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tv   WRAL News 5PM  NBC  January 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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the big story nose diving stops. walk you through what's happening on wall street and talk with local financial experts about it. rain arrived now on schedule. now tracking when it ends. good news for part of your weekend. >> closing including some of the triangle. we'll tell you which ones. live in raleigh wral news starts right now. another beating on wall street with the stock market plunging hundreds of points from the opening bell. hello and thanks for joining us. >> this has been the worst two
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has ever seen. the 16,000 mark losing 391 points compared to 417 how much 2016. the nasdaq and s&p also took major drops today. >> here in raleigh they say it's important to keep things in perspective right now. >> in 2008 we were down in the new year. we need to be paying attention because there's the federal reserve and china and the election and oil is down and there's a lot of things we need. >> and coming up at 6 we take a closer look at oil and why it's down. >> aman accuseed of shooting his mother in the face is a couple of hours ago. we'll have the story a bit
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a couple accused of allowing in court today. franky barker and danielle abandoned two dogs. one of the dogs died 20 pounds under weight with no food in her system. the second dog was alive but no food in it's crate. the couple is charged with felony cruelty to animals. two men face charges in connection to a shooting in the hospital. 18-year-old brandon and 19-year- old are charged with assault with a deadly weapon and intent to kill. it happened in north raleigh tuesday night. the victims had non life threatening jues. hillsborough police arrested two people for a bank robbery accused of robbing the community one bank on millstone drive on monday. kelly reilly also facing charges for that robbery as well as one in apex and graham. police say they were able to
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witness who say their license plate number during the robbery. a store in hillsborough has a lot of cleaning up to do after a mini-van crashed through it in front of postal connections in the boone square shopping center when hamite another vehicle. police believe that startled him and he hit the gas instead of the brake. the mini-van came to a stop at the back of the building. two employees were inside at the time one with minor injuries. the driver was not hurt and will not be charged. 12 military personnel are missing after two marine helicopters collided off the coast of hawaii. there's a massive search for the crew members with the help of the navy. high surf up to 15 feet and cloudy conditions are complicating the search. the choppers collided during a nighttime training mission.
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another one shortly after. boom. then another boom. >> rescue teams found an empty life raft, debris and visible flames about two and a half miles off the coast. there's no word on what caused the crash. the choppers are port of the first marine aircraft wing the u.s. largest helicopter. tomorrow marks 25 years since the beginning of this country's first war in iraq. north carolina sent 67 of 75,000 troops to the persian gulf more than any other state and the governor plans a state memorial to those veterans. that's not the only pledge she made. brian mims reports. it was long enough, 42 days, to shorten the lives 17 north carolina people. >> i'm so thankful for the service he did for our country.
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died in the final week of a helicopter crash. kuwait was soon liberated from the invader. they gave our state $100,000. spending it governor pat mccrory says on a traveling exhibit dedicated to the veterans of the first gulf war. >> i never knew that so much of it goes to all 17 of them and all of the other ones that just means everything. >> sergeant chapman is at rest in the cemetery just like so many other young fighters and just leak the 27-year-old marine who kept fighting after he retired the uniform. he battled leukemia. his doctor at duke gave him 30 days he went in search of a resting place in jacksonville.
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with tears in his eyes he told his mom can't be buried there. it's a mess. >> he died last august in virginia. >> apparently a lot of our cemeteries are in bad shape for decades. this is inexcusable. >> in this the governor says the state will fix with urgency. i reached by phone and asked her what she thought. it just warms my heart. i know my son is very pleased. brian mims wral raleigh. >> north carolina has four state veteran cemeteries including one in spring lake. the governor says he has the right to use administration to find the funding to repair those cemeteries. robert springer shared his memories today at 5:30. how he says the persian war continues to effect north carolina. now to the story we mentioned a moment ago. a fayetteville man accused of shooting his mother in the face at his first court appearance a
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gilbert was in the courtroom when he faced a judge. gilbert joins us live from the news room at the fayetteville observer. gilbert? >> before i went in the courtroom i had a chance to go by the house of the victim and saw and talked with her husband and also her daughter. neither wanted to appear on through pretty tough surgery last night and the victim is in serious condition. as for her brother he stood in front of a district court judge this afternoon and asked for a court appointed attorney. smith made sure kevin powell understood the charges he was going to appoint him an attorney from the public defenders office. authorities say he went into his mother's beauty salon and shot his mother, 44-year-old in the face at point blank range. after he shot his mother he left the beauty salon went to his car and put the hand gun he used in the shooting back into the vehicle.
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help including the victim. the calls are too disturbing to hear but you can hear the victim asking for help and told the operator that her son shot her. another call that was made by a customer who was in the restroom when the shots rang out. i don't know what happened. when i came out of the bathroom she was on the floor. her son was here. he was saying i shot my mom or somebody shot my mama. i said what do you mean? so i ran out of the parking lot because all i know is that when we got out of the bathroom he was the only one in here. now powell was an outstanding basketball player back in 2008 in the 71st high school. he faces several charges and if he's convicted on the most serious charge attempted first degree murder he could spend 40 years behind bars. >> gilbert thank you. we now know who won a share of $1.6 billion power ball jack
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>> john and lisa robertson of mumford, tennessee claimed their innings today. they appeared with their dog at the press conference. after their winning ticket was over find they plan to pay off their mortgage on the home, pay off the daughter's student loans and return to their jobs. >> big smiles there. we now know who won one of the $2 million prizes in north carolina. a group of six co-workers in morrisville. they bought their winning ticket in raleigh. they work at a pharmaceutical company in morrisville. they pooled their money every time the jack pot rose over $100 million. the other ticket worth $2 million was bought at this store in spring lake. that winner has not come forward yet. >> you are here for all of this. we had a big pool. maybe your husband was in it. >> we didn't benefit. >> we had one winner.
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we'll try again. welcome back by the way. food on the floor, dirty pans and moldy ice machines. >> monica tells us where inspectors found these violations and more. >> plus a drug trial goes seriously wrong for a volunteer who is now brain dead and several others critically ill. plus actor sean penn speaks with 60 minutes about his time with el chapo. coming up at 5:30 why he says his interview was the one his drug lord failed. we've still got rain showers out there so if you want to do something outside this evening take the umbrella along but that is not something you are going to need tomorrow
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we'll talk about that we are following breaking news about the hotel attack in which is in africa. that attack happened in the country's capital near an upscale hotel in the city center. witnesses said they heard explosions. a reporter on scene said several cars are on fire. we are still working to learn details of any injuries. there were tragic results of a drug trial in france. >> the health ministry there says one person is brain dead five other patients are in the hospital in critical condition after something went terribly
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dr. alan has the story. >> six research volunteers to this hospital in western france after they became while taking part in a drug study. prosecutors have launched an investigation. the french health minister says 90 people took part in the experimental testing that involved varying doses of all pain killers. one person is brain dead and three others have damage that may not be reversible. it's rare for people to get sick when testing new drugs because researchers typically start with the lowest dose after extensive testing on animals. it happened in the city. the french company specializes in critical condition capital studies. the website says 25 years of experience with clinical trials. the french companies has offices in newark new jersey. dr. alan wral help team.
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the drug being tested has not been named. raleigh is remembering the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. community leaders gathered today in raleigh with this wreath laying ceremony. today would have been his 87th birthday. the official holiday honoring him is monday. and the 36th annual martin
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siem >>is25 walmart is closing 269 stores including 17 in north carolina. a supercenter on the parkway in durham. also all of the company smaller walmart express locations launched in 20 single 2011 as a pilot program. 16,000 workers will be impacted. the company would be reviewing
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rivals such as amazon. chipotle will close all of it's restaurants to hold staff meetings about food safety. the company has more than 1900 locations. all will be closed for several hours on february 8 so employees can talk about changes the company is making. this follows several food scares including out breaks of e. coli salmonella and e. neuro virus. which places got bs monica shows us. >> first up a reinspection at taste of china on holly springs road. an employee handled money then food without washing his hands. frozen raw chicken on the dirty side of the sink, clean pans were dirty, clean you tensiles and areas of the kitchen needed cleaning.
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got bs the previous two months with scores of 84 and 86.5. to kerri and superwok ribs were cooling on a drain board, a pan of breaded chicken in a orage room, raw meat above ready to eat foods, no use by dates, containers of food on the floor and the inspector added significant equipment cleaning needed. they scored a b previously 90.5 and 84. next the express on rayford road in fayetteville ground beef was stored in reused ice noodles packages, raw chicken was washed in the vegetable sink, an employee did not wash his hands and raw chicken wasn't cold enough. they scored 87 and before that
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onto chatham street in kerri. the buffet chicken wasn't hot enough, containers of food on the floor, food stored in reused ice buckets and scoop handles were touching several foods. scored 89. previously 87.5 and 91.5. now to the top storying restaurant havana express where they earned three 100s in a row. way to go. monica wral t.v. 5 on you your side. >> on reinspection taste of china superwok all scored in the 90s. >> gerald owens. >> next at 5:30 a chatham county community remembers a fallen first responder tonight. we head to joshua woods on everyone's mind. and it's been 25 years since the u.s. launched the persian gulf war.
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nation and north we begin with breaking news of our own right now on wral. some exciting changes coming to wral the end of february. hello and thanks for joining us. i'm gerald owens.
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