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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  March 18, 2016 11:35pm-12:38am EDT

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s nsfor dold t ju becseeone ms tra t doan h do if 's president ond trum ldnald t ld t, ldrump, dona tnaldru [ >> jat j . te: y>> j: r ow seahju ntt heas at he's tiedrusinc it t r anahadgo ings tsaaboucrkind o eck th out >>nadoa fura wan cr think he's bt to dond trheerinly n efs not,a ab e th icveadffces lahter ] im thie're nng an-- laughter t'shamheas e born
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ight now t ht ] imd ewan, cz, all got ." . pl t snobaogan. jimou madness le pulled f jor set iround sty eatiloand aftethe me reporrs get one obaor plxpin how y cohaveotn boun li to ate to. howoe oboun or youo up andth e ris ughter ] thoub two haom wh it 'srea ] sogot os d applause ] t ened? yeahanbu you porterik 'm 45 yeol hoam sting ll" laughter mewhilriet i itgaga w s.
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h fowas sw ooats. wo auceoh it likumped toradehimself.ah [ ] he lt heid thir ug andpp it >>te srt. >>my: hod t st ics day yestda [ ee a aus] props t nfodog a grt ty heard ng plse ] ery,velv s aners of perainew york cit anit r hu toheeee whhe not ptit hemirot. da lilaht eck chee a aus ict haveoueen dog pltis day? >> i've beenowngg out with frimini to
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the para >> thinkecakbbit's day? laer >> i t i rht -- fa. ohit have bin r to celebuedekes da ughter >>d ones. lkto t. so r ve veda hter >> oh,bsut iteea oday. >> are hinttress d? ng ] i gd st. patrk' e st ti d iswas >>avng any ngceri kirpatri? lbit,ut n hostly too m au goterndla >>o iat ayma jevod inng gtime >>yove p the restthnight to bre alband d? o ck tweesand y wi ay nd >> ykeou rll venk day. lityou wt i hyou continue a grley krz >>nkou tnkou. jim: ergoah eers and appus] le eryb 's aoo he desth
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resta eror e stst thue udthe possibiliton ne di noeopl--re alti to ink abou now hhink outhastet d -- [ laer get ing. yeah. so -- t t e s noat's . ostse n'e [ laughter ] >> steve: oh i see. >> jimmy: see the difference? >> steve: g difference, ah. [ applause ] >> jmy: next, easter signals the beginning of spring. er ngasbuy brinas candy. nor'easisoff ryuy bngs you a ofseood. uger ] eeppuse "w y , ma it ohe." eaersutis. ster cel shou ouyod n r ons.laht and]
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and youconsatg it y. a'eou ting your falyornch. uger dou go d te: , of j: u go sve yo sur jt ve, t live up jis crazpo itl caldun opsoap snks from st lili, ougo laer ap >>teve n lu t [ ] jim: c >>ye uger ] >>my: hey, thirebumbbee ha nationdedo rit?
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ds i have puton the thi, thit n ga?t,t, si'ust o. [ lahter tet e h light.>>immyrmalcan thdier. sve: they gdo jimmy: ths of re li ipeania - [ kid laht ] thnd. lin ania ca8- opco m a or ce w, soone'go hit yh! cheend appla ug >> jimmy: fit onwas --o. tee .
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[ la , issnd re bue fans, anyone? laer bulee naasssd ecl asesca ta due silcons svewow. : ah. inachepa teo s cu rehat "hatumeeur fe i-- yo sisigst io. asn hefotips ifr tunata smellkeour s mptely nor[ ugerif o tund rounsay, "ugh, i , "gin, dot y,hemptel nstuna. laught ] r d meina caate and heay someon yr na uger]retiheo foef anth're noe ly o
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that maser lling alst 3 e preeln.laug whh e e wriasfer t s we ha eaow. gi f rts rs appla] >> jmy: ohcome oba co oback nex, ery. mondayja here ee ] weovke g wee gosospec th lt we chflaname us [ alause ] plrfmances igza zn aneteldrge chrs] but,st e heis
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rasiki i. chnd appus plshar c "ser s lia isispp andppe an m jam n e om m evy.eepp no "ik iibiz" re'she- of thg. y d wan b highme r al know y ke ve >>my: - f to d wn cesut ke rsndppla ooa iba. friy. 'ssually wn thompe sff myoxturn somem, ce
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ing a behind toeend alae ] t yuywoul i'jue tey wely rht is tco? t n e ouan au ] me japoner, can i g, uh- lighughter ] mesnrr s?uld i get totwring c,lease? jas >>mis he[ uger ] teis jimane ancis, f joigr, anbeinonrson can tflyis sed. ught ala]thpo >>: heop >> je chelorerrt bethonlywo ps u can falln loith someone nad laen ug
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>>, r pl ]u,chfoing e soupim wod.hter thk bafobeinon twa aresr co laer ] u gu h thosmyhaot bwi raki eers appla] theran i hpyou th anyth y siri, at's&t'st ofr?
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right now, swito at&r anphonanget ee. w,s rht?ahally..yes. is the currenofr frt. ay sou donknowthin , i know asked toyou &t ess wihe m. ay, ut her dturnf. t no an and get r onee whe yoada se line. mom, w ithat?hewho? these dress arasti ey're old navythan. old na?! aldresses are on upo % of iave go, old navy right now. cou say i? love ouay h? hey! tt'spoh. ooh oo ooh i oh y ooohooh.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, we love our first guest. he starred on the long-running, very popular comedy series "the office" and in -- [ cheers and applause ] i mean, come on. also, in the recent critically acclaimed film "13 hours." he's now making his stage debut
11:54 pm
"dry powder", which is playing through may 1st at the public theater right here in new york city. please welcome john krasinski. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> woo! that dance move will be embarrassing when i watch that back. >> jimmy: yeah! >> yeah! that will be really upsetting to me. >> jimmy: that's good ol' me. yeah. >> i thought you were going to show a clip from the play. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: turns out it's impossible, yeah. 'cause it's a play. [ light laughter ] >> how are you? >> jimmy: great. fantas -- you look sharp, you look great. >> thank you. thank you. >> jimmy: i haven't seen you since you gave the gift that is the biggest gift that anyone's
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battle. >> yes. >> jimmy: that is your -- [ cheers ] >> yes, exactly. >> jimmy: your idea. >> well -- >> jimmy: you and stephen merchant. >> yes, yes. and we did it here. but then, you know, you had a a whole lot to do with this next iteration of taking over the world. >> jimmy: no. i mean, good gosh. but thank you for that idea. >> of course. >> jimmy: and congrats and everything like that. but even bigger news, you and your wife are expecting your second baby. >> yes. [ cheers and applause ] thank you. >> jimmy: congratulations. >> thank you. >> jimmy: are you excited? >> i mean, i think lip sync's bigger, but -- yeah, i mean. >> jimmy: we'll leave the lip sync, but we'll cut out the baby stuff. no, but i mean, come on. >> thank you very much. i'm so excited. >> jimmy: are you nervous, are you freaking out, are you excited? >> no, i'm so excited. you know, we're really excited to have number two, because i feel like now we have, like, a a band. we have like a squad. >> jimmy: yeah. >> instead of just two people staring at a little thing. we're going to have like a a crew. you know, we're going to have a a real good jai alai team one of these days. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: a jai alai team. yeah. and baby's excited, too? the two-year old? >> yeah, we're breaking that in
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>> jimmy: yeah. >> emily was like, "we're going to have a baby. and this is the baby." and she looked right at her stomach and went, "nope." [ laughter ] that's what she said. with a "p." i'd never heard her say "nope" before. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, it's interesting -- >> she's like, "no." >> jimmy: second one comes, baby's like, "okay, that's pretty cool." after, like, a couple weeks, like, "we're keeping this?" [ light laughter ] "not like a doll? we're playing with this for a a long time." >> she's like, "i've been looking for a receipt. there's a gift receipt here somewhere." >> jimmy: congrats on this. you're -- >> thank you very much. >> jimmy: over here. "dry powder." >> yeah. >> jimmy: i follow you on instagram and i saw this instagram you put. my first public theater performance is tonight. i'm not nervous. do i look nervous? [ laughter ] yeah, you do look nervous. >> yeah, that's just a a perpetual terrified look that i have doing this play. turns out theater is very real and very hard. i never -- i've been a big fan of theater for a long, long time. >> jimmy: me too.
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>> jimmy: you do. >> and then you actually step up to the plate and you're like, "this is so scary." >> jimmy: it's terrifying. it's unbelievable. i don't know how you do it. how many performances a week? >> we're doing eight performances a week. >> jimmy: wow. >> yep, we have five performances this weekend. >> jimmy: do you have one tonight, too? >> yeah, got one tonight. yeah. but i'm taken care of by the greatest people. first of all, it's the public theater in new york, which i think is one of the greatest theaters around. >> jimmy: please, absolutely. [ cheers and applause ] >> and i'm so lucky to be doing a play that is this good. it's written by this incredibly talented gal named sarah burgess. >> jimmy: would i know her from anything? >> no, because this is her first produced play. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> and she's knocking it out of the park. yeah. >> jimmy: really? >> incredible, yeah. and then the director is a guy who has had no success. his name's tommy kail. and he directed a little thing called "hamilton." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: what a loser. >> so one of these days he's going to step it up. and i think it's this one. >> jimmy: that's claire danes, right? >> yes. claire danes, hank azaria -- >> jimmy: hank azaria. >> yep. >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. it's super fun. what drew you to the project? just that it's -- >> i never signed on to anything in 24 hours. i was shooting "13 hours" in malta, and i got this script
11:58 pm
and they said, "here's a new play." i think it's one of the best things i've ever read. so, i read it cover to cover, literally finished, called my agent, said "i'll do it. no matter when they're doing it, i'll do it." >> jimmy: when you do the play -- i was so afraid of doing one. >> yeah. me, too. >> jimmy: because you always hear those stories. like, oh, i went out like the lights didn't turn on or someone dropped a line or i forgot to read -- >> oh, yeah, you have nightmares every night about what could happen. one of my biggest nightmares i got to have come true. [ light laughter ] about two nights ago -- dreams come true for you, buddy. >> about two nights ago, i walked out. i was doing the play. felt really good. felt like i had a lot of good chatter in the audience. we're doing it in the round. so everybody is right there. you're just doing the play to people all around. everybody was laughing, talking to each other. i was like, "i'm killing it." find out, nope, my fly was open the whole time. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. >> yeah, that's awesome. that's so confidence building.
11:59 pm
being like, "you know the thing is" -- oh, okay. one second. and my favorite part was hank azaria, who is incredible, happened to go up on his line, which means he forgot a line. he was very upset about it, which happens to everybody. and he was very upset about it and then he looked directly at my crotch and in his head he said i said, "well, at least that's not happening to me." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: what a help. yeah, thanks for that, buddy. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. perfect. and he's like, "no, that's an actor's nightmare." i was like, "i get it, man, it was awful." >> jimmy: do cell phones go off? do people unwrap the candy? 'cause i remember, my mom, i took her to every premiere. all of a sudden you hear -- like a big scene and all of a a sudden you hear, like -- [ crinkling paper ] please, that's not my mom. it's not my mom. and i look over, it's my mom with this tiny -- i go, "will you stop it?" >> that sounded like a a whatchamacallit. that's was a big wrapper. >> jimmy: all her candies are paper -- >> they're wrapped in newspaper. >> jimmy: yes, yes. >> i did. i had -- i was really nervous about getting distracted and also, like, breaking, you know, laughing on stage, because i'm a big laugher. >> jimmy: i wouldn't know what
12:00 am
>> no, no, not at all. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: no idea. >> i'm a nonprofessional is what i am. no, i had stepped on stage, was doing the first scene with claire and hank. and a gentleman expelled air. [ laughter ] and in a way, that was definitely something i thought i would laugh at. and instead it was so long. [ laughter ] i'm not kidding. it went on and on and on. and i think people were being really polite the first third of it. [ laughter ] they were like, "oh, man, that guy just didn't get to the bathroom quick enough." then by the second third and the third third -- and i will say, i don't usually speak like this. but finally a woman inhe front row just went, "you've got to be [ bleep ] kidding me!" [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: well, it's new york. >> it was new york. >> jimmy: it was new york. >> those aren't my words. >> jimmy: you got to expect that. >> no, no, no. >> jimmy: but it's a giant hit. it's been extended to may 1st. >> yes.
12:01 am
>> jimmy: so go check it out over at the public theater right there. john krasinski. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: congrats. i know you have to go to do a a show, but i want to play a a quick game with you real fast, if you don't mind. is that all right? >> absolutely. sure. >> jimmy: good man. all right, when we get back john and i are going to play a a fun game of "word sneak." stick around, it's gonna be good. [ cheers and applause ] so, where are we going for dinner? it's a surprise. ok, but it better not be too pr. dot worry, madme smrchas tely. alt, i'lyou on. do ye wa? i'e anxception kenmorpro.exusivld aars. inevng] u can've a hero, ou donave ain. e rld eds vill
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[ pplae ] he evedy wee wee inwith everody'vote rasikiht here. [ chrspplae roh may 1s'st the tn thdry now jo, i the ing, l spice cversn le word sneak. rsnd applause ] wd ea wordak >> jimmy: alris hoit g. getds wrin . i work those words into tversio ly and sy od jimno, u ju -- [ ht ] net >>myeraryourardsnomy c. let's let e seg. >>my byo exd es h,ovmarch dn ye. fs i d a iendhouapi e nns based masc hwoul asst. sos t whher the mi woer. don't knowbuthink ey just lost, butt' t or e t stosau [ ding ]
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n. ] >> jimohh. >> hoptho all thway. st we call them s >>my-- can- htercarsal y yea jim: yotake ahor, ght or -th >>op. laer bae? >> io le bth e. [ laught ] >>my: you y shathe. >>: shhe -ou -- do havee soap >>ea, , ffenoi. htimmy: i otonna makth eaou j sait raight ho >> yea y myor do you >>my: aoo [ ] hter >> twas good. w goo te! la jmy: go stegs.>> no,o. yodo aoo ea j: . >>o,r a a loof. >>im: . >> y kloah's, ri
12:08 am
fone j [ ht ]oes the tricr me. [ chee ae ] its l --t tserhiut : rythinout.>> yeah. thnd bs antsnd bndit bbd ings. [ di laer alaus] >>al >> jimknow. , ye, .noeaha hrd 's w in lo - but wre ith owtue is lyfilt. hter ] ha'scultngu becaus jhiour st [ er ]>>s, g ae fihere f y jmy: wh theshera thg. a diffing, u knusiss a w irt.last wnoi waorng pig e. th -- preferheshr t. >>imdi the porpoido y ha [ ng [ er app>>my: or byista. just by st , u plneon you pl hing it was re or in >>h,t the ro u doot
12:09 am
y yh, y i u een a ofhe glong time ught i'een t u kn. "in thely,"st i , waseonki baokou alause didn mywaba based on th yh. ever i . >>im: how abou - r lm sff did manth ke t i'veu bf fi >>h. j: wr votee? >> oavite role imwithout yo thatyecait 3 y jimmy: thre ja ne , ly i , "cpmunks i thak." laughtralatio. >>unds like no,lolaer >>immyoh, n i my was n mp ich someing ][ lauger andlaus]
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drivworlard. troducthe fier dillac ct6. chrs and aus >>imr pyse titlaracter on t cbs show "supergir w a m. give a welme e love melissaenoi, ery. rs a app not t e. that amaketr applae y e ve.
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>>my: ju limmplimp wit is, i lithomn c ar m t nc ye, so kte rt andt limplaer we werlking,'ve veme befot talking stanfo yo atlbiaccint. a litbi just lbi , t i'lws y my entire . >>immymee twme jennifer le. laer ] yon erwhere. yo-- but you fl a coimes sopiren rk>> it w t- welleg. wasrser anng t a biorst>>im: yci no, . ohman. >> it wat ea. jmyyeah, peng andlr s,ike machin thrghcks and c [ lahter ] >> jimmy: , my gos th iry. >> b tti by gypscab. jmy o . ewe rs n e meac laug
12:17 am
ge .heo nc or alremeeryi i of t reing ofanits thi wht [ >> jim: u alhe, thiv vihte. [ lauger ] onday i'gobe. n't know who you m . willhrour r. >> j: su [ laughter ]hte yogot is true, as're screenti ityou li - >> t afterot part jimmy: are ghngou u fo oing. i ysr oglaug immy bs the >>he fivun shth >> jim: algh ise g sasunni me , likeloveusloves . [ laer immy: th s. as and d femyyea ed p ir. hokelike squirtroinngem
12:18 am
it wasrao ly look im: y gone m so ame -- itllinth r this pupil waeiti tn o. u e immyohgo king. my: diive u al ulyothroh thgs? [ lahter howoak a th o a po ts seas. yo - tthoh. >>immy: teco evhere .ah ug ] >>t stufs >>imbuearly wfoyo slm soappydit killg itupergi." so oplee i seu yw e illboards. sau werelue on pa i me some.>> jmyat when i ly -- at's when mu u , made it. likeoh mgod. l ove "wheelf rt >> i le "jeopard k.
12:19 am
youe , e,i d . it. i did it," it's so i meexd? go b - o so >>: that gd.ll it'fun. i tctchi a buofat reng. thlike, , y d perpowerf ?t gonnask u ecau k superghas a talent and iss a leha ryortaheyou're figh c. it a tal c stackin [ laught ] now,yo re andt m c s iand hou a at it. ig so do r that? [ la ye, ke w f w wn i s emryr o nt like ol stki>>my rll >>nd rll at is -realtheyau >>eah. the whe >> jim: myl wedainand -- jimac--ck cups in ye, go an intti sl. ts edrts stng.
12:20 am
i tig? jye. whdoer t yover he jimmy: fo nd youyi speed atand,h, ] myouant to, like -- aveme im [ laughter o a diert [ all rit. ere you go hi there. no t >>: oth >>ou w sde tdo d >> j: ah at th who d >>o e. yogeemack lumn jim: asr.immythyo. ye ere u a sothli chrs ae you'reery,erce. u ju st of sik fast asast theare. mo.e rsndus imme o
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ch and appus oh, yb g er tki a our nextstilrelee ndigale" 6.lebrhis lo t "ik iz" 's herthe fr the roo here'ssner! cheers ala] chrsus] oopilliba show oold al sob feltde oscit ito do g out ini spor c o ov ide a millionla girls shoe'tna
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[ cheers] >>myha hn kra li osnet e! ch aus best. anthbe u oth? they'rot [ la. t fla n
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