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tv   WRAL News 5AM  NBC  March 18, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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a rh--57 durham and buck horn. goldsboro, 54roxbo. this morning, low 50s, mid-60s at noonhigh of 71, which will or 6 degreecooler than yesterday. pretty for this time ofyear. there is a court eye appearance tofor --a court appearance today for a n accuseof ngeville. davis toey heed seofing a th d ttevil ri anone fay edoms juries and sojr., still coverioms un s s released on$200 , heis d wisecondurassault wi de >>joy authoritie arrestwo op in connth
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unrmedgel chged with mu. sochgewith ceafthe factwi is due inc. nexpece monday >>do p's emtiny of reblic ndesa scpor brokers y utwn. rertpu againsdona trare loing onhow beat or how vecompet thcledoretornid by nsve puokstgy atldp. arat's are lo g a thiry e innoer llto l evumnomiti.
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ed ement sahe mp ts clton lee noti he ll pptrump.trt >>had hifir gandmee ont, thp demoaton e ciy s e would f wi and st erare coidenaltisinttaf in januy. anergeomaredto aby fit on r be ey wand see ss bened the orta.
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d couple open re on ncheonr ty heth rsin ce tnufoe firspaenars aw. ers willira wall tntda is iowldouyemornera dil aninth d 69 bachelor and two rechors ing en cred. e drivllm spelan surv ted. leedomi inloth isut trc s durhac the re, k kepuedtr du ce january of ctf 15e odds of blk wa44% ghthdawhen yo sily e a
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itkearda tha1500fists. e poceysesvent ing are acd believ e do y hun th coh manaisonthgrp t wmakers eethe cl up olial h pits acro stthorsht divisi ovinmentaitthagen issey e , ve c of n urt, us truded s exuty. arteupme uresially fo le e ma as den,pa d silv'sfor eousons fi afin parker and uadsand ter atinstem >>l is y
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it uld bea biggthal. tell your the brea > ng
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morele fllad h se10 wiumofs e sekealth cuin back ovisi, caly visp suery tiu e faly a cano favocougor sychildren uer mugeap t.e stri be foflu >>plto ll ad h acrs to centen pa wconnt the enal can coess th two reet t e fiound 4in e thatcoesd. tarho be paent.
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t ci taedt th fodecas d aced now th e new th the dioce of alnc st wi. wo wst , road e e end e al nganisrkangers cl end isth usl. gh nuy because ofin that push polamp in to th wofeushikitr e n morr 9 at e over cess to ffp ro d fr tholourehaen deed cacoirmed.
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hathsoh once after the ebola outbreak declared over in western africa, there are two new deadly cases. there are three other probable cases, the nation's health ministry is holding an emergency meeting today. european leaders are planning to ten migrants back to turkey. they will discuss the plans today. the plan outsources europe's refugee emergency to turkey. under it the eeu will pay to send migrants arriving in greece who don't qualify back to turkey. the eu will accept one refugee
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south korea says north korea has fired a ballistic missile in to the sea. military officials in the south say it flew 500 miles before crashing off the northeast coast. the launch came days after north korean leader kim jong ordered tests of a warhead. lawmakers want to mawk sure they never have another attack like the one in paris last year. they returned to the concert hall along with first responders to re-enact the attack. dozens of people died november 13th when gunmen opened fire inside. some of families criticized the re-enactment calling painful. officials staged a fake bombing to recreate the simultaneous attacks on the french national stadium. the chiliian navy rescued 14 crew members from rafts
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it set sell in january, from chile's island. they were headed towards a port city. currents pulled them off course. the modern day explorers were sailing to document climate change, pollution and marine life in the pacific. all crew members are in good health. the award winning actor, larry drake of la law died. found dead in his area home by a friend. cause of his death was not immediately known, agents said problems. he won emmies in 88 and 89 for his portrayal of the mentally challenged character in la law. drake was 66. a delta passenger's backpack caught on fire when an e cigarette exploded inside. i happened as passengers were boarding a plane in atlanta. the fire was extinguished and no damage to the plane. the flighting took off 20 minutes late. the policy requires all
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board and not checked in. a behind the scenes look at fox tv's live musical, the passion. here are the stars practicing ahead of the premier this weekend. the 2-hour special tells the story of christ's last hours on earth with contemporary music, sung by the cast. trisha yearwood spoke about the story. >> it tells this 2000 year old story and brings it in modern times and preserves what is sacred about it to me. to be a part of that is an honor. it is, i like to do different things, i like that the music different for me. i like to flex my muscle in a different way. >> the passion airs sunday nite at 8:00 on fox 50. north carolina say yaleia
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queen, coyman will be the 69th queen for the event. crowned april 6th in willmington. she works as an anchor and cohost for fox and friends weekend in new york city. she got her start in television, in the port city, and wway television. accolades for the owner and the operator of cafe carolina. north carolina honored ron hines with the commitment to excellence award. the non profit recognized him for his dedication to hiring employees with special needs and his long time support of special olympics. we have great weather. >> we do. little bit of cloud cover now, the clouds will be moving out. sunshine for the afternoon. nice mile day, temperatures continue to fall. wednesday we were this the mid-
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today low 70s. sunshine, sky cam looking nice this morning, we have cloud cover, no fog, no rain to deal with for your morning commute. the rain sets in for tomorrow, we will talk about the timing coming up over the next couple of minutes. 55 is the current temperature. dew point 33. that's fairly low. this is a look at the satellite and radar picture. see south, we have a stationary front. that will be the boundary that begins to lift north tomorrow, we have low pressure system to the west, low will ride along the front on out here in to the atlantic, and start to spread the rain back in to north carolina. we have a little bit of cloud cover across the region now. the clouds will dissipate as we head through the morning. we start future cast at 9:00 a.m., the clouds shifted offshore by that point, we will see sunshine as a weak high pressure builds if for today. you can see that moisture developing to the south, showers and thunderstorms in
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7:00 a.m. tomorrow, 7:00 a.m., cloud cover, and in to the afternoon, the rain rolls in. we will start after lunchtime, we may have on saturday, the heavier amounts along the coast and on sunday we have this batch of rain that comes in first thing in the morning, it is going to be a wet start anyway to sunday. 71 our high this afternoon, feeling nice rs not as warm as the last couple of days, the sunshine will feel good. saturday, we should start dry. it's 1 or 2:00s we see the showers rolling in, up to a 50% chance of rain overnight, the rain will stick with us overnight on saturday and in to the day on sunday. we will start sunday at 39. a chilly rain, we don't expect anything frozen, i don't think that will change, tune in to amy and mike over the weekend, they will be talking about the rain and the temperatures and any change to the forecast. we start off early with a 50%
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goes down, it doesn't go away completely, we may continue to have light rain and drizzle, for parts of the afternoon on sunday. monday morning to 33 degrees, that's going to be winter coat weather. rain fall we will see through the weekend is likely to be light, somewhere from half an inch to little less than that. depending on the viewing area. tuesday, 29, a very cold start, back below freezing. the 29 will put some plants at risk if you have started to plant, which we encourage you not to, our average latest freeze isn't until say the second or third week of april. it's a little bit too early. the low is 22. we will be closer to the record low than the normal low of 41 degrees. after that, our temperatures climb more. we will see sunshine. maybe that there is frost or freeze warnings that the weather service puts out for
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a major accident happened on i- 40, two different ones, close together causing a major back up this morning, this is an area you want to avoid. i-40, airport boulevard, one lane open there, this is a separate accident, notice they are moving people to the ramp, putting them out on the detour. upstream, i guess, above that, huge, huge back up. if you can avoidics 40, around the airport this morning, you will want to do. that an accident could take a long time to clear out. it's about the big dance these days, coming up, how unc and duke struggled early and managed to waltz their ways to wins in the first round of the ncaa. the pet picture is a recent
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pictures search pets on north carolina led florida gulf coast by one point at half- time. here are numbers, the eagles shot 60% in the first half and outrebounded carolina 21-14, they got a good ole chewing at halftime from williams and a great start to the second half for north carolina, attack, attack, how about a 25-6 run to start the second half, to put this one away, johnson, watch him attack the rail not once or and the foul. a little emotion from johnson with 18 points. where he was really good, defensively, 8 blocked shots. he was dominant at the rim. as the eagles tried to come back in the second half. no come back as carolina has five players to win it 83-67.
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the scores he says half the time i don't look at the score. i'm concerned with how we are playing. stop worrying about the score and how tight the game was. >> unc willmington against duke, flemings, 18 points, the dub by 3 at halftime. off comes the mask and the 5th year senior goes to work, owning the glass, works nice pick and rolls and set up grayson allen, off the ticket roll. this is a great play. get the offensive rebound, young fellla. he has a career high 23, allen adds 23, along with 10 rebounds and 5 assists. duke holds off unc 93-85. next up, yale. >> you hear about the urgency to play in the tournament.
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until you are in the moment. >> today at 6:00, coverage dancing. a deadly crash involving an atv and a deputy's car. happened. also ahead, a scary incident this the skies that forced a
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diverted. a deadly crash involving a deputy's car and atv. hundreds of pets go up for
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why their future is brighter than their past. opponents will speak out in the queen city. good morning, everybody, it's coming up on 5:30, hope you are doing well on this friday morning, we got big weather changes, but for today it's looking great. >> nice, make the most of this last day of this wonderful run of gorgeous weather. come the weekend, my goodness, what a big change. hopefully you heard us talk about it. looking like saturday, wetter and we may see the rain tapering off by midday sunday. it's dprie out there, apex -- dry out there, apex, looking great. the clouds will shift offshore, as we head in to the morning and so expect a nice bright day. our temperatures are mild this morning, 56 cary, 60 holly springs. 54 wake forest. 50 roxboro.
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55 southern pines. a warm start, expect temperatures close to 50 as you are heading out the door. 64 lunchtime, high of 71, that's cooler than yesterday, we will see sunshine and of course it's a dramatic cooldown we will see over the weekend. we will discuss that a little further coming up. bryan mims in for brian schrader this morning. >> usually we don't have much to talk about this time of morning. mostly around the triangle, it's smooth sails as we would expect. the concern, we have is along i- 40, aviation parkway, causing this accident, causing back ups there at airport boulevard, where traffic is being detoured around this accident here at aviation parkway. let's show you the traffic camera from that stretch of the freeway and you can see the
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lanes of i-40 eastbound, aviation parkway. there are two accidents here, one could involve a truck, possibly a tractor trailer, you can see on up the highway,s further west at airport boulevard, this is where the traffic is being routed to airport to get around that. this is a scene for this morning, probably another couple of hours, we will keep you posted on it. we have breaking news lee county this morning, a deadly crash involving an all terrain vehicle and a deputy's car. east forest oaks south of moncure. tara lynn is live at the scene. >> reporter: this accident happened just after 1:00 a.m., involving the lee county sheriff deputy car and an atv. highway patrol officers are still here, they are gathering measurements and taking a closer look at the atv.
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atv was killed in this accident. i had a chance to speak with a sheriff's deputy, a captain that says the deputy received non life threatening injuries, transported to the hospital and the bulk of the damage to the patrol car is to the front driver's side. the deputy was doing a security check at the church, something they do on their normal patrol and pulling out of the parking lot when he collided with the atv. there is a large hedge and tree heres it is possible that could have blocked the view from the deputy as well as the person on the atv, that's something we are hoping to talk to highway patrol about. they have not identified the person who was killed, that perp was the person driving the atv. today the largest animal
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they hope to find homes for 650 dogs and cats. they were rescued from county. head to the warehouse in sanford if you can offer a forever home. it's from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. today through sunday, adoption fees will be waived. american eagle plane out of lightning. york. diverted to jfk when a bolt of p.m. the flight was carrying 55 passengers and a crew of four, passengers were shaken up. faa is investigating. police filed charges against a second suspect in connection with a double murder. rag land is in the wake county jail charged with two counts of murder in the deaths of rayes and diaz. they were inside an suv.
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denzel dansey, now, he is on the run. police in texas shot and killed two robbery suspects and wounded two others outside a furniture store in houston. officers shot the suspects in annex change of gunfire. no officers were hurt. investigators are on the scene this morning. >> yews is charged in the death -- ruse is cruz is charged in the death of lopez, remains for found near apex. a tip to police helped authorities connect the two. cruz was in prison on unrelated case when police charged him with murder. lawmakers are trying to decide whether to return for a special session to consider outlawing a non discrimination ordinance, april 1st. a group opposed will speak out today in charlotte. that comes one day after
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came to raleigh to tell lawmakers to leave it alone. the ordinance allows transgender people to use the restroom of their gender with which they identify. >> similar ordinances are already in affect in 200 plus cities including in myrtle beach and columbia, south carolina. there have not been any public safety issues in the other communities and i do not see the south carolina legislator racing to waste $42,000 a day to fix a problem that poses no actual problem. >> the group speaking in and out charlotte against the ordinance includes mothers, business owners and community leaders. they are urging mc corey and thgeraasmb to take action to overturn the measure. two triangle teens are still dancing, behind a career high 23 points from marshal
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challenge in the first roundof the ncaa tournament. duke won 93-85. for the tarheels, it was johnson who lit up the second half, 18 points and 8 blocks overall, ending the upset hopes of florida gulf coast. unc won by 83-67. the afternoon. night. tuna fish recall you need to know about. >> failure to heat it could have life threatening consequences. also ahead, a small legal
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woman who died in a texas jail. (burke) armers, 've seenalryth soe knowo anhingeveng ar. (p music(shing)hiucon (burked ed itober tweventh20 o knowhi two bece ahing
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yodn't mon bu snoer in why youy on overpd lunche d, for jt th s at sway, u can t a des six-inch s, madesh it of it'shreer suof th onur best inchubs, a differsub dayof t wk, fost tollars.sweet onion chicken teriyaki, the juy ovened icken, tender ty br ere'rresble su for y day the wee
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50 san fords, 55 cary. 48 up in roanoke rapids. 58 in chapel hill. cooler than yesterday, temperatures are already on their way down. lunchtime, 64. cloudy this morning, those clouds will be shifting offshore, in next few hours. mid-60s at lunchtime. climbing to the low 70s this afternoon, by 5:00 in to the
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feeling gods good for your run this morning. temperatures in the low 50s. two recalls to tell you about this morning, one of them, the consequences could be life threatening. bumblebee recalling thousands of cans of chunk light tuna in oil and water, with best buy dates in february of 2019. the 5- ounce cans may have been contaminated during a factory sterilization process. the company says eating the tuna could be life threatening. 3000 cases of chicken of the sea tuna are under recall as well. the fish maybe under cooked. this ablys to tuna in water and oil with multiple best buy dates for 2019. the fda has the codes for all the recalled tuna on fit bit users can get motivation from the virtual assistant to reach the goals. amazon's alexsa devices can
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about the user's exercise performance and vitals and provide encouragement. if you command alexsa to ask how many steps you have taken, alexsa might respond you have taken 4500 steps and you need 5500 more to reach your goal. the family of a woman who died in a texas jail is getting more information about what happened to her. >> coming up, the reported judge ordered the fbi to handover. what the governor of michigan told u.s. lawmakers about the flint water crisis
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h mp exhibionmenatialcong the firsseteam in 99 leyla santgogoing cu, rts the lt ve ns ndays. t she a yesty abt atred ta inlv tret. into e firss fromcu look ol y anshwi be back for >>ll in haeeshses ou her inoso re odishay thekfon plnteaerwehaved coleof autcoscechi herth
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erates be neeknny anmi h is ce. we wl ekd . not aswa durie week gh temperatures 70lo sunshi, th wl coweeken hopefuy preparr th. 's gng ke ipthhighs s rd, 40su, owdeveng afrnoo nging to da suay. a colete differatr path r th laup s. nda r. we arees e zinday tuesy,atseic ssue fros adviry beenrm long. cloudsing inni nogotounn toob out there this foyour coe. 55 drees. cl of course asth insuet.
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t notch isture --not tureg. o,o. molynge s ss eahimo ecipatio ats loe atry fronttosout w thatwill ri analsttotensit she mois actheae whe s goi tenthe d tes r the conoh. f daou beni and ht e nshi ufo titoy. skiellcloutot. waup toouver satuayor due afrn wwihave sher that dev, m vingn sard nitoe sundayhow are we lkinout,al l,enwe oy me
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wi bethwas. on, 57sa westarmi4at bormal.weamp tnce of du teoo00 ayorngch e ll afoo s we cod lingdrzle anchdasu48 ayy at arfoat and hialreadwhic islyifu have,you naed them on tudapedrop aeay 80r e gh on sd. w th a serus back th . itkslikethccident is ttino the cl stes accdi to thtraffic cara
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gs looto be ingo shape. area of concn, ali-40ea aviaon paway. zoomg in on e here, see e reincahe bahere, stforeyouach airpt boulevd,ha e highwapaol is verting trfic tondthat asmesh that hiwapl urinmotostta, i-asndof t aviaon paan upwith tiarit yon seashi ts the,the las, s that trc roh the dpithaler ceiv thiofis clos.
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nd thinarin i-40thmornesn. > t hardtrea ha s.
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we are going to make good ole stuffed clams. i tried to jazz up with mash rooms and fresh parsley. it's stuffed clams and you can't go wrong. >> melt butter and saute chopped on wrong and mushrooms until tender. paprika and flour, shucked and chopped clams to the mixture. >> we got our clam mixture. this is melted butter. stir in some stuffing mix and fresh parsley. >> reporter: combine well and pour the clam mixture in to the stuffing mix. >> clam shells we cleaned well, they greased them. >> we use butter. >> lisa does not care for my scooping technique. she scoops it in there and makes it pretty. >> if you didn't want to mess with the shells, bake it and
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>> 400 degrees for 10 minutes, serve it with lemon wedges. >> clam meat with stuffing. >> mushrooms. >> onions. >> it's good. >> get a copy of the recipe on, enter recipes in the search box and look for the link to the printable version. next week, brian and lisa serve up spicy clams over rasoto. first responders are talking about how they handled the san bernardino shooting. why it took an hour to get the first patient to the hospital. how conservative power brokers are scrambling to stop
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nomination. >>a mp trmont in pre
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s trstops po ibci pr>> rfiof th mita ghawdsd bravactions led o hor. reto u wi's thmo m e ch'mbiuld ank you r gosh got of weather. erythiras.>> h the es ween >> in fthwed. neee omper willebou. e ti isn't if hatdoor ans. day wi tiful, d ou lni the ll eastding the ing.oues way down. 53 wakre55 ry 58ha


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