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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  March 13, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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and thecampaito wbt t stol out odd a l more uncertainty about tuesday than you might thin join for insight and analysis this sunday morning are republican strategi alex castillanos. inuential radio talk show host hugh hewi. sy. eet pres m i "re chk > goy histornoow fais tca 96-vtn prolhed olmoatic natio conately wh ultimate b
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dshg f l to donald t cd appearance truz andrcru kihe cease a envtud raby mp an h hllal ing her perctve er. iftches, y canstt aouan control. noerip thatol >> b is sorrs a of tr tong at the rublicanominonisigh f speec d all of g ue. rima thinal sepafront-nners allarom pents thrc/l ejour/m ls out hi in insomusin
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tilsd p onearin 43% rehd oi trss ser, but 's sificand. ainin cr ba ase third cr b in govnorhnnt lead odona39-3 usic w kep min re an coe u efft amajority degat henio hry clinondi san aee states u 4rida c with o,tampaignsdie one. it's closer illointdsby st poi 54 lo motsli rhm el bac berna er re ing to t demratic celar, h ca rean front-runne dtr mr.ucoacee
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72hours. do a ibilitywh fcala nsn ao ra well, i thinf ything afeoav cy.,0ele t ofhe oue. nd of ncel us wte othe they'teapr, th dike ssio th berrs sig ov the bee s pele thse ioade erg which ce donreasi on made a,ouha had a bitnd aot p ulb d'veeniv l not nderyboisedobnjuredhu hat. rn we idt een f ur a esr. wa pof ndag
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ot theuy t disrhrong punch l t os. youh usoto guys lh i alis? th b o a etchefolks.liimhe elr. 17ays lat tha tual ef ysunch ate. acc rty fo cg oser >> ice rib n ha d wiel yhat ngan s gern othersoad .t i l'tcondonnc st we ha nd s ne
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th'rpfeial e ntolelld enthey it's okay enuck have dens , thattel fact is w v pe ll ve hmanyes i ha 2-30,000le cg s. and oute hary lileob aven't areal iur an. t cle iid ag u wds obm w nedeo nrtdnant a -- ssteaof- twhs soi o,oc c ou mi i'ayorur galfee is ttotonhathis o ger gentleman did t plpp.i re
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tha tomoe o y th he doou pad.yo hi with tomo, y w te ry n i wld ople wern udwo pe w tothat tng thrtm what i isa by they, nyith totomatoghat nn>>eatopo i objecti t sa i ould sai pepl are t dnghar he e eql rc>>o la it r. 'sne wtr. curu you patheg is oer p otest >>an s wha that y wing hevery nting. s velo rypt ati tigcein
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rt ofomod lyanamericareat o ws look at >> ane th a suckh?>> a ld notng ne see. a ay.e was 78ar usly lov tsuyb i eiw'shaenng ntry w seeulta yfo h ? >i ell,'min l ati io wwehthis b wnge nt roerwa a ywaaot untiea fr wplin the noic agone ol don diw - >> sot psi-t' possle u d himth fds ie allyst pe l i,. i ybo
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ok scy meng t staas was --ou ai ice, but n hestoiss. d did t thre y lookthtf yokto s -- neo beoa mebo ttsi >> h--l i dot kn t.a c ther he wragg t ericlag onheg a cor wath a ho o?weat -- uggng italong? alkiutis idn't eip. re ay udidn't see ei pyi amusic.heflaglonge gdndha ert atteth is an isis sowfn, w dut
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amflaec yo asingtheric onrndas a pi ogage okay ikt on liket. an ai is. and anreki atverionoutha heck re you qu >> wavke iha point, ir there'sisoris eormecial eoha y linaearso ho y. w hoth'sg thflag?at h l same man to e. r fhe un wa plartain e mosed t w is whdoow all iet it s a tan fero a mkiashion
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la i get you t the >> doesn't want to ny ss he to becsre whyy a mse he'sedto th hepeu' pdentgo aund s tse hedar pay urgaes o goppne some aua lly lie a n emsees ri? utoel yrpporters to loir oal hars ret ue myears d een vo 'saudef flda he't eve sw upvoa iotey f him lking thatabsolute a have ve far reat thanderstand es if lt he i lot t oingnor prmaes. oo a caucu re 2
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a .re y or mbng d um revo f trp. ka>>se th wnt ama agai i ianon u lilbi violcecampgnra,s aoteoe . guss,on y rs rc t ism usrveillancaiue cngmecamists. what di yext? of p s ang u here t rsonsohnce atll u rheto>> t e's t thpe a tyg b ophatdot kow atthnaal ere jobsre bg ed
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is on ourts w a e riy, fly g wn grleeange ybtni'umege poplere gry abothe t frs rrsn ad inasch 12 h veayincrease. ouilotalo chinba t rhtoric? you ll >we iytng t stre t ha tt's wron , ialkbollal raontalkbu awall, s so pay t wall,h they ll a ofhese i n, h sa u they're r wi w c agr >> iilea u san tyo. yo wod be frtoay t
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heinisme ofoh toalto donald signs good h t mingi laollernooi ovnorka wel the p ks, uc eaiyou welle sar wh dt tme hou you yayeut our wa citicalt fing the toxi irat appea t ave cv th iis o ll wan y th oulsuor h's ee is tonv lke this? hinko to be with this toh. i mean, b n in mi, y'm in go w w
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ssage a th f thfi,r jst o t nuf er 'svng ative. ng ierilosing we'r terr om re d- lo,e rchge oporrt t securit thei j, abt s, worred notintst baorbouhe dsbut we c fsehis. ve be tgh itefore. the epression, wii, 1. wenthis. , nto a m a i pop can tis doremeering wee ub adeats. conservate pes fixhis ofrs a stle. >> kn i veo say, sterdid hsetodisqlf. at more dedos seens th lstat eg . e blifo i w ny d
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ision ndtids mov i theight di le s not gingo uck. e toteu,ot pp bhe does it en ve nehe illo oon yneed reining dete t to thegi numb y ,t math bu'shet ib d yet obviasbe coenveno >> ll's tck m ndtanding. ann' b supris go o entioth largnuer delega ke w have to om of mball vention?t'prely, erownpolitics, chunat truey ot cessaryrueto all'min iselp vehe to teover 400,000 js, 're nngus, inhe naonal iid it iwahito
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tht and thatuson. obsl ng ctdonves o rbio doingor's marcoio sai ouy. clyoh has abeer cnce n do. an i ahio thatinrka se nce donald tru thre,ntic th w ll >> you k h mpaign nto there inei spos ttio.yret y riprocatin y suppoer fritheam r co chst ol, my votersto whe s godosoinoky. do n so but bec da
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>> u oinora? u to id i'dkeo flid don it' c ke iis w . >>bulo t b i ll thhod donda whentheyor sppdy e ifhahedotakese ,ay fh. urpa now w tivy with otherig uz arrioor egs denydete that faf no i, of i causehe'sy,ch t asedent icomm c afreewold ve cyxpie hece and docy eanhe s b aeiscou br llhi eat u s tha . i'reused o
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cirba. l gh ovrohnsich, i lve itth stayfe. >> th y' tiright. tha you. ou it. cac how d trp b t le and eds donald airc asabouat and fe
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enouount an h ht, oh, xci 20 yearsow histbeo det is t way't inut aetdt wt tru me remas h'se. keten h wwig. ws hi people. ce hba hat's at wne lit bo onow used t at wh twe i plthis y'rrutn steher,foch him i tface . ngove i wa t'rof [ b at i medy dy ro a ma k ut th wou serously. tnock th- i pro will pales. e. tirst gr c
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the trdgroube att moe andfour g'l s t hell o o rsnd a >>ew >> we thmpractor bea prtron mru s t o nk ioo o hour yu e ealeat r fr it reonaldis fit. ma at oin acrate jn kak 'r ngavthro tueayr ns i o he is te o heacal - remied him when was seeinge sultzn ncyl,a teatestiv pcly al ich. donald umhetrac b on s is w>all gh
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jokwi o pce eeaswee e y, tmp's ouble. thy ans g.h,ut then does som coersial. p's in t ny bury donaldr fo h rre 't ksueohnshene ub ie.whld t s mostensei s thi g aost chspitll he m fdthe fritet i'veereen isense. g-terdinit t otli party. u tin umpouldt th 's well, tmptrhe notea repli or ativ this ginmeeha o u i ne
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e th thi-- asse aetter, pe viorectn of sards. kow anne, wh en spr o at final say, itr's nee, i'm wainy.ushihat mak t liketypiit whve i ri - t th n'ti o final me mke tntha do th t bndsywi n ntenceit. th n>g, aley's ief coor ce. sa e demorty
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sa if onlajohn kicldf d be t e-ne. we we born years in a new a with nger ty and a passion touild shing beer. what an amazing time iteen, cade a decade innotion, inspion annder. so, weay thaou ame for centur trust for thprivilof flyin hiigr, togr. y day reines t busies ing hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime d it ats eacand y one s. microsoft created the gital im ut rime. we the msoft clo to sualizformatio socan trdown tcrims. when it comes to the cloud
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hth acoe in ha tothnad um'sreslay explanatio'en hean onmrida t s. >> w'veeen for n ys presnt wel h abel w b pe wove ca hat dipe ha agnh mativelyag le y catednvmenncis o rd. altr sns f t of his rallindalum? llle. thotavt nence. e rote vie. prtehe
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>>kck,ry simpma ve wor somng, i fogh atidon mp recrd in the prir a provides sombcht he wuen ter >> eng ve di group o peopl and'vot s arogii hewas s .ensp in d menergy docr anedehesebr pain.shso la.
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you t aboutcess, whats it loolike? is ibecomi better profsor eing ae venturstuden is it day gi daugh the portunshe dees? is inally essing artistonders of naturorld? whatevour detion o sus is, lping you pu i is ou t-i-a- the future belgs to fast. and help accele, e creaa new any... tafosed on wh next foyour bess. thue parship ere peecy d ideas puveryonrward. acceting iation. lerating transformation. leratiext.
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daht to byca. >> a we are . s "t ths"at downad ti taes b o esday, oh cain inmi t i's psi yed pols look trances st right now just lookt 's lr heesdoms aeaoseet. anduesswhat, two numbeomp n in unmpentb tio o5%.ndtwo,nges erafriri posov 8% nowto be sen't aly ry sasn,
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ermp i tu ofinn gur oumpent5% ack atabov and gueswh tee o t tatesti oesdy. il,ora gshaol tt h ill thestat. a h, cnnectit al f ey d't vounil apr 26. llme v mny rso t trump s tedo, ce no 'rlo he'in oit.rian popion anic notse tot beuse'sinng ote whoive itie war mi ulns we come atar we
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and toonctwi the woerment onature e iln this ace books amazin with theiger image,thsa c u got this turning. at's w need kind of resolu and c pow. bein a n ke on screerectly withhe ima ust gime a dient reonshipit. and i t do ton my thisbrillianfor me. and can you explain why you recommend synthetic over cedar? "super food?" is tt a real thing it's a greatchool, but is itthe rione for? this ly anyter than the you got last yea
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sohould o with 467 hoepower...o a 423ugh? goodstion. you ask a lot of good quons... i think we should move you into our new fund. sure..ok.
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wealanagement at charles schwab. panel is back to look ahead to what we're calling separation tuesday -- what i'm calling separation tuesday. i'm trying very hard to make this work. but like our friends on game day, they try to rivalry saturday. well, this is separation tuesday. well, we go through the best case scenarios for all. if trump wins florida and loses ohio, then he has to win 59% of all remaining delegates in a three-way race. if cruz wins, 35% of proportional delegates, best case scenario for him he then has to win 80% ofremaining delegates in order to make it to the convention without contested convention. and if rubio wins florida, he would have to win 98% of all remaining delegates. here's our favorite math i used
10:47 am
if he wins ohio, he's got to win 112% of remaining delegates. alex, you're a math major, right? >> absolutely. >> how does that work out for you? >> two and two -- trump's got three things going into this convention, assuming he's going to lose ohio, he's got a carrot, a stick and a deal. he's very good at deals. the stick is his voters are intense and we're going to want to keep those voters in the republican party. it's going to be hard to exclude those voters. tell them, hey, trump, you've come in with the most votes but you don't have any right to this nomination. >> going to be tough to do. >> that's the stick. the carrot is we've seen ben carson join the trump campaign. >> right. >> what would a trump administration look like? a convention can sort out a lot of those things. and if trump's as good at making deals, you know, that's a card he can play. the problem is this kind of intense emotional violence we're seeing this week makes that awfully tough to achieve. >> i was just going to say it feels like short-term game, long-term pain for donald trump
10:48 am
>> i mean, he hasn't tried. he's so far had no reason to. he's winning by bringing in people who haven't been traditional republican voters in many cases or who've been disaffected in others. he says he wants to be a unifier and at some point he would actually have to start doing that. but to this point there's bee imperative for him. >> hugh, will the stop trump movement ever fizzle? i feel like it has fizzled, but meaning will it ever die? will they ever sort of capitulate and say nothing we can do about it, it's his nomination? >> i don't think so. i think the party would split. senator ben sass is pretty much committed and i talk about turn to 1912 because that was an ir breakup, i don't know how you make a marriage with donald trump and either of the other two. with lying ted, he said it to you this morning. >> again.
10:49 am
>> i think just listening to what hugh said, i agree. i think the never trump movement has said such tough things about him, they're not just talking about his ideology, they're saying he's unfit, he's delusional, he will destroy our party, he'll destroy our country. if you've said those kind of things, and these are big people on record, real activists in the republican party, how can they turn around and say i think they'd be better off, they themselves have said we want a third party, we want to split. we have to create this new republican party for the future. >> barring a sweep by trump, seems like the conclusion is after tuesday assuming kasich wins ohio, contested convention here we come. cleveland, get your rule books ready. the democratic side, anne, has been interesting here because if it wasn't for this republican race we'd be sitting there going, boy, what's going on here? we showed the illinois numbers. i can tell you the clinton campaign is very nervous about ohio, very nervous about missouri which looks an awful lot like oklahoma to them. rahm emanuel's unpopularity may cost them votes in chicago they normally would have. and they're even thinking north carolina's going to be close.
10:50 am
i mean, this week is sort of a replay of super tuesday for them where -- >> but in a more defensive approach. >> absolutely. i was going to say without the many advantages going in we thought she had there. and we really cat underestimate the blow that michigan dealt to the campaign. she was supposed to win there. she expended a lot of political capital and a lot of time and effort to win there and she lost badly. >> and i'll tell you i think the auto bailout hit, i think they wish they'd done it sooner. >> right. >> they sort of blew that one. but they've been wary, alex. it's sort of like they have one foot in the general, they don't want ta alienate sanders, they don't want to anger him or his voters and at the same time they need to defeat him. >> well, bernie sanders is going to be the democratic nominee. >> yes. whether he's wearing a man suit or a pantsuit. >> oh, i see what you're saying. >> the campaign belongs to bernie sanders.
10:51 am
she's the figure head and that's why it's so difficult. >> but she's going to grab it. >> she's going to grab it. she'll end up being the nominee. but it doesn't fit her at all. how can she sell that in a general? >> you know how she sells it? donald trump. >> there's something called the second baseman can't throw to first, golfers can't make putts. she had a terrible week at the reagan funeral and the aids comment, terrible response to chicago, she makes more forced errors than sax and the dodgers. >> that's going way back. >> i must say she came out and said she misspoke. you have to give her credit for immediately saying, exhausted and said the wrong thing about aids and she's in a funeral, she's in the that golden moment, but most importantly she said -- that's when misspoke really works. i said something wrong. >> actually, i'm going to pause here. we're going to play it on the other side because it's interesting she used misspoke because it may be a misremember, not a misspoken.
10:52 am
our end gameegment and a transforma momentrom " tx jusprevie here is. yo millel s lein - arme oomet lyro echnolsopeourtaun read, kete
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nd me thepalasprile m first of l que we're a lko. wa hillainwi an a owa matosit mha f ourrsicwa feoe taackth 1980s. aecae bhde reagan,inti rs mr re wed nalconrson when dyul lk >> teyhiseretng a wess ro t comuit l pw wereongvoor l re a alz'se ke ror fothsorr
10:54 am
ey gexation ofwh she was tngtoer o. l, me i ofbble that sheou comptelyat ememr oneheen tef dscrisi ht? wchwa tthhean denou ac the cs eged lydogso is wtrriv g an nncagef tht. ere inistrat t eo neem a triedtonockn at a wseto ge tnesposedl
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> can a reefend cinto there sions get achthanmi wedo. cagnsso meic sometimese's tenor gh?shekepot ctuay sheoind of herhumanity. shema ae. she sry iat,got that o ng dhhendfidat i t peleuo see tt mor nanei onof ts ldd tnk iy da w thi l tha's fso caateornyldethy're alloin ree he t ackwrom ndveerfor ha i u pplwere gryho b w a gen thscomunity he a r to b a >> luly. theteenin houfo >>o temle ,otng re. ednh
10:56 am
eyot a ockndhey dit could. ut the americahoh elms everytngt e the deva neoue whh wed there'plof otu for that his campa>tan yars ile ds planks sm pr rga thela tooks th arr cmprense cmist ouond t ck a tc sl. i' se is,t isn r nu. appno thin a that jwhis'sinow s getng pisfo he beensible wthhe w tbe >lexgingll butve to py "s yo gete we thiow here, ex.
10:57 am
here its. ou're d up. 're gry. i'mngry t becausthe to10% the t 1% crols 90%f thealthin cotry. so thank you millennial for lendiyour srt tohe biggest outsider jew in the race, hillary rodham clinton. >> but, doris, that actually is what's happening. bernie sanders has won the message primary. >> i think that's true. >> he won the message. >> this is their sense of rendezvous with destiny. you have to get that younger generation to support what you're doing. you've got to move in that direction. you know what's fun about watching this though it just reminds you politics used to be fun. >> yeah. >> when they did dirty tricks on each other, they were fun
10:58 am
bunch of nuns looking like they held nixon signs -- >> or inviting basically sending too many pizzas to fundraiser. literally high jings. >> we're not getting high jinx but i think that demonstrates why some republicans are in despair because indicates a cruz ticket would beat a. >> she makes the race about him and you can't make the race about her. that's all we have for today. we'll be back next week.
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