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tv   Noticiero Nacional Azteca America  WQAW  October 11, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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but there were periods where you didn't need an umbrella. which was interesting. let's take a live look outside right now. we're still seeing at this moment, periods of rain. and it might be like this for a few more days. have you to be patient. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist tim williams is live on pier 5 downtown, with the wjz mobile weather lab. we begin with bob turk, who is tracking live doppler radar. >> i did see a man making an arc earlier today, by the way. i wonder what that means. let's take a look at radar. still flood warnings across northern sections of carroll, baltimore county, gun powder. also, monocacy and big pike creek. the rain, however, has sliftsed to -- shifted to the west and southwest. one batch moving west of the city. so downtown, even though it's been dry, the last couple of hours, here it comes. another batch moving in from the eastern shore. so kim, who is down at the pier 5 is going to get wet very shortly. we'll show you tim in just a minute. let's show you the watches and warnings.
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yes, we have flood watches and warnings mentioned in baltimore, frederick and carroll county. and the flood watch continues until late tonight, for many areas, southern maryland and a lot of sections of northern virginia as well as harford county. 64 in ocean city. 74 in oakland. tim is live now with the mobile weather lab. and as you can see, he's got his umbrella out. tim has a look at some of those rain numbers and what we can expect, perhaps tomorrow. >> as bob mentioned, i'll just say a new campaign. trust your turk. if bob says you're going to get wet, you're going to get wet. he said it was going to come down here in 10 or 15 minutes, which sure enough it did. we're outside here. the winds have picked up. the rains have started as well. and we're starting to see another wave of these showers moving on in. let's talk about the rain totals we've seen. [ no audio ] >> reporter: northern baltimore county, almost four inches.
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hagerstown, just about 3 or so. and just very close. we're looking at patuxent river, almost 2 and 3/4ths of an inch. rain is starting to up. we're under about two inches. but just about two and three- quarters inches will salisbury, over 2 inches. as far as our graphics, they tell the story. this low has been centered off the carolina coastline. it's a clockwise flow. it brings in all the moisture from the ocean. and it's in cycles. big waves go through. we get a bit of a lull. another wave going through. and that's what you have been experiencing. and now, we're adding the wind to all of the rain. the weekend looks like it's going to play out just like that. and expect to see make a little improvement, heading into sunday afternoon. but looks like at least early sunday morning, we could still see some showers lingering in the area. we're here in downtown baltimore, at pier 5. remember, trust your turk. we'll have your update coming up here in just a moment. back to you inside. >> all right, tim. thank you. stay with wjz for first warning
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weather coverage. for updated forecast and live doppler radar, go to there is no deal yet. but republicans and the white house are still talking about a way to end the government shutdown and avoid default. as danielle nottingham reports for wjz, republican senators brought their ideas to the president today. >> reporter: gop senators left a white house meeting in the pouring rain, as the forecast for ending the budget stalemate seemed to improve. >> it was a good exchange, but it was an inconclusive exchange. >> reporter: susan collins of maine is pitching a plan to extend the debt limit until january and reopen the government in exchange for talks on reducing long-term debt and repealing a medical device tax in the president's healthcare law. house republicans have made a separate offer to avoid default and end the shutdown. friday afternoon, the president's aide and speaker
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boehner talked. >> what they agreed on is that everybody should keep talking. >> reporter: republicans want some concession for passing a bill to reopen the government. and that's one of the sticking points. but plenty of lawmakers on both sides of the i'm agree -- aisle agree, not raising the debt limit is not an option. >> it will be a financial disaster and will spark a global recession. >> nobody wants a default. that's why in 50 years of negotiations over multiple debt ceiling increases, we haven't had a single detaught. -- default. >> reporter: the deadline to raise the debt in this limit is just five days away. about 350,000 federal workers have been furloughed since october 1st. several government agencies are warning there will be additional cutbacks and consequences if the shutdown doesn't end soon. >> reporter: baltimore county police are investigating a police-involved shooting in the area of middle river and whitemarsh. it happened this morning along pulaski highway and route 43. detectives were conducting a criminal investigation and
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approached the suspect's vehicle. police say that suspect reached for a gun. the two detectives then shot at him. he was taken into custody and did suffer from a nonlife nonlife-threatening gunshot wound. so far, no charges have been filed. also in baltimore county, police are trying to figure out why a van slammed into a light rail train during the morning commute. christie ileto has the latest from the scene. >> reporter: congestion at beaver dam and warren roads, midfriday morning. all because maryland transit authority says a light rail train and a car collided. >> reporter: baltimore county police reroute early morning commuters, forcing delays friday. >> about an hour so far, coming from baltimore. >> reporter: following what transit for authorities say is a car versus train accident in cockeysville. >> one of our light rail trains was struck by a vehicle at warren and beaver roads. >> reporter: mta says the driver hit a southbound train at the train crossing. officials say the driver had to be extricated from the vehicle
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and taken to a local hospital. six passengers were also rushed from the scene to be evaluated, with minor injuries. >> after the accident, delays soon followed. light rail, running 20 minutes behind schedule. and if you look at every corner of this intersection, it's bumper-to-bumper traffic. >> it's been crazy all morning. >> i'm just going on what our service calls go down the road. it's taking a while to get there for sure. >> and the intersection opened and light rail service back to normal by midmorning. >> reporter: the cause remains under investigation. in cockeysville, christie ileto, wjz eyewitness news. >> reporter: mta says the injured passengers taken to the hospital have all been release said. anne arundel county police are investigating a bank robbery in glen burnie. these are pictures of the suspect. officers say he robbed the t.d. bank on crain highway around 9:00 this morning. police say he may be armed. fortunately, nobody in the bank was hurt. anyone with information about
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this person has been asked to contact metro crimestoppers. runners, take your mark. the baltimore running festival is tomorrow, bringing tens of thousands of people to our city. but after the attacks in boston earlier this year, at their marathon, security is extra tight. wjz is live at city police headquarters. linh bui explains. linh? >> mary, police won't release many details about their plan. they want to keep most of that information confidential. however, they do promise a significant increase in security. >> reporter: in approximately, -- april, two bombs exploded at the boston marathon finish line. with the baltimore running festival this weekend, police are not taking any chances. >> the security will be increased. there will be more officers deployed to this event. we're very fortunate. our local, state and federal partners are contributing a lot of resources. >> reporter: the past month, officers have been inspecting
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the course, expect heightened security in high-traffic areas, like celebration village, near campen -- camden yards. >> what better place? >> officers will also focus on the inner harbor, patterson park and lake montebello. >> if you are planning to come, leave this at home. spectators can only bring clear plastic bags. no backpacks allow said. >> festival founder also says the 80 outside the stadium will also monitor the event. >> the quest, if you will, is to be as secure as possible. >> there will also be a lot of other resources which wont be seen by the general public, but will be there to ensure safety and success of the 70. -- the event. >> reporter: security has increased across the country, but that won't stop the 27,000 runners tomorrow. >> the one nice thing about runners, it's a resilient group. and they have a streak in them that says you're not going to stop me, no matter what.
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>> reporter: there's no official list of prohibited items. police just say use your common sense. obviously weapons or anything dangerous will not be allowed inside. we are live downtown, linh bui, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right, linh. thank you. other agencies helping with security include maryland transportation police, baltimore sheriff's office, and baltimore city school police. downtown baltimore will be busy on sunday, too. the ravens have a home game with the green bay packers coming to town. sports director mark viviano joins us no -- now with a look ahead. plus sports predictions. >> ravens are back home after two straight home games. and sunday's game with the packers is one of the most anticipated games of the nfl weekend. >> reporter: prior to ravens and packers, a lot of cheer about the quarterbacks. the ravens joe flacco, and green bay's aaron rodgers are both super bowl mvps. but the ravens insist, their success on offense is still rooted in the run game. and rye rice and company final
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-- ray rice and company finally found the good gear last week in miami. >> now we feel like our running game is only to get better from here. felt good to put our foot on the pedal. we're right there. wferlt r wmplettive lal went up last week. no need to keep going forward now. >> panel. experts makes their picks of what has the makings of a good matchup. >> baltimore ravens are back home, facing the green bay packers, aaron rogers and all of his weapons. they'll get it done this week because they are at home. >> always a big day. very offensive left tackle. look for the ravens to win. >> john harbaugh, joe flacco, they've never lost to an nfc team at home. ravens win. >> offense can't sputter in this one. joe flacco and the guys need to
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score points but i'll take them at home. ravens, 27, packers 24. >> it is hard to pick against the ravens when they're on their home turf. i've got them beating green bay, 24-20, which will require a strong performance by that ravens defense. more coming up next hour. >> and a reminder for you, tomorrow is a big day in college football on wjz. you can see the navy midshipmen take on the blue devils here on wjz. the winner of the mega millions jackpot comes forward. but still remains a bit of a mystery. the winning ticket was drawn october 1st in severn. the man said once he found out he won, he hid the ticket in an unplug said lamp socket for safekeeping. he chose the cash option. so he has taken home $86 million aftertaxes. >> it's not a big deal. i keep all of my millions in an unplugged lamp socket.
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i always do that. >> i know. so funny. i guess it was a creative place and no one would look. >> it worked right? >> it worked. still ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00. the two new additions at the maryland zoo. already getting a lot of attention. how soon we could see the two new lion cubs. a fun night for some sorority girls turns into a very scary night in delaware. what happened in this crash. the world on a half shell. i'm pat warren, coming up on eyewitness news. winning the fight for oyster recovery, one spat at a time. big backup to the bay bridge. due to the rainy and windy weather. woo elhave an update coming up. and when will this rain finally stop? when will we see that sun again? bob will update the first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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wjz is following big traffic problems, few to our rainy weather, including a huge backup at the bay bridge. kristy breslin has the latest. >> yes, we are looking at a massive backup on 50 eastbound. let's take a live look. right now, the delay is starting back at 57. you're looking at about a 10- mile backup. it doesn't stop there. plenty of delays on the beltway as well. watch for extensive delays there. if you're traveling on the west side inner loop, delays start from southwest boulevard to liberty. northbound 95, from 32 to the
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beltway on the southwest corner. also, from the 895 split to whitemarsh boulevard. a couple of accidents in baltimore city, west franklin at north stricker. park heights at bancroft. and also edmondson avenue at allendale. let's go back and take another live look there. that is where the delay begins, 50 at 97. we'll go back and look at sandy point. give yourself a lot of extra time. this traffic report is brought to you by bge. don't forget your cfe and energy bulls rbs. visit bge smart back to you. >> kristy, thank you. there's a baby boom in maryland. a billion baby oysters, called spat, have been planted at the oyster sanctuary. >> political reporter pat warren has more on the state's reproduction. >> hi, kai. the o'malley situation says this is the first time in the
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country any hatchery has seen this kind of production in a single season. >> you don't get to this moister bar without first carefully attending to these, maryland's native oyster bars, which have decreased. the state's oyster restoration plan is on track to bring those bars back. >> we bruce more more than and this is the measurable result. 752 million in the harris creek sanctuary. >> reporter: they get credit for this particular baby boom. a key ingredient in the overall plan to restore the oyster population, create new jobs and stimulate the economy. >> watched as oysters declined from where they were, even 10 years ago, 20 years ago. and now, what we see is that they're becoming more resistent to disease, our hatchery has since become much more productive. >> reporter: and in restoring
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oyster reefs, the increasing numbers do a great job of filtering water and removing pollutants from the bay. >> reporter: and researchers will continue to work with other organizations to increase production. i'm pat warren. reporting live from canton, back to you, kai. $2.7 million in loans have been approved for aqua culture in 10 counties. for the first time ever, lion cubs have been born at the maryland zoo in baltimore. but the excitement is mixed with sadness, as the zoo lost the cub's mother. >> reporter: the new cub still to be named were born last thursday at the maryland zoo in baltimore. >> the first cubs in our zoo's history, which is fantastically excite being and a huge achievement for our team. >> reporter: but the zoo's assistant general curator tells me the next morning, their mother, badu, started showing signs of birth complications and the vetterinarrian team had to step in. >> they had to go in surgically and remove the remaining cubs.
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unfortunately, neither survived. badu did come through the surgery. we were hope flul she would come -- hopeful she would come through the surgery, but she did not. >> she was only 3 1/2 years old, so it was a shock to see her life lost. now there is concern for the new cubs. >> the cubs will be cared for in a special den, outside of the public eye. >> they are still being handfed, they're very wobbly. so it will be a while before they're strong and active enough to come out on exhibit. >> reporter: and the cubs will be weaned in about a month. then the decision will be made as to when we can see them, when they'll be shown to the public. the zoo also hopes to involve the public in naming the cubs, of course. they may have a little contest or something. they're still deciding that. i can't wait to see them. they're so cute. >> lion cubs. >> and they are also, i should mention, a cub cam. it's in there. they're going to try it -- to
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turn it on. >> we've got more rain headed through the region, as we speak. we're at 63. north/northeast winds at 8. barometer holding steady. come back and take a look at the weekend after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i'm tim williams here in downtown baltimore. where the next wave of rains and winds have rolled through. for more, sending it in to bob turk. >> as mentioned, it moved in the southern section of the city. now, it's encompassing most of the city as you can see. coming directly from the east. off the atlantic ocean. from galena, we've got the rain that just came in. probably last, at least hour to hour and a half. you see some pockets of rain. around middle river and over in the eastern shore, some heavier pockets north of kenezyville. so yes, it's going to rain again. and over the weekend, the bulk of the heavy stuff has moved to our north and moved to the southwest. so hopefully we'll be dealing with just cloudy skies and maybe some drizzle from time to time. i think the bulk of the heaviest stuff. we said this yesterday. but that didn't hold true, did
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it. 66, easton. 68, ocean city. we're at 63. 59 in cumberland. and 60 in oakland. locally, temperatures in the low to mid-60s. winds now, a little stronger, elkton, up to 20. ocean city, wind at 8 miles an hour. we -- haven't had really strong wind gusts. 20 to 30-mile-an-hour wind would have come down. we haven't really seen that. i guess that's one blessing. all right. we still have low pressure. still sitting. ure can't even it. it's sitting often the coast of let's say virginia and north carolina. but an upper-level system has taken shape here in northern virginia. and that's where the northern circulation is. the rain is still coming in. moisture still coming from the atlantic ocean. it will be suppressed a little over the weekend. low moving a little further to the south. still a chance we'll see drizzle, at least for times. sunday, i think we may have a little brightening. a little dryer air can move in.
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northeast winds up to 20 knots on the bay. bay temp, still stuck around 71. tonight, still rain and drizzle. 55 from time to time. not all the time. tomorrow again, light rain occasionally and drizzle. so it will probably be wet, if you're going to any football games or anything outside tomorrow. just dress for a damp day. >> all right. >> no, you warned us. still ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00. you know, in obama care is really, i think the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery. >> shocking comments from former hopkins neurosurgeon, dr. ben carson. what else he had to say today at the summit. honoring a dedicated employee, killed in a tragic crash.
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i'm monique griego, coming up. i'm ron matz in owings mills. shop until you drop. and help a great co-host. the story coming up here on wjz. and here's today's report from wall street. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
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