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tv   WRAL News 11PM  NBC  March 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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'vroomyou a hous e. thank you for joining us for our special coverage. >> the results are coming in throughout the night. a big night for the front- runners. crews bringing you live coverage of the races that are important to you including u.s.
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election stand across the state. you will find live election state. we will check in with all of our crews in just a minute. >> we start on the republican side. earlier, home state of florida, rubio announced he is going to stop his campaign. >> while it is not god's plan that i be president in 2016 or maybe ever, while today my >> no! >> the fact that i have come this far is evidence of how special america truly is. all the reason more we need to do what we can to make sure this nation stays a great place. we know the race for governor here in north carolina will be between republican mccroy and democrat roy cooper. >> and ross will face senator. big night for the front-runners
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pulling out of the race the gop field down to 3. here is a look. trump, declared the winner north carolina, he takes wins in florida and illinois. >> kasich took the win in his home state of ohio. we are waiting for missouri but trump has a slight lead over cruz but too chose to call just yet. >> an hour ago trump addressed his supporters about the big wins tonight. >> we have something happening that actually makes the republican party probably the biggest political story anywhere in the world. everybody is writing about it. all over europe all over the world. this is an example of it today. >> all right, now, let's head over to the democratic side. >> front-runner, clinton, won here in north carolina and she takes home wednesday night in florida and ohio. now, clinton this to say about
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>> two million votes nationwide. we are moving closer to securing the democratic party nomination and winning this election in november. >> teb ramorgan has a deeper look at how the votes turned out for the candidates here in the tar heel state. >> let's start with the democratic state. hillary clinton was here pushing for last-minute votes here. she wins north carolina by a pretty big margin over bernie sanders. you can not see this county by county break down, sanders did well in the mountains and here in orange county, home to the university of north carolina. >> now, as you said, trump wins. but you can see in the county by county break down ted cruz actually came pretty close. a little while ago. let's see it is about 30,000
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separating the two. cruz did well in the try age -- triangle. now, this trend really kept going and cruz really narrowed it out. we got this on primary day. 72 delegates and 107 on the democratic side. so, this is not a win or take all-state. now, let's take you to the u.s. senate race and see how that did for us. here are the democrats. this is held by richard behr. the attorney and state representative, ross wins. now, ray, he comes in 2nd.
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democratic headquarters in raleigh where debra ross watched trelts. a big win for ross. one of the first races called tonight. >> reporter: one of the first races called. i tell you the party is over right here at the headquarters but a lot happening here tonight. of course, ross showed up she first thanked her opponents and her husband, of course and sup porters and waste no time going after the voting record on issues of equal pay for women, she says north carolina can not afford another six years of behr. they believe he lost the values in the 20 years he has been in
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at how she rallied supporters earlier this evening. >> with your support we are going to win this thing. [cheers and applause] >> and we are going to give the people of north carolina a real voice in washington. [ applause ] thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. i look forward to you as seeing you as i travel all around this great state. thank you very much. >> she has her work cut out for her sitting with behr. they spent a lot of money and support. brings political credentials in. powerful committees in washington, d.c. now, not the least of which the select committee of finance committee. having said all of that, ross
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this race, debra? >> yes, thank you. as they said, now that sets up a november showdown between ross and behr. you can see won tonight. the republican is running for the third term for senator for north carolina. he is not making appearances tonight. recently he knows this may be a tight race in north carolina. >> i have been fortunate in the last few but i don't go into this election expecting that. i go into it with every belief that i got to go out and share with voters what it is that i have done and what it is that i want to do and be evaluated for my record and my expectations for what we can accomplish. >> behr held this office since 2005. the top priority is national security and he will phobe us -- will focus that.
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borrowing $2 million from construction projects. >> the money will benefit community colleges for the national guard, farming and state parks. wral watched the results come in with supporters at the marriott. >> let's go to him live, collin? >> reporter: the ball room here at the marriott cheered out but for reporters so we stepped out in the fresh air. so, i can tell you they are still celebrating tonight. they are credits bipartisanship for higher education and infrastructure, the national guard, unc system president spellings was among those here. an interesting moment of bipart sapship, the last two candidates for governor. republican and democrat coming together on this issue. >> while the rest of theination
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divide, i want to -- the nation is going through political divide i want to let you know how we ran this campaign and develop the campaign. we did it together as a team. >> north carolina beauty matters, in north carolina safety matters, in north carolina economic development parties, and in north carolina educational opportunity and workforce training is important and it matters. >> reporter: now, the governor made a point not to mix his campaign with the connect nc campaign. he never mentioned his success tonight winning the republican nomination. once again, for governor. certain low from a political stand point -- certainly from a political standpoint he has been touring the state for months. he pitched his political wagon to it. at least for tonight, it was a success. >> all right, thank you. our election coverage continues right after the break. david crabtree will run
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we will hear from the top candidates that came out. greg? >> all right, one more warm day to go. then we start a cool down. it could be pretty significant as we head towards the weekend. we will give you a preview of the up coming spring and what kind of high temperatures you can expect on average between now and the end of may, coming up. >> sounds good. as we head into the break another look at the winning
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it off atnojosoleincora o l ."of0 wrers pickhem the hav emwi wi wt wiion and take the million dollar bracket challenge. you will find the scores of stories with march madness flavor. and there is a bracket for the women's tournament as well. duke took off for a trip from durham to providence, rhode island. our point person has arrived as well. let's check in. >> reporter: jeff, we are here on the river walk in providence where it is still very much winter but it is march on the calendar. you known how on the coach likes to say they are not the defending champs they are the reigning champs. they do not focus on them. making it last year during march.
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devils, they did lose in the acc quarterfinals, it is a great benefit to this team. they did get a full 7 days rest before game times. they will get to practice tomorrow here in providence at 1:30. we will get a chance to talk to the coach and the players and see how they are doing heading into game one of another ncaa tournament. they will play unc, of course, the champions of the colonial conference, they did win their tournament with duke coming off of a loss for the quarterfinals. excited for a run for the blue devils. >> thank you. getting a send off this afternoon. a lot of energy on that campus. the seahawks making the tournament since 1996 when the current coach was the coach. current team likes an up-tempo game. the seahawks are the best in the country and forcing turnovers. >> they have a tall mountain to climb. >> they do, they do. >> how exciting, what a thrill.
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>> my daughter goes to school there. she is excited. her friends are excited. >> she is smart enough to know it may not work out but she is still excited. [ laughter ] >> thanks, jeff. in about 30 minutes the dc metro will be shutdown for 24 hours crippling the main causeway for the transportation system.
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pi of eqen is ecd.yestday cablfie ciwi y fis coectehe phgzstake [ rsnd apse >stevrom studio 6b in rockefeller cr in theart of york ci, it's "the tonight show sri fa." igin jmy and guts- jee eiseerg, evitzrai icaest dpla. and featuring the legenr roots crew. >> questlove: 433! >> steve: and now, here he is
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hot crowd. oh, hey. hi. hot crowd. hot new york city crowd tonight. hey. welcome, welcome, welcome, everyone, welcome to "the tonight show." this is it, right here. [ cheers and applause ] you're here at the show. you made it. thank you so much for being here, everdy i appreciate it. here's what everyone's talking about. of course, it's last night's big finale of "the bachelor." [ cheers ] i don't want to give an spoilers, so if you didn'ea who won, cover your eyes and plug your ears because i'm about to tell you right n. but last night on "the bachelor" ben higgins wnp proposing to flight attendant lauren b. ooh. [ audience oohs ] ben says he cannot wait married so he can finally fin out what the "b" stands for. [ laughter ] he's like, "she's never ld me.


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