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tv   WRAL News 5AM  NBC  January 25, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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after an impressive win over the arizona cardinals. will linebacker thomas davis be able to play? he had to leave the game with an injured arm but he vows he's going to play in two weeks. >> he's got a fracture but he says he'll be back. let's take a look at the school closings. >> wake county is closed. >> chapel hill, chatham county, durham public, franklin county as well as beganville. >> we have more halifax is closed. harnett county delayed by two hours. also a two hour delay for johnston county. lee county and mecklenburg are closed. >> moore county schools and nash rocky mount schools, moore, orange county and person county. >> and vance county closed today wake is closed and warren is closed. you can see the full list at the bottom of your screen. >> let's get to elizabeth to
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melting on the way. >> yes definitely today temperatures climb to the mid to upper 40s so a good day of melting but even with temperatures in the mid 40s we look at roxboro, plenty of snow still hanging around. they got three to four inches of sleet and snow but they've done a nice job of clearing at least here downtown. the main drag and right in front of the court house they cleared the sidewalk as well but plenty of it hanging around there and a lot of other places. durham at 25 right now. 24 in wake forest and 29 in holly springs. 2 in rocky mount, 19 in south hill, 21 in roxboro, 26 in fayetteville and clinton so even places it really didn't see much if there's anything wet on the roads it is frozen and if you are not careful you run into a little bit of trouble this morning. high thin cloud cover coming in but otherwise nothing to stop that sunshine from continuing to melt what's there. mid 20s this morning at 8:00 a.m., 39 at noon, high of 47 with plenty of sun.
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later this week in a few minutes. brian is checking out more roads and flashing lights, brian. >> we do have an accident on i- 40 westbound at buffalo road on the east side of raleigh at 5:22. let's take you to that camera and show you the flashing lights. maybe a right lane is blocked. we are going to get more details about that crash. let's also head out to the western side of raleigh heading on out towards durham by the airport. that's i-40 at miami boulevard as you head into durham and rtp your major routes in pretty good shape. but you can't rule out icy patch ease the side where the run off froze and your ramps and bridges pretty tricky in spots. let's take a look at the over view of the conditions you are seeing this morning. your interstates and u.s. highways and north carolina highways are mostly dry but your ramps bridgeds are going to be slick in placey.
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some areas especially in shadech spots so be especially careful there and many neighborhood streets and parking lots still are ice covered this morning. there's a good reason schools are out today in many spots because it is a surprisingly tricky drive. if you must go out be extra careful. back to you. >> buses are carrying precious cargo so you can understand the decision to cancel classes. we want to give you a ground level, road level view of the roads. >> let's get specific. tara lin how does it look this morning? >> yup let me go ahead and show you a look at this secondary road where we are in the five points area and it is covered with ice. one of the main reasons for that here in this area is because there are a lot of trees so this area has remained shaded. didn't get that sunshine that we saw yesterday. so that is still a sheet of ice. we are going to turn now onto
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for the most part is clear and dry. you will still encounter icy patches in the turn lanes and thats ar certainly too where you can see excessive slick spots as we were navigating through the neighborhood trying to turn. had a little--lost a little friction with the wheels of the car does the this is indicative of what you will see around the wake county area this morning. those neighborhood roads many of which did not get all of that sunshine yesterday. those are definitely still going to be icy this morning but the rain roads around the triangle we are finding at this point are clear. >> thanks tata lin showing us the roads and drive by what a difference like the main roads looking good but neighborhood streets still crusty. >> many residents are without power. >> mikaya thurmond joins us live in wake forest where the residents are waiting for their
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>> it's a tough situation out here. it's hard to see but take a look right behind me this is one of more than 37 customers here on news trail estate that have been without power since saturday at 11:00 a.m. since then it appears as though many of these residents have gone and found other places to be but i can tell you in addition to power being out here you can look at these icy roads and a dangerous ice rink in the middle of the roadway that has not been paveed. certainly a tough situation. i can tell you the latest outage numbers right now according to duke energy there are 4,000 customers without power across the state. many of those both in wake and johnson counties but they do say and estimate that power will be restored by 11:00 p.m. this afternoon but to be without power since saturday is almost unimaginable. bill and renee? >> mikaya thurmond on a very cold situation in raleigh. thank you very much. wake and durham county
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announced weather make up days. traditional calendar students will have classes on february 15 which is president's day and saturday april 2 for year round. you can find more on police are looking too whether black ice was to blame for a serious crash a car plowing into the old time hillsborough street. the driver was not seriously hurt but the creek was totaled. the crash happened in the worst part of the building possible where the water comes in and the power panels are located. it could be a month before the restaurant reopens. officials suspect weather caused a water main break on wade avenue in raleigh to force police to shut down the road between dixie trail and brooks avenue yesterday morning while crews made repairs. the road reopened yesterday afternoon. fire nearly destroyed a home in southern pines on indiana avenue yesterday
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one of the five dogs died of smoke inhalation. the red cross is helping the family find a place to stay. the democratic presidential candidates will face off in a town hall debate one week before the iowa caucuses. vermont senator bernie sanders will take questions from iowa voters. town hall will be motte rated by chris cuomo and begins at 9 tonight. michael bloomberg is throwing more uncertainty considering a third party run for the white house. that is if donald trump and bernie sanders are the candidates. he plans to conduct a poll after the primary in new hampshire. he's set a march deadline to decide on whether to enter the race. bloomberg is said to be willing to spend up to $1 billion of his own fortune to finance the campaign. the panthers are super bowl
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cam newton threw for two touchdowns and ran for two others. they stifled arizona's top- ranked offense. panthers 49 cardinals 15 final score. next stop super bowl 50 in two weeks when they take on peyton manning and the denver broncos. >> that will be a great game. we may be dealing with snow in our area. >> but there's one city experiencing it for the first time in decades.
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is coming up on 5:15 some side streets are still slippery this morning and many schools have decided to keep classes closed today. >> durham public is one of those schools systems. julia simms is live to show us
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school today. julia. >> renee and bill we are up on north roxboro street in the northern part of durham and you can see here that this road is essentially clear. the city has cleared about 90% of their primary roads but for folks heading out to work today you really need to be careful about the black ice you've heard elizabeth and brian talking about because we've got a lot of the snow and ice build up on the shoulders of the roads so we are getting that wet run off and when you come up under the street lights you can see the glaze of that black ice that just sort of stretches all the way across the roadway. we are going about 35 miles per hour right now to be on the safe side but we are seeing more an more traffic come out here and boy you can just come up on one of these patches of ice and it could really do a number on you so you've got to be careful.
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backside streets in the durham neighborhoods. they are still many of them completely covered with snow and ice which is why those buses are not out on the roads today. they are carrying precious cargo and not going to take any chances for sure. >> all right julia simms live on the road situation in durham thank you for the update. there's a reward for help finding the person responsible for running over a trooper in rowan county early saturday morning. investigators say trooper robert tried to tell two men on four wheelers to stay off the icy highway. he got out of his patrol car and one of the atvs charged at him running him over. the trooper has a broken leg and other injuries. both drivers got away. the trooper's association is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to arrests. a man shot to death by a driver he tried to assist in western north carolina leaves behind a 17 month old son. the suspect has a court appearance today.
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a driver who spun out on ice became belligerent and began firing if people approached to help. 27-year-old marvin jacob lee in jail without bond on a charge of murder. family members say the victim jefferson hebner was always willing to help people in need. while the lights are back on for some thousands are still in the dark, some in better shape than others. that's why so many are being encouraged to check on our neighbors. one woman helps keep things in perspective. >> i love to see snow fall but it can go away. >> she lives in rollsville. she's 91 years old. >> i think i'm the the oldest. >> lucky for her the town has a program in place to check on the elderly during this weather. she's on the list. >> i wanted to check on you and
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>> i yes i'm still good. >> i just want to make sure no one goes without. >> i don't remember it being this cold going back years ago. it was cold but we didn't have central heat. we didn't have all of the conveniences that we have now. >> maybe that's why she seems a bit more patient then the folks on the other side of the calls coming in here. >> we want to get everybody back on as quickly as possible. >> they are working really hard. >> you have a large limb that has fallen on the power line? >> someone has been dispatched to your area. >> i'm so sorry for your inconvenience. >> this is the duke energy customer service center yielding thousands of calls. >> many operators understand the frustration because they are dealing with power outages. james ellis has taken repeated calls from one customer in particular.
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>> she's bugging me when is it going to come back on. >> patience is what he's hoping for from his wife and customers like perk everyoneson. >> i like it pretty good. >> layla santiago wral news. >> i noticed the duke energy guy was wearing carolina panthers colors so i assume he was hoping to get the power back on to see the game. >> it takes a special kind of work in these situations where people are frustrated and all they want is their power back but it's a challenge for the crews to get power restored. >> it is. i feel very thankful we didn't lose it. >> we didn't either. >> all of our neighbors are good. goodness. it's still a little slick out there this morning. of course that's our big story we are talking about this morning. let's take a look at what's going on. we start off with what's coming. icy conditions this morning
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3020s and that even includes fayetteville and sanford and goldsboro and wilson everybody mid to upper 20s even south of the triangle this morning. melting will continue with high temperatures in the 40s and while we will dip down to below freezing again tonight i'm hoping with all of the sunshine we'll see that our icy conditions won't be nearly what they are today. we'll have to see how things go. still shady spots tomorrow morning will be slick. rain into the forecast wednesday into early thursday and temperatures warming up that we are not expecting anything frozen but if the cold air can come in just quickly enough it may chase that out of here on thursday as a little bit of frozen precipitation--it looks iffy right now but something we are watching definitely. 25 our current temperature in downtown durham you can see ice on the roads in places our dew point 22 degrees. south hill 19, 25 in roxboro,
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southern pines. 26 in fayetteville and 26 in clinton. satellite and radar showing high pressure over us. the cloud cover is going to come streaming in over top of this high pressure system to bring us the milky sunshine look but for the most part into the day tomorrow. this so our next system that rolls through on wednesday and will bring us rain but as i mentioned this low swings by with another low that develops off shore and those off shore lows in the winter time are the ones that bring us problems. right now it doesn't look like we have much of a chance but it's something we are watching very closely. here's future cast this morning you can see mostly clear to partly cloudy skies. maybe times that we have high thin clouds to make it feel overcast butamben it should be nice and dry and plenty of sunshine for melting today. here's tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow looks like another bright day. clouds thinkenning up and wednesday morning a band of
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wednesday is going to be a wet start. wednesday morning temperatures well above freezing so not any problems for wednesday's commute beyond the fact it will be on the wet side. 47 today, 56 tomorrow continuing our warming trend. tomorrow morning is 32 which isn't so bad. we won't have the hard freeze we are seeing creating the icy conditions. wednesday 47 degrees with the rain and it stays with us on and off for a good bit of the day on wednesday and if we hit that 32 on thursday as we are chasing the rain out of here it's possible there could be a wintery mix but it looks iffy at the moment. check out that beautiful weekend temperatures approaching 60 degrees and our morning low on sunday stays above freezing. all of that sunshine and warm temperatures look really nice. much different than this past weekend but i will say yesterday morning when the sun came up it certainly was
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sunshine shining on them. >> hearing all the ice on the roof. thankful it wasn't a tree. >> there were problems but you have to take the joy in it where you can. >> you have to find it some times and it was evident in spots yesterday morning. 5:23. want to show you road conditions in chapel hill on 40 at 86 kind of hard to tell with the headlights there but there's still a lot of snow and ice especially in the medians on i-40 and even there the roads are mostly dry but you still could run into an icy patch especially on the side of the road where the water froze overnight. stuff that melted yesterday freezing back over in spots last night. also on glenwood avenue and creed moore road in raleigh looks like the street lights reflecting off a puddle of water there it's likely that is at least partially frozen and if you see the major roads like glenwood avenue in that kind of condition you know the secondary roads and
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take it easy if you must head out. already a couple of spots this morning with problems with accidents including one in the rollsville area on 401 near young street. also a couple of spots on 540 but overall traffic looking pretty good. >> thank you brian. 5:24 right notch. the panthers are headed to the super bowl. next in sports the highlights that led the team to a crushing win over the cardinals. our pet picture is bella
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good monday morning
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panthers fans. cam over to former cardinal ted ginn junior the team that cut you less than a year ago. turn over really big the panthers force seven including the luke keuchly pick six in the fourth quarter that really sealed it. the panthers pound arizona 49@15 so the super bowl is set. it will be the broncos and the panthers. in two weeks february 7 you can see super bowl 50 right here on wral. the first kick at 6:30. unc could move back to number one in the ap basketball pull today. they beat virginia tech on sunday for their 12th straight win and 7-0 in conference. bryce johnson really good for the heels and a tough road win they win and he has a double double.
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the flames and the duke rivals beat unc 71-55. enjoy your monday. >> thank you very much mandy. the voter id law is headed to court. what the federal judge will
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and how 5:30 we continue to follow the after math of the winter storm in the triangle. live team coverage on road conditions and school closures and power outages and much more. >> plus a look at how the storm is impacting air travel and the federal government. and what we are learning about a dog attack that killed a young boy tragically in robinson county. it's 5:30 and we are glad you are with us this morning. >> good morning everyone. before we get to elizabeth let's take a look at school
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wake county public schools are closed today. >> chapel hill, chatham county, durham public, franklin and granville county. >> halifax, harnett county, johnston county, lee county and mecklenburg virginia schools are closed. >> we have moore county and nash rocky mount, north hampton orange and person county schools. >> classes canceled for vance county wake county and warren county schools you have no school today. >> you can find the full list of closings and delays on our website at and also see them scrolling right down there at the bottom of your screen. we did make process with the melting yesterday with the sunshine and we hope to get some more of that today with warmer temperatures. >> exactly and i think a lot of schools decided not to do a delay because temperatures are so cold this morning in the mid 20s it's going to take a while
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so better to play it safe than sorry. rdu has done a good job of clearing things out there. there was a lot of delays and probably still lingering so call your airline if you are trying to fly out. 25 in durham, 24 in wake forest and kerri. 29 in holly springs, 24 in rocky mount, 19 in south hill, 28 in southern pines and 26 in fayetteville. to our south temperatures in the mid 20s. wasn't as much precipitation. if it's frozen down south anything that's wet in the roads will be frozen this morning. satellite and radar showing cloud cover streaming in. high thin clouds and brief overcast but should still have enough sunshine to help melt a good bit of the lingering ice in the region. 26 at 8:00 a.m., 39 at noon and high of 47. temperatures drop down to 32 tonight so we won't have quite the hard freeze tomorrow morning. we'll talk more about what to expect and when we have more rain.
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slippery places on some roads this morning. >> all depends on where you are in shaded areas. here at 5:33 starting on the east side of raleigh that was newburt avenue. let's head out to drive 5 right now with tara lin. i believe that you are on north hills drive in raleigh right? >> that's right. we are just north much the belt line in raleigh this morning so as we take a look at what it looks like on the roads this morning you certainly see a lot of the ice still on the side of the road. most of the lanes where people have been able to pass or have been driving is clear. now the neighborhood streets are certainly a different story and part of it all depends on whether or not that section of the street had the sunshine yesterday or if it remains in the shade. if it was in the shady part chances are there's still going
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the service at all airports along the storm's track today. seven branches of the long island railroad are expected to be fully operational this morning. metro officials in d.c. will resume limited rail and bus service and the rides will be fr. there's much more storm coverage on to check on travel delays view to thes of the after math and much more. new overnight working to
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robbery on duke university's west campus. a student reports that two suspects with guns approached him around 1:00 a.m. the chronicle reports the suspects robbed the student and took off in a red truck or suv. no one was hurt. a horrific story out of robinson county a seven-year- old boy died after being mauled by a dog on odom road yesterday morning. two brothers were playing in the woods near their home when they were attacked by the neighbor's pit bull. the seven-year-old was pronounced dead at the hospital. his brother was injured as he tried to fight the dog off. >> his little brother had a hatchet or something and got the dog off of him but it was too late. he grabbed him by his neck and broke it. >> robinson county sheriff investigators are still trying to determine what set off the dog which had no none violent tendencies.
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the dog died at the scene they believe from exhaustion or a heart attack. >> horrible story. well the trial starts today in winston salem in the lawsuit over the voter id law passed in 2013. we expect about a week of testimony before a federal judge will determine whether the photo id mandate violates the u.s. constitution or the federal voting rights act. the same judge refused before the trial to stop the mandate which will be enforced the first time in the march 15 primary. we are monitoring icy patches on the roads throughout the triangle. >> we are going to check in with julia simms in live drive 5 with areas to avoid this morning. and the reason this
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forced to make an emergency 5:41. of course there are icy places on the roads this morning with very cold temperatures. 25 in durham, 24 in wake forest, 23 degrees. heading south in southern pines, 25 in goldsboro, 2346 fayetteville. our cold spot 19 in south hill. so if you do have to head out this morning you want to bundle up and be especially careful.
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there are icy places still on the roads. 39 at lunch time. downtown durham warming up to 47 this afternoon and lots of melting and rain in the forecast. we'll talk about when coming up. >> thanks elizabeth. a lot of school districts across our viewing area calling off school today not only because of the threat of black ice but because neighborhood streets are looking pretty bad. >> what about the lots themselves where they park these buses or the buses arrive when they go to school. let's check in with julia simms with an example. you are at elementary this morning. how's the parking lot there? >> well take a look for yourself bill and renee. it looks more like a skating rink so it's not just the roads. it's the parking lots. they can't get these buses and these staff and students in here because they are going to have to really--most of the school systems are going to have to wait for mother nature to help melt all of the stuff
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got a tall task ahead of them because like i said i got out and stood on this. it is very, very slick, very dangerous. so we'll have to see what happens with these schools across the triangle. >> wow. >> it does look like an ice skating rink. look at just that sheet of ice there. >> well that tells a story. no school in durham today. that settle that argument. >> julia simms at eno valley elementary school, thanks. the weekend blizzard over the east coast could have an impact of $850 million. retailers took a huge hit but one expert says that overall the impact might be a wash because many businesses will have made extra money for people stocking up in advance on food shovels and other items. it's called an escape that was quite a sophisticated operation.
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our live drive are out on the commute and brian shraeder has the icy roads. >> one week ahead of the iowa caucuses. >> and the mycarolina panthers n are super bowl bound after an
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over cethe arizona cardinals.
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