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tv   WRAL Morning News  NBC  March 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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i'm renee chou. >> and i'm bill leslie, thinking about my tripod. you should be out there with your tripod and camera and just going at it. it's beautiful, elizabeth. >> absolutely gorgeous, 6:00 and i noticed yesterday, 6:30 p.m., it was still light. we do go back to daylight savings time over the weekend, and that means next monday morning it will not be quite this bright at 6 p.m. there's look at our roxboro sky cam, and it looks beautiful this morning with all of that sunshine. we take a look at our temperatures. it's chilly. temperatures are in the 30s. it's 29 in moncure. 31 in wake forest. it's 37 at the tv studios and 36 degrees in durham. we'll widen out the view and the temperatures look chilly everywhere. it's 32 in roxboro and south hill, 31 in rocky mount, and 36 degrees in fayetteville. we do have a nice quick warm up in our forecast. 30 this is morning, but 58 by
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afternoon, and looking at a nice warm week ahead with temperatures mostly this the 70s for highs, and -- in the 70s for highs and 50s for morning ls. we'll talk about that coming up and tara is here talking about the roads. problems yet? >> no, things look great on pretty much all of the major routes. this is i-40 east and your drive-thru durham as we start out taking a -- as your drive through durham. traffic is able to move smoothly in both direction there is, nice and light at this point in the morning. same thing here just outside of south point mall, i-40 and fayetteville road. your drive time will take you six minutes from nc 54 to make your way on to the durham freeway. people out nice and early on monday, a delay-free ride from i-40 to manham street, six minutes and as we take a look, we are delay free -- mangu m
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fayetteville, bill and reason -- mangum. a plane belonging to kendrick motor sports was carrying team members home from a race in vegas when it had to make an emergency landing after someone noticed smoke in the cabin. >> we understand no one was hurt. the plane is currently being examined. the team will return to charlotte on another flight. today, durham city council members are expected to vote on a body camera proposal. >> this is the next step getting body cameras for the police department. what will council members are voting on today? >> reporter: today's vote would authorize the city managetory execute a contract -- manager to execute a contract with the vendor. he would be able to purchase all the cameras and softwares and services, on the heals of very public shootings nationally, where the actions of both the officer and suspect were called into question. last month the vote was postponed after concerns about
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durham city leaders wanted the public to have access to footage recorded boy the cameras. since then -- body cam -- recorded by the cameras, allowing up to $366,000 for the purchase of the cameras. >> and also today, the police department will present its annual crime report to the full city council, including information on violent crime, property crime, and police staffing. the report comes out four times a year. this is the final quarterly report for 2015, and also contains a summary of that entire year. today we expect to hear about the envision of the future. mayor mcfarland will deliver the state of the city address at the
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and mayor john burns said it's been a great year with lots of positive activity from every face of fuquay-varina, and the growth and challenges that come with all the changes. after a busy weekend this morning, presidential candidates are focused on michigan tomorrow. >> tracy potts is in washington with more on the what numbers are looking like in michigan. hi, tracy. >> reporter: hi, renee and bill. good morning. good morning, everyone. the republicans are already very much focused on florida. that primary coming up next week, it's winner take all, but first up, michigan tomorrow with voters focused on water, and jobs. >> i voted to save the auto industry. he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry. >> auto jobs, and the flint
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tomorrow's michigan primary. >> people are not paying a water bill for poisoned water. >> reporter: both democrats want michigan's governor to resign. our nbc merit poll shows hillary clinton with a 17 point lead there and far ahead in the delegate count last weekend. trump's topping polls in michigan. he's already targeting florida. marco rubio's home state. rubio won puerto rico this weekend. >> i won 70% of the vote. >> he's trailing back home. >> i haven't given up on florida yet. >> neither has ted cruz, closing in on delegates and does not want a contested convention. >> you've got to unite and that's what we're seeing happening. >> reporter: trump thinks republicans will reunite behind him. >> i'm very much a unifier. maybe people will see that. >> reporter: the next test in michigan. mississippi, idaho, and hawaii vote tomorrow.
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we're waiting to learn the funeral arrangements for former first lady nancy reagan. the wife of former president ronald reagan died of congestive heart failure at her l.a. home. she was 94. president bush said her devotion to her country and family was evident. >> be sure to watch the today show at 7 a.m. they'll have in depth coverage on tributes to nancy reagan, including interviews with friends and loved ones close to the family. 6:06. a new threat from north korea this morning. >> the u.s. south korean war games that prompted threats. >> and why attorneys for sergeant bowe bergdahl want to
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announcer: local news state cabinet ... linda coleman, our next lt. governor. i'm linda coleman, and i'm running for lt. governor because it's time to fight back, so our children don't have to do it all over again. i've fought to improve schools all my life. and now, i'm going to fight against the republicans in raleigh ... because we're in a fight
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. it is 6:08 and it's cold this morning. our temperatures are in the 30s and, yes, we are talking about a warm up this week. it will take a little bit of time. we'll make it into the mid-60s this afternoon and 70s for highs the rest of the week. these morning lows really warm up, too.
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knightdale, and 33 in hillsdale. a couple mornings, we're looking at lows in the 50s. 57 at lunchtime, 52 at 5:00, with an average high of about 5:00. expect 58 at lunchtime, in downtown durham and again 65 this afternoon. becoming a little bit breezy for that wind out of the southwest, we'll help to warm things up around here, renee. >> thanks elizabeth. new overnight, north korea is issuing a new threats in reaction to the huge south korean drills starting today. they claim the drills are rehearsals for invasion and run through the end of april. joe biden and his wife jill arrived in the united arab emirates on the first leg of their tour. they're expected to meet with the crowned prince of abu dhabi
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vice president and prime minister of the uae and raleigh of dubai. they'll visit jordan and israel. a 23-year-old man is in custody and in the hospital following a deadly seven-hour crime spree. james dylan slashed the neck and face of a woman who lived next do are to his family in queens. he's accused of then stabbing a liquor store owner and setting him on fire killing him before using an accelerant to set another man on fire. police caught up with dylan in his backyard and they shot his multiple times. at last check he was in critical condition. their investigation is progressing but they're not ready to release any more information about a shooting in raleigh. this happened about midnight saturday along bragg street. robinson was shot in the legs walking in the area off mangum
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he's expected to be okay. a scare at a duke energy plant. >> the fire at the plant and how duke officials assessed the level of emergency.
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bond, as voters decide it is 6:14. raleigh leaders envision for the future. >> this is one of the stories on our checklist this monday morning, nancy mcfarland will deliver the state of the city address during a noontime meeting of the raleigh rotary club at the raleigh convention center. it should start about 12:30. a nonpartisan tax watch group is speaking out on the connect nc bond, backed by governor mccrory who has been touting it all across the state as a means of rebuilding our state's infrastructure. the wake county taxpayer's association will hold a meeting along with the group called nc against the bond. that news conference is at 5:00. the state naacp continues its march to the polls. the will organization will lead a march at north carolina's
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the group is concerned vote are id law and short ended early voting period will hurt minority turnout, and the event begins at noon. updates throughout the day on air, online and on the wral mobile phone app. and attorneys for army sergeant bowe bergdahl want to meet with donald trump. they're concerned trump's comment business bowe bergdahl trial. last year trump called the sergeant quote, a no good trader who should have been executed. bowe bergdahl is charge the with desertion. his attorneys want to determine if trump should be deposed or called as a witness. bowe bergdahl's next hearing is set for next month at fort bragg. duke energy says there was no threat to the public when a nuclear power station caught fire in south carolina. the smoke at the plant in oconee, county could be seen for miles and officials say a
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to the fire. the plant declared it an unusual event, the lowest of four classifications. workers shut down one unit as a precaution but no one had to be evacuated. chicago's lake front can be kind of chilly and the lake michigan can be even colder. >> nevertheless a record turnout for the polar plunge. lady gaga and her fiance, chicago fire actor were taking on the polar plunge. the today's show, al roker was among the 6,000 people who took part. the event is a fundraiser for the special olympics. the weather was warmer than in years' past. the weather temperatures, a balmy 40 degrees. i can imagine what the water must have felt like. >> playing those bag pipes. jump around and get out and go get some pancakes.
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having fun. >> of course we have our version of polar plunge in january, right? >> and it was really cold this year. sometimes our polar plunge can be in the 50s, but this year it was in the 30s. >> it was a true polar plunge. >> goodness. >> now we got a true warm up. >> spring has arrived and metrologically, we do consider spring. let's take a look at what's happening. our sky cam in wilson showing pretty sunshine. we've got gorgeous sunrise at nash street. the winds are at five miles an hour. we'll see a very quick warm up. we started off near freezing in many spots. dew point, 34. watching for a little bit of patchy fog. so far we haven't seen a whole lot of trouble. it's 35 in henderson, 32 in rock
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and tarboro, 31. and it's 32 in smithfield, and goldsboro, 30 in kenansville, 28 in sanford, and 36 in southern pines. so, yes, it is cold this morning. this will be the coldest morning that we'll see all weekend. by far we warm up into the 40s tomorrow morning and 50s for the rest of the week as this very warm air takes over. right now we have high pressure sitting over us. the high pressure system have winds that rotate clockwise and we talk about a high pressure system as being a ridge or a dome. we have sinking air around a high, not very conducive to clouds or precipitation. a lot of times it will send clouds and precipitation up and over it. in this case, this rain that's back across the mississippi valseheaded up into the great lakes and not -- valley area is head up into the great lakes and not our area. there may be some clouds rolling in so we'll be talking about maybe partly cloudy skies through the afternoon.
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our normal high is in the low 60s. we'll jump up into the mid-60s and highs were in the 50s. into the 70s, 74 tuesday and wednesday, and nearly 80 degrees on thursday. so with all of that, we're going to see more blooms and you may be tempted to start putting out some tender vegetation. hold off even though it looks like it's going to be warm for a good seven days. our average freeze is the first week of april. and then up here in the northern part of the viewing area, it's actually the 2nd and 3rd week of april. so, you want to hold off until after easter before you start to plant in hopes that everything will be safe, and even after then, sometimes we have these freaky fezha happen into april. tip which there may be one night, but you want to hold off just a little bit longer. a pretty day today, them climbs into the mid-60s after 30 this is morning, we're in the upper
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74 degrees on tuesday. we have that warm up that tuesday around that high. this high is going to just stay put offshore with this nice southerly flow. that continues to warmure our temperatures, 77 wednesday, and thursday -- warm up our temperatures. and friday our temperatures may drop a little bit and possibly over the weekend a low pressure system will roll in from the south, temperatures stay mild, but we may end up with a few showers. we'll be talking more about that. also, on saturday night before you go to bed, don't forget to set your clocks ahead one hour. we do go back to daylight savings time over the weekend. officially on sunday, it's also a good time to change the batteries in your smoke alarms and that is a sure sign spring is right around the corner. tara is here talking about traffic this morning. it looks like it's still slow, so we're going to take a look at the drive coming in from johnson county. it's about this time we start to see delays in that area. but right now we are delay free, according to our sensors.
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backing up there at the clayton bypass as people are making their way along i-40 west as we move along here at i-40 and johns sausage road, no delays, so it -- jones sausage road. as we make our way along the south side of raleigh, things looking good here at i-40 and lake wheeler. this typically does become a parking lot around the 8:00-hour. we'll be tracking that throughout the morning. right now, delay-free, eight minutes from the 440 split to u.s. 1. a wider look at the triangle, that congestion not enough to sensors. we're clear to the outside of morning. fayetteville is clear, and as we take a look at one of our cameras, sky bow and cliff daily traffic, we're starting to see
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>> thank you very much, tara. jared shows us who wins a post season award ahead of tourney time, and a big announcement from peyton manning. we'll hear reaction from his former college coach, now duke
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mas uor itremeer gy ll br? appy. e, g vebodyap,? letak skca aos the are t lotflo cover.reldig h b wm at'were, i durham, 3 wandnary, dhorn 3 roxro 3nhioc oro, 3te t w wintoa morni you'll want to wear lers because you'll nd itoming home. 58 at lunchtime that will be a quick warm up into t mid-6 this aerno with aoot of sunshine and tomorrow we jump into the 70s and we're going to coming up.
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nigh set your clocksorward. we go back t daylight savings time, which gives u less daylight in the mornis and more in the evenings. tara has youtraffi go. >> thank y elizabe > tac stheveans this pntnhe s look at the. thastopd loc n endlanes pnt of the checkingnel he i a.s. 64/264,he bypass, no issues ei dti deyse ju ld athey'lgoing a coupil athi pnt,taki a2inut te yo t auphe 4 sit owi weaveoo around theiale. a comin f
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> and 6:55. a shocking home invasion has one family in one neighborhood. >> one woman found a text from her daughter. >> and researchers hope emojis will help them unlock the lunchroom likes and dislikes for pre teens. those stories and more coming up when you join us on fox 50
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>> today, is a toast to your favorite breakfast food, it is national cereal day. it has become so popular, we eat it at all times of the day including snack time. you can always use it to make many sweet treats like those rice rice krispie bars we all love so much. and zootopia took the box office by storm. >> the animated comedy took in the top spot bringing in an estimated $73 million in revenue, easily passing frozen. it's a huge accomplishment for disney animation's three-day debut. >> the action packed thriller london has fallen taking in more than $21 million in second place. >> and super hero dead pool dropped to number 3 with about $16 million. have you seen any of those? >> frozen. >> i can't either. >> are movie tickets are coming more expensive? >> it was just the three-day debut. >> okay. >> frozen still, you know holds a record there. >> remains supreme.
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no doubt about that. cbs's today show is next, right here on wral. >> nbc today's show. >> i'm sorry. forgive me. nbc today's show is next. we have another news update in
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>> and join this is connor. like so many kids, he was missing things in school. then we heard about sylvan's new teaching system, sylvansync. kids like connor typically see up to two to three times more growth than if they hadn't come to sylvan.
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good morning.
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police officers salute the hearse carrying former first lady nancy reagan from her home. a funeral being planned for later this week at the reagan presidential library, where she'll be laid to rest next to her husband. a woman being remembered as a devoted wife and a political force who redefined the role of first lady. we look back at nancy reagan's extraordinary wife and talk exclusively to her son ron today, monday, march 7th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today," remembering nancy reagan, with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefellerplaza. still digesting the sad news of nancy reagan's passing, but what an incredible life she lived. legendary woman, iconic first


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