your feet. storm brought down downed trees and electrical lines like hear in bensalem, drivers were told to avoid the area at for the road and bensalem boulevard.
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peco, 60,000 customers in the dark in bucks county. pse&g, 27,000 outages in new jersey counties that it services in our area. the hardest among them burlington county. atlantic city electric has its trouble located in burlington and camden county with a total of 8,052 outages. walter perez is live in richboro bucks county, the locale that reported 16 inches of snow yesterday. is it melting yet walter? >> reporter: not even close matt, not at this point. it was very, very cold last night so a lot of snow got pushed to one hand of the other, i want to say welcome to the pennsylvania epicenter of the storm. if you watched the broadcast at 4:00, 5:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m., i thought i was going live in bethlehem in the lehigh valley. it turns out you had to go south for the pennsylvania epicenter
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in rich richboro, pennsylvania, 16 inches of snow pushed aside. you can see the result, a tremendous amount of snow across the region. i can tell you firsthand the roads around here are better than they were last night. the road crews doing a great job working all night long to get the major roads cleared out. but there will be a problem for people living in the neighborhoods around richboro and this part of bucks county, those folks who spent the time and shoveled out their driveways last night, what you will find for people, when the plows made it to the back streets they plowed in the entrance ways to the driveways. they will wake up finding their driveways might be cleared, getting out from the plow will be impossible. there's a tremendous amount of snow and ice blocking their properties. the epicenter in bucks county in
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terms of power outages is lower makefield bucks county. 23% of peco customers are without power. 64% of peco customers in lower makefield are without power this morning. that's 8,400 customers in lower makefield alone. they have a problem there, saturday they set up a red cross shelter at the middle town township municipal complex. 3 municipal way in langhorne bucks county. the red cross shelter for people struggling if you have a difficult situation because power is out, middle ton township municipal complex 3 municipal way in langhorne they have a shelter for folks having problem. richboro pennsylvania is the winter, 16 inches of snow it's going be a rough morning and rough commute for a lot of people in this part of the area. walter perez channel 6 "action news." >> thank you walter.
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bucks county hard-hit in pennsylvania. one of the hardest hit areas in south jersey would be burlington county. the action cam is live in medford where a large tree is down. this area declared a state of emergency because of all the trees that are down and all the power outages that they have, a lot of work to be done in medford, burlington county. now this picturesque scene in south jersey took a sudden shift. you can hear the "action news" you're scream when several tree brambles crash to the ground under the weight of the snow. she took this video near silvan lake near burlington county. yes maybe you theard that the thunder snow lightning during the nor'easter.
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it was captured in galloway township new jersey. >> reporter: it is very rare when it happened, it shows you how intense the storm is. we had anumber of lightning strikes. it's kind of cool, but you have to be careful out there in the lightning. storm tracker 6 live we're dry and in the clear, let's go outside and looking at the philadelphia center city skyline, the ben franklin bridge, i almost called it the airport, not sure why. it's dry out there. we'll start our day with beautiful sunshine. it's cold, temperatures, 35. the dewpoint, 25, so a dry atmosphere. wind out of the west at 10 miles per hour. we'll see gusty wind at times. the pressure is holding steady. the windchill 27. satellite and radar showing the nor'easter that's pulling out of here, we have clear skies you
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can see the clouds that will be streaming in. we'll see partly sunny skies this afternoon, not a big deal. temperatures in the low 40s, the windchill will stay in the 30s today. 8:00 a.m., the freezing mark at 10:36 a bit more cloud cover through the afternoon. lunchtime, 39. partly sunny, 3:00 p.m., 40. 6:00 p.m., 36 degrees. we're keeping an eye sunday into monday. we're tracking a storm, models not sure what to do with this, does it stay to the south or develop into the nor'easter and track up the coastline. at this point unclear, but sunday into monday is the next time period we're watching here. here's the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, kind of feels blustery today gusty wind, temperatures, 42. windchill in the 30s, you'll get the sunshine out there and do melting. stray flurry around tomorrow in the poconos or areas north of the city, especially, could even put a quick little snow shower in one or two spots.
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most of us stay dry, 43. saturday a chilly breeze, 43 degrees, you set the clocks forward, but not feeling like spring. sunday, sunshine fades behind clouds, 44. we're watching the southern system sunday into monday toddes if it could -- to to see if it could impact us. 42 degrees is the high. tuesday, a chilly breeze temperatures below average through much of the seven-day forecast. look at wednesday, we'll be 13 degrees below average still in the 30s, at this point it will be mid march getting close to my birthday. i might need a scarf if you're asking. >> birthday celebration begins a month early. >> i've been too busy to celebrate. i have to go full force now. >> matt will make sure you have a celebration. >> reporter: matt pellman will. >> i have to start buying the
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candles. [laughter]. i don't want to be caught in the crossfire. >> 21 it's not that many, you can get them. >> we have two hours and 15 minutes to go. i want to save you from yourself. >> 4:43 a.m., philadelphia police arrest a driver accused of plowing into a woman and children on the sidewalk. a 42-year-old is charged with impersonating a police officer. >> reporter: commerce dry, we're drying out, traffic is getting by. check the blue route and 476 when "action news" continues on this thursday. >> hello, everyone, thursday,
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445 m. bad day at philadelphia international airport, all flights were canceled. checked the flight board this morning, not many, but there are 30 cancellations in terms of arrivals and departures. trying to recover at phl. >> speaking of recovery, karen throws paper at matt pellman, i know you're looking at the roads, you're saying take the big cup of coffee because you're going to spend time on the roads. >> reporter: the thing we want flying is the pieces of papers, not other things flying, because some of the side streets and roads are covered with thick layer of snow and ice. it's treacherous, i don't want to under sell it as you head
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out. the blue route, the ramps are slick. the main travel lanes are well cleared off and treated. you should be okay once you make it to the highways, it will take time to get there. not too far off, walton road shut down, jolly road can get you around it. it's one of many in bucks county. a who bunch of downed trees, can he keller road and mechanicsville road is blocked. 295 and new jersey turnpike look fine this morning. once you get on the secondary roads, issues like the fort dix access highway, traffic lights out there. mount laurel, trees blocking elbow lane. church road is blocked by tam o'
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shatno road. >> well, philadelphia police have arrested a driver suspected of hitting a mother and two children on the sidewalk and running off. it happened in the city's mayfair section on tuesday night. the crash pinned 3-year-old violet crosby under the striking car. joe leoni was on the way to the 7-eleven when he heard the scream. >> she was under the car. >> we took outline you're a power to lift the car and moved it back. >> reporter: you can see how upsetting it was to be in the situation. >> police arrested 31-year-old zachary lauer. vial jovanni oyola -- violet is
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in critical condition. a teen showed up in victorville driving an suv with flashing lights and waring a sheriff's uniform, he is 14 years old. he pulled a woman over and gave her a warning before letting her go. we'll be right back.
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>> reporter: we're having a fun time this morning. >> happy to see each other at 4:00 a.m. >> reporter: yes, let's head outside to penns landing columbus boulevard. it's a little bit drier here this morning, we don't have the big old lake in the northbound side of the columbus boulevard. no problems with tidal flooding at least not yet. on the mass transit front, normal weekday schedules. are 15 septa bus routes are suspended. ac rail line is suspended because of signal issues. >> reporter: blustery today and much of the next seven day. we're below average, a chilly breeze, windchills in the 30s today. we'll do melting making it up to 42. a stray flurry tomorrow, a quick snow shower north of the city, 43 is the high. saturday, chilly breeze, 43.
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daylight saving time don't forget set the clocks forward, check your smoke detecter batteries. sunday into monday we're looking at the chance of a next storm we have a few days to see what happens with this. monday. tuesday, partly sunny, 40 degrees. wednesday, 13 degrees below average. >> two eagles players helped pump up the team at the flyers game. jason kelce and michael kendricks rallied fans. they made him him a mummers parade hat. >> traveling in the tight streets of fairmont as you see some people have not gotten their vehicles out of their
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spots and we still have work to do to clean up, we'll be right back. >> the big dig out began
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without the help of streetlights. road crews were out salting roads in elkins park. the area reported countless accidents and snow covered
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vehicles. >> the snow brought branches and trees. >> even utility crews trying to restore power fell victim to the roads. the big continues from the latest nor'easter we're monitoring the roads and when power might be restored. >> will caring at -- looking at the view, sky6 live hd at city hall. the main roads are clear, the question is getting out and about on the secondary roads. we'll b right back. >> good morning it is
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5:00 a.m., thursday, march 8. we're following the cleanup from the latest nor'easter. >> the thick wet snow across the region left thousands without power. for some families it is the second outage in atlantic city than a week. >> the plows and shovels have been in overdrive as the people pull out the elbow geese to dig themselves out. some areas got a foot of snow. >> there could slick spots which is why the philadelphia public and afternoon archdiocess are opening two hours late today and others are closing we have a list at first up let's look at the weather and traffic and go over to meteorologist karen rogers who is in for david murphy and matt pellman who's got his eye on the roads good morning. >> reporter: good morning, some of us like to try to make good time in the morning, this is the morning for that. >> reporter: you want to take it easy, lots of slick spots a


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