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tv   WRAL News 5AM  NBC  March 9, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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it is beautiful again this morning. you are going to run in to quiet conditions out there, a little bit of a breeze, see the flag on nash street in downtown wilson. temperatures feeling great. 51 henderson. 52 holly springs. wilson, too. our temperature at lunchtime, wilson in the low 70s. plenty of sunshine all day long. i probably don't have to tell you to find time to get outside and enjoy it. the great thing about this is, this sort of weather again for tomorrow, friday may cloud up a little bit, i will talk about the cold front that will be approaching us friday and what sort of affect it may have on us in the weekend. downtown durham 73.
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start times are changing for most durham public schools. high schools will start later and the tardy bell ringing earlier starting next school year. the school board signed off on the adjustments at monday night's meeting the change is made to better account for the sleep habits of students. teachers require patience and special ed teachers need the most. >> wral's gerald owens, found a teacher who hits the bill. >> reporter: there is a lot of sentences. jennifer offers one on one instruction to the special education students at erwin elementary. >> they have a individualized education plan, based on their individual needs. student. >> reporter: a delicate juggling act, trying to keep each student on task based on their own ability, yet in step with the rest of the class.
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know the clasoom routine and know how to interact with each other. i'm excited about where we are going. >> tell me an emotion he might be femaling now. >> reporter: staying with her for several years or as long as necessary. >> it helps to facilitate a close relationship between them and myself and parents and i so we are a partnership together. >> reporter: that's not her ultimate goal. >> my goal for ea child is different. i want them to never need me. i want them to be able to be in the classroom and never need extra support or extra help. >> reporter: until that happens, they have a dedicated professional in they corner every step of the way. >> this is always what i wanted to do. >> reporter: gerald owens, wral news. >> toe see all of the honored
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search teacher of the week. dog owners may get a big wake up call. >> what a ordinance would require them to do, when it would be enforced if it passes. how home depo is planning
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nc state survives the owner to move onto the second round of the acc tournament. wake forest has a field day converting in transition early on. crawford, the freshman has 19 points. barber hits for 22 critical points, vital in that wake forest. roland on a second half tear. 16 points during a stretch, hits a career high 6 triples, 24 points, leads state to a 7 5- 72 win. next up a third meeting with duke. here is what the bracket looks like, pittsburgh and syracuse, leading things off at noon on wral. nc state and duke, nightcap at 7:00 begins with clemson and georgia tech, followed by florida state and virginia tech. north carolina central faces howard. 64 all until holmes converts the bucket in the foul with 31 seconds to go. bison down 1, a final shot,
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secure the rebound and the win, 68- 66. north carolina central will face second seeded norfolks state tonight. check out jeff skinner, nifty rebound, 24th on the year. how odd would it be to have two shorthanded goals in one period. zack smith adds a short late in the period. ottawa wins 3-2. skinner, beats the buzzer, that's going to send it in to overtime, and in to a shootout, that's where jacob scores on his fist career shootout and the canes get the first shootout win of the year 4-3. coming up, at the acc tournament from washington see you there at 6:00. a quick programming note,
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between pit and syracuse, noon news cast airs on fox 50. we now know the cause of an apartment fire that sent a man to the hospital in raleigh. we are hearing about the tense moments that led to his rescue. where millions were treated to a rare total solar eclipse. your pick 3 numbers, 719.
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ge od rn we efik,wethere. goyou thisweek by wecompth h e, ha an i' sooweend fostyou micompin it nice ybek o ene td the out thcobethisrnrongarki ewin fee th io xb47 54 goldo. b52
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htimgrfor ti lutsida deis fo things n angeuple we addrs n le of mites. brsh froms avelross e thmornin gmat anh and ream yt ifi adto 40, essiof at condio aday werdthrtoks stthrowaco fr ke hnst ltoe aiort erall intosensors.the lifeutmap,the in thrt stallerepo onthe parkouer oudavis tr nocag pr re othe trng,
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icinstg lyotg ppen th00 ofmaplood shor 0 nit. liceound twohoatth bothen e sp. ofth e otr isverifrom nofe theng wods t or. w rmthis ing,ut i- stnigh itlvmorcyc up tru the moycst w speedd n e p t boevorlethbuofthe adasde yeollu ll s k er of was rt. the trump train keeps on rolling, another huge night of victories for donald trump. >> republican presidential front runner won three primary
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in michigan, mississippi, and hawaii. ted cruz won the gop primary in idaho. democrats, hilary clinton won mississippi. benny sanders surprised everyone with a crucial win in michigan. fresh off the big victories in michigan and mississippi, donald trump is visiting fayetteville tonight. >> tara lynn is live. next week, the republican front runner could be celebrating a victory in north carolina as well. >> reporter: he has a sizeable lead in north carolina, that is according to a wral news poll. let's look at some of the poll numbers. we tapped 2000 north carolinians over a 4-day period and asked who would you vote for in the north carolina presidential primary. 41% of people said, donald trump, 27 said they would vote for ted cruz. 14% for marco rubio, and 11% for john kasich. dom trump be meeting with fans tonight here at the crown
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trip to north carolina this week. he was in the charlotte area monday, he vowed to change laws to legalize waterboarding and other interrogation techniques on terror suspects. ted cruz held two stops yesterday and has another plan for sunday, marco rubio does not have any north carolina stops planned for his tour. the rally will be at 7:00 p.m., before that trump will be here to tape an interview with fox news at 5:00 p.m., town officials in fayetteville to expect a lot of traffic because there will be people allowed in the fox news audience and then tsk people coming in early for that rally here at 7:00 p.m. hilary clinton will visit the triangle tomorrow, she whether hold event at hillside high school at 3:50 p.m. doors opening two hours before that.
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will be at the high school. if you would like to go, sign up on the website, a link on our story at neighbors are being hailed as heroes this morning, for rescuing a raleigh man from a fire in his home. the fire broke out after 5:30 in an apartment on bashford road. people living above the apartment, spotted smoke and told another neighbor who told them to call 911. realizing the n who lived there was not coming out, three neighbors went in to the burning apartment to pull him out. >> he was in the kitchen with his back against the cabinet, the sink. smoke was like, we couldn't see in there. i'm not going to front. it was very scary. >> the three gem that went in to pull him out, did that without the protected gearing without protective equipment, they truly risked their lives to save this man. >> they are heroes.
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to the hospital with burns and smoke inhalation. his name has not been released. firefighters say accidental or improperly discarded smoking materials started the fire. a statewide amber alert remains active far 15-year-old girl this morning, the brevard police department in the north carolina mountains is looking for dixie may bailey, 15 years old, 5'4", 114 pounds, brown hay,ing on streaks and blue eyes and seen wearing a peach colored pullover, black tights and cowboy boots. we are learning about american student who died if one of several attacks in israel. tailor phos was in graduate -- forest was in graduate school. one of 12 people stabbed dug a rampage and visiting israel with students and staff, to learn about global business. he was an army veteran who served in iraq and afghanistan. the attacks were carried out by palestinians.
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producer called the 5th beetle, george martin died. sister george regarded as one of the greatest record producers was a composer, conductor, musician in his own right. musical expertise helped refine the beetle sound. ringo star tweeted thank you for you love and kindness, george, peace and love. david cameron called martin a giant in music, george martin was 90. the body of nancy reagan will lie in repose today and tomorrow. the pub lib will have the chance to pay respects at the ronald reagan presidential library in california. ahead of a private funeral on friday. she died sunday morning of congestive heart failure at 94. she will be buried at the library next to her husband who died in 2004. a health scare for chipotle. >> the restaurant that was
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several employees got sick. the search is over for a man suspected of shooting a pastor.
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the t-dollar b of e day: e of ourest 6- subs, a erent suevery ofhe wee for juhree dollars. the onn ken juicy roast chicke the te turkeeast, thers an iistiblb foevery of thek.
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man suspected of shooting an idaho pastor is behind bars. service agents arrested cyle odom after he threw items over the fence at the white house. he threw flash drives and other unidentified items. authorities have been searching for him since sunday and a shooting occurred then, he shot pastor tim remmington several times in the parking lot of his church. remington is expected to survive. a baltimore police officer charged this the death of freddie gray must testify against his colleagues while awaiting retrial. court of appeals issued a ruling siting with prosecutor whose asked a judge to compel port pore testify against five others facing charges in gray's death. porter's trial ended in
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gray died from a spinal injury after taken in to police custody. it caused the frein to go off the tracks. rescuers pulled 214 people to safety. while covering that train derailment, a local news crew became a part of another story, during a live report, a car crashed and came barreling towards alex salve advantage and his photographer chip vaughn. vaughn can be heard yelling get out of the way before the car bumped in to the camera. in a later report, savage thanked his coworker for saving him. a highway patrolman jumped in to action when a car caught
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month ray. the vehicle caught fire. a woman got out and a man reached in to pull two kids out. after the children were safe. the officer had to convince the driver to get out of the car. the driver climbed over the console and got out the passenger side. all four family member were treated for smoke inhalation and they are doing fine. a city in oregon is dealing with a pretty noisy problem, hundreds of sea lions have taken over the dock near the columbia river. more come to look for fish. the noise is becoming an issue for residents and the fishermen are worried about damage to the wooden docks. crews are setting up fencing to keep the sea lions out.
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three time zones were able to view the rare astronomical event. we will get our turn next year. the scientists were taking this opportunity to do research on how the corona affects the earth. the outer ledges of the sun when -- outer edges of the sun when the moon covers it. you can see where the solar storms are. that sometimes affect us in terms of satellite communication or the aurora borealis which we don't get to see around here. we are seeing a huge warm up. let's talk about the crazy warming trend. we may hit 80 degrees today or tomorrow. last time in raleigh was back in october, you remember what a warm december it was.
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this long stretch of 70s in march. our last 80-plus degree day was christmas day. 80 degrees fayetteville. last four day stretch or longer of 70 degrees or warmer, in the triangle area, was also christmas. december 24th through 27th. normally we would be talking about some of the last 70 or 80- degree days in october, we had the unusually warm december, that looks like we maybe dealing with unusually warm march as well. not great news for the ski industry. raleigh sky cam lightening up a little bit. see hints of daylight, 51 is the current temperature, wind southwest at 7 miles per hour. our dew point is 47. our temperature in south hill is 47. 50 roxboro, 51 rocky mount and wilson, town by town, 47 in sanford, 46 smithfield. 53 fayetteville. 49 in clinton. unseasonably warm for us this morning.
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in control of our weather, the high pressure system keeping the moisture back to our west, this cold front, this rain, they had severe weather, probably more severe weather, lower mississippi valley and back towards texas a lot of flooding there, too. this shifts eastwards, in an un usual way, instead of the whole thing picking up and moving eastward. it's going to end up, the top part of this, shifts southward like this. almost like the whole system will bend over. that front then moves in and helps to bring us cloud cover for friday. potentially rain rolls along the fronts over the weekend. i will show you that coming up in a few minutes. look what annex tended period of -- annex tended period of time. the winds and temperatures, looking at the contours here.
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we are looking at yellows and oranges tuesday of next week, wednesday, thursday, rolling it on out. it's going to be end of next week before we get in too the green contours. by a week and a half from now, temperatures will cool down a little bit. that might be a will little bit of a shock by then. 79 today and tomorrow. speaking of a shock, our record high on thursday is 81, we will be close to thats we start the mid 50s, ending up at 79 degrees rain in the forecast, potentially for saturday and sunday. sunday is probably the day that we will have a better chance for rain, we are talking about light amounts overall, a trace to half an inch of rain at the most. not likely to be a big deal. the unsettled weather in to monday. we hang onto the temperatures in the 70s. brian is looking at traffic
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looking how quiet on the live commute. we have no accidents right now at 5:52. the green, on the map, indicating major routes are moving along without delay. >> ill not going to subject the viewers to jokes i could come up with at 6:00 in the morning. look at the beltline, 440, 6 forks looks good in both directions. glennwood, they turn the camera around. if you could see 440, it's moving along well. 11 minutes, 40 to wade avenue delay free. crank up the personality when you have no news. big news at fort bragg. >> what is built ahead of
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league that is paying for it. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even "turkey jerks." key] ge. [butcherm sorry!urke) corcurth01 talk seenalmoveryth so we know how to cover most anything.
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breaking news, iran fires missiles as a message for israel. if ill us in on a great day. >> absolutely gorgeous. we continue the long streak of temperatures above normal. the sun is coming up, and a
6:00 am
skyline in downtown raleigh, looking beautiful. normal high temperature this time of year is in the low 60s. the morning temperatures are well above normal, too. 50 roxboro, 47 south hill. 54 goldsboro, 49 fayetteville, jacket weather this morning. not winter coat weather. maybe we can put them away for the rest of the season. i can remember some april freezes, so, we will see how it goes for us. expect 56 degrees out the door this morning, 73 at noon, 79 for our high later today. almost 80 degreesment brian is looking at what is happening on the roads this morning. >> reporter: traffic is moving along well. no big delays to show you this morning. no accidents to report. if you are leaving chapel hill, through south durhams 40 eastbound, 54, see how quiet conditions are there.


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