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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  March 23, 2016 12:38am-1:38am EDT

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gik ea d oted ofhe gva ny ca,th en angimicit doent otts.[ la nsvae athe bureeren visit mmuns, a goinakinro ani ev re otognd stf ir l d or. sh w otn naof stue ofr h. gesh calls cinthguy fr t llelon" [ bil,i mi n,k t d psol favo "trolen e suez." ]oran t congo k fo tr cethe onrd use actuay queio pss clquon jag ofolal ub
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dvernepl ons. >> d i pr gia st opo pransethmmialy theis al p? eth: " at's elyyou en yoarlding potical ison ht ] like d chocola l ov h di ehe set i' beea gooy bu tum h[ ug ]in fact,ubes s til .acrdan rs h, f lioners ma in ban prisenf ul ctro foit, ob know, 'se a onin cuba. but er dfentay uger ] hethe juxtitioins fldingand the jail dienem uthathile gore re nbe m buamse ed forosply isotion erare siam t av tit c
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rry,e strip. scydro . free your . hetie,time eye nncrod afton everne.moritue spiawh you shat yove... ..who ve.keogs frosteflak the grrr stein' hythto aun flow. ho nee to then fee go? [ play re'sartyr here. there'sarty t now, hey. love it, t, i havratevere rheumaid arthrit likme and re talki to aeumalost aboua biolog thismira is mira helpi to reeve myanect nts furtdamage this is hu hele h for doctors haeen presinghumi f more than tenea. huraorks many .
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inflon tha cobutes sympms can ler youility ht ions, inudg tubeulosis seriouometatal inctions a ccers includmpho ve hd, as have liver nervoustemroblems, seris alic rea, new seni t fa fore tnt g stedb. telldoct you'n toas whrtain fungal infens aommon, and if y've hatb hepatib, arone to inctio, e flu- sympms or so don'art if ve actio talk to your dand sit .com
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a a] wme b ybod se he overre on n chndppuse so, apweek, fred odrum hello, fd. fre ch app th fd,ongrat, on fale "polandia" rson ifc tioner asf >>re y. th lot eth: fred were talking abo thi "portlandia,rfect example of what some may say is a problem right now. tv has so many greatws teon it's hard to keep up with everything. i was complaining to fred about this. and he said to me, he does not have that problem, because he watches every episode of every television show on tv. do you stand b stament? >> fred: yes >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] every epode of every tshow >>d: yht
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th mns is ag "edis trrate tv p. alt,ouho wos. i'm gonna name a show that's on television. and based on the title, you' gonna tell me what it'about. >> fred: okay. >> seth: oreate is "web of ." of ow lies," righ set dnot kn. red:ave yo >>eth: i hnoseen i itoit t yo >> s okare it. s s "b s -- usa esrn[ laugeru lith jus cid o ba. ikn and ifanitw anome than the iff comes in s tpalife i u 00 jli, that flkaround
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, 'seay, nd the dus h,eah. >>rees are du yy. , kn owy' d ano ths noat [ er .so'sof tse -- itt'got gr, now, westu owi >>et "web of se bad na s fd: wel 'cae the'me, ofiter in herewe owopyi whd no dt.neaut n a lot. >> sh:opth >> f l ois ow ts ea t'ntastic. ianna sha toguide, " n hour lon docus
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re d:htwell, li i on thein onhat .>> oy, so er s ." u md four exy ch app ving on, hhewe bemaerow ent o gs are, th n ha an it, it'ti aior " dgrameeus] you embe di w raand o wt comm. fiup o ncamol onheere, s a ch b [ nd applause ] buedck ng o one siweanjo vieson theere rinkitur in the middl we ve
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the fih drink wi cwoer ode h on oere,e y ng d tidthin thre. [ lit ught ving o avmanson e siry in middle avthings er g ell. onne side tru protesonheav a tethddle e t a goo ce of knked t. laht ] n. side we ve sea thheside we ms. e we hav y.nd ause ofse wil -e ths us invi e e he rohe bar.
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he he igl. [ m gettinled er on oneid thethide e thke song. tide weavin you shouldn't puinr laug mt ot of q-tip ns hefiy,e desaon r wriveorotth mileha, wi e rern at "veiagrams," wel be backitla t. a applause soere are goingdinn? iturpr
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day lg. i want what he eny kevi heancy sg you uhlive r over ly. u've bee my pl no, i ...ook, yodropmeth it'sour resuith a llarl tapetot. wei nt t fore o. hahawhat? well alwlookinfor lopers e up f big wch chages likeaking , tranitalbett y dou checur w watc telle at t i ld be ere. ohn't hieopl i'develo
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agai my ll eee >>eth: f s a rmn e high antited lmatf ic iche
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takek. nt tiy shinyour t in sky, t go t it. thbais d ry i coidermerc >>me. you? you ll. >> seth: plee tohe show, henry vi. [ cheers and applause ] hoe you? [ cheers and applause ] w yo v, ank hoe u? sh: i'm very .congra t fm. ishi aicipated
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n secrec you' reaald aymu noing. s os teever. t la etea jt aor nos ve coulouw etous ou this movie yo wanar i'llthg yothin i can thers --arr otheavin t c la ca. eth:ryit gh atn pegoin peopleotg inrest? fheu nsfo supehe o mare. ] seth: yea g >> yeah,, tmlk aone. >>ettrue they- .i k donatin' f ghlaer >> yes.>>eth:se of th n. la beie s- berniean info of naes la so, thi ink so pple go orheth r. >>ouom
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moanru. ist e >> yh, fcoc ans, e, are the most te comk daitnly whwas withe k. it aht eve, oh, d't. seth: reall yhere s ere th? ug ] h: that's . must an t 'vmett onyeah the waguy o as ronevery red t got ocd wianart oplee >>?
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eth, won le trt, cajust havnd t ausph >> yeah.>> seth: pboar>> a ay utinas m? ught ] now, ts bvsecond tim i wod yont meof what d ke drerom the rsti te ndosanard that yida adjumeth e.>> y, i ok tos desi. and w verimans --st s iedt, busd ike abthe. h: y nei chse owon keid itao geou ug ]liwh w how lon ve?kelo pean -ai thi whoso into otjust ce wein>> -- it took le. i meanthsut abou i dnow, 0 minu>> seth:t'no gd. ew sui ilo sierethas grea ratu has. [ ht
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>> -- lly, 'cae i'n,t'a ry cspus z>>ea , , no. itrttines s aper. otat tuon gti t change. anw, ilsa ask out th20 - m i keuch t ngt keu to [ ght ug an're ng like wh eis ing ? ket pi lihepl iju >> d pto h, dyosto music? g the par1 pln. but you ou elow y iar i had fwn over meeting zach w th h ro. >>he y ea so tma ightanwa ael
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y kyo rtow. eaan d ag hel, me dinner d n d paed o, a uhe snd o y l al i on omyd i had o >> set ty'dr ly ugerback to ba h:ait, ncl h: o i pee. anthwas set ae otth was thtr my r d het ed whe ro w so >> sh:e you blinrot,cai'm ettye that ht pr w
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to t f dr w d woke complelna anin llettyig problem ea >>eeto. d s eratelin, wh ina? >> s was ver arfoyo htta v y sendy. s >> wand pe ia as pretty b otel , i lond down i ec pl ats. >>eth:lant ber comedy i've eree p plant's yanen you' codnryhis thar poednts. eth:ot>> i tht, do iee ie? meheit pr mbhere bire ca a si n escape, knth poola t t ththro uer tught, n hi yh. laht , n the fcape to e anned out bnnis urt,hichcl o.dn'twe -- meas i >>s wathou 3: a >> ska
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e. th iti b, i just pee off the tof the hotel. [ ht ttle bet uger >> aawon l dnuite sol ob 'use waed tse my hm kean on >> s i toughoujustot sucdo aorr y.f was ked, itp hi i'd do. ] rzed us y wenwiha t d sonow what, ri t etown m anin etor,o e y d out, gough at thren, sa treptnii' ally emasngded thatal essing. i yselt ofhol om c hmy t
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atesn't n'even up. ani was inki, of his ppth ughter ]ea >> le, whyavt iway at t e? highindeinpa. she you g ? yeg do yh, you too hed,ll seri andy waedta icwardvator deay [ witeake t econ y t t bac. t i ur-- i di sep for ightsu thatonn cara aost the b. eth: yeahas not w atood ode surmthd. >>ow pw agastheot hoth i i sh: wnk s for ing thnk y soucr bere cotsn thfilm hank. rs a >> s h cill,ybwn o e" e
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mmy ! mmjohn!frearesh dy. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night" everybody. our next guest is the golden globe oscar nominated actress who wrote and starred in the breakout hit "my big fat greek wedding." you can see her in the highly anticipated sequel "my big fat greek wedding 2" in theaters this friday. let's take a look. tak hus on a te don't rry abouything will ith i'k toer i'care her of awayrom family m juding
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>>eall un. laugh. one le, doght. h mes don't about ur daute reer, yoe a gifrnd fore were er. okay? you'come . ug ] >>ase he ow, ni. [ eendppla] s welco tthe ow it's so goyo ain hlohell i'soor you. >> s t ych i'py for y >> you know wh we'r twope i ce known as sh siss.
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>> aarg ay. warying to float >>usin mstmiddleund. at ah:is hlpad el you toloime ofeeess. osas yoareres. ou r ur d as ea et'm about t t gmyself. ?yoveompe. y yavpets dowo ane won these o fi iird oughomand look gr em hwo coacs sl. s oy,t'nioach kach th lasted t da a erad. deadshgoonheusscolnd olr kiere et t
1:16 am
wke, ey, 'sp, ndergard?" soutshoa kac ie >> a they didn't et ere hahaed ane nt"i t tre sick e dsn the we e went, "may ting ki wli e-sci a er . >> sus pullscoach lend c halhoolusutso t soobus orenndkids out aerli ah eth: exactly ath ynoyou uld of cougo bk hat thscol. >>xaly >> seth: yh.athawod it was her spad>>eth: wsa when thveairseyarsiy "twi acurhildn lauger erdy f leon h. gecle tod l lose t >> yes.h:ne oeath abw wiiland wwn fam yesi -- fen
1:17 am
and one of things at i mostembohese fisdes o all. y zs anwathe ? veryin frts tcl l eslloe de >> sh:inl won'a little s hay?>> cdoll>>h:he y tany t havee ? isuy al erme i td,its aprten my ge tweezerss a ft. 'susical "get to brow y. fothy, ceifco laseir h:ta nse hi obody ke wus "oh k [ etow in first f e theyraagai yes. defi ey allmy moe.
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>>etowp inhe rdal we iav27 couns. they aar a then >>h:ka >>the film, lk fo face with di [ ug ] ska>> they erre >>eth:ow behe exas pod thgh my days tho pue ca heno wtter seth:ouavet e stofhextras. owilmss y to a box officessg sc tt aere omere wee to and it jt th tng tt been le t hgo awerewi t rector and the and y en mome we do te you it's stly, ohhere csi
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ht ] sh: wh i iminli gngs your l evermea oued a sy.yee in a miouil aun you wl be at are you g? sit true thatof ur ous, m, thwas a enen nuer oancomedy of all mens ghethe >heotlaed fts? >>o. th street ati ink sweden. d id, "iove your moe,ve mhe et set i w l at's ok o hrtd t veoln s h giv rlly, reallni. h:ple should make moreemeds e you ston thetree i rlly -- i getffyes. etelthat's fan coratulative
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>>hank youmu. thk h:igat [ chrsnd appe vars k weddg taters ay k wir gal eld e use to wis spss and! seey big fateek g 2 d leartose windhe rig onrd s noon wws!
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...yworld cardonly at pricm. ch a] s welcome bk "te ghvebodyne gueerved he s attorneyer for r ease welthe ow, ic hder. chrs go s y loowe. wyoaway fm puics,his nd ybett >> u y
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obwas your hthaty fore weorne >>wat is g hamore ou, >> on bef ica givingay tse arii e toake r >> tou vch. , reckinr own rdthttory ge >>jo e rnals th ief laenthunsoou he onsibi eorri. thaln rust disioncivi, vinmtal and tu urs vi g at t meoes at s nd oconnectith attotite resie it. s youca, rosed terror tsi ur thtstrin se and theficuy t n tchi pe th >>lyug prers e th the bel anespe- b worklyo deal . estougs ect e show i th swe have paty oo ke i
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te t rubca, o nt toryilarur e h in em of juste, whi best in rl havndleref es st. sd ai of ththgst ur tim was vithometngt d veence in coif. ny? w thiis one hi to be bstor but i s 100% ay itics were 1% seth:s tful nd al t'l. it f [ laught >> st'ea>>hen we shld idmohaed maed. we d wod n rias opp inuar x arwithpross. gl. it'sst faith m ce set liany people a lg h inbvly
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yo tos t whctf reic a acemen that ructd? ihif irspthtino fl rer ma it neeade thplhator kingeans any pothurt widell ndaf cly gll souosa arhi loes that in t f wemeican ry, st e s s posive ts t m ready d he oht t on. >>eth:i wanto abhoyofit me idob ihameat a dityico? >> n- onrney nei cate the trut
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[ lauger ] s vie to village. ustt a at. he an. h -- hwas gean oth id"ynow what? 's working out.i id, 'm with u,ack.he said,don' geds? and wmi, stmeanwe cli biwan xico.ka gya er liem. ier ulould mat. ela n yo l here youka laug thu r caou tis thg haeep e >> wt inus ddt g.was bornonh:. [ ] ou y did mat ar part atrt d hgithob. u owi ta real ick abyo lacy us dix e heto s an1
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ben a ann.tha tetowagati whsuemcourdid a feyete, ca ot oleha thr thei ev ime that t partnt of tas onversatioout th desitonf o. heartment ly et spl iohe dartment ndha coss pasas onalf is somba t we itionalistwho sa th's w nd weo tbitylota d jmet,if you loo htory nsofagac e ug tthersa in itsge w ttot r rnnt, my jus me o d for maia eq and me li for all osbd brisrs.and i t decio w hy e rit d it the veonrvivem
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pr ihink we ha wt ut t gu away. thougbe inefm whh ad ihiof ano bein ilpo m explaiiman oha gh i n th. m ihi w t use we r im to mae av in ght thf tianthin in the pawe ve, e waon dgs p ledrug offders loiod of time, which bting the systhste me'snow goes t e f isand i doch, 's to owroanowhibifb theea rthe paans ju jus u people seg n ol is consthhos >>etowti t-- criticismf me h:i'm ing b alck. re%
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>> i'm syo k at reallo you ow ] >>t dng thi all re prosecuons.reetanrst jafterhi e, y kw, st d th upside do ural swent y weheo nkin il therethid go inpeop a y el baers dn go jail. bu thinkou h tandd have maas, ertainly ve. t k of thinni. omtotio he ases vethstat toen f atto mee w imy unab to dot. wuld haade we wouav dert, i ma sugsschs he l situats ul repets >> sou tolcore, then everywi be fe xt tim st to me all ti.
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y last thi have somee r eso tain ameat n. d i k inout this by, obve ne l civigs. isome to you thal someone iski a thi amicofhe pth t provemen i algethat broht this country wt great ai amerhas en gat and ll onanback to a , l ido'sd, re n matsnly a of peop y a pol , tha d 50 yearsgoot t ste ple. want toar ilroathaade d keth er 2century han e at e up thtupi e bery[ rs app] aat snd ken.thsor beg
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1:35 am
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y johnere! what t so ? mmy john! freafresh very. a mann unifor [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to henry cavill, nia vardalos, eric holder. and of course the 8g band. stay tuned for carson daly.
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so evm rsy. you it "" ouopig ie vekyomerity. temprs goa keebro am the fla tonightf o feson funes orkioday yoim fm "arr ve"30 ndatmaine movi" n tch him arn th ca "fl the d rn
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thyoowreike pl you-- whas th th like, our th utce f obou, s unri and then t's whhe otherhas ev osmars m cu hougat merc so wede tual ner , rth,hen ike pir -- [ erh t?the furthest one out. ske stig, e'uto? wer tng thsosyi , noa plet h didt? l. inofum will ad writer, an hun anmag


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