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tv   US Senatorial Debate - Democratic Candidates  NBC  February 25, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

7:00 pm good evening and thank you for joining us i am david crabtree. north carolina has a senate seat up for grabs this fall to get it is currently head -- held by richard burr. he faces three challengers in the march primary and we will
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that want a chance to run for the seat. we will hear from immigration health care the economy mental health social security and the supreme court. here's a look at the four democrats running for the primary on march 15. >> kevin griffin is the president and ceo of the group a staffing firm operating in the triad and the triangle. he is a graduate of unc greensboro and currently lives in durham. this is his first run for elected office. ernest reeves is a retired us officer. after his retirement from the pentagon reeves worked in the private sector and returned to greenville to start his own business and care for family members. reeves have its -
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befo yo u ulhato irtis. ldthat ha, whatf pefica sqfyg a ndatorpr anet vote. we wilbeth u so sa thath t gi opwhcame re al oppoyr case. mek a si re hand d i to chgeaw rathan plthe w. mr.griffin. te minee thwi honor in entuly arct aerw eir rulidown t thviduve
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tireconce nos attemptgislate t bench ismet uld de iderion. m >> uld prsoe wafa. e thatwather ulok athey at they ard seeme eyrer to l analcl ople thauln ote.>> any. indiviwhref tryito make tet lasupre court e who rss their rpt th anwho s demonsat that tdohahoofiearthat ave detrth atryi tomake it sure they a sertw at co l indus wod wa tm bepa. meow for cling revers alet oer.eandatseconds in w >> thanku,david the isas bgrea poity.
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arburr i vewee atul detailsand mmicatn ancoertion hthvo inveab mygee inction e en ro0' oms heokshnot e le. she's th op. u there anavaid enn ch. >> >> m nninfor thed atesenat ch--alan across faly h thndfad mydave y ioheen rkfor un ss nyye prom ll not yown. i seare ta ofr nti kn wt it's lirve iend cvilians. very amreer
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>>we have to e d hast. ritys nowhe on am nave use otect and store social se senis lyisour lion. > candates for g enthe prarmarc.
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