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tv   WRAL News 6PM  NBC  March 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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du. whshis la idate ying orup pport here. e answer comeswn death. m lindlove >>fit glanpes anng erdepeatanthte ar'td caate and caswitchat antime. take those ay and the clinton ad dropsto only 213 delegates with hundreds at stake tuesday the candidates taking them all very seriously. >> clinton just wrapped up a stop to shore her supporters there. laura leie went th rctio repor sn ar014 thtrled 1el he
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uld exct nd of tour armarch ma15tes tes, has twice many and ilisand iohavere thadolu wral news poll ca esday sainn commanding lover er ab23 4.lls clashe ju witthh -wianshbe sainevery rnst d ge things slee owed clinn th pos showed inn inad saged thin deic prpalo s thwiergets w mo. after watching the 2008 primaries slip through her
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chances on this race this year back to you. >>ye. definitely. for sure. thank you. sanders wille in raleigh tomorrow. he announced this morn they will ld eveatigmerow. op n addy o prest ex strima unsment anchloisng esh. one ofthe in onthatenawd ra udr wn. itisen che heasstd usn city n'vefel on w mapse of presentatidr theidirit li e ot repuge
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un naudible]. >> don't ve th un rry. as ycan w held pnara. >> doyoatessking for your voill tre thme go. >>inwi i inwasometh weyoho s er do toof necat, hedral d th i mattho>> well do violcampai trail. we will w haed betwaump's mpgn e ory in fattille argebeafter puh lly er lentrm o is ap cadlpavd knn daf chin dahttime
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thinki abcoming we will know who the democrats chose to run for governor >> the latest news poll shows long time attorney general roy cooper with a healthy lead. tonight we hear from him and ken spaulding on a variety of issues. roy cooper and ken spaulding want the same job. they also share some of the same beliefs, particularly when it comes to public education. back in north carolina. >> first it's about priorities. >> i think we are going back. legislative leaders with
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those atthe top, at the expense of public education and the middle class. >> cooper has a new education plan including state paid tuition to community colleges. >> this a very full plan and when you set priorities you can invest in public education. >> i want to make sure i understand that. i presume you are saying we can take the existing revenue of the state, existing dollars and rearrange to do what you want >> absolutely. >> both want higher teaching pay, teaching help and economic growth and are prepared to work with a gop led legislature. >> we have to have democrats in a different -- than just more of the same and just picking democrats based on who is next in line or whose turn it is. we need democrat who are have a good business background who have been a small business person as i was to build my
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>> they agree on a lot but not everything. >> roy cooper, all of the sudden in the short span of time decided that he would not retry that case. >> that was the case of charlotte police officer randall rerig, shooting a unarmed african american ten times. cooper said no to a new trial after the jury split >> we have to make tough decisions on individual cases. we make those decisions based only on the law and the facts. we make them to the very best of our ability. >> you can hear more of our interviews from both on saturday night at 7:00 is on the record looks more closely at the race for governor. construction crews completed an an engineering marvel.
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we will show you how that dome was placed. >> and the wind picked up in the afternoon. the flags waving over an empty parking lot now but tomorrow garth brooks fans will pack at renea to kick off the weekend. you know that will be big.
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forecast when we come back. it was easy to miss it until today. here is a live look at the building it's new copper dome. what a sight that is. expect photograph tick slow down in the next few days as people get their first look. >> he have been watching the process all day from our tower camr. take a look. this is time l aps e. amazing. it took 32 minutes for this part of what happened today. 65 feet tall. the domes it. three thousand square feet. they did it in 32 minutes. how did that he do did in >> reporter: that's right. the move. was fantastic.
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for the churches of raleigh. the morning was beautiful. the timing perfect. not long after the sun rocketed to the raleigh sky the dome lifted off as well. >> there it goes. it's up -- how many feet? three feet off the supports in >> going to get it up pretty quick. >> it's a once in a lifetime. >> its going faster than i expected . >> just wonderful to see this cathedral on a hill rise out of the ground. >> reporter: 91-year-old julie has waited a lifetime to see it. >> it its a great engineering feat. it's very much a religious, holy experience for me. >> reporter: 160-tons flying through the air. >> i think it's beautiful. >> reporter: a marvel inspired by the heavens it'll touch. this is a great day. it's -- how often in our lives are we part of history? >> pretty amazing that -- it can move something like that so precisely.
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it's amazing to watch something like this. kathy has been watching this for quite some time >> i'm catholic it's my parish. i have been looking forward to seeing. we stopped by on the way home from church every week to watch. >> reporter:. the catholic faith is continuing to grow in this area. new space is needed. >> enough space to accommodate all the worshipers. >> reporter: it took just 32 minutes to put the dome in place. a place that's designed to sit for at least three hundred years. >> in latin the word dome home. this is the powerful reminder that this is the home, it's the faithful. faithful in raleigh. >> reporter: there is still a
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as well as bells to putin side. as for the c athedral it's expected to open in the fall of 2017. >> live in raleigh. just -- very close to this television station. it doesn't matter what relidge you are if any, see that sight is such a welcomed addition it's very calming for us just driving by and seeing this being built. now see that dome go up >> and from two different angles . from up top or down below. >> yesterday. you can see the structure of the churches it in place from there without the dome. >> so many structures all over the world. you think of saint patrick's in new york. regardless of your religion if any. they are great places to see and experience. >> it's a great addition. >> absolutely. >> welcome back. >> thank you.
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>> you played once. only once. >> i went to the driving range once and played once i met a really nice man from wisconsin. we both tend kind of played. let's move on here and take a look at the temperatures. across the northern part of the area. you can see that everybody is still in the 70s. these numbers aren't down that much from the afternoon highs. then as we look farther south we see all 70s here as well. temperatures flirting with 80 around fayetteville earlier today. you can make the argument that the 79 at rdu was almost more than a flirt. just one degree away from hitting 80. the problem in the southern plains has been this big that have of high water vapor mexico. northward into the southern plains and then eventually extending off in to the northeast part of the united it's this area down in here that has been hit hard with areas. there's some flooding issues
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with that. the good news is that -- this system is going to eventually move eastward. that doesn't sound good, you know, on the start of what i'm talking about but the good news is that as it moves eastward it'll weaken. we will look at a few random showers here over the weekend. nothing like they have experienced down here and once the system goes by we resume the warm weather pattern that we are already in. it really doesn't look like we have any significant cooldowns coming any time real soon. we will have a temporary set back on saturday as the winds swing into the northeast. it'll still be above normal for this time of year. we have talked many times about instead of focusing on a normal high, taking a look at a normal range. that's basically the area between these two lines here. now once you get above this line then you are more than one standard deviation above the mean you can see we will have several days that are going to
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especially into next week. that 83 next wednesday is really close to being two standard deviations above the mean which is way above normal for this time of year. it's unusual for it to be warm. not unprecedented but unusual. 8:00. 73. partly cloudy. breezy, warm the low tonight -- 63. then as we go into tomorrow. it looks like we will start off mild. about 67 at night and eventually up near 79 despite today. cooler saturday but above normal and then a couple of showers weekend into monday and then back in to the 70s and 80s after that. no complaints from the people that don't like the cold. >> all right. >> thank you. let's go to washington dc. the home of the acc tournament. great games today. >> reporter: the disappointing thing is we won't have a duke, carolina game tomorrow the tarheels play their first game
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duke doesn't. when we come back we will tell you what happened with each
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like llywside rismom clink breaking news tonight. donald trump accused of encouraging violence at his rallies. his campaign manager accused of roughing up a female reporter. the rising death toll as record floods rage. high-water scues. brawl on a plane. mayhem as fists fly. shocked passengers with the melee. you won't believe what started it all. ambush horror. five massacred, including a pregnant woman as gunmen opened fire in a backyard


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