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tv   Today  NBC  March 1, 2016 2:08am-2:37am EST

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people have been dropping like flies, we'll tell you why it seems to be so bad this year plus what to worry about. and allergy season.
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>> we've never done this before. >> the older i get, everybody's angry. i miss billy crystal so much or somebody who made it happy. i know they had to address the subject and he did it in a fair hief fair-minded way. >> i thought he was funny. he talked about how there weren't any black actors but he talked by why are there separate categories for women and men. >> i'm here at the academy
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white people's choice awards. you realize if they nominated hosts i wouldn't even get this job. so all would be watching neil patrick harris right now. if you want black nominees every year, you need to have black categories categories. you're already dealing with men and women, think about it there's no real reason for there to be a man and woman category in acting. there's no reason. it's not vacuum sealed. you don't have to separate them. he never said i better slow this acting down so she can catch up. >> even the concept of having black categories, have asian
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it's got to be the best performances. people vote personally on what they thought was the best performance. >> i think the argument too is give more opportunities so there can be more performances so you can choose. >> it's been changed in the 50 years i've been in this business. it may take longer than some people want, but ultimately i want the person to win. >> i think everyone would agree with that i don't think so. >> you do? >> yeah. i feel like they were saying a lot of people don't have many opportunities to act in films because it doesn't fit this particular character so they don't have as many opportunities and when you don't have as many chances you don't is a chance to win. >> i've seen so much change and all for the better. >> okay.
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it was big. these are some of the dresses. i saw a lot of bright colors. so you love this one right here. >> i thought she was talk about a breath of fresh air. she looked beautiful. she looked just age appropriate, she's young and fresh and brilliant. i just thought her dress -- she wasn't trying to be a sex pot, she looked like she was a celebration. >> i liked this one. >> i liked this one too. she's a beautiful girl. >> i thought she looked great. some people look great in everything. >> she's one of them. she definitely did. >> and we loved this one. >> i loved this one too.
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it looks like calvin cklein. >> look at her husband. these are some outfits people are debating over. these were on the not so hot list according to many. >> yeah. i love her almost all the time. this was not -- it looked too much like she was going out for the warrior. i don't know what she was thinking. >> yeah. >> maybe she had a lot of fun at her promise in the '60s and she was walking down memory lane. >> she's going to do that thing she does. >> both beautiful woman. >> jimmy kimle, he had this long ruining feud. so last night ben afflack was
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for jimmy. >> please welcome ben. what is going on here? what's happening here? what is going on here? >> it's moving. >> no, it's not. >> what is going on here? >> why are you touching me? >> i'm not touching you. >> that is not a guest segment. this is not a guest appearance. >> this is amazing. >> very cute. >> what's the feud about? >> we don't know. >> okay. right now this is when we normally go commercial break.
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thanks to american express you guys are getting three more minutes of us. we'll start the three minute clock because we're not going to break yet. >> so count us down. >> we got three minutes. the new season of "the voice" kicked off and we were -- >>ing tonight. >> kicks off tonight. we were in the makeup room with carson today and we asked him some very important questions about the coaches. so take a look. >> who curses the most? >> without -- there's an easy answer here. that is adam levine. he curses like a sailor. >> who would you want to go on vacation with? >> or have you >> i have not vacationed with any of our -- >> hoda and i have. >> i would go with theriot. he's so zen. everyone is so chatty kathy. >> who is on their phone the most?
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>> who is on their phone the most. >> always looking down. >> i would have to say blake. >> really? >> very into himself. he googles himself all the time. hold on. this goes back to this whole thing. that's happening. he's constantly googling himself. look what they are saying about me now. what? >> that was fun. all right. if you can't get enough of that and who can there's more of that video on facebook. >> "the voice," the baseline auditions start tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on nbc. we have a new affiliate that has come in to our family. >> big news. >> wrla. >> affiliate in north carolina. they are a juggernaut. >> this is one you've been telling me.
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and works at this station. this station dominates all news in that region. so now -- >> what are we doing on it? >> i don't know. we're part of them now. a big, big thank you and welcome. glad you guys are watching us for the first time. we're so excited. >> what a day for them to be tuning in. what the heck is this train wreck? >> what is a train wreck. >> you've been in quite a few magazines. i don't know why. you were in one in du jur and then "christianity today." look who sheer with a nice picture and testimony, kathie lee gifford. again. >> can't get enough. we need to switch the set. >> this is what we do at commercials. this is what happens. we'll stand up. do what you do.
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florists or dog roomers? >> i want to say dog groomers. >> yes. you win a fabulous vacation. you and a guest will be coming light to new york city. spend four days, three nights at the historic roosevelt hotel which was first opened in 1924. >> you'll get two tickets to see "chicago" on broad wayne round trip air fare is included all courtesy of roosevelt hotel. your excited? >> oh, my gosh. >> thank you so much for your support. buy sweetie. the stars shine at the oscars. >> could they have looked more fabulous with bobbie's redos?
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ups from last night's oscars. >> up always feel badly about this because you love women. you're not trying to put the ladies down. >> definitely about having fun with fashion and i love interacting with you on my social media. you're asking me what if these two ladies swapped. this was the magic wand that we waved over the red carpet and we'll start with two of my absolute favorites. julianne moore, stunning in chanel. lady gaga one of her best looks. so interesting and pretty. i couldn't help but wonder what it would look like if they swapped. >> because lady gaga is so blonde. >> look at julianne moore's hair with that red and white combination. and lady gaga with the black. >> this look on lady gaga is washing her out. >> it's look. it's a little more contrast with the black. i like the blonde with the
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it's sophisticated. >> she wore brandon maxwell and that was chanel. next brie. i thought brie her first oscar red carpet i loved that this gucci dress. jennifer garner stunning. the only thing i couldn't help wonder was what if they swapped because i think her hair may have done better with that bright blue. so you see jennifer's brown hair and blue grabbed the contrast together. brie being her first oscar plus she won something timeless and classic that was something i would love to see. >> she's very young. this seems like an older dress to me. >> that's true. i think she did great with this. it's what it would have looked like. now cate blanchett. she can pull dresses out and it doesn't look like a disney
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however, i thought with jennifer's new hair color what if she had done something more colorful. she always wears black, red, navy. so let's take a look. jennifer in a little bit of color. such an interesting kind of softer look and cate does no wrong. she can wear pretty much anything. it's unbelievable. >> interesting. now kate winslet. i love her. she's one of my favorite people in hollywood. she chose a fashion forward fabric. it was a custom dress. the only thing i wanted to see it was a heavy color and really kind of blocking. so i wanted to see her in a different ralph lauren dress. this was on his collection. it was on the runway. something that was interesting about this -- >> more slimming. >> it elongates her frame. >> when you wear strapless it
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you're seeing this length. here with this asymmetrical shoulder and diagonal die as you're looking at an eye line like this. the drape on the dress goes out and this hip brings in. this was something that lightened her up overall and i thought in general i just thing she's so stunning it's cool she pulled something new off. she's been to so many of these award shows and it was nice. >> i like that. >> next sofia vergar. >> she often wears a dress that looks similar to the one she wore before. >> it's her signature look. she knows how to pull it off. is more more, or is less more? >> she has such statement earrings on. >> i liked the original. i thought well it lets the structure of the dress stand out


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