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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  March 15, 2016 11:35pm-12:38am EDT

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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hot crowd. oh, hey. hi. hot crowd. hot new york city crowd tonight. hey. welcome, welcome, welcome, everyone, welcome to "the tonight show." this is it, right here. [ cheers and applause ] you're here at the show. you made it. thank you so much for being here, everdy i appreciate it. here's what everyone's talking about. of course, it's last night's big finale of "the bachelor." [ cheers ] i don't want to give an spoilers, so if you didn'ea who won, cover your eyes and plug your ears because i'm about to tell you right n. but last night on "the bachelor" ben higgins wnp proposing to flight attendant lauren b. ooh. [ audience oohs ] ben says he cannot wait married so he can finally fin out what the "b" stands for. [ laughter ] he's like, "she's never ld me.
11:36 pm
i'm so excited!" [ applause ] and as you'd expect, pickin between the final two women was a really difficult decision for ben to make. and i think he may wanted to emphasize that to the vie at home how difficult thw watch. >> i'm in love with two wom i love two women. i'm in love with two women. telling two women that i'm in love with them -- but now i'm in love with t women. but now i have two women tt love me. being in love with two women i tearing me apart. [ laughter and applause >> jimmy: now i'm in love with two women. what's going on? guess i'm just in love with two women. i don't know. [ laughter ] yeah. what's that? oh, yeah, sorry, man. i'm just in love with two women. [ laughter ] that's the toughest decin someone on "the bachel"d to make since "should iiy life by being on 'the bachelor'?" [ laughter ] that's the first -- [ applause ] you make that decision, then you make -- that guy must be a nighrt restaurants. like, "i'm in love with two different appetizers." [ laughter ]
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poppers, but, uh -- mozzarella sticks? [ laughter ] hot poppers. just kidding. sticks. [ laughter ] during last night's fin a lot of fans were snapchatting their reactions throughout the episode. kinda fun. i guess abc noticed hopl snapchat is and tried t incorporate the app in show. but i don't know if it rel fit. i mean, take a look and see if you see -- look at this scene. >> our first kiss. and it was south in l.a. [ laughter ] laying in your arms in i city, to being able to ny tell you i love you. [ applause ] >> jimmy: something was . it's not just me. >> steve: yeah. right? >> steve: no, i think it was very off. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: some more tv news here. i saw that hillary clinton is going to appear in thiw' episode of the comedy nl show "broad city." meanwhile, bernie sandsl actually be appraised on "antiques road show."
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"somebody dust me off!" a lot of people voted today in primaries across five fe states. some people are even cant super tuesday iii. [ light laughter ] marco rubio's just callint "mission: impossible 3." [ laughter and applause ] did you see this a new poll found that the majority of millennials would vote hillary clinton ov donald trump. then millennials found out said, "oh, never mind. i'm -- [ laughter ] it's too hard for me, m. i'm voting for phillip phills [ laughter ] "vote for me. just text 'damn daniel' to 389 --" [uger >> damn, daniel. >> jimmy: thank you, i -- [ laughter ] ooh, i heard that a a donald trump rally was delayed for nearly two hours yesterday due to fog. [ laughter ]
11:39 pm
at one point the fog was thick, trump supporters couldn't even see who they r punching. it was that thick. [ laughter ] >> steve: that's thick. [ applause ] >> jimmy: "sorry, larry!" our own new york city mayor bill de blasio recently wee in on trump's campaign, can donald trump a racist and sai that he participates in t worst kind of racism beca he's just using it to get ahead. raising the question, whats the best type of racism? [ laughter ] what's the best type of racism? why, when you do it -- when you do it just for yourself. [ laughter ] here. yeah. >> steve: this one's for -- >> jimmy: yeah, the best kind. that's the best kind i actually -- [ laughter ] oh, yeah. when you really feel -- when you feel guilty the next day. [ laughter ] actually, there was a bit on awkwardm ia a democratic town hall last night when moderator chris matthews got his facts wrong during a questiono hillary clinton, but hillary was pretty quick to correc him. check it out. >> i am amazed -- maybe i
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have to say senator sanders has pulled some big victories. he won in iowa. >> no, no, no. i won in iowa. you did. [ applause ] [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah. yeah, hillary, you won,u don't smile like a supervii after you say it, like [ laughter and applause ] "mwahahaha! i'm the winner!" bernie sanders was also at a town hall recently whe who a lot of people say are mostly young white men. but i don't know. i think they might have even more in common than that. take a look at this guy who asked bernie a questione >> my question is, what y say to the students like ml who may want a career in wall street or big business? >> jimmy: seems like a nice young man. just a few minutes lat another guy asked a questn >> all right. let me go to the next questi here. we're going to a different topic. michael. michael? >> senator sanders, clime change --
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r aplaus] e lsm iing"e meutig us 'm t o of helet'g eishir [agh have grh rydy ve ro use] crs an > m oh,s a ow toght r,e grea tg aead rrowhtthe lov nir rnrie[ heerad pplu an'intob nde "h or door." ev: o y:eah,e to tun inora ohe, tt's rithelateiseek,
11:42 pm
wlljoing s we.d ps ] rs, ow igh ghe'arringr ase beafechv oh hih-ai thbamanpe ost j i [ rsnd a] >>ve yng >> j' 's oo ththe d algokis pby [ cheers anappu] sh>t: coon m ' hgors ndoing a zemf fc wooh. [ he ttahowhe on gor ats: soli >> t ve excited abt n oou t o and nl] y!ldpliheo cheers ndaaus ve got get the vi yoik
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[ ienceoohs] >>. but n yo goh, p?" is doin. he k as d e s. yeahhses man abo ev > jiy: thought the fantatar usjstaka b anddo y n and ju go, " to t -" bhe e, go ith andnoar putthulcert." >st y, w ow y:dt bee yt ut lthem and jut he to do. t' abion p the'reer p e me, have -- eryon nice the coe h ese - >>steeh'lye i > i b--htov thse iwe wo notm, wevehm s alt onais man dun tsh [ heers ndapus] coldplay ghhr.lveho gs. sot makadli to a wei tooth 's tr od ns hre .
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dpro >jmmy toige bein anco onto unerty lag se troversall -st yesm thatd eagowen t busesstsf 's c ight ngtk. : oh jim: a l pros and cof g rump, th ersl huds ss. s classy.lagherla ry [ lar ] mpfng yetiex p for [ ghau at o >teyeh>i:atice. sha ttidea roump d oue seown coy yi gr th bemnt alae ]thgese l>>af h
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y larug. y af ishug. sometimes i have a problem buying pants. [ laughter ] pro, hiding the bong parents' weekend. con, because bong's student visa ran out and now trump wants to deport him. well, that's true. [ laughter and applaus] unfortunate for bong. >> steve: he's a good ki >> jimmy: he's a good kid. i love bong. nice kid. >> steve: smart and kind. >> jimmy: yeah, he's a cool dude. pro, going to graduation and putting on your white cap and gown. con, having a hard time i through the eye holes. [ laughter ] [ audience oohs ] hey-oh! >> steve: i get it. that's the worst kind o racism [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i've said it forever. >> steve: i don't like i i don't enjoy that. my kind of racism is good. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: pro, the universit logo looks like a half lion,
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ca bon hepla jimm welcome bacwe are joirino ld gnd acamy ar-nated r. a hplin i lelun i "tm v. suran ustiwh oseve 3d and imexti. lce ck to s m. he' enbg. s an lse ] >ji ce . h,lo. w u mu >> mmy: tu co bo see us i pprat tint yo e about - > tce ohht yeah >> jmy: i ic 'e fllevoh ob ysmmye'c t's aihbutyou knoeois o
11:52 pm
. >ye hin owe.he's to a y tean le wi er wera roo sstily rot e' r i he ma > it's i- itecause n dde musn omma oes u all hrs, b his musickeo utund hivoiswyoreoken meneat ndf a nig ugt: hg ws> welllays ss pn tha w,r the v.yeah, h- >m:so e hinrely y:h ierbackrono in -- s. wrote e so aerelignt h at's is fhba >imy: . ot b oa >> iosied ay so a ,i rotthsos. au >ji:gs p] gou >> k ou souh.m noe>ye jimmy: i r
11:53 pm
friendshit, ane bemen. >e ahrtdton.>>im:deti p.>>a > w -- i justino. au] el >were p fums laer >> jno, yeah. hbl you>k >>imere du et dyostkeehp? el,mtb and s a dis e upo ft ahad jun i mok e ke itohe no yoe he awah vealinhi modyi"nou tlahtecaue i in e e jmo i de k lating video y say>>ou co h say guy.ah,eah. . > eder audienig too h lld. lauger00 pl w wie r ] >>jmy: d ye. xat.eah, but th
11:54 pm
vend i an d rhipbawee boe pu vaferns bt bse intey sehow li t o, and i bfrienitm. ad aninter .ewant tobe a actors hat zing. enr lr ad i"a s [ ] jynd 'rlike "ekyd" ah tl yeah, exac dno t ind thes chn c. i wjt sts >>i:th yeahyeah >> jim: w aru sketball yo m g, yeh,i'goodt al. mmy:you pyle m. ah. ktb m l legat haikea iling beod laugr y: yealikea gat as i mlly, yo ce.alk oveea o lit yeah.t >ti are g >> jiy: tha's ay.o n > yeah iata
11:55 pm
askaa ser >> jmyno, s ein. nksa lt >m' lexh hor, lutr in? > ie o. coth pronunciaio > mmhk y [ lht ] enh accent ] a , . ret. mea acul teeoi : ou gt pont > i thnk ta rench. ] mmy:heth e ] e ts rfrenh-ofensi [ light laughter ] >> jimm:hank rly. at'so lon. >>mthe'm and ba aienceoh] gh y d d superpowfuguy anyogo eah. nokathre sho mt asro sp. great. b tteth [ g] o >> wa. ig lr ] bu's'm rrb. as like i s al. yas w lke a ntpeon o a
11:56 pm
gois donry nit -- i hprsre innsenw? acto tu al ryconfintilla ee tesle. ike sobody faoafer 0s. [ u w i hend olg >> jimms go estr, t m >> s tmie lex th is likeea a 's taa a ff >mmy: was nt efec ths byway s n a doly h ou i mns oe o stievree o ?jimyrt wa [ aughter li we're go to pt te. u] my:n t theudiobk. vio o i don' knoi peoethet bet'u caa her
11:57 pm
utb tng yo ke t iant biupers >>yea's ncib but mean, iacally ha ilayoret liiaced feltwas doing aalle kiinepenent moi, e relaying great chact > m yeah >> justpe ths ave scale.jimm you get tl t bflekn henry vill theyad yoho .is s goingelost vi ghter ] ji: no, thaatsd! thdn'sait theyneywn y. w a iew it. t i. jiyh. iacalfiich wei. [ ghlag is e waod le and i ttre ty. bthe jactwdu >> eyt l i e,theyidn'o they'rin pe. uht ] d 're ju len e in the mov 'sot lthla ys immeae giant >> yah,th'rt. butou c't unk heyt tgeoth ? a li ozz .
11:58 pm
> y, n. ught thyoe a. o it was e m n edza htghr ] t life my: ygot oawi but lf lon >>b s usea [ lgte theea agymn et voed. >> yhwni f o>>but i wsnvitd j, yah yohactperf way it is. >> i pthr. [gr immy: we shul wr alled, "st. "thspr.>iy:u dothe moree mocan i e o ma. it' splig laug ngesmen tcong,t threm." [ la >jy ihoct o,hspote" omest ar [ augthii te. ijessg
11:59 pm
fd chehit. >>w you willy an you will tle h to e h. bc anue. fight night! the st glaator i thetory of the worl gorsusn. ers night n ofyptovers gotham. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: the loudest movie of the year! you're great. >> thanks. >> jimmy: my thanks to jesse eisenberg. "batman v. superman: dao justice." [ cheers and applause ] it's a with big movie! it hits theaters next frid. zoe kravitz joins us after the break. stick around, everybody. [ cheers and applause ]
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> urnegt is teho aropsihae a the es a ns d wh tm s anpplaus chees aause] immyfirsof i dot whato twas >> what song was t >>im: ashat? qustloe:a izsa sreet.">,ky! tgood, 's gd od. > ji astrt" cr mnmes z e. or m su - krvitz famiadnav n stmy jiy:k t eryg es
12:05 am
ttyihoabon t k,r is y kritz. i j: i we he bahaand e >> s. >i:an thiir- ntany r i'gig othigulecve ou bgs ltakag g, go." e'o,'ll kei anuaunnd ha ho len vi [r ] and inare? nd he's juca he to pi you iear wngn. >ma island, you knw? orge aund. y: ns ireut. en- anhis drove me >>. >> me. ,yad oo ntormys.>> ya >> jimmae t m.yeah, dot men laugh it w definy ierts slurri or hfw touh t interv >>imh, theyre [hter t 'relnd edol i jy png enic. am. th >> jimmy: jnt ahhat [use n4t theboont >> y imm dong n i'lyi bnn g m is that? >
12:06 am
> . ml rstimeut .yonowh s ke >> yeah. - >> jimmy: no.t didou on? , itstall kd zy oc si it was aloofs i ea,eh,ce, ,br rvn butthi eani seedh fr l scal ik i wul ent ikth reealthte >mmeah,f ur. >> and m of his favore vis t or hete lot r >oh ly? , tt bar streisand. >> love streisand. >> jimmy: who doesn't lo streisand? >> who doesn't love rea >> jimmy: please, we do. but also, i know that -- i think, i'm assuming that you ve kenny loggins as well bece-- >> ? imm: yoe theb cover. kenny loggins -- >> no. >> jimmy: yeah. >> yeah, i know. >> jimmy: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> amir not a word out oy >> i'm working --
12:07 am
t tlittlel e. id yuw uet [ l >ve:no! >>okt th c id uhsb >> ami i'll never -- >> amir: yeahhow? jimmy: hoh. >> well, okay so -- >> jimmy: do yo know kenny? >>o, he acually, th a paii so he actually wasn't e there so -- >> jimm: it looks so realist. no, just kidding. [ light laughter ] assud it was a painti ah. >> realistic with the unicorn behind him. >> jimmy: tha ic n don there. ,itns. spmmrn had end th ainr, ad red ilsts r rs sot re too e enbm th s ke ahihouan ikit dowd am put k lg auo >jimmeah, look gr i tnk' cool ti >> am y: ee t t
12:08 am
>> immuthey mu prudof ou. isgigaic, s t thi o yea. >> jy: "it llegiant >>"aegnt" >my "llso. ths it' ia > i't mm g t' a daing ti s ths e bok s 's itwo. spl >>: twmo. thearoing jimyeept o goin m, n? > speakin >: e. use wl, wat t's zis y bsfn t wllhveou,man.loo s h im a o ] > yoeifu bautiul > y: y anyone e e ntul. jiyrbe oh, k y >>mre cl
12:09 am
taook s. >>keep your he own wach and arn. ea >sry tay re you are. >> that's my girl. >> jimmy: yeah, come on. [ cheers and applause ] that's -- how funs a shailene, who i love so much. >> yeah, love shailene. she's the bomb diggity. >> jimmy: last time you r here i remember i beatot a game of -- >> that's so weird. that's not how i remember it, actually. >> jimmy: at beer pong. >> wait, no. can we play it back? >> jimmy: no, we can't >> the part where i won >> jimmy: no, we can't. unfortunately we're out of time. >> the part where i won. >> jimmy: we're out of time. >> oh, okay. >> jimmy: but either ye have more of the show l. but i wanted to challe u to a game of flip cup. >> alright. >> jimmy: i wanna put a little twist on it. >> okay. >> jimmy: this one's cal inflatable flip cup. >> are the cups inflatabl >> jimmy: no, but you'll see what it is. >> okay. >> jimmy: we're playing inflatable flip cup wi zoe kravitz when we comec [ cheers and applause ] you'll see what i is.
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[ cheers and applause ]
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i'm here with the lovely zoe kravitz and we're auo go head-to-head in a game inflatable flip cup. >> i'm so excited to beat yo for a second time. >> jimmy: you are not gonna beat me for a second time. man, look at my thigh ga [ laughter ] the game is simple. we took six cups -- first we chug the beer and fp all of their six cups upside down wins. uh -- [ laughter ] we're doing all of this i these inflatables. zoe, are you ready for this? >> i'm so ready. you keep on challenging me to like beer and cup games. i didn't go to college, s isn't fair. >> jimmy: no, this is whatu do it on the island. this is fun. are you ready for this? alright, you have to drink it and flip it. >> drink and then flip >> jimmy: drink then flip the first one to the end n >> alright. >> jimmy: good luck to you, buddy. >> yeah, yeah, for real, good luck. >> jimmy: for real.
12:16 am
[ cheers ] >> jimmy, you poor thing. >> jimmy: come on. [ cheers ] [ cheers ] [ cheers and applause ] >> oh my god, that twoi a row! >> jimmy: come on! >> do you wanna hug? flat out, buddy, flat out. >> jimmy: that was unbelievable! >> yes! >> jimmy: that was the best game we've ever played. that was unbelievable. zoe kravitz, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] "the dig i allegiant" opens in ixd theaters everywhere fra chris martin joins us nt
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icmotole, rates for grearides. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest is a seven-time grammy award-winner who, along with his coldplay bandmates, ha sold over 80 million alm
12:22 am
their latest album "a head ofa" n d sg july 16th, ir cn ha of our. plse chris ma hes nd aplu ] >jimmy:oe , ov ve y, u!lae ] >hyoimm ilu ou whirt. un a iyt a fun >> .so nio e u. myod to se lhaou y>> we' lik uge] >> my ie a lo we've ha long ti >>w. r . igaugh ce > mmy:
12:23 am
lndt coldplyusnd b anweboh de aow15 arslai' bevlhis. itso fu.[ light laugllit yngha gd yant, i, yeah. i cn't you'dnghi ug jisay ra on t recd. "heulf ams" a b l teperhaltim>t was fu mm rte eiwed fu it ae teste did u freareer ?>> asuf doremebnyo y?weesogh e i:oo,h ,t's m otlga > jimmy:oot t football > nac >> ji: .os ghlaht > mmy: ha's dffer.r bowl partyn i lo tt you d i talkeo rk rone
12:24 am
: ettoel heda g . s. once, mk,rua .>> jy: y ys id ws ond amazingjundoo thbe wa gat stdog ne eg- mon tme bno do that ha dan anamet. r ] >> jim: rur yal a danc,yo ay. la you ruasan. >> not usr let's shokeictu o gessinisef ryone bngo iviyo s oi ang veye u an b'seshav danceof. r ] > mmhas no a we t!>> bimo ret no >imano. w ghn in rhrss ey eithing.onee ikll jut che. lgh uht ] my:ft yo cause i hav otat ti
12:25 am
yo fetha wan teeguatan deto, h [ch heybro,, d verohti anto >>ut thetruh is w grepuing thater e it tar ow,t flnic ryakehing ggjust bighan oe s e're sd f i d the. ji hi g te i e ay, thekidar >> ahthank. >> k watched the d,ry dotenowhopele is bce i ner up b lit but they all ecoe lat. ei
12:26 am
coooulippedt r ddrdwr er andpe ji kt n ar wase rtring br th yldetchos ikah saidha t d ppy w it. >>imm ye, wasleoloud, ita gats yhav abl ahu> he t m l lov ffert on.pron ] "'san a[ laughtr ] heeni has mthat.[ pn wahr jmy: at was real [ lat ] t it tas a gd met i d'tno olouys. a n, sivssivd . u' g bre jly6t [ ch aus chigo, boon, phelph lesall sanrancis ouetsych to? yousve ir? yewe've rshi fr o,o.
12:27 am
niht nl pliays at siflion.oy tosy a chicet laute jmy: yeyu ea a chicn sket immy: t re goi to do a jam foight >> re jam up. >> j ybe abonu [ chsanapause loa artin. ealus w f
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12:35 am
tri gotoet g it togeerom ging it t er f h oh oho were git gt togethekn gt i it ther alow goig t gt i tn fg c drive in it again en'r hou t you'v d' n'eer [eeand appl ]thak yveboy
12:36 am
[ chndlause ]la ad dreow. oe se krat iheers pp theem adepnnslvai [s [ cheers and appla ] >> anncer: f ckefi new yorkt's "late nigw tes tn c
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matt camn. [ cheers and applause ] ladieangln s e [ chrnpu] oevi e iil h h evebongh [ cheers and applause ] that is fantastic toea in that case, let's get tth news. the season finale of " bachelor" was last night, and lopee rep tt tng o s ma. while other people were up aungtea society was spoiled by "th bachelor." [ laughter ] the season finale of "the bachelo ltgh i didn't see it but i cat tell you what happened. there was an intense conversation in front of 150 candles, chrhais a it seem like everythingss e lted cried like this. [ laughter ] [ crying ] the season finale of "the bhraasn of course, the season isn't
12:38 am
[ laughter ] [ [ applause ] in an interview yesterday bernie sanders admitted that h ran as democrat ratherha ipeteoma coverage and it worked. but if you really want to get some coverage, try running as sct. [ laughter ] [ audience ohs ] you're on the news all em [ps like all the time. in a new interview, former republican hopeful mike huckabee said that donald trump hilyinw nightmare, which is ridiculo. hillary clinton's worst nightmare has already b eefsna [ laughter ] in a new profile donald trump's butler has revealed th m coordinates his hats bad his mood, with a whit signifying a good mood, anr meaning trump is angry or upset. huh, so i wonder what orange hat


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