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tv   WRAL News at 430 AM  NBC  February 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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we could know the fate of a man convicted of killing a raleigh woman as early as today. the options a jury must consider. plus an account for one of four bicyclists. get ready for the group. get ready for a cloudy cooler morning and rain is on the way. 4:30, good morning everybody. hope you are doing well. glad you are with us. >> it is chilly. elizabeth is back after being under the weather the last couple days. >> good to have you back. >> it is an el nino year so that means typically for us wetter than normal conditions so here we go again and we are going to start the week soggy especially wednesday. that's the day that's lukely to bring uggla squares the heaviest rain and the chance of a few thunderstorms. mainly up near the virginia
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sinking southward to bring us a chance of showers in the south hair on today. you also might run into patchy fog this morning. everything looks okay. i ran into a patch coming in. town by town 52 in roxboro and 57 in goldsboro. temperatures hold steady today. yesterday was a high of 71 but low to mid 50s across the board today with a few showers on and off. renee. >> looks it good elizabeth thanks. jurors are expected to begin deliberating trayvon smith's sentence. >> the same jury convicted him of killing melissa hugins jones in her apartment. mikaya is here to bring us up to speed today. >> closing arguments are scheduled for this morning and the jury has to decide between
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melissa joins was found beat and stabbed to death by her eight-year-old daughter. the same jury found trayvon smith guilty of her first decree murder. on friday the state and defense rested. today the jury is expected to get to the sentencing case. a death sentence requires a unanimous decision by all 12 jurors. when the jury comes back with a decision we will be streaming it live on it's set to resume at 9:00 a.m. >> thanks mikaya live outside the justice center. two of four weiss christs are still recovering at wake med. >> at last check lynn ashley and mike daytona listed in critical condition. they were riding saturday when chris graham and joel lawrence when a car hit the four of them. the driver was a 55-year-old man. joel remembers the moment he knew something was wrong.
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car but i do remember thinking oh my gosh there's something going on here. and i'm about ready to go down. >> highway patrol says charges are pending against williams. they do not believe alcohol or speed were factors. troopers say alcohol was a fact on a deadly crash in raleigh. a driver was driving in reverse on i-40 when he crashed into another car around 3 this morning. the driver a 39-year-old of durham died in the crash. a passenger in the front seat was taken to wake med with minor injuries. the driver and passenger in the other car were taken to duke. we are still learning his condition this morning. the suspect in the ka ma zoo shooting rampage will be charged. he killed six people and
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45-year-old jason dalton shot people at random at three different locations. so far no wordon a motive. dalton who was a married father of two was working as an uber driver and passed the company's background check. rick snyder is ordering all flags at half staff to honor those who were killed. bill cosby's wife is going to testify against him today. the committee is still fighting to stop it. seven women have sued cosby and he portrayed them as liars after he publicly accused of sexual assaulting them. they are among 50 allegations against cosby who denies wrong doing. sexual assault in pennsylvania. the u.s. supreme court is back in session after the death of justice scalia. john roberts is expected to
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he died the weekend before last while visiting a ranch in texas at the age of 79. president obama is going to pick a successor but republicans say it should be left to the next president. duke university scholars will investigate the impact on law and politics and are welcome to attend the discussion on the duke west campus at 4 this afternoon. it's nod big day for presidential candidates. donald trump is looking for his third victory after picking up 50 delegates in south carolina. it's shaping up to be a three man race trump ted cruz and markie rubio in nevada. candidates spoke at several events over the weekend. >> one after the other. are we going to win georgia? [applause]
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we have to get out and vote. we have to vote. >> the dam kratz do nolte- -democrats do not want to run against me but i cannot wait to run against them. >> ted cruz says trump targets him because he's the biggest threat. cruz took a disappointing third place in south carolina. on the democratic front sanders is looking to rebound from a tough loss to hilary clinton. democrats have their next contest saturday in south carolina. a wake county school board retreat yesterday in kerri. some of the solutions could anger patients who want their kids going closer to home. another hot button issue shifting resources from high performance schools to those in trouble.
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specific directions for staff today. protestors gather outside apple stores across the nation tomorrow. >> we'll explain why they are
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diffmovies th ed thofce one week from today you have the chance to experience something historic. on monday february 29, nbc joins the wral family. >> you probably have questions about this and we have answers. check out the special section we've created on a special donations from unc women's basketball coach silva hatchel presented a sportsman like donations of
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former players and alumni. deborah morgan helped with the donations. she is a cancer survivor and that got her back to good health. the nation's oldest college post season tournament starts this week in charlotte at the time warner arena. this is video from last year's championship. shaw, st. augs and fayetteville are some of the teams battling for the championship. find it live on our sister station and time warner cable channel 1250. sticks go oscheal for beyonce's world tour. she'll make it april 7. she'll make it to raleigh stadium on may 3 after a boycott is being called of her concert.
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super bowl performance have an anti police message. de olcontinues to dominate. it kept the top spot in the second week with $55 million bringing the total to 235 millions. the animated film kungfu panda 3. and risen came in third with $11.8 million. today is national margarita day. seems kind of weird for a monday but it is the day that some people raise a toast to the tequila triple sec and lime drink. there's a lot of confusion who created it. jimmy buffet certainly helped the cause. frozen margaritas came much later in the 1970s. >> i like my frozen. margarita monday it's official. >> good for a frozen drink yesterday temperatures in the low 70s.
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that in the seven day forecast. temperatures today in the 50s and then tomorrow 40s. now that 66 looks enticing but wednesday is going to be a fairly rough day looking at heavy rain, good christmas of thunderstorms so we won't get to enjoy that 66 and we settle into the weekend with temperatures in the low 50s friday and saturday up to 58 on sunday. it will dry out in the second half of the week but the first half starting more unsettled. a few showers tomorrow and heavier rain on wednesday. >> it sure is nice to have you back. >> thank you. good to be back. >> we always miss you when you are not here. >> thank you. >> glad you are recovering. the winter is taking out everybody. >> we are all covered now. >> sanitized and washed our hands. hopefully we'll be good to go into spring. >> we've paid our dues now so we are good. >> elizabeth thank you. coming up in the next half hour of wral morning news a
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criminal history goes to court today to face six murder charges. what police believe the uber driver did in between the mileages in kalamazoo michigan. also a drive by shooting sending a toddler to the
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