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tv   WRAL News at 4pm  NBC  March 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> to find someone who just about everyone not only respects, but genuinely likes, that is rare. >> reporter: the harvard educated male, he does not check as middle of the boxes but is seen as middle of the road. >> he is an incredibly well- known figure in washington legal circles, admired from the left and right. >> reporter: the pressures gop leaders to reconsider the refusal to even hold a hearing. >> it seems clear that president obama made the nomination not with the intent of seeing the nominee confirmed, but in order to politicize it for purposes of the election. >> reporter: the death last month of conservative justice antonin scalia left the high courts balance of power up for grabs and republicans want a republican president to fill that feat. >> this president will not fill the vacancy.
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leading role in the oklahoma city bombing investigation promised to rise above bipartisanship. >> people must be confident that the judge's decision zarkin determined by the law and only the law. >> reporter: in this election year, even republicans and democrats agree on one thing, everything is political. brian moore, nbc news, washington. >> we ask north carolina voters the same question about a potential nominee a few weeks ago in our wral news poll. we asked, should the senate hold hearings and vote on the president's nominee to put the supreme court vacancy? 51% of you said yes, 38% said no, and 11% were not sure. senator richard burr released this statement about the nomination, he said, quote, the american people deserve a voice in thenoinioof the next supreme court justice. this could tip the balance of
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supported by the american people as evidenced by the 2014 election results giving the republicans both the senate and house. a record number of voters turned up to the primary, more than 2.3 million voters cast ballots, 35% of all registered voters. that is a turnout percentage similar to 2012 and a little lower than 2008. more people chose to vote in the republican race than democratic one. still ahead at 4:15, we speak with a political science professor from nc central about what the results mean moving forward for the country and here in north carolina. durham police identified a man killed in an apartment complex this morning, 23-year- old symoud lewis was shot at 2:00 a.m. on hardee street, residents say witnesses went door to door after he was shot trying to get help, one person at tried to help but ask that you not be identified. she opened the door to find him bleeding and stayed with him until he died. >> he was a human being. he was reaching out for help.
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and, nobody deserves to die alone. >> police have not filed charges or identified a suspect. raleigh police say they know who killed two men last week at a car in raleigh restaurant. the families of the victims are asking the public to help bring their son's killer to justice. wral's amanda lamb joins us with the latest on the search. >> reporter: they are looking for 18-year-old denzal dansing in connection with the deaths, amanda suspects families say they have never seen or heard from before, he is from goldsboro and has a record for drug possession and disorderly conduct. two friends, pedro reyes diaz and another man were found dead in their car at panera bread last week. the families of both men are heartbroken by their loss. >> i don't know why he took my baby's life. that is not fair.
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and i feel sorry, because that man has to pay for that. i feel sorry for his family. >> reporter: the parents of both victims say they forgive whoever did this by simply want justice for their sons. diaz was working as a mechanic and was an inspiring musician, rodriguez was in business with his father, he will be laid to rest this coming weekend. back to you. >> amanda lamb, thank you. a man who spent nearly 2 decades in prison for a crime he did not commit committed suicide. darrell hunter shot himself to death. winston-salem police found him in his car sunday. he spent 19 years in prison before being exonerated in 2004, he was awarded more than $1.6 million in a settlement. friends say he was recently diagnosed with cancer and divorce. fifa is admitted to hosting
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asking for tens of millions of dollars in brightman aipac. the soccer organization wants money seized by u.s. federal prosecutors. in a claim, fifa wants us share of more than $190 million forfeited by soccer and marketing officials. which pleaded guilty in a corruption case. millions more will likely be collected when those people are sentenced and from dozens currently indicted. an american tourist is facing 15 years in prison in north korea for the country who sentenced the 21-year-old to hard labor after he confessed to try to steal a propaganda banter from a restricted area of this hotel. he is a uva graduate that was tried and sentenced in a one hour trial. he was arrested in early january as he tried to leave the country after visiting as a taurus. officials are halfway from inspecting the dc metro in an unprecedented 24 hour shutdown. the metro tweeted at noon the 22 inspection teams are on the system walking underground
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cables for problems. the transit system shut down after a series of electric fires, it should reopen at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. former charlotte mayor patrick cannon pleaded guilty to voter fraud. he was charged with misdemeanor after a casting ballot in 2014 following his conviction on federal bribery charges. the plea is the result of an agreement reached by the district attorney and lawyers. the judge sentenced him to one day which will run concurrently with the existing sentence of 44 months. president obama will arrive in cuba sunday. he is scheduled to release minutes. this comes after the president sent a message that the u.s. is moving forward on plans with a relationship with the island nation. wral's leyla santiago will be following the developments for us, and he will be in cuba with a month of north carolinians farmers explain trade. what has changed since then?
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lifted travel restrictions, as you mentioned it makes it easier for u.s. citizens to travel to cuba. he lifted restrictions on banking and trade and commerce. remember that delegation of north carolina farmers travel to cuba six months ago to explore those trade relations. hoping to tap into the market there with north carolina products, specifically apples and poultry. now, they are even more optimistic about improved trade relations with cuba. >> anytime that we can ease sanctions, trade sanctions, to allow the possibility, there is no guarantees, but to allow the possibility of sending more food products to cuba, certainly, we will support that. >> reporter: there is a possibility we could see the president make more announcements for changing u.s. policy while in cuba, or possibly shortly after he is overturned. i want you to know this because sometimes people get confused. while the president has lifted a lot of those restrictions, in the u.s. with cuba, the u.s. embargo on cuba still has not been lifted. that will take an act of congress. i will be taking you inside
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live reports from havana on the historic visit from the president. you will see the coverage here on wral starting sunday. >> we look forward to that, thank you. the reigning national champs are back to work, to try to defend their ncaa title. duke hit the practice court at 1:30 today in providence. the blue devils open ncaa tournament play against the champions of the colonial athletic association, unc wilmington. two-time tomorrow is 12:15. we will be at pnc arena tomorrow as round one of the tournament gets underway, unc plays florida gulf coast tomorrow night at 7:20. andy mitchell is on the road with duke, the devils take on unc wilmington screaming seahawks, 12:15 tomorrow.
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they locked up after yesterday's primary? or maybe not. we ask a local political expert from nc central. plus, burn pits are common during military deployments but are calling for serious concerns. north carolina lawmakers trying to find a resolution. new at 5:00, the worst traffic in america. we tell you the cities to look out for. a fan would come in handy, it's warm out there. take a look at the numbers,
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a rush of presidential candidate through the state in the major primary, the outcome shapes the election race moving forward. joining us now is doctor jarvis hall, political science
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big wins in our state yesterday and across the nation. is the race over? does this lock up the race for them or not necessarily? >> a lot of people are saying that but mathematically it is not over, especially on the democratic side. but it looks kind of bleak for bernie sanders. he has done a good job and run a good campaign and raised a lot of issues that ordinarily would not be, such as economic inequality, and free education or trying to make education more accessible. on the republican side, it is still not over, especially with the wind by john kasich in ohio. that could lead to a contested or brokered convention in cleveland, into the summer. a lot of people looking forward to that, because political junkies like they are getting excited about stuff like that. >> that could be interesting if something like this happens. what a year for studying politics. >> exactly. that's what i tell my students.
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this as i am. the mac as far as the senate or governors races, what can we expect to see? >> i think that you will see a lot of strategizing to try to figure out whether to nationalize the campaign, i suspect the republicans may be running away from what's going on on the national level, whereas on the democratic side, deborah ross and roy cooper , they may be trying to figure out exactly what they should do in terms of trying to link to the national campaign. so, that's going to be interesting in and of itself. i think that these races will be very important, they will get national attention because north carolina is still a swing state. they went for president obama in 2008 but rick -- mitt romney in 2012. >> different strategies on both sides. do you expect a lot of outside money? >> i think especially for the senate race, because the
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that is something they need to take back, they are defending less seats on the republican side. i think they feel as if they have a chance. here is the opportunity for the democrats in north carolina to steal the sea from the republicans. they have a very formidable candidate on the democratic side, in deborah ross. i think you may see some outside money, especially from groups like emily's list or something like that that will give some resources for the senate race. looking ahead, do you have any predictions? whato you think will happen? can you say that? what do you expect to have? >> my mind tells me that hillary clinton will be the nominee for the democratic party. donald trump will be the nominee for the republican party. what the republican party is going to do after that i'm not really sure but a number of republican voters said they
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some spoke even today about paul ryan, current speaker of the house running for president. he backed off of that a little bit, so, trump has talked about having conversations with ryan and mitch mcconnell, the leaders of the republican party in the congress. you know, so they may be resigned to the fact that trump is going to be the nominee. they may coalesce around him. that will be interesting to see because he has turned things around. he has set political science back several years. >> it has been interesting, that is the tamest way to describe it. doctor jarvis hall, we appreciate it. we have all of the results for the primary actor and 11. we also offer precinct level data on 11 races. to see how your neighborhood voted, go to the don't miss it
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>> i did not vote for the extended heat wave but it has been nice. >> 1 degree shy of a record high. 85 at the airport, 86 the record high. but the gardens are loving it, we've got a live shot from the wral gardens. azaleas are starting to pop and if all goes well i will give you a shot from outside. let's take a look at the weather headlines, cold front this afternoon, very small chance we could pop a sher in the area. the color trend will begin once the front moved on by. we will have some chilly nights in the night ahead and mild afternoons until the weekend when it starts to cool down. we will see that in the 7-day forecast. a soggy sunday is a possibility along with that bigger chill. you will see that in the 7-day forecast coming up. yesterday we could easily see downtown raleigh in the shot, that looks hazy. maybe some pine pollen mixing in as well, i noticed yellow on vehicles in the parking lot earlier.
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today, 86 set in 1945. i would not be surprised if we tie that. some locations at 88, wilmington at 88. southwest wind, mantra, 85, 85 durham. expanded view, 87 in fayetteville, these are summer numbers. 88 greenville, 84 s. hill, virginia. we can watch the progress of the front, you see the cumulus clouds popping up ahead of the cold front. no shouts yet but in southeast virginia there could be a thunderstorm. expand the view, that is where the front is located. there is a front moving to the mid-atlantic states. this is the same one that expanded up into northern illinois but most of the energy moved past us, to support the ring, so we're not expecting anything in the way of precipitation with the passage of the front. it has been a warm afternoon not only in north carolina but alabama, florida, temperatures well into the 80s and then off
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cool air and this comfortable air will be upon us tomorrow with temps in the 70s instead of 80s. with the front coming by there is a small potential for thunderstorms. when we see the light faded green we call it the general thunderstorm category. there is a small chance the storm could pop, that is a marginal risk, you look on the scale, that is on the low end but we could produce large hail. there is the warmth ahead of the front, 85 at rdu, 87 charleston, 82 montgomery. there is the cold behind the front. first, 70 tomorrow and 60s friday. here is our forecast as we head into the evening. still warm by 8:00, 73. wind begins to die down at that point and overnight, we should be in the 40s and 50s, 45 roxboro, 51 fayetteville, 55 fayetteville again with clear skies. we start your thursday with a very nice start, bright start and a little color than what we had this morning, 54 by 8:00 a.m., wind will be light and
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mid and upper 80s, mid and upper 70s, 10 degrees cooler. 75 raleigh, and by the end of the day there should be high, thin clients coming in from the south and west that make it more cloud cover for the southern counties. from the triangle north and west it will be mostly sunny for the afternoon. here is the 7-day forecast; comes as a stepladder, going down gradually with 75 tomorrow, 69 friday, 54 saturday. mostly cloudy skies by the end of the day. there could be rain but most will be saturday night into sunday. we drop the high sunday into the 40s because it looks more confident that will be the case that coldest day sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week, mostly sunny skies and a stepladder rising temperatures. it is like bookends. 75 to begin with, 75 for the ending but in the middle rather chilly. >> that is going to be really close, that 39. >> it is. i'm hearing from my mom, i'm not going outside.
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no need to worry about it today, but, de-icing airplanes is costly and takes a lot of time. you have probably been delayed by it before. that can affect and travelers entire schedule.
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ice from forming on airplanes. what's trending. >> we have told you about this hacker group called anonymous. they have those masks were they attacked different organizations, their software. now they are attacking donald they are vowing to dismantle his presidential campaign, and expose what he does not want the public to know. so, they are aiming to do all of this april 1, april fools' day. they are going to take down one of his property websites in chicago. they say he does not stand for anything but personal greed and power. they did this last year apparently when he talked about banning muslims from coming into the u.s. they took down one of the trump towers, one of the servers for that. they are going all out and are saying april 1 is when they will take him down.
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nothing has affected his popularity. >> it makes you wonder if it's april fools' day, are they really going to do it? but if they have done it before they can do it again. kind of scary how much affect these guys can have on a website. >> how easy it seems to be for them. april 1. at night. >> i have stepped on them barefoot. >> slugs can keep you safe the next time you fly. research created gels and coatings that mimic their slippery coat. what they did is observe their environments, they lived underground and come out, they are not covered in dirt. why? that slimy coat makes the dirt slide right off. >> as long as they don't go through some sort of salt storm. >> right. and shrink up. tnd cgo thig,
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ike eam?i lovet.>> iooaw>> bess frindc this nesting there is from the u.s. national arboretum. they have been there since 2014 and later some eggs in february. i love the names, i'm not sure if this is mom or dad but they are called mr. president and first lady. the eggs were due to start hatching yesterday. it literally could be any hour, any day. >> what a beautiful animal. >> they are just spectacular. just the epitome of strength and power, but also grace and beauty, and just magnificent creatures. but, we have that eagle cam on our facebook page if you want to watch them. i get stuck on those, too. i watch them constantly waiting for the babies to cut out. >> soon.
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let us know if you think there is a topic we should include on what's trending. send us a message or tweet. a brand-new durham convention and visitors bureau. thousands of north carolinians voted this primary. how do the percentages stack up?
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ss cise no thadum and llarclinton ea eiimary innort caronaowoeat stk ith vors a sl jois w, downnu rter: imariear rlcoeswiinar we dectalo wchndidates ended up winning the most votes overall. overall in north carolina, registered democrats outnumber republicans. there are 2.6 million registered democrats, 2 million republicans, 28,000 libertarians and 2 million or so unaffiliated voters. yesterday's primary was much closer to even. there were 1.1 4 million republican presidential ballots to 1.3 million democratic ballots cast. keep in mind, unaffiliated voters in north carolina can choose which parties primary they want to vote in. we do not have solid data on unaffiliated voters but
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choose the republican ballot. when we look at how the votes broke down, hillary clinton won far more than any other candidate, 617,000. bernie sanders came in second at 460,000 about donald trump with 458,000. republicans did have more candidates to split the votes among. when we look at the statewide gubernatorial votes, pat mccrory, incumbent republican, winning 700,000 or so to 703,000 so for democrat roy cooper. in the senate race, incumbent richard burr wins about 622,000 votes, to about 600,000 to deborah ross. if you're interested in how folks voted in wake county, ted cruz defeated donald trump in wake county by 11% while hillary clinton defeated bernie sanders by a little over 8%. that's about it. >> interesting numbers, thank you.
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rates unchanged. that balance the market today, the dow closed up 74 1/4, nasdaq ended up 35 1/3, and the s&p more than 11 points. we are getting a first look at the new durham visitors bureau. the facility is located on west main street. the significantly larger space provides visitors with a street- level storefront downtown. it features interactive computer technologies where visitors can recharge devices and get information on things to do. still ahead, doctors have said weight loss has health benefits for people with diabetes. our health team's dr. allen mask explains how it could reduce complications for
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what would be your guest diabetes comes with help complications and can even cause damage to your heart. as dr. allen mask explains, it's called metabolic syndrome and simple weight loss is a good way to prevent it. >> reporter: being overweight can have a cascade effect on your health. opening the door to diabetes, and an associated set of complications that can be damaging to the heart. known as metabolic syndrome. >> the term, metabolic syndrome was invented to capture those risk factors that accompany diabetes.
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many projectbenefiting f what's coming up at 5:00? >> new develoeninhe race for president, a debate has been called off, coming up life untrained to talk with nbc's steve handelsman who brings more including white john kasich is still in the race. plus, we talked to a cary mom who loves the blue devils. she is in rhode island for the game but will not be pulling for duke. mandy mitchell tells us why her heart is with the unc seahawks. spending for easter is way up. the average, nearly $150 per person! that is a lot of peeps. coming up, what else people are
4:55 pm
makes the total so high. isn't that crazy? we will tell you why when you in david and me coming up in a few minutes. durham county is cracking down on dog waste. that's right. officials say owners are responsible for collecting and disposing of their dogs waste. the board of commissioners officially added the ordinance earlier this week. not sure why they needed the ordinance for that. however starting in september, pet owners can be find anywhere from $50-$150 per offense. i can imagine that could be quite offensive. >> [ laughter ] stomached differently. nc central is joining zip car to give students a way to get around campus. the car sharing program is available 24 hours a day for students, faculty and staff. the university will start off with two vehicles with designated parking spots near the bookstore for pickup and return. students can join for $15 with an hourly or daily fee to use the cars. officials say it is a great option to run errands or make
4:56 pm
in favor of the connect nc bond. wral's brian shrader shows us what the state is planning to do with the money and when you may see projects. >> reporter: campus at jordan lake will enjoy new amenities in the coming years. the $3 million renovation of the campgrounds with perk up. one of the many projects, the connect nc bond will fund in the coming years. voters said, "yes" yesterday by a big two to one march interest among voters can come together during divisive political times. >> governor mccrory celebrated this morning at jordan lake. it is not just dozens of state parks a plan to benefit, more than $1 million will fund construction and renovation project that unc systems tools and colleges all over the state. one of those projects is a business school headquarters at unc college in durham. >> we are encouraging students
4:57 pm
to vote for the presidential primary, and for the connect nc bond. >> reporter: the rest of the money will go to new national guard readiness centers, a new africa per billion of the north carolina zoo and water and sewer projects around the state. the first $500 million could come this summer. mccrory says the toughest part of the process is yet to come. >> once you get the money, now the more important phase is making sure that we implement and execute the spending plan in an efficient and effective way. >> reporter: the governor said many of the projects will take years to complete. pickett said he may graduate before central gets the new building but he's glad to play a role in the school's future. >> it will be amazing. i can't wait to see it. >> reporter: brian shrader, wral news, jordan lake. >> mccrory said there will be no tax increases to pay for the bonds. workers broke ground in holly springs to build a new
4:58 pm
>> they built the home for staff sergeant taylor and his family. he was in the marine corps for 10 years, most of them in special ops as a marine raider. in 2014 he suffered severe back and spine injuries during a raid that limit his ability to walk. the house will have special features to allow for wheelchair access. >> the lot that they pick is perfect for the family, it's right across from the park, and the swimming pool. and, i just can't think this organization and cal atlantic homes for what they have done for me and my family. >> dozens came out for the ground that this weekend to welcome staff sergeant taylor and his family into their home. operation coming home builds and donates funds for disabled veterans. >> fantastic to see. >> great day for them, yes. >> thanks right now election officials
4:59 pm
still casting ballots long after winners were declared. why the senate majority leader says garland will likely not getting a conformation hearing. what a great day to spend sometime in the gardens. this nice weather is not here to stay permanently. greg will have all the days. long lines and even longer wait times have left some voters frustrated. good afternoon. >> in durham some people voted long after the winners were declared. >> i spoke with the director from the board of election here. he said he is not concerned by those long lineser to more -- lines or the more than two hours that some had to wait. he said that is because the wait times could have been avoided. this was the scene at several
5:00 pm
hundred -- hundreds of people waiting in line to cast their vote. >> it was about 100,000% won anything i have ever experienced. >> some polling places stayed open till 10:00 p.m. >> that is the latest we have ever reported election results. >> he says usually more durham county voters vote early. his department plans for election day based on that early voting turn out. he said early voting was down 20%. he is not sure why. this year the early voting period was cut from 17 to 10 days although many sites stayed open later. he said if voters wanted a shorter wait they should have


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