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tv   WRAL News 5AM  NBC  March 21, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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we've been telling you about this. it is 5:00, i'm renee chew. >> and i'm bill leslie. >> elizabeth gardner has some good news. >> still a little bit of drizzle to start with. you can see the a little bit of lingering green, but mostly this last little system is diminishing or sizzling out. there's no water on the road on nash street and wilson, and durham, it's 39, in wake forest and cary. it's cold out there this morning. lots of 30s. 39 at the tv station, 39 in holly springs, 36 in roxboro, 42 in fayetteville, and 43 in goldsboro. temperatures dipping into the mid-30s by 8 a.m., but skies will be clearing this morning. at lunchtime, 49, a high of 56
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we have new information outside the durham county detention center. >> we showed you in the 4:30 half-hour there's heavy police presence in the area near mangum street, and wral's mikaya thurmond is live. you can tell us why police officers are there? >> reporter: bill and renee, certainly a change in climate since the last time we checked in. take a look behind me. you can still see a smaller police presence, but just about 20 minutes ago, there were 2 dozen officers, now it appears to be about 4 or 5. we do know an officer was shot at by a suspect. police tell me he's in custody and is not injured. the officer is said to be okay in this incident. they've taken down the crime scene tape here and said this is pretty much wrapping up for the most part. they say this will not impact
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these police cars will be gone in the next 20 minutes. bell and renee? >> mikaya thurmond live in durham, thank you very much for the latest on that breaking news. president obama meets president castro today on the cuban leader' home turf. >> one of the last communist leaders will sit down to discuss improving relations despite deep differences. >> reporter: good morning from havana, cuba, where president obama will break an 88-year code of silence between the u.s. and cuba as he sits down for talks with the cuban president. there are talks delivering a message of home for many in this island nation. after a visit to old havana late yesterday, including a stop at the famous cathedral, with the daughters, and will shift from tourist to renew the relationship between his country
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the president will lay a wreath at the memorial to jose martin, the cuban poet honored as a hero to his role in the country's fight for freedom from spain and later there will be an official state welcome from president castro and the bilet early meeting between the two leaders, and the says -- bilateral meeting between the two leaders, and will be discussing human rights practices. the topic isn't as important as the fact not sides are talking again. >> yes, it's interesting it's a historic trip and it's been 50 years without relations with the northern american government. . >> reporter: third generation tax driver hopes the president will take a close look at the country she's so proud of. >> i like that he get to know our country, hour beautiful it is. its tourist attractions to share it with everyone else. >> reporter: a beauty and
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americans for more than 50 years. travel for americans still very limited. the state department will not issue a tourist visa to cuba and of course trade embargo is still in effect between the two countries. many see this visit as theirst step towards easing relations and restrictions here. in havana, cuba, wral news. >> leyla is also in cuba and she'll have a live report at 4:00 on wral 4 p.m. you can follow her journey on our web site, new this morning, republican presidential candidate donald trump says he'll release a list of potential supreme court nominees. he would give a list of 5 or 10 judges he would -- nominate
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picks, and says releasing his list should ease concerns he might pick judges too liberal. no word when he'll come forward with this list. president obama repeatedly announced his pick to replace late supreme court justice antonin scalia. he nominated judge merrick garland. senator republicans have said they will not hold a hearing on his nomination. an attorney for a durham teen who deportation is on hold plans to file an appeal for his client this morning. 19-year-old acosta got a reprieve over the weekend. back in january, i c.e. agents picked him up while he was on his way to school. since then family members, fellow students, teachers and members of the community have all called for action to stop his deportation. the group also gained support from the congressman butter field. the director of immigration and enforcemt announced he would not be deported allowing time for his lawyer for an appeal. his family and others held this
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>> we need weldon to be released. we're going to keep pushing as much as we can until we have weldon back home here, and that's the end result that we want, is for weldon to live safely in the united states with his family where he should be. >> his family says they fear he could be harmed or killed by gangs if he returns to his home country. he's currently being held in lumpkin, georgia. a court marshall begins today for moster sergeant omar valez group. he killed a 25-year-old woman in june of 2014. at the time, local media said the two were romantically involved. police say a 24-year-old ryan walker of haute mills is charged in connection with a shooting on lance end road in
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the victim is 27-year-old miles penex died from a gunshot wound to the chest. both walker and penex are listed with the 82nd airborne. police have not released a motive and is being held at the cumberland county yale. and we're learning about the top suspect in terror attacks in paris. salah abdelslam was planning more attacks in brussels and had more weapons. he's charged with terrorist murder and his attorney says he'll fight extradition to france. commissioners are being asked to withdraw $3 million for funding for a park in knight dale that will not happen. the $10 million james nae smith park, the inventor of basketball, would have hosted youth camps but the deal fell through over money and location. wake county leaders will decide how to reallocate their portion
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it is 5:08. enough fuel to make a dozen or make dozens of atomic bombs. >> and that radioactive fuel is on its way to south carolina. we'll tell you why after the break and also we have new information on the durham police arresting a suspect who allegedly fired a shot at an
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coming up. . ten minutes after 5:00, still a little bit damp this morning. we had some showers to rolled through, a little bit of that lingering showing up on the radar. a little bit of drizzle as you're stepping out the door. take a look at these temperatures. 30s in a lot of places. cary, 37 in roanoke rapids. what a difference compared to the temperatures that we saw in the mornings last week, and tomorrow morning will be even colder. we have a frost advisory that i'll tell about you coming up. just mid-40s at lunchtime and high in the mid-50s so our temperatures continue to run well below normal. we'll see some sunshine over the
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mid-30s so coats for the kids at the bus stop and mid-50s, but breezy. we'll talk about the warm up coming in a few minutes. thank you, elizabeth. enough platonium to make atomic bombs is headed for storage. two british ships arrived to transport the platonium under a bilateral agreement, fitted with naval guns on ships and other protection. at least one environmental group in south carolina is questioning why the platonium needs to be stored on american soil. and north korea has fired a missile and several other short range projectiles into the waters off its east coast. this news from south korea's news agency three days after the north fired a medium range missile into the sea for the
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the launch is in response to u.s. joint exercises. nissan is recalling more than 46,000 suv's. the company is recalling some 2014 rogue vehicles to fix a fuel pump problem. it can cause theeng tin to stop while the vehicle is being driven. the company will fix those issues at no cost. and the company has until thursday to report on whether it has found a way to bring nearly 600,000 diesel cars in compliance with the emission standards. the judge issued the asked line last month. volkswagen admitted its software was created to intentionally created to defeat emissions test and put dirty vehicles on the road.
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>> a durham woman has . it is 5:15. camp lejeune is mourning the death of lewis carden. he was killed in northern iraq when his unit was attacked as part of operation inherent resolve. he was a signed to the second battalion 6th marine regiment of lejune and says it remains under investigation. there is no shortage of comic book heroes at the box office, but the stories often focus on male characters. >> one young entrepreneur in
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comic has a larger message. >> reporter: the creator isn't your normal writer. she has two bachelor's degrees and an m.b.a. she turned to her childhood love when the banking industry crashed. >> i started losing interest in something i started reading and i thought, why am i not interested in they're not reaching me. >> reporter: so she created her own. >> there's kala, who is african-american, and she's from south carolina. >> reporter: five strong women, different cultures, different powers, one message. >> the world is bigger than our little box. the world is huge and it's colorful, and people should just kind of embrace that and stop fighting it. >> reporter: he characters fight
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while knocking down cultural, and female stereotypes. >> and when we portray in entertainment, or we're dumb. so why can't you be sexy and always be amaze something she released the first comic book in january, and it's a short novel with illustrated action scenes. >> we write complex story telling, that drama, and the relationships. >> a comic about women, written for women, by one super woman. tara lynn, wral news, raleigh. >> all right. >> yeah. >> i like that. >> jasmine's a super hero herself. why can't you be sexy and amaze something. >> and i love what she said about, we're not in this little box. the world is huge and let's just embrace it and not fight it. i love that.
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>> she'll put that good business sense to work in her new venture. we'll have to pick one up. >> kala and all the other characters. >> the weather's changing for us again. of course over the weekend we ended up with some chilly conditions and a lot of cloud cover yesterday. let's talk about today. we'll head out and check the radar. first we'll start this loop, at a little after 1:00. we had a band of rain that was just back to the west. as it moved eastward, it dissipated pretty quickly and there's very little left. it still may be chilly running into a little bit of drizzle, maybe a little bit of mist. the radar picking up east of the viewing area on maybe a little bit of snow, too. most of us are not going to see that, but if there's any lingering moisture up to the north and east, there's slim possibility. for most of us we shift gears and everything's going to start
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we'll see skies gradually clear, apex at salem street and a couple lingering puddles. our temperatures are 39. we talked about this last week, and mike and aimee were discussing it of course all weekend, letting you know it's going to be a cold morning, and yesterday set the stage. the high was 43 degrees, so we've just dropped a little bit this morning. you're heading out to some chilly temperatures. our dew point is 36. it's 36 degrees in roxboro, 37 in south hill, and roanoke, and 39 in tarboro, and 38 in sanford, 42 in fayetteville, 41 in smithfield, so definitely chilly this morning. you can see the showers from overnight there showing up on the radar. this sump's going to zip out pretty quickly. we're seeing the clouds breakup to the west right now and as we head through the morning this high pressure system will help push that system offshore, that is also going to help keep the carolina. we'll see another day with temperatures below normal.
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you, too, as that high pressure moves in as that low moves out. we do have a frost advisory in effect for tonight. the chilly conditions continue, and this is for early tomorrow morning. 32 to 36 degrees frost likely, our entire viewing area under that. and i know a lot of folks got excited about the very long stretch of normal than warmer temperatures that we had, maybe started planting. the average latest freeze for most of our viewing area, is not until april 1st through 11th, so we are still have an iffy average. it's not unusual to see temperatures, and the northern trend is april 11th through 21st. so it is certainly that time of year that we can still see these freezing temperatures, it's just we haven't seen it in a mile. it's a really warm stretch for most of march. 56 degrees for the high temperatures today, again starting in the mid-30s, so coats heading out the door. and a high of 56. that feels
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for reference, the normal high in january, our coldest high is 50 so we're not going to be too much above that. we have a nice warm up, 65 tomorrow, 74 on wednesday. we'll get into the weekend and another system rolls around and our temperatures will be cooler again. our normal high temperatures in the upper 60s this time of year so we'll see normal conditions over the weekend. right now saturday will be dry and sunday, maybe a little bit wetter. 7:07 easter sunrise, showers are positive and i believe it will be cool with temperature in the mid-40s to the 50s. not as cold as this morning. we're checking out what's going on this morning in terms of traffic is everything is looking fine this morning. we did have some sprinkles and light showers overnight. those are moving out. i-40 at aviation is looking fine, and six forks is mostly dry.
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a new record for the ap c. next in sports how notre dame pulled out a nail-biter to join five other acc teams in the sweet 16. and check out this adorable
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he's been dubbed by . the sweet 16 is now set. oregon will face duke in the ncaa regional semifinals on thursday. the top seeded ducks survived a tough challenge retaking control of the game in the final two minutes. oregon, won 69-64. now here's ken medlin with the rest of the morning sports. good morning.
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weekend with the acc, grant total of six atlantic coast conference teams advancing. that's a new ncaa tournament on any conference or any coast, landlocked but it's not without drama. notre dame is down one, after stephen f. austin, final seconds, a chance to win. and fluger's shot is good. he scores the game winner with 1.4 seconds left as the fighting irish fight off stephen f. austin, 76-75. those were the only points they scored in the entire game. joining the irish in the sweet 16, is syracuse. the orange put the squeeze on middle tennessee state. 75 -50. how about another buzzer beater? wisconsin and xavier? the buzzer for three and the wins wisconsin wins at the buzzer, 66-63. elsewhere, villanova, cruises
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oklahoma holds off vcu, and in double overtime, texas a&m defeats northern iowa, 92-88. the aggies were down ten with less than 30 seconds left in regulation, and they still win. and finally, nascar's best are heading west. montana, california for the auto club, california, casey cane gets close to danica patrick and sends her into the wall. patrick's car gets airborne for a second running 19th and lets cane know she's not happy about it. it triggers the over time rules and jimmie johnson takes advance. third on the restart and johnson makes a move on the tuesday and wins the auto club poll 400. that's a look at sports. have a great monday. thank you, ken. breaking news this morning, significant police presence after a suspect fired on an officer. mikaya thurmond is live at the
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also ahead members had of north carolina's republican party say
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to . members of north carolina's republican party say they have no confidence in their chairman. the web site he hacked and the rules they say he's violating. >> plus, it's day two of president obama's historic tribe to cuba. the top leader he'll meet with today. >> and breaking news this morning from the durham county detention center. police say a weapon fired at an officer, mikaya thurmond has a live report coming up from the scene. we're coming up on 5:30. good morning, hope your weekend went well. >> i'm renee chou. our cool weather continues and we're going to nee the code this morning, that's for sure. it doesn't feel like spring, but it's going to be a pretty day.
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>> we had to deal with it over the weekend, and on friday we were talking about just how cold this morning was going to be. tomorrow morning's likely to be even colder. let's take a look at the radar picture. you can see some showers that we're approaching from the west. those are zipping on out. you shouldn't have much rain that falls in this morning. there could be just a little bit of drizzle. it's all dry this morning, and nash street, it's dry at this point. the temperatures are in the 30s all around the triangle. 39 in durham, wake forest, buck horn, cary, holly springs. 37 in moncure, even cooler near the virginia line. 37 in southern pines, it's 40 in rocky mount and wilson, 42 in fayetteville, 43 in goldsboro, so it's also damp, so it feels even cooler than it really is out there with those damp conditions. at 8:00, expect some sunshine to be breaking through the clouds.
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don't forget to send the kids in the winter coats. 49 at noon, a high of 56. plenty of sunshine. be a little bit breezy and that will be rather chilly. we'll take a look at the traffic, u.s. 1 at cary parkway, the roads are really drying out since the last rain we saw was several hours ago. in durham, is looking fine right now, bill. >> thank you very much, elizabeth. we'll begin with breaking news outside the durham county detention center. it was a frightening scene this morning. >> mikaya thurmond's been there since 4:30 where she showed us a heavy police presence and she's learned all of those officers are because a suspect fired on an officer, mikaya, what else have you learned? >> reporter: bill and renee, this happened near the south portion of the detention center. that is where the last few officers here on this scene now remain. we do know and have learned just about an hour ago, that that
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we do know that officer is said to be okay and the suspect was okay. at this time we are still don't know what may have led to this altercation, but with this happening near the sally port of the detention center and the jail, that ads on another layer of the amount of police presence we've seen -- adds on the amount of pressure we've seen. we continue to learn more information, so look for those updates every half-hour as we get them. bill and renee. >> live on the scene of breaking news in durham on mangum street. north carolina g.o.p. committee has centered, restricted, and given a vote of confidence to chairman harnett. the republican party central committee made the decision to
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they named eight rules including failures to perform his duties and the creation of a disrespectful environment. >> and accuse him of changing convenience prices without the party. >> of the 30 voting members, two members opposed the vote. >> the centure will be in place until they decide whether to remove him from office. president obama continues his historic trip to cuba today. he'll met with cuban president castro at the palace of the revolution today. castro did not greet aloma instead, he was greeted by top cuban officials. president obama then visited staff at the new u.s. embassy in havana. mr. obama is the first president to visit cuba in nearly 90 years. wral's leyla santiago is in cuba. she'll have live reports start in our newscast at 4 p.m. on wral.
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cube a on today wake county commissioners could vote to hold property tax assessors, worth every eight years, and under the new proposal that would happen every four years. supporters say this would help ease sticker shock to see their tax raise increase, and state house leaders plan to return to raleigh because they want to overturn the controversial nondiscrimination ordinance. charlotte city council passed a law last month allowing transgender people to choose the public bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity. governor mccrory at the time, called this a threat to public safety. house leaders say they're considering a proposal that would ban local governments from passing nondiscriminational ordinances or living wage ordinances that exceed state law. raleigh police are investigating a shooting in briar creek that sent two people to the hospital.
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convenience store. a 57-year-old man was shot in the chest. a 35-year-old man involved was taken to the hospital for observation. police say neither man had life threatening injuries. they also tell us they do have a suspect in custody. no word yet on charges or a motive. a man charged in a deadly crime spree is due back in court. gregory faces ten charges related to a crime spree in august accused of killing a raleigh pawnshop owner, shooting another man in the back and raping a 15-year-old girl. his court appearance today is related to breaking and entering and arson charges. you've seen pollen outside, and new maps show the south is getting pounded. >> but it's worse, to some cities to the west. if that makes you neil any better. seraplesouay want to avoid coming up. >> plus, general mills is implementing a new labeling
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what will this is connor. like so many kids, he was missing things in school. then we heard about sylvan's new teaching system, sylvansync. kids like connor typically see up to two to three times more growth than if they hadn't come to sylvan.
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goav a win cobut isoing li winr. re futecasat.m n sehelosn tast a we p ictntnsne ough43eg. gci 'l i out 10 des lo nwe wak toer perare tor hstdv in effect b sunine fo nextse days. e itn,ou yw com ow, h a frost aisormpow lowo mit effeor theie todelrm 30s, a0ch h 5ineasing sin butil
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tempes in mid-60s for morrow, looking atha temperatures,, 34 degrees. we'll b well away fm 1986. we warm back upo nearly 8 on thursday, but it wille weekend. tara is here doing traffic this moing. it looks quiet on the commute map. >> starting moay off at least fo on tds. wead litt bf troubt he e take co y fre onll oheous a take lt ind mmi. no in e direth a 7 dhingsso. ren ara. planeeafe ae prob on board.>>t causirs a pbl ny pplhave hear ht allandl dair
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to the tallest believe west of 5:54. a woman traveling to hawaii says her iphone randomly burst into fire mid-flight. >> there was eight-inch flames and i flipped it off on to the ground and it got on someone else's seat and the flames were getting higher and a bunch of people stood up. >> the flight was still 90 minutes away when the flare-up occurred.
5:55 am
are trained to take care of midair fires and quickly put out the flames and the flight landed safely. both apple and the faa are investigating. in l.a. you'll be able to slide down a portion of a building. a helicopter delivered the sky slide to the u.s. bank tower. this is part of the renovation to the tallest building west of the mississippi river. you see riders will glide 45 feet between the 70th floor and 69th floor in the glass tube, and when you get off, you'll be at an observation deck with a view from l.a. to the mountains to the ocean. the slide opens in june. despite the chill, cherry blossom trees in washington d.c. are blooming. low temperatures did not stop people from walking the park. peak bloom period is around wednesday, an extra note, the cherry blossom festival is underway and runs through april 17th. coming up in the next half-hour of wral's morning
5:56 am
visit to cuba takes another step forwarded it about a meeting that could lead to more avenues of agreement between the two nations. >> plus, what will happen today, in the ongoing battle over plans to deport a durham high school student. >> and we're on top of breaking news, outside the durham county detention center. police say a suspect fired at an officer there. mikaya thurmond will join us
5:57 am
when we come back. s conn lio ma ks, was msing gs iol - stct- getting it. we tried tors but didn connect then we d abouan's new ng s sysyncpers les ta by sy ied ructors, using nolo ks lo everee re eag. the rearey ing.
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>>resibaakhisty once again, mti toda predewhat talkste t >>usod i ldourt, t eoranfrashing into aicstndinere,'t flik ietr wielsgeatherll k ar. d ofr
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anday abo this ws rnino and n coat. th b wier coa a wore i t rng. e and since i n i coulisndmpatur i t, and it'sea b c ow, this is g tim binte coa thoh we pwi only ybt tomorrow an wean itwar the ref ar u rutoe iz morning. it's still a little bit damp out there you can see on the tarmac, around rdu and our temperatures are in the 30s this morning around the triangle. 39 in cary and wake forest, as well as durham, holly springs, duck horn and at the tv studios. up in virginia, 37 in south hills, 36 in roxboro, 39 in


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