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tv   Today  NBC  March 1, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EST

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madns test gadgets of > easy treatsim yoit a sna atta. at m compw. er fro nb is i take" witl ro n le we geis a tam ha,ivrom stio 1 iocke plaza. wmey"n this rg. it is the 1st of mar, mil a with and s onassignment. s. we'l tk in a mo dyn, you gst se gave you yth>> it's m bring u a hiisony. wis ?>> w.j. mccall, is that rit? >> 1976. is week, 1976, 40 year aces ago, this song made it to number three on the charts.
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it's great. there we go. oh, yeah. >>t s gr ie >>ing.>>ekethistopnad. amronom ihaill he ita so f pdeial ecti she's iton,o be ex tamrgoodrn tse liall t wind le linbovin litics andavur od s tis me r thst s. b forages.
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wt a nne/surveonou it sho hry clionheadof ber saer%/%. e'sxpecteo wl t l o decr th ,etls dah e putll ows trumpp he i tas ough he' ndg plse, ine ts uz,en fro tes, fg this stat i n wall. buruz t crownel nigh race.ll, al, la iteen extrrdinary and sure fily mrs w you goomfothholi ever is talhi poli cycs tonihaill happ wedsd rnin u ve a tse tt e g its front runne d trumry t andt orheepn part ys. akeor trpavbe the
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>>epdingnle ese'till prfsedelega rit. >> bigight f hiary into allon tamron >> it c u kt el,gu? en talngbout marco ru he's by tg ldru weeno ca con sang tis t p ohortbut in alit mub t agl and notni p deted reen tldooking onese cante l e racng e race. llie sh bcarson. 's sthece he belie mir c pp u stilthece,s well lse 'sanyo.i a surprise u. texas we can litics a knohat's iori but iou
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osaysou'r fras whe ybq ast. am the sm. dyn, a fu. an erama bau doe t furifve i a true xa k i he a tattoo ttatebo proof. you his re. is tamr? ribs. >> i wder it' t guy over hou wha's ting. i'm not shg. thisgsr meum,hi. al n, thiisor oodness. e ralousous.t'ov bras 'teep on the o ng it t
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iyou. i'ea?>>mron, we'chou cove t ae'll be ouas e y guys. torr nkyo enwe epr tinhe tnes snd yesternalerestimony in a$7onaw agast maiotthote it stems fm ser aideo of ier omationari ilehe w that in20.he posdt onorilli peopleo >> tnaarriottould had sa w tting this man tt r to next is t? cld h s o i'se bods m all ooy or somne e in e ands, i'othis
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l wted tbeas t girlexhaoves ts. no ge hotel sc tta f. bo bnhe coverew ykost a ad fend i y ll aai s tes st a reofth n yor s spln' em bndut which r ws w requestedheooex trs.barr sdths in rimialny slkgwa d pear itad s st xplainedn hot extanew snu st aaidnded t hole oneroooo is phon es. t hr t er thougbotver ander juinalas ina n junt knew what ioias
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ew it s a rribin , f m thaoonno'd b trbl >>hal, the sfic natiol,ut t ant sinin the ci eshe alriott vanderbil chanement.uiandoe reos gu addiva msuor ec o ing,ri tus to the sta a to facmination fm lasor thehote th hotd m the se thein t faeel andhe care been ieply da ae alles sethe $75li toh >> h ila out i crt's tryin me,t'stohod wo >>scottll's azin
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he rns tonit. ll saiould last anrrn ace, dee being a phone ot i g kakhst. pporty h twi rk >> rit. ou have nca o na theefs en heviy, . sof eblems yan e. eonesbe ite,id up itead odor on canin ot d ttbit. sided. hich the oit o he s.'l docicendesearc twoem. to ynm? >>isture areedib. am >> the's w phe in spand ee doing owherout who been spalong f 520 days that's gh and thenl ty
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com, tt . ther iovth >> ptty good. ,e' a chras , h hiersionf a tnksgin di. i wondeow gsther woouetth chasi buddy e. gonhe unbelievab. >> lou w tay it ttf o da ofkiv aw s trida co wbo habep ok facebo.cs ke." tose, sfacero surfacero plo t fabook.c/"y's kendhe gs havbe. let'ee where wig over4,00 li g t numrs
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ig g t faceok.coms ta t. gtuy, lo w bnon. meulthdef lihund. herw tisle roc t nv lookintea des. this wffer lise miso shknoxville,atlanta, am mil pe geor all stese 12 noh,ouav . leching lansdegrs. i chth isoi tg it ar bye we getdnday, lo a t s englal ,s ll.ovncf stly cen ch wee any 8 ines t
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>>icro p"day'taregistero ad 00 cot yec o.go toce -- p o wow. of hech ah. la ohips a o that gld. weav new gadge tha
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today is the first day of march and we're thing ingking about spring. >> if you're planning outdoor activities, taking a vacation, we have the gadgets you'll want to know about. katie, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> we're excited about this one. >> great for the super tuesday or wrestle mania party. a heated chip and dip plate which is awesome. under $25. it has a removable base which, of course, gets hot. of course, you plug it in. couldn't be easier. on/off switch. simple. >> i want to try one, just to make sure. >> nothing like starting the day
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we'll go from food to beverages. this inventor was like, i want my brewing hot coffee and make it cold for iced coffee. this is the hyperchiller. it's this contraption you put in the freezer for six hours. pop it out, and you actually pour the coffee into the top here. within 30 to 90 seconds, you have yourself a very iced cold coffee. swish it around. it works with whiskey and wine. >> now you're -- >> okay. >> hello, little one. >> hello, sophia. >> cutest kid ever. check this out, this is going to hit home for the parents. this is a packable highchair. speaks volumes. i didn't realize this until my sisters had kids. exclusive from hammacher. collapses. >> this is like a camp chair. >> works indoor and outdoor. no tools necessary.
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you look great in your throne. queen for the day. >> and it has wipable plastic. >> which is the key. >> thanks, sophia. >> she can chill for the rest of the segment. >> give her the hyperchiller. >> this is cool. the high-tech, connected travelers. this raised over $2 million. finally available at retail. cool part about it, made for all things to go inside. the awesome part, it pairs with an app. you can actually tell the distance, location. you can see how much the luggage weighs, which is incredible. also, it has two usb ports to charge your phone six times from your luggage. smart traveling. >> cool. >> hold on a second. >> uh-oh. >> this is the h2o pal. you'll see on the app here, it keeps track of how manyuch water i drink in a day. if there was a sport of
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depending on the temperature and conditions around, it'll ajust and -- adjust and create a profile. you can put this on any sized bottle, too. h2o pal, very smart. >> any fluid in there. >> sure. >> just to -- >> whatever suits you. this one is fun. for the runners, i fear the fanny pack but there is the flip belt. what's great, it comes in two styles. classic and what i prefer is the zip style. put all your contraptions in here. here's mine. inhaler, credit card, everything you n nd when you run. if you want to go hands free, great for the morning runs, late night jogs. they have a million mile light with no battery. as soon as it feels movement, as you can see, the light coming down. >> that's cool. >> it'll light up for 200 yards. also, slides on to the flip
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go for the classic style or this style. and there's something for your ke. c i keep your fanny packs anyway? >> they're out. flip belts are? >> i want to nominate sophia as the best baby/little girl we've had in a long time. sing sith sitting by herself and hanging out. >> best little one. >> we like that. >> katie, thank you so much. >> thank you, sophia. >> let's find out what's going on with dylan. >> doughnuts. apple, actually. very healthy doughnuts. justin is here this morning to show us some easy, somewhat healthy snacks you can whip up, right after this. incare now becomes skinactive w garninacve trodcleabright a netive moiizer toghten kin. packith idan tamin c, and lha clbrigoes thoistur
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we're going to catch up with "rosewood" star, morris chestnut. i might creep him out by reciting "boys in the hood." al? we'll make spring cleaning easy with tips to keep everything germ free. don't keep mac and cheese in your bedroom. read shoong g, nd-nofbeticnerve pa ese feeterthe rst in mfamilyaduam coegractivin gir, and trained as a nurse.buuldnr my eticerlonger. tal my and prerid ly nee damagerom etes causes dc rve pain lyrica iappred treat tpain. ca mayse serious rgic reans suidal outs otions. ter do rightwa if you have these, w orseningression, ornusungesn mood or behavioorlling,le breng,
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cleaning. we all know the importance of a good night sleep and one way to make you get it is by keeping your room tidy and germ free. we have the editor at "family circle" magazine. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> you're saying the vacuuming the bed is important? >> yeah. it all starts with the bed. there can be up to 2 million dust mites there. not good for allergies. they're attracted to our skin cells, actually. it's kind of gross. in one month's time, we lose 28 grams of skin cells, like this bag here of chips. >> could we have picked an uglier chip to represent skin cells? >> exactly. >> wash sheets weekly. you can vacuum the bare bed and pillows when you're changing the linens. sprinkle baking soda. >> there is a special vacuum for pillows and mattresses? >> yes.
9:35 am
>> you can change the sheets. >> use a regular vacuum with an upholo upholo upholoindustry attachment if you don't have one. >> out of sight, out of mind. >> when it gets hot, the dust goes everywhere. you can do this once or twice a week. get up here and put the old pillow case on the fan blade. let the dust settle a second. pull it off. >> prevents the dust from falling on your head. >> do them all. take it outside, shake it and throw it in the wash and good to go. >> from the ceiling to the floors, a strict no shoes policy in the bedroom. >> that's the biggest thing. university of arizona studies showed there are about 400,000 bacteria on the outside of shoes, which is super gross. you don't want to track that in so keep it out. if there are scuffs --
9:36 am
>> cuts them out of there. works on base boards, too. >> thank you. willie, you're in the bathroom. >> next up on the spring cleaning checklist is the bathroom. dr. natalie azar is here with germy hot spots. >> hi, willie. >> here's at the sink. toothbrushes and contract lens cases. >> two numbers easy to remember are swapping out the toothbrush and contact lens case every three months. the question we get, can you reinfect yourself with your toothbrush if you've had the cold or a flu? >> no because you make antibodies to every infection you come across. it's more having to do with the yuck factor. if you're sick, get a new one. worth the money spent. >> medicine cabinet? >> hugely important. highly secure. per the fda, you should throw out all expired medicines, period. you cannot be assured that the safety and thewill be the same after the expiration date. a few points, there are some
9:37 am
100% of the time. insulin, epipens, anything that's life-saving. if you have ibuprofen two weeks old, you can probably still use it. you can't be guaranteed it's going to be as effective. >> towels, how often do you swap those? >> less to do with the health hazard. usually after three uses, you can wash them out. not necessarily a health hazard. >> how about the shower curtain? >> different story. studies indicated that bacteria can definitely go on these after a while. one thing that's important to remember, it depends how small the bathroom, the square footage is. how well ventilated it is. how humid it is. easy to clean. throw it in the washing machine or swap out a new one. mold and mildew gathers on those. >> clean out the ventilation. >> once every six month. mold can accumulate. >> al?
9:38 am
we know these things get dirty in there. jeff is food network "iron chef." good morning. >> good morning. >> so the sin skk is a big problem. >> a lot of problems in the kitchen but the biggest is this baby. >> the garbage can? >> i mean, no one puts this under the sink and cleans it properly. this is a road map to every thing you've eaten or thrown away. take it out once a year and throw them away. get new ones. worth it. >> not really going to cause that much trouble. >> clean out around this area here. with bleach. >> lemons? >> everybody has appliances. fridges, coffee makers, whisks. >> whips? >> whisks. al, stay with me. >> i want to go to your kitchen. >> these are appliances you see. what about the ones you don't? like the garbage disposal. >> sure. >> a hot bed of smells.
9:39 am
twice, hot water and disinfect everything. >> add a little vin fwaregar. >> never buy spices in bulk? >> you'll throw them away. every six months to a year, they lose their oil. they lose their oomph. put them in glass jars to see what you have and how much you have. throw the old spices away after a year. >> a lot of times you have extra pasta, leftover cheese. >> we have at least four boxes of pasta open. the kids eat and don't eat the whole box. what you do is go to your cheese bin in your refrigerator. you have bunches of cheese. make a little cheese sauce. take all these and throw them in one pot. make mac and cheese. >> bam. two for one. >> the best. >> spring cleaning. >> that's your reward at the end of cleaning up. >> jeffrey, thank you, pal. >> thanks. >> you can find these and more tips at todacohome. > u ne, s of the tv se"rosewood, morris
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is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. fans of morris chestnut can't forget his first major role. 25 years ago, he played ricky, a
9:43 am
troubled neighborhood in "boy from the hood." >> 25 years? now, he's a crime-solving miami path pathologist on "rosewood." >> you can't process your own crime scene. >> single hair fell off the head. i want it. organic material. >> you're not a cop. they don't answer to you. >> you got it, rosewood. anything you need. >> i'm sorry. you were saying? >> good morning, sir. good to see you. >> you, as well. >> for people who haven't come to the show yet, how do you describe rosie? what's going on? >> rosie is a private pathologist who teams up with a miami detective to solve crimes in the area. he's a fun, optimistic, witty, spread optimism to everybody. >> has health challenges himself? it's why he lives every day like his last because he shouldn't be here. he was born premature, had health issues, heart issues. he can die at any moment.
9:44 am
my contract, they say, you could die. >> we could write you out. >> it is called "rosewood." >> you never know now daysa days. >> in the first season, there was a lot of rosewood chest. >> yeah. >> spreading joy. >> i personally line lyly like that look. >> nothing wrong with that. you spoke to the writers about that. >> the first four episodes of the season, every time i opened the script, my shirt would be off. take as lot of work. we work at least 12 hours a day on the minimum and then i have to go to the gym and eat right. there's this craft service. every sweet known to man, you know. >> sure. >> i wanted to indulge a little bit. >> you look like you've let go. >> speaking of, minus a little facial hair, you look the same as you did 25 years ago. >> thank you.
9:45 am
been that long for "boy in the hood"? >> i was watching actually -- it was on my hotel set the other week and i watched it for a minute. you were horrible as an actor. but i have a lot of memories and fond memories working with cuba, and him running to the trailer every time i had a question for him. cuba had been in the industry for a minute, and i was just starting out. i was bombarding him with questions. he's still cool. we're cool to this day. glad to be still working after that. >> i was distracted watching that scene because i know what's about to happen to ricky. >> you know like -- >> i was a huge and still amboys, a boys in the hood fan. i used to be able to quote the whole thing. >> you can do a little bit? >> the last scene after ricky is killed -- >> you gave it away!
9:46 am
>> spoiler alert. >> dough boy comes to talk to cuba's character. they have that great monologue that icecube gives right there. sits down and says, yo, cuz, i last night. he's watched the news and there's nothing about people dying in urban cities. they don't know, don't show or don't care what's going on in the hood. >> hey, wow. now you've done that, you need to come on "rosewood." >> yes! >> we have to write a part for you. come down to the show. you have to make it happen. >> let's do a "boys" sequel. >> i wouldn't be able to make it though. ricky would make it. >> now they've moved to a gender fi -fied neighborhood and willie lives next door. >> great. >> thank you, morris.
9:47 am
next, we have snacks including guacamole. you make it so quick, i knew that if i had ice in my water, it would just be so painful and i couldn't even drink it. i would like almost scoot the ice over and try to sip it very slowly so that it wouldn't trigger the pain. that's when i realized i had to do something. my dentist recommended that i use sensodyne. i think that sensodyne has been great in terms of reducing the sensitivity and pain that i was experiencing. now i can put ice in my water. sensodyne absolutely works, there you have it. isp rden vegles. artial flavor philad garden vegetable. rich, creamy. ...aicio thinse taslihilade . what's going on? toaster's broken. which means no eggo waffles. something smells delicious. eggo! l'eggo my eggo breakfast sandwich.
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on xarelto , watch r pain ner usclted signymptoms. ot takltof you havetificial helve or ab bleeding. telloudoctefore all d meca dentaedur. betartxarelt te youor a kidneyver, o bl probl xalto ie number one prcred bhinner inlass wehat callr around in nns. ke mine an pal me h arel theres no r blood monito nono dietary restriions treatment with xarelto was rit mo ur ctorbout xar . whether you're a big eater or not, who doesn't love to snack? justin, host of food and wine's mad genius tip it is here with snack time ideas. i love these. slightly healthy but easy. >> still going to be satisfy ingied.
9:51 am
have so many decadent things, we make them healthier. here, we have doughnuts. cut some apples. take a cutter and cut a round out. ice it with peanut butter, put sprinkles on. >> no fried oil. >> we have butter to every hereover here. warning you. >> cheesy bread, you can make at home. >> cut these slices crosswise. flip it, cut it again. what you're going to do is top cheese with onion powder, parsley. >> you can put anything in the cheese. >> yeah. even hot chili. when you're done, drizzle butter on top. bake it and you get this awesome cheesy bread. >> looks like it's been out a while but i don't care. >> dessert. >> monkey bread i've made with biscuit dough but it's the way you make it that's easy and quick. >> mini monkey bread.
9:52 am
greased muffin pan. bake it and check this out. >> awesome. i don't know if i should finish with the garlic bread or go to the monkey bread. i love the breads over here. this is probably the coolest thing i've ever seen when it comes to guacamole. >> it's seriously fast. in the mad genius tips laboratory, i do a lot of things with the cooling rack. i've put it right over a bowl. you press the avocado through. >> don't take off the peel or anything? >> no. give it a tap. >> amazing. that's the hardest part is getting it all in and throw in all the good stuff. >> the lime stuff, cilantro, season with salt and you're ready for a party. >> amazing. i had my hands full. i'm double fisting with monkey bread, guacamole, cheesy bread. >> i won't tell anyone. >> wonderful. easy and you can make it at home.
9:53 am
9:54 am
this is "today" on nbc. [contenth]ah me?r.ones? read an apenju startarnecae nee toou i vet even sta tonye ng eus y ngour ta arng it. wemang ime rn c g horrival s. wel elholo our visiwill tak
9:55 am
> doha, la >>eett lo j-l- itwait >> i lik t l "lo. ouhould or lo uchbe. >> s wus,ts he.l iller y.
9:56 am
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seco, lo
10:00 am
a l fm ud in rkellerplaza. >>! da's favory. w known snktuday. it's tirmarch. at"bt ." d we'rexc jennifer loe with us.>> i y'veensf blue it'ee nb w beened. ratulation shho ki of irtyanlo ebe o h sea o "american idol" and her ever so hot vas redency. >> also just eended by popular demand. >> and theseshe's mother of two. she'll sit down with us for two segments. not one, but two.
10:01 am
sitting down in a lon time. and the bd he yngls racing. they were lok a wlenduld bein sing pln kihe >>wi >> cionsthoy nd oan a >> but sal anco so. 'l m step to thesar gd. >> aanav their mch alsyto membec
10:02 am
anleyor at him.kse that the d 5ea uch bein maim ser at ur t e'so sha sti psqua a l non ile. love u. iomet nurarm's fmes back a rted oudo f t it righthere yeld,alex, f r mis d. beenhey ys homd to chiup ta wt pped d'tnoou rdy eait. >>wh don't dou k?
10:03 am
'tkn ouon't know? ouan t o spre in t wt w it? i'm comg >> gosh. nes and it letti underufth of and ytov so much,. us --ngor taker fe
10:04 am
>> tiful. e' putou i od. hn to be in >>hat pe in a g ese a tears o j. o so >>sbeauful. wre l >>reer iold y thaty a h me ata i kfnyls is enslb ll if ig dding. oc a sany rdmoti. he goese, likeohgod,hat kills . wonde iestting tennisow fmak selfies. erpl tr ur that'hango .
10:05 am
elb prle>> anaye worll ghey isoi e'ff aotf er o ey. youth. ieaum tear as s 1 s a i sometes wea ato a k oftu from . iz6, refor 0. oo a 10iz lie to>> get yo nee th >>ookome none he sffs led up? wore the .
10:06 am
li fmra er band. >> allheceed to erac in saf >> goorch eith and you'reaven t f yrs asomedy l houldo iikehis h sh ho, l thedr lye ose s. eit h the oehtrs a 'remy f >> tress y re my schltj. l dre i'ng i >>nde. e for the ou'r qtehesursta evybes rupte >> i paio so nht tw elry, okay ista bsehi ere alws b an unitte r t when the
10:07 am
the elor,y' n ppos tspony' oso sy is theil t finalet th askxpheir nroke. ta aisatit lamplyn ith you. >> kwnn love with u for ils ll >>eu. l t' ok. souput totti ft.soo gon dat
10:08 am
>> d lov t just usee terrifi ouaythat. want to thiut itld be tos yov o. wt? i tay thees dayf fe p soap relyappy. ionw howouaninwiwo meut i am. >>ll no ,.doarehator et what jthapp? 'mivingike kr hr
10:09 am
him r lingthen buhose gir going be devaat time didt ke n. fi time er. oes h want ame h him? >> and sneit brrs.>> oh, ihe brrs wi bt . d h st sre thihigi. idd hmeso gs ed a r, s likeaiave mees and shotk o d con hayhileime. uss tanta itod whows whaha in taui ished-en andhe c ho. so we' t tgis. >>onve like him ane. he h,e per on a pedesl ay talks aut yihe m b mysf.
10:10 am
n'that n' d m me yi ttloatnt udde lmow afte y girls. >>you bn in peoathe seti >>o hav is it pbl e it'ssib tre i ae meme b'thi ere love. ee in lt t people okay >> wo t this i fro t bronx t babjeer lowpes sods dave toage,t twjobs to y a mort and lso got a brain. lifehort, talks ch ll bing whyou p. stiln't think i'ot a b? you k a re enoug who'll step uphe thin get tgh? don'yowantt kind of brn? a deee is a .
10:11 am
but lyf you a bra. theai rm frl is om stah de , mil tn fied sir horprot an hf thgar.anner y tifialaili after ying tou oin lofirst ta i woulquefd rsu,rook plansha fas? art cholate?e.
10:12 am
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(toit ush) ou nee opito manar chc pain y beooo conspad it likeryone n .excep ioided catio s a dient onstn, h may ne a dierent ap. g foange ha the cation yourocr abc, and aboucrip eatmtion >> ifheas aeho d noeed aodtion it' ome wus lja back jua wght upwier o oningig
10:14 am
>>helso buudging t in sn am that'sotengh, shslsone of the sta ute producers amahade o ue take . ioukeephemmenight.>> i denng wozak a mo tr tt. i'll findhar tsob or i w n to d worrllakeill dn. hengeni.adfisnkyou. >>s it f to b a littlt y? >>t . s sofu
10:15 am
byhe, e love hum.ufe him. asme'll e'sinns as mfuoo >>un. riecse hs s e. >>e salngboutheho a he saidov opteu. he sai yat he sa thato . ye i love ts th u. we back andrte ve ral aisy. don'know our arrsllor geth reay well. >>t icout arrs,eran - kd - wants to do good ht h fe the srttong io e darksi i slilo
10:16 am
ntns yake bad oian're like h did et ith pion. t thwh people ouaryea is t sh trying. yeah ayry the r th aetes we j n't. ah eryou pl y fouhis waskep for weao celebrate - o no tr. waryited. wesoit. weeved it 2/2 wwene ule meingspia yonoime? d womesher th hns - s, is od yo puthe wnou're keka lk wed dne ray t u doe o do, oudo?
10:17 am
ja top andhe f socks rt em. ahe nma. likebo f e nup ve to see t hpart. utt'ha i d ke be kidsre >> youeges crazy. 'sed a i wtng y wch my h >> w serancing o reti moms t s . sea jer , ,antoit o you >> now you know where i om >> s kryord very . a l o ch ll. t'sony bauhe ca meft wn s gets bkom n,
10:18 am
an lwh heau i c't danc tay i ud to lw theife ohe pa -i yociy. as, ad t ilg. butnohaheat youse tdo't nymos yet der. >> and yavinal sn idol. yoha flat >> and goi to or onsegment. it littleng. shad olue thurs a 10:00, 9 cenou e sbeweinesti s jen w stick to anlp >>ndhe fe guys who
10:19 am
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k yo dtor t xarelt.
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w naturey cere atast 10ms rotein with miand a uch of foree new ys to r youthrough your dayav scire u nd nna r h is banc a a hsro ompnd music thate t you . tarrtis mohara v sood loe. do yoknowt ore losiv oer the talent? they'ray gey are n eve sne to a lye thiseshshisge>> weano ur the sps heg at it hpe g. byime thisho i o
10:23 am
cr mic u o we haveem. sgiarhetrucs, s stment t h,he is dis flavorsnyl ka w g tu aro this jlo revo? >> we. >>he sdotallye nutego. >>d a w t 'r fvee h did y m ergointo scho but dt nnt en0 nte re bh wa in t school, chwhe he he guys. nd id weho ma a band aited cousin >>ndy' aayo posi
10:24 am
sage waspi llyi o thos and iwa aart o t- >> good.iem iicked on yr sos. wer linn e'eenakinri rade ac es iar ear y
10:25 am
d l everytng kidh ring cd and flason stith make se ges they bring don't aro uscloroxdising pducts. beca one kil ger beerhan . you t al get wyou r.wi exclee froml'oreayou get . nonear mor covmore. d w ths 5 tis re ioner. r ri ce foper cholor anablutegrays. cellromeal/rcolorisris
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eaes ty' verd fyo otfov a you ti u do hava vegasidey.erng has beeened nobody lou . t loo wt read that'se. >> soe is ray. e se on aru should i g uo ? on. wha hapng ou'r aou c en stay hhy t? >> hta s healthynd fi uno i'mnydy
10:31 am
eatrit. andom d n't. d i dohmywe. >>s ren- ha keepse thap i ost lik sev bethe -t er w doest star uai >> a t. re is athes. ,ip, ok. n why d w s it >>e h t qns r . i don'tt ud do alrit. tsw d erus you hair i a meyunear pjge watc >> so y d seee du a tim in mki.foreastne got fon bec my h ia -
10:32 am
>> nd i bge on pisf ne" >>otan w e ki >>nono th's they'asle. >> . here i m ask- obab ma if couldavnye gues th aer vasow w i? and d a so? probably brunoma. >> oh, iov im yearse o sng th mayay iwill happen. and fm a,ou d crou he,ha ouhi youldav be >>ti shing eati e some ofti. i pain b ke wou b r. hat'sem.
10:33 am
>>re inedbo and y-lo. agh mius l hisie seak
10:34 am
ao fe af t thiset f
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ll bworking while you still t think i' a b you a re eno who'll step up wgs get tgh? don'wantha of br a de is a . you'na wsomeke m
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>> narrator: citi concert series produce thely presented by citi. >> we've been having a great time with los five, artist of the month. >> they're set to release their new ep this month. >> and because we can't wait another minute, here they are with their brand new single. is this
10:39 am
10:40 am
10:41 am
[ applause ] >> great job. >> really good. >> i love that. that was really good. >> very peppy. >> all the girls are wondering if all the boys are all taken. >> we don't kiss and tell, but, you know, we're -- >> i'll take that as available. >> all right, guys. stay with us. coming up it looks like we'll make the perfect cookie.
10:42 am
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re is ettethan thelof ckiesakg i theso wvet t thg satfy yt i reut perfecrytime w u frant.n tget nn e >> we' he t w nur e' b t . t'p th >>oue not to doit >> shemi this mmom' a te it aadt rll n. nohat 's cookies are phone is bang soe,br a wgs,
10:48 am
i deliirbu.supelici myck to, t butte wh d . >> even gts goin ckut after it's mit ain/2 o mir 'serct a do mense? s. >> nhae we b thway, tallydy f sme bway. tnk --t is . 's >> let's pretehi grea>>g u? erlu kn >> isooar. uee aenon rd
10:49 am
y s hzingha los?hen take tbutter. >>ourtino d.>>eewine >> s i beooic and uled.e eat mean theolin. d how ted?andgoeanitlo at d dd womudience partip >>aa >>o good. ied bakingod & ou akse hy dn'ouol cpsws? >> wbecae youant the an ch.
10:50 am
>> andyo dp i a ud dt. >>ou >>lrpr y'repodo t on opre. oor ou gngut t cimy ner frhedoh. inst takt e this shat theing y >> brownte dedaldashewsndhe i and sot ne or yes. >>nd k ting ninwes r
10:51 am
'rog. withhe b butter, youet nutness and salted cashews. if you're only going to have oneweet in your life today, th is the one to have. >> it's cookie 108 t 1 mutt 35s. love ye'oo n
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
t fiittoy"nbc. before hoda gives it away, we want to show you this funny clip. >> when jimmy fallon introduced him, he was missing.
10:55 am
>> i don't want to do this show, i got no more material, i don't want to do this show. now i'm going to go out there and sit in the velvet chair and ask him about his wife and kids and pre-tend as if i care. i don't care, no one cares. no one cares. >> love him. but he's right, no one does. >> but can you believe we were will bed with j. lo? we had j. lo here. >> yes, we did. but now let's make five lucky viewers very happy. it's time to give it away. >> this is amazing the number of entries we're getting. >> the prize is unbelievable. >> phillips smokeless grill and
10:56 am
it's available at william sonoma to $479. it's a one pot wonder. just program the timer and it starts cooking when you're away and come home to a beautiful home cooked meal. >> both are great prizes. we'll find out who the winners are. look at all these entries. almost 11,000. >> because it's spanky tuesday. >> this is josephine riddle from bensalem. >> and i have darlene from glendale. >> and let's see. i've got annette banahan from massachusetts. >> and i have carol langford from louisville, kentucky.
10:57 am
enter for next week's prize. >> listen to this. tomorrow from "fuller house," dave culiah. >> and we'll have fun stuff to get you organized. >> and we'll play who knew with kid. so we will see you tomorrow.
10:58 am
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ah whs ] no v ] t teth prismalplp ofne $ for aut. fcenturk. ca awiy. anc tay o l- p whad daer? denedin courto s viishi ton moe
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cry. >> d phyidr tr i ia> who vt >>l: g ai iul nner: andhohe ain? >> dgaddyurt. hi dsnsethnsst ned or swascohe. y cn coa ar ask anyonel:oa d phil: do ha odho evedy.>> dr.l: thiplacalk ourdcot you


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