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tv   WRAL News Sunday  NBC  February 21, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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-- so can adam. nice pace on it. he'll have that putt to stay one better than matt kuchar, who shot 67 and sung kang. those two are 10 under, in a tie for eighth. tonight on cbs begins with sixth minutes and the full story of all that went on recently with el chapo. "madam secretary," "the good wife," and c.s.i.: cyber." on america's number one network. here's the situation. bubba in close. for a birdie. kokrak is just outside of him. one behind. if he can hole it, kokrak, he'll
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to avoid a playoff. nick: his is much easier a putt. doesn't really have to give the hole away. jim: peter kostis, you've been walking with this group for four hours. how do you feel about the chances of jason knocking this one in? peter: he's taken on a lot of tough hole locations. when he's had to muscle up and do it, he's done it. jim: bubba now just two putts away from taking the title. big step in kokrak's career, though. battling with some of the big boys.
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final-round 68. nick: that was perfect, wasn't it? right on the left edge and it just stad there. jim: so ted scott, bubba's caddie has no doubt given him one last little thought about just nudging it up there. the speed here is not as slick as you find in other places then green. nick: just brush it in. jim: for the title. going to put a coin on and it let reavie finish. but it's going to be bubba's week again here for the second time in l.a. second time in three years. he's going to do what he did at augusta. win and then don't win.
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come back and win it again. two out of three. reavie is taking his time with this one, and rightfully so. speedy little putt. successfully negotiated and 71
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so forget all that stuff about the last four years, the 54-hole leader not holding up. that's going to the wayside. bubba led coming in. and bubba's got another victory. and again, that's nine titles since the summer of 2010. nick: he finds a way to win, doesn't he? there's a lot going on in his rounds. jim: peter kostis, down to you. peter: i'm down with our champion, bubba. there had been a little bit of a curse against the 54-hole leader the last few years. first base you busted that up today.
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does this win mean to you? bubba: it means a lot. you never know when you're last one is going to be. for me to pull it out in a tough way, it's very special and means a lot to me and my family. peter: i was really impressed with the way you held it together today. there were a couple of times where you could have lost it but the new bubba, you kept your focus and your imagination working and you pulled through. bubba: for sure. we've been working on it hard. slow process. instead of swing thoughts and swing it's all about mind and staying patient and teddy in my ear. it's working the right direction. peter: congratulations. let you sign your card and make it official. well done. bubba: thank you. jim: the way he's won those years at augusta he certainly looks like someone who can win it several more times.
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as he does. he cutts it down to size. jim: bubba moves into 11th position in the fedexcup victories with a victory. we've had southpaws have success here. mike weir won a couple of times here. phil mickelson twice and now bubba twice and we're back again, the cbs golf family. can't wait to bring thank you tradition at augusta. the masters. coming up april 7 through the little dakota gets a hug. dad's pretty torn up about it, too, isn't he? caleb has been in this position before to celebrate with dad. jim nantz and all the crew
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usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto nce and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. it's a big day for
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donald trump is looking for a victory after picking up 50 delegates in south carolina. candidates spoke at several events late this afternoon. >> with we going to win gorgia? yes, but it's crunch time, you have to get out and vote. >> the democrats do not want to run against me but i cannot wait to run against them. >> ted cruz spoke saying that donald trump sees his campaign as the biggest threat. on the democratic front. bernie sanders is looking to rebound after a loss to hillary clinton. the democrats have their contest saturday in south carolina.
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responsibility for a bomb in syria. 39 people were killed. that neighborhood has been tactorred many times in recent months. a cyclone damaged fiji. hundreds of homes collapsed under the winds which topped
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the nations oldest college tournament starts this week in charlotte, this is video from last years championship, you can catch the tournament live on our sister station and on time warner cable 12. l presented a
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cancer fund at unc. >> we covered that. >> you see it was a nice day until about four. before the rain the -- 4:00. we were close to the record today for temperatures. loor at the radar. not a lot on this right thousand things have quieted down. a couple of showers, but we have showers back towards the mountains and some of those may make their way into the area,
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complete lu 62 at the airport right now. winds at 7 miles per hour. there is the showers as they rolled in this afternoon. they were very impressive back towards the triad and they fell apart as they moved into our area. the heaviest rain was west of us today. we have a cold front that is scheduled to move through overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. behind that we can cooler temperatures that will settle in tomorrow and tuesday. wednesday the sun kams back and we bump up the temperatures. we could have spotty showers overnight tonight. morning is dry.
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get into the evening we see showers moving into the southwest counties and overnight tonight, that's when the rain picks up again. tuesday morning's commute is likely wet. then tuesday night into wednesday morning we shower and potentially thunderstorms wednesday afternoon and evening. 53 overnight tonight. temperatures stay mild tonight. spotty showers and tomorrow temperatures will not climb that much. we are likely in the 50s with clouds, maybe some drizzle and light rain but the really heavy rain holds off monday night into tuesday. wednesday is an interesting day we are going to have a big spread in temperatures. our northwestern counties stay
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south counties will be in the 70s, if you are are in the warm section you may get some storms. then it's quiet for the rest of the week, nice >> biggest race of the season, closest race ever. definitely the start to the season that nascar was looking for. chase eliot was the youngest driver to start the race. he spins out.
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the infield so he's done too. patric also spins out and she's done. then ham lin gets a push and look at this finish. ham lin and martin in a race for the end. look at the checkered flag. look at house close it is. ham lin by a nose wins the closest race in daytona history. >> it all just came together. i this would not be possible without us sticking together. >> so first place is bush and
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johnson finishes 16th. nc state beat unc by 29. they have a chance to get together again in chal el hill. -- chapel hill. >> jamie connects for three gap. jay at the horn makes it 39 -- 36. state expands upon the lead,
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and sent soun(dsounwhenmes tociality,ee sidekeial sety s (et no ndidat. tals a an captioning funded by cbs
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we go further, so you can. >> bill whitaker: the mexican marines have been trying for months to capture el chapo when an intelligence brief led them to the world's most dangerous drug lord's final party. >> for an incredibly savvy clever almost a criminal genius, that el chapo guzman was, he ultimately was done in by very simple tastes. >> whitaker: what do you mean? >> tacos, tequila and chicas. >> listen, a lot has happened. i am in the custody of these people. >> leslie stahl: when warren weinstein was kidnapped in pakistan, the ordeal his wife elaine went through over the next several years revealed the level of desperation so many american families have experienced in trying to get their loved ones freed from terrorist groups. >>love you. >.stahl: were you prepared for this? >> how could you be prepared for this?


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