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tv   WRAL News at 430 AM  NBC  March 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> the republican presidential front runner won three more primary states. he claimed vick noirs michigan,
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ted cruz won the gop primary in idaho. for the democrats hillary clinton won mississippi, bernie san diverse surprised everyone with a crucial and big win in michigan. fresh off the big victorys in michigan and mississippi donald trump is visiting fayetteville tonight. >> we will go live to crown coliseum, it looks like next week the republican front runner could win north carolina as well. that's right. a wral poll shows that donald trump has a big lead among votes are here in north carolina and he will be speaking here at the crown coliseum. let's look at what our poll showed. it tapped 2,000 incoming in over a four day period and ask who would you vote for. 41% donald trump, 21% ted cruz, 14% for rubio and 11% for kasich. >> trump will meet with fans to
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this is his second trip this week. she was in charlotte monday where he vowed to legalize water boarding and other interrogation techniques for suspects. ted cruz held two stops yesterday and has a plan for saturday. at this time, rubio does not have any north carolina stops planned at this time. town officials here in fayetteville do expect a lot of heavy traffic in this area and another thing to mention, too, donald trump will be taping an interview with fox news at 5:00 p.m. here. there are reserved seat that is have already been spoken for for that event. they do expect a lot of traffic around this area during that afternoon rush hour. back to you. thank you, theerra lynn where donald trump will be making a stop. clinton will visit the triangle tomorrow. she's holding an event at 3:50 p.m.
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then at 5:45, clinton will be in raleigh at broughtton high school. if you would like to get to either event, sign up on the web site. there's a link in story on neighbors are being as heroes for rescuing a raleigh man from his home. it broke out in an apartment on bash ford road. people above that apartment spotted smoke and toll another neighbor. realizing the man was not coming out, three neighbors went into the burning apartment to pull him out. >> he was in the kidnap within his back against cabinet, the sink. >> so smoke was like we couldn't seat if there. i am not going to front. it was very scary. >> these three gentlemen did that without the protective gear, without any type of protective equipment. they truly risked their lives
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>> the man was take on the the hospital with burns and smoke inhalation. it name has not been released. >> accidental or improperty discarded smoking materials caused the fire. a statewide amber alert, if brevard county -- looking for dixie may bailey. she's described as 15, 5'4" inches tall and weighs about 114 pounds. she has brown hair with orange streaks and blue eyes. she was last seen in a peach pullover, black tights and cowboy boot. >> >> an american student died in one of several attacks in israel. he was one of 12 people stabbed during a rampage. he was visiting israel with a grip of students and staff to learn more about global business. he was an army veteran who
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palestine. . >> the legendary music producer often called the fifth beetle, george martin has died. he was widely regarded as one of the greatest record producers of all time was also musician. his musical expertise help today refine the beetles sound. he tweeted thank you for all of your love and kindness, george, peace and love. >> brit-i prime minister david cameran called him quote a giant of music. george martin was 90. the body of nancy reagan will lie in repose today and tomorrow. the public will have a chance to pay the last respects at the presidential library in california ahead of a private funeral on friday. she died sunday morning of congestive heart failure. 94. will be buried next to her
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>> the final -- to redeploy from iraq returns home after transferring authority to the 101st in baghdad more than 160 paratrooper also be reunited at green -- on pope army airfield, they deploy today iraq in june of 2015. this will be the third group to welcome home to fort braggg in the past three week. >> >> another health care for chipotle. the restaurant that was force today close its doors after several employees got sick. >> the search is over for a man
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where he was found and how albeautiful morning, mild,
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dark, there is no rain, no fog that we will have to deal with this morning. 51 durham. 53 cary. temperatures the are a good bit above normal for the morning lows and afternoon highs are well above normal. lunchtime 73. a temperature of close to 80 for our high this afternoon. at the bus stop, kids are going to need a light jacket, as warm as it is this afternoon, they are going to want their shorts and t-shirts. 79 for the high today. thank you very much elizabeth. health workers will inspect a chipotle restaurant in massachusetts after employees became sick, one has the norovirus. the management voluntarily closed the store so crews can do a thorough cleaning. they hope the board of health will tell them when they can re- open. they say no customers report illnesses. home depot wants to make it
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personal information stolen paying $13 million to those affected. home depo will fund a year and a half's worth of identity theft protection. tens of millions of credit card holders had their data stolen in the 2014 data breach. a news crew trying to do its job made headlines. >> the close call that happened on live tv. hundreds of sea lions are causing a nuisance in one west coast city.
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keep them away from the docks. there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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extensive man hunt is over. pablo visit reno was taken in to custody. he fatally shot four men at a neighbor's home in kansas city, kansas and killed another man, 170 miles away in rural missouri. it is unclear what led to the shootings. he is a mexican national deported from the u.s. in 2004 and reentered the country illegally. a man suspected of shooting an idaho pastor is now behind bars in washington dc. u.s. secret service agents arrested cyle oatm after they say he threw items over the fence at the white house. investigators say he threw flash drives and other
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fence. authorities have been searching for him since the shooting on sunday. police say he shot tim remmington several times in the parking lot of his church. remington is expected to survive. a baltimore police officer charged in the death of freddie gray must testify against colleagues while awaiting retrial. court of appeals issued a ruling siding with prosecutors asking to compel william porter to testify. porter's trial ended in december with a hung jury, gray died from a spinal injury after taken in to police custody. we are finding out what bill cosby's wife told attorneys during a deposition over a civil case filed against the comedian. ca meal says she never read a deposition in which her husband acknowledge head gave sedatives to women he was planning to have sex with.
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bill cosby in december of 2014 climbing defense team painted him as liars after they publicly accused the actor of assault. service continues for a commuter train line. one of the trains jumped the rails and plunged in to a creek monday night. union pacific believe as mudslide swept a tree onto the tracks causing the train to derail. 9 were hurt. four seriously. while covering the derailment, a news crew became part of another story. during a live report a car crashed and came barreling towards reporter alex savage and his photographer chip vaughn. vaughn can be heard yelling get out of the way before the car bumped in to the camera. neither salve advantage or vaughn were hurt. in a later report he thanked his co-worker for saving him. california highway
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when a car caught fire with children inside. it happened in monterey. a woman got out, casole reached in to pull the chin out. he had to convince the driver to get out of the car. all four family members were treated for smoke inhalation but are doing fine. check out the newly released video of an ice rescue in utah. covered reservoir. reach it. the dog kept running away. crews got to hit. a city in oregon is dealing with a pretty noisy problem. hundreds of sea lions have taken over the dock near the columbia river in rainier. more come to look for fish.
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plus the fishermen are worried about damage to the docks. crews are setting up temporary fencing to keep the sea lions out. people in asia were treated to a total solar eclipse. >> the moon passes in front of the sun. the first and only total sor eclipse of 2016. 40million people across three time zones were able to view this rare astronomical event. >> i got to talk to nasa scientists yesterday. they were studying the solar corona or the outer edges of the sun. we will have one next year, that one in august we be able to see really well in north carolina. >> was it august 21st, i think. >> that's about right. >> that will be exciting. we will have a cool one next year we will be able to see well. nice weather again for today. starting off this morning with
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is our rdu sky cam. no issues for traveling no matter how you are headed out on a planes in the car on the train, it's just quiet out there this morning. 51 is our current temperature. southwest wind at 8 miles per hour, a little breeze southwest, the southwesterly wind keeping the temperatures warm for the next several days. dew point 46, humidity 83%. roxboro 50. 47 south hill. 54 goldsboro. 52 southern pines. 53 fayetteville. our temperatures are runing above normal this morning and seeing temperatures above normal this afternoon. high yesterday was 78, we will be close to that today. maybe closer to 80 degrees. record high is 81 on thursday. that's the lowest record high we have this week. maybe we will hit that tomorrow. maybe we will tie it. we have a good bit of moisture to the west, a cold front and a low pressure system helping to pull moisture up from the gulf of mexico.
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texas as will as severe storms. that is coming up the mississippi valley up towards the great lakes. eventually, a cold front that will slip down towards our area, on friday. that will bring us cloud cover and then along, a couple of systems rolling through over the weekend. now it looks like we couldn't rule out a shower on saturday but a better chance on sunday and sunday night, another system rolls by on monday. nice clear conditions this morning, some fog down towards the coast potentially for tonight and early tomorrow. there is 7:00 p.m. today. you can see tomorrow morning, fog. some of the low cloud cover may spread across our area, too. it won't stick around all day. we will see that dissipating by lunchtime. we see the precipitation getting closer to us, though by thursday evening and of course on friday looking at more cloud cover.
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the forecast as well to cover the bases. 79 our high temperature for us today. incredibly warm, we start in the mid 50sing of, by lunchtime, 73, if you have the opportunity to eat your lunch outside, it would be a perfect day for that. you have to treasure these perfect days, temperatures near 80 degrees, plenty of sunshine, low humidity and no mosquitoes yet. the pollen is not too bad yet. we will cup the warm up and get in -- we will continue the warm up. allergy suffers are feeling that. 72 saturday. i don't think it's going to be a terribly wet day on saturday. i wouldn't cancel the plans if you are planning to head to the st. patricks day parade saturday. starts at 10:00 a.m. the raleigh. 60 degrees and 2:00, 70. cooler over the weekend with the chance of showers through the end of the day on sunday. looking at fairly light amounts
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saturday and sunday. sunday will bring us the best shot at it. a 10th to half an inch is about all we can expect to see. not a lot of heavy rain. more unsettled weather next week. our temperatures stay warm. 70 across the board. i-40 looking good this morning, white avenue at the beltline, fine, weatherwise, shouldn't be trouble for your morning commute, bill. big news from fort bragg. >> what is built ahead of independence day, and the sports league that's footing the bill. what happened after a man
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$15,000. wral is your hoops headquarters for the acc tournament games, today is a big day. pit matches up against syracuse for a second round. at 2:00, duke plays nc state. clemson and georgia tech face off at 7:00. at 9:00, virginia tech plays florida state after the seminoles beat boston college yesterday. because of the 12:00 game our noon news cast will air on our sister station fox 50. a big announcement for fort bragg, this time, it's about sports. major league baseball will pay for construction on a 12,500 post. the atlanta bras and miami marlins will play a game on july 3rd ahead of independence day, airing on espn's sunday night baseball. the first time a regular season
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has been played on an active military installation. >> that reminds me of a story about babe ruth playing. i believe it was. we will check the history books. the search is on for the person who lost $15,000 outside philadelphia. >> a transit worker found the purse and saw the cash and call nine one. officers are not sure who the bag belonged to. they are honoring bob tracy for being honest and turning the money in opposed to keeping it. tracy says he was $15,000 richer for 30 seconds, and after that it made him feel good to give it back. >> felt good to do the right thing. coming up, wral morning news, students get an important lesson today. what they will be taught about staying safe during severe storms. a surprise political win for bernie san sanders in the
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no surprises on the g op side. how the candidates are moving forward. onke pht sod) the's a biereneema nngound) and sense t so(dsounwhen imes cialecity, re than e.
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at a scol a tdowe share 3 mpte that couveyourlife a ose yoloes> dom wi prar a huge upseon the demoatic side. abig homecong today at fort bragg. the mbolism and the significance. >> od morning, everyone. happy, is it wednesday alady? >> wedny. 5: i'm ree chou see this week has been ng by with al wehe >> i merainin morng.
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good. go lkwiththdog st t.aryodeli >>e hu outhbawas >> it will ab tway e ek. ha 70thuge is to a ngtcoferurabove normalxbcatlr th mni, loov wn durham. 48 wake retoby to wi 50 rro49roy moand wilson. planner expect tperatures the mid 5s this morning, 73 at noon, the high 80 degrees th teoo the warm temperures continngwe e seei more defini signs of rai the weekend. we will talk about which day mae wetter thanthe other coming t corey siee th wseveatr awess we. hoross th l preparing udents and terswi addril


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