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tv   WRAL News Saturday  NBC  January 30, 2016 9:00am-9:30am EST

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i'm bryan mims. >> i'm layla santiago. a quick programming note. you are looking for cbs this morning, you can watch it on wral2. >> that is 52 and time warner cable channel 1255. we have those top stories coming up. >> as we mentioned lots of breaking news to get to. let's talk about the weather. man, it's going to be nice out there, mike. >> exactly. what a difference from last week. we have started off the day a little on the cold side. most of us were down into the mid and upper 20s ifer a while this morning. coming up from a little bit now. we'll take a look at town-by- temperatures. we're up right around freezing. thirty-five now at the rocky mountain wilson airport. right at 32 here in the station raleigh. still showing at 29 in chapel hill. thirty-three in irwin. fayetteville has jumped up to 38. about the same around the maxton area. there is a look at satellite you can see some clouds going by with a passing for us dry front to our north. those clouds are out of here. we have just about clear skies
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you may notice a strawiest pi high cloud here and there as we go through the day. probably not an awful lot of those. by the time we get into the mid afternoon, we're up to about 56 by 3:00 or 4:00 for our high. so seasonably mild. just a few degrees on the warm side of normal. looks like we fall back to about 48 by 8:00 p.m. mostly clear with a few thin high clouds and a big warming trend the next couple of days. we'll talk abt that in the seven-day forecast in 15 minutes. thank you u. we'll get on to that breaking news we have been following. we are learning some heartbreaking new details about a deadly fire this morning in smithfield. >> we have learned a 43-year- old man, michael davis, died in that fire, that a.m. at a home off of south fifth now, the family tells us that he was dead and he has trapped upstairs as that fire spread. according to his aunt, the family noticed smoke coming out of the kitchen, and about seven people were about to get out of the home in time.
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the fire detectors were not working. emergency responders still on the scene right now. in fact, we just talked to the fire chief. he says investigators are expected to be there all day. they are still working to find out what caused the fire. the family is getting help from their red cross. we are going to continue to go updates and follow this. you'll get that on you'll have a full report tonight at 6:00. deputies in durham have charged four people in connection to a break-in on wake forest highway. wake county deputies were conducting a traffic stop and a vehicle search on friday. they found evidence linked to the breaking and entering report out of durham. search warrants were later served in durham. raymond iii. jesus and louie garcia navarro were arrested. officers also recovered stolen electronics and a television. another search
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with stolen rifles, swords, and gaming system pass were found. also new overnight, a shooting not fayetteville. fayetteville police report the shooting injured three people. investigators say this stems from some sort of a disturbance at a party off of a home on ramsey street. the victims are being treated at the hospital. police tell us the injuries are not life-threatening. investigators are asking anyone with information to call fayetteville police. investigators say an unattended stove caused a fire in durham. q this call came just after 5:30 this morning from callaway court in north durham. here is a video of that scene. firefighters found heavy flames in the back of the two- story townhouse. smoke damaged throughout. nobody was hurt. the deputy fire chief says someone was cooking on the stove and left it unattended. sparking the fire. the american red cross is helping the five people who were displaced. also new overnight, a man who tried to escape police is in the hospital.
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after he was hit by a car in moore county. >> state troopers were running a license checkpoint on highway 211 at indiana avenue. they saw a car turn around, around at 11:30 p.m. troopers tried to catch up with a driver. he pulled over, got out of the vehicle and ran into the road where he was hit by a car: he was flown to chapel had ill for treatment of nonlife-threatening injuries. he will face numerous charges. troopers are not expected to face charges. fayetteville police want help p. and this is 16 -- 16-year-old joseph sellers. and he was last seen at 7:30 wednesday morning in the 800 block of southern avenue. he was wearing blue jeans and a dark tee shirt. call 911 or crimestoppers if you have any information here. a three-year-old hit by a car in raleigh is expected to be okay.
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happened just before 8:00 last nigh -- last night. we're told the -- unknowingly hit the i would choo. according to wake county ems, the child was alert and cautious and transported. police want to find a murder suspect. they say he left a woman and her children along a highway incmberland county. maria lopez, her four-year-old and ten-year-old were missing. friday morning, they turned up at a gas station on i-95 north of fayetteville. authorities say the man who left them there was the father of the children. a week ago, police in florida say he shot and killed a man, badly injured another. anyone who knows where he might be should contact authorities. health o new -- health officials say it's not clear where why tests are still showing extremely high levels of lead in water in flint, michigan. some levels tested so high that
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filters handed out for free to residents could be ineffective. our affiliate station in flint reports that environmental readings found some homes with lead ten times the allowable limit. during a news conference on friday, federal officials say overall, filters are working well, but pregnant women and children are being told not to drink filtered tap water unless it has opinion tested. the water supply was contaminated in 2014 when it switched its source from the detroit water supply to the flint river and failed to add anticorrosives. a former manager of now- closed irish pub was beaten and robbed. it happened near a downtown apartment. a police report obtained by wral indicates three men are suspected of assault -- assault earlier this week. ken smith reports the triangle community is now rallying around her. >> i think that they have known in the back of my head something, because there was a
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>> and annie dice is still battered, bruised, and a bit shaken by an assault that happened near her downtown raleigh home tuesday night. she had just gotten home when she says three member attacked her in this apartment. they says they took everything including family pictures and momentos of her young sons, both of whom are deceased. guys in front of me. was going on, you know. it was just shock. pure shock. >>reporter: well hoff known if her years of charity work from the irish community. for years she walked a few blocks from the pub without fear. the attacks stole her sense of security. >> and that is the thing i feel. and that we did to know. that was nine.
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enough. this city has rallied and come around me and wrapped me in a blanket. and i am so grateful. we certainly wish her a speedy recovery. smith reports her recovery will take some time. she's expected to remain in that neck brace for at least six to eight weeks. and there's a possibility she will need surgery. cheers in a north carolina com, but not for a case. the carolina panthers. >> the carolina panthers. they're a big deal. the nickname given to one county in our state. the superbowl. plus. this is just a hot mess for parents to drop the parents -- drop the children off. and a crossing guard complained when snow blocked
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a ridge of high o. moves away to the east. our beach forecast. too east. lots of sunshine. and tomorrow, quiriesing high cloudy. partly chow dilate in the day. bright and warmer. highs that range anywhere from mid hos in the north. some upper east in the south western mountains. lots of sup and a few high clouds there. it will turn partly cloudy at times on sound. and were whatter. low 50s. plenty of sun. forty-nine at lunchtime. a few high clouds here and there during the afternoon as we top out in 56. the and not going to be quite as cold overnight tonight as it was this morning. bryan?
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here is an interesting story. a crossing guard suspended for two days after she texted her mayor about snow- covered streets. >> this happened in new jersey. last week's storm dumped several feet of snow in the area, so the crossing guard, gena bowan thought conditions were unsafe. she wanted help clearing the snow and when she couldn't get in contact with her boss at the police department, she texted the mayor. >> none of the corners were cleared off. the streets were terrible. i understand i broke the rams. i'll be the first to admit it, but i think in those circumstances, it was okay to -- okay to break the rules. >> bowan says her boss was off monday, but she was styluses membered for insubordination and failing to follow the chain of command. >> and the mayor told the affiliate after 16 years on the job, bowan should have known who to call. she took it to to the stop.
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