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tv   WRAL News at 4pm  NBC  October 27, 2016 4:00pm-4:59pm EDT

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man: put your end up, boss. [ bang ] watch it! sorry. man: all right. close it up. [ horn blows ] lucy: fabian. fabe. hi, luce. hi. what time is it?
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go back to sleep. okay. i left you some breakfast. i'll call you later. okay. glad you're here. okay. oh, captain. graham wells. appreciate you taking the time. would you like a menu, sir? uh, no, thank you. just black coffee and whole-wheat toast. hold my order till the captain's is ready, will you, evie? yes, mr. wells. pretty spartan fare, captain. i'm not a big breakfast eater. mm-hmm. well, uh, should we wait to break bread or shall i go ahead and explain myself? i'm listening. a fortune teller friend of mine said you made an appearance in his crystal ball the other night. oh? what was i doing?
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[ chuckles ] i hope telling fortunes t w your friend makes a living. ha ha ha. that's funny. no, no, no. i think he has other sources of income, but indulge the hypothetical, frank. excuse the presumption. some perspectives becoming chief of police would be a hell of an attractive prospect. some perspectives it would culminate a career. hypothetically speaking. that's why i wanted you to know that there are people in this town, and you're sitting across the table from one of them, that think if you take an offer like that self short. they think the next desk you sit at ought to have the seal of the city on its front, and they want to help you get there. dispatch. we have a 911 -- armed robbery in progress, surplus store, corner of peebles drive and 124th street. [ slow piano music plays ]
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item six -- until notice, all calls are referred to th.. are escorting the city marshals this morning. they're gonna serve a citation to this russian freighter that's been dumping all that gunk in the harbor. you believe those creeps? dumping sewage? item seven -- officer hill's father passed yesterday. bobby's gonna be off for the next three days. officer renko's gonna team with officer garfield until bobby gets back. eight -- ...armed robbery and narcotics theft at volker's pharmacy last night.
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of this guy been knocking off all the drugstores. this perp's wrong, people, and he's been getting more active. a yablonsky citation to the cop that makes the collar. item las-- detective belker has asked to address the shift. [ indistinct talking ] get married, babe! everyone who's been trying to attend my wedding for the last several days... [ lauger ] i wanted to apologize for lousing up your schedules. um, robin and i are getting rried noon today at city hall. man: sure. [ laughter ] and then we're gonna stop back here after the ceremony on our way to pearlman's, which is a lodge where we have a honeymoon package at. actually, we -- we have two days left on the package we bought.
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yeah, the detective's talking like he committed a brink's job. [ laughter ] everybody knows that he was on a case. and i'm sure that everybody wishes the detective and the future mrs. belker all the best. [ applause ] okay, that's it! let's go! they're getting away out there! we gotta get that refrigerator over here. i don't do no heavy lifting, babe. y, mick, you got nothing to apologize for, all right? it's been a very awkward situation. ah, he's just trying to get rid of his best man, that's all. aw, that's not correct. are you gonna be talking to bobby? calling tonight. he's going home with his daddy's remains. oh, good. um, could you convey our sympathies? right. well... excuse me.
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so he's a little nervous. he's a little wound up. he'll be okay. well, today better be the charms. that boy's brain is floating toward the thin ice of mental health. gentlemen. hey, sid. hey, what you got, sidney? sid, you know any cheap delivery people? delivery of what commodity? pick up a refrigerator at the kubiak and bring it over here. legal delivery, i can't help you. on the other hand, you guys want to pop that mad dog pharmacy killer? hey, guy hasn't killed anybody, sid. and the department is just gonna wait for that to occur? whatever happened to first strike? listen, guys. i got somebody with reliable access to this creep. cooperative? not exactly, but, uh, you could bust her for receiving, make a deal. $200 buys my assistance. half a ball. $50? hey, look, fellas, this isn't like farming. i fink on a source, they're lost to me forever. i think leon's got a truck. maybe he could bring the fridge over here himself.
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all right. $50. let's do it. you know, i, uh, i happen to like this lady, but i guess that doesn't count for anything, either. nope morning. captain. couple of real softies. good morning, captain. a lot of phone calls. i think, uh, lieutenant hunter might ha steed in s. 's leaning against the door saying, "how you doin', luce?" fabulous fabe. on't know yet. we don't know yet? i mean, when does he have to be back at school? he thinks he mig go to school up here. they're getting away from us out there, joe. luce, wait a minute. at? didn't we go through this jackpot last year? look, faan's not talking about ving in with his mother, righ i mean, he knows she's back hooking again? right. so he's talking about moving in with you? also right. don't you think you've had your quota lately, luce? of what? of getting hurt.
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that's the best feeling i had in a long time. but what about what comes afterward? we're taking this one step at a time, all right? the first step is he is here and he thinks he wants to stay. now, if he decides that is what he wants, i'm gonna do everything i can to make that happen. i know it might be a mess. you're right. but on the other hand, it might work out. when do i get to see him? he's coming up later today. he's so big you're gonna die. you are crazy. you're an artist, terry. it's like this gentleman's body is the cover of the saturday evening post and you e nor. don't move around. oh. that's gottaet. save the sugar, sid. how do you know these guys? i know the white guy from harrisonville. the black guy is a friend of the white guy. terry, johnny. cold hands. i like that in a man. pleasure's all mine.
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hi. so, who wants the tattoo? well, actually, johnny inherited a tv camera that he, uh, wants to dispose of. good luck. i thought maybe you knew some people in the industry. are you a cop? me? absolutely. so is he. you want to see our badges? ter, doesn't that kid, uh, jamie make films or something? i don't know. why don't you call him and find out? fine. you don't want the business... how much do you want for it? $750. four bills. earth to neal. go get the camera. hey! ooh! salome won't hurt you. feel her. she's cold... like your hand. yeah, yeah. oh, god! it's squeezing me! you should feel honored. she usually doesn't like strangers.
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such a positive response from a boa. got a bill of sale? i inherited, remember? oh, yeah. um, you, uh, inherit pretty regular? couple of times a month. well, uh, come back next time you're in mourning. yeah. i'm sorry, honey. you're busted. yeah, baby, you're arrested. you have the right to remain silent. sid, you creep! you're cops?! you guys are cops?! oh, save the crap. terry. a guy's gotta eat. larue: cuff her, neal. unh-unh. here on this floor. be careful. he's got an axe. that's enough, mister! says who? says me. now drop that pick. you know this guy? bobby? bobby! why are you smashing in that lock? to get inside. do i recognize you? not in your present condition you don't. the instruments in this locker are mine.
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om me! bobby, if you don't put down that axe, i'm gonna have to take you in, buddy. you ain't taking me anywhere. all right. watch his hands. bobby, you're busted.
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heard you had some excitement at the harbor, howard. we butted a few helmets. hey, good for you, lieutenant. i heard you cussed them out. lieutenant, the captain's looking for you. howard. oh, frank, we couldn't serve the summons. we were bushwhacked by some federal bureaucrats. mm-hmm, i heard the story, howard.
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ah, the monday morning quarterbacks have been checking in, are they, frank? your assignment was to safeguard the marshals. instead, you engage the ship's mate in a bullhorn shouting match. then you search nonpublic areas of the ship for nonexistent defectors and you make totally unfounded accusations about spying accompanied by frisks of two soviet citizens. frank, it is well-known kgb are assigned to every so-called merchant vessel. what is well-known to the officials who have called me is that your cowboy patriotism could precipitate an incident. the chief's office wants you to draft an apology. judas h., frank. and i happen to agree. within the hour, howard. if you'll excuse me, i'll consider my response. your apology. very well.
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would say about this, frank? what's that? [ speaking russian ] this eatlarge toilet bowl. lieutenant. miss davenport. everythi okay? just howard... trying to start world war three. come with me to the monsignor keller dinner tonight. ght we turned that down. we, lt callahan got the flu and they just called and asked me to deliver the address. i'll get our duds from the cleaners. dish the dirt, furillo. what was breakfast with graham wells about? he said fletcher daniels may resign next month. evidently he's been offered a consultancy with the crime institute. what's that got to do with political kingmaking? wells said that if they offer me daniels' job, before accepting, i should keep in mind
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furillo, you political hunk. oh, i think he's in left field. i've never heard of mr. wells playing that position. was itells who, uh, invited you toake the speech tonight? the keller committee just called a few minutes ago. you don't think there's a connection? i hadn't thought about that. what's your speech gonna be about, furillo? i haven't thought of that, either. mm. how about...rising young italians? apologize. apologize for what? for taking the kid gloves off when it comes to dealing with a bear? uh, you'll be pumping iron, then, sir? judas. if i can find my weights. all right. who moved them? hell are they? all non-departmental property was removed from the equipment lockers, sir. to where and by om? i believe the storage room, sir. where the hell's the storage room?
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goddamn russkies. that sickle and hammer. please! aah! conspiracy aah! i can't tolerate this. i won't tolerate it. man thinks he can run roughshod on me. now, mr. parsons, i know you're upset -- bobby thinks he don't have to answer to no one. i know, but there's an area i have to keep clear here, huh? oh, there he is! there's the great man! the a-number one -- why, you --! hey, don't be kicking him. man, you sold me out! oh, preach on it, bobby! blame everyone but your damn fool self! would you please move out of my way, sir?
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that was my cubicle he broke -- i was trying to get my damn instruments back! they ain't yours no more, bobby. you ignored one too many court order and one too many notice to pay. what the hell you wanna do with that stuff, ned? all you know is grinding money out of people who ay those things. is that so? i guess it wasn't me starving with u those 11 years on the road, huh?! ridi my back, you mean. and i guess it wasn't you that checked me into that damn detox. closer than i ever want to get to hell and be alive! which was to go there or to go to jail and you should have stayed there until you was well! listen to me now! do you want to charge him with attempted theft? we already got him for destruction of property -- go ahead, ned. drive another nail in. it ain't worth my time. so long ned. go find yourself another picker to sink your teeth into. now, bobby, turn around here now and talk to this lady. empty your pockets. put it on the counter. well, i'll take my trousers off if you ask real nice. hey, shut up! turn around here and face this counter. hey, just a second. i recognize you.
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that got me popped for possession last week and got me into this whole damn mess! lasteek?! it was six months ago, pal! and your manag'sight. you got yoself into this all by yr own lonesome. six months? my, time sure flies when you're having fun. put th thing down! book him! walk over there. okay, let's take your picture, dude. lord, have mercy on me. [ groans ] [ engine chugging, squeaking ] ugh. oh. ugh. damn. of course.
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men? are you down here? any other captives? or am i the onlyne e russes have taken? at i formerly a unersity instructor. 14 years. ere'd you use to tea? various instutions now i'm driving a taxicab. are you gonna take the parkway? the parkway is closed to southbounds from 100 to 00, sir. would you like to do the drfor iving ? man: police officer! uld u like to do my job? [ whistle blows ] i'm going as fast as i can.
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you're grabbing my shoulder. [ growling ] you're grabbing my shoulder, and you're growling! he's got him. he's busted. he's got him. sir, i am becoming very anxious. hey, green! let's go! [ horns honking ] i will! i'm driving! with this ring... i thee wed. and with all my worldly goods, i thee endow. man: i now pronounce you man and wi... finally. ride. didn't think we'd bring this one home after three days. my warmest congratulations to you both. thank you. thank you, sir. my bill. i know it's high, but i had a lot of downtime on this one. [ chuckles ] taking an american prisoner --
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oh... beat him about the head... into this... dungeon of a boiler room. [ sighs ] if you think howard hunter goes peacefully, you comrades of the s.s. gulag, think again. [ coughs ] you have invited an asp to your breast. you have swallowed a piranha. [ pipes squeak ] [ laughs ] if this... rustbucket sinks... i'm eleanor roosevelt.
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detective, i'm representing terry sylvestri. yeah, who'd the snake hire? i don't understand. private joke, missavenport. ms. sylvestri informs me you suggested, on the way to the station house, her cooperation in another matter might get these charges dropped. worth a conversation. we could have another one on entrapment. i'll get an interrogation room. anybody else hot? here they come. here. man: get ready. here they come. do you believe that creep leon? hey, congratulations! [ cheers and laughter ] i may not have been there, but i'm still the best man, huh? aw. aha. aha, congratulations, mick! god, you're strong! did you come by dog sled, leon? registration lapsed. i got pulled over.
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uh, excuse me. everybody listen up. mick, robin, as head of the group-gift committee, it gives me great pleasure to present you this 21-cubic-foot, frost-free refrigerator from your friends and fellow officers at hill street station. thank you! that's so sweet, j.d. now, that's what i volunteered for. this is great! is it me, or is anybody else hot? no, it's hot. spy ship without a radio transmitter. [ door opens ] lieutenant? sir? you down here? ballantine? ballantine, are you all right? we were looking for you, sir. or just myself, i guess, sir. you're at large on an enemy vessel? your liberty granted to you?
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ainwashed and turned you. no, i came down looking for . you owe me no apology, ballantine. torture is a terrible thing. was it the tiger cages? nobody's tortured me, sir, honest to goodness. i say, there's no shame, ballantine. the only shame is not admitting the truth. sir, the truth is i don't know what you're talking about. [ chuckles ] very well, ballantine. oh, look, the miss america contestant. oh! sorry, old sport. we'll deprogram you when you come to your senses. [ pipes squeaking ]
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interrogn room "b." miss sylstri's already in there. comfy in here, sarge. reminds me of the bataan death camps. furillo: drive carefully see you in a couple ys. reminds me of the bataan death cambye. bye. henry... have you seen howard? not for a while. when he turns up, tell him i want to see him. stan, we've got to do something about this heat. boiler man's on his way. hey, sarge, you better have them check the water pressure, too. bertha's hot to trot today. you gotta go downstairs right away, sal. you could boil an egg in here. on my way. bertha and i got an intimate relationship. sergeant buntz around today? uh, that would be lieutent buntz. no, a blondie -- tall drink of water. tell her sal's looking for her. what do you people pay for heat? no wonder the city's going broke.
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. sylvtr she une ismmom prosecution, other than crimes of vlence, during the period her business is under surveillance. purpose of surveillance is arrest and prosecution of male caucasian, tattooed, approximately 35, suspected in various armed robberies of drugstores during the past six weeks. doesn't naow the field much, gentlemen. all we got. where'd you learn to give tattoos? san diego.
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hey, tommy! they don't call you guido over here? tommy donahue.
4:36 pm
stan's a turnout sergeant. how you doing? you got a place? yeah, come on. od to meet you. it's everything they say. ah, yeah, yeah. aah. you gotta take a ride with me, guid. yeah? who we gonna see? a juice guy -- one edward fertello. i believe edward needs to be arrested. i ought to hit you right in the head. yeah, please give me a lecture now. when you gonna smarten up, tommy? hey, no prize. [ sighs ] how much you owe? of bucks. hey, this guy's a crook. what difference does it make what i owe? oh, are we arresting mr. fertello? we're not playing "improve my loan," huh? we are arresting him. i may have subsequent plans. [ sighs ] what, are they giving you female hormones up here, guid? shut up. [ chuckles ]
4:37 pm
[ sighs ] now, look, uh, i'm not happy, tommy. we're policemen, norm. we're doing our duty. "happy" don't enter in. [ sighs ] ain't it kind of hot in here? we're trying to locate the source of the problem. what can i do for you? just give me an educated guess. how much bail do you think they'll want for bobby angel? just book them, mister. i don't fix their bail. officer? uh-huh? what do you suppose the bail's gonna be for bobby's hoo-ha down there at the storage? i don't think it makes much difference. as far as i know, bobby ain't got no money, does he? i'll go it for him. you'll go it for him after all that hoo-ha? course, i can relate to that. there is something about that jerk, i't there? it's a particular kind of jerk. the probable truth is, until bobby runs out of people like us,
4:38 pm
that should do it. hold the bail for him. tell him, uh -- hell, tell him it's from some secret admirer. hey, luce, look who's here. fabian, how you doing? hey, joe. hey, buddy, how are you? great. he turned into a beanpole. it's hot in here. they're working on it. they're gonna fix it. joseph, uh, excuse us for a second. sure. what about dinner, all of us, tonight? come on. great! i'll see you later. about me staying with you? yeah, about that. i want to. you don't wanna go back to your grandmother? i don't likethere so much. my grandmother doesn't have any patience, and she's always mad at me. you don't wanna stay with your mom? i've been asking for you to call me for a couple of weeks. fabian... if you lived with me, i'd be like your mom, which means you'd have to enroll in school, and you have to do what i say.
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get the courts to give their okay -- hire a lawyer and everything. lawyers charge a lot of money, huh? yeah, that's why i wanna know if you're sure. well, pretty sure. which is it -- sure or pretty sure? i don't want you to spend a lot of money. don't worry about it. that's my problem. otherwise, okay? okay. [ mumbling ] night-combat conditions. become the environment. van. see if you like what this does to your engines. [ rattling ]
4:40 pm
ugh! you shanghaied the wrong year, my friend. [ pipes squeak ] [ engine chugging ] that's why nobody likes dealing with you guys. shut up, eddie. and that's why ex-cops don't get a loan. look at my eyes, eddie. figure out how much i care. don't screw around with my phone book, please! what does this look like, norm? could it contain some sort of code? aw. what do you want, you freakin' deadbeat? you're already six weeks overdue. ugh!
4:41 pm
all right. oh! oh. ugh! hey, go on back to the card game, fellas. deal another hand, huh? go on! get out of here, you hear me?! tommy? norman... believe this? this was total mistaken identity. eddie's being a real prince.
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stan... is there a window still open? no, windows are tight. must have shut down the boiler so he could work on it. could get double-triple pneumonia in here. i'm suing for loss of income. somebody please go down and check on that damn repairman. my pleasure. mine too. an english -- that figures. left over from... ha! great progress you've made, boris. [ door opens ] huh? damn! they're looking for their mate. very well, mr. molotov, they're coming down to you.
4:46 pm
this world. [ mumbling ] stand back, whoever you are, or this gulag goes to davy jones' locker! lieutenant hunter? a rescue party! you've saved me! are you all right? have we saved the ship? lieutenant! what? this is the hill street station. [ mumbling ] some unfortunate pawn of the commissar. now that we're in command, can we medevac him out of here? sure, howard. i wasn't being recalcitrant on this apology. don't worry about it, howard. the chief's issuing a "department regrets." i see. other than a concussion, i think you survived your encounter with the steampipes, lieutenant. thank you, doctor. i wouldn't drive for 24 hours. i'll drive him home. it was a most extraordinary experience. the entire hallucination had
4:47 pm
what's the matter, howard? [ chuckling ] i'm just so glad to be back in america. [ moaning ] stan? hmm? let's notify the city attorney. civil suit? big. blondie! my tall drink of water! sleep? angel: ? i don't know how ? ? i don't know when ? ? i know someday ? ? we'll meet again ? bobby, that was so beautiful. well, ain't you nice to say so. you know, i just want to tell you something. you have been a perfect gentleman, and i don't know where those stories come from.
4:48 pm
for helping me out in court today. where do you have to go so soon, bobby? well, i'm beginning to think you folks is temperance. and seeing how it's getting that time of evening, i like to wet my whistle! oh, andy, do you think a single drink -- daryl ann, he, uh -- don't you folks disagree on my account. oh, andy, my daddy's sweet briar corn mash -- it's made in the family way. it couldn't do any harm on a cold night like this. daryl ann, i -- honey, sing him one of your songs. you write some tunes, andy? yeah. okay. i'll pick you one. ? i am a policeman in a -- ? i can't sing in front of you. i'm too embarrassed. just a little case of stage fright, andy. boy, honey ain't sweeter than straight from the comb! oh, my lord. whoo-oo-oo! boy, that would kill an ordinary man!
4:49 pm
tickling me, now! ah ha ha! whoo! whoo! whoo! ? well, daryl, just to see ? ? you in those jeans ? ? makes ol' bobby's blood to boil ? ? and makes me wanna scream ? ? oh, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme what i need ? hey, hey, get off her! that's about it! stop it! wait a minute, andy. i'm just having a little fun. not with my wife, you don't! i'm gonna tell you something -- you just crossed the mason-dixon line, hoss! get out of my house! what are you -- one-way?! don't you never come back here again! hey, well, like i always say -- don't count me out, but don't count on me either. [ laughs ] get out. you guys could be here for a while.
4:50 pm
you wanna play some gin? oh, sure. winner plays the snake? [ chuckles ] you don't wanna play salome. she cheats. yo, company coming. right. hey, lucius, you put on a little weight? terry. [ chuckles ] my main woman. yeah. say, bro. something your friend might like. pure cashmere, baby. look about your size. looks good. try it on. i got something else here for ter. you been hitting those restaurant checkrooms again, lucius. me? no, no, these fell off a truck. how much? $1,500 for both. $400. wait. that ain't right.
4:51 pm
t profits. take it or leave it. afraid i'm gonna have to take all of it, then, terry. just freeze. take it easy. this ain't smart. how's this thing open? just tell me how this thing opens. you know how it opens? hey, man! oh, man! i ought to make you eat this. don't hurt me, man! don't hurt me, man! take the coats! i didn't want to jeopardize the undercover.
4:52 pm
that's where i used to play volleyball when all the guys were playing basketball. now the girls probably play basketball, too, huh? yeah, all the time. where's them volleyball players?
4:53 pm
that is sister elizabeth. she was my homeroom teacher, and she also coached the volleyball team. she's a nun, right? that's why she has that scarf on. mm-hmm. right. is that you? no, i don't think so. come on, fabe. what do you think about the school? it seems pretty cool. yeah. that's you, ain't it, luce? maybe. [ chuckling ] why do you got your eyes closed? i don't know. that's what i was doing when the guy took the picture. oh, give me a break, you dumpster. [ indistinct conversations ] i, uh, know we all wish walter callahan a quick victory in his bout with the flu bug. father farren's going to intercede for walt with an influential friend. [ laughter ]
4:54 pm
ed the deliberations and applauded the findings of the so-called furillo commission. but i can claim a leg up in having followed the career of this gentleman for a number of years before that. i remember, eight years ago now, reading about a persevering young lieutenant arresting al "big ben" biamonte. and in the intervening years, i've watched him grow from strength to strength. it's my honor to introduce someone i suspect we may be hearing more from and about in the months and years to come -- furillo: thank you, father walton, father farren, distinguisheests. i want to thank mr. wells for his gracious introduction. it is the small consolation of being a late replacement that no one expects you to have a speech prepared. i'm not going to disappoint you.
4:55 pm
you were gangbusters, furillo. yeah, i think it went all right. [ chuckles ] shall i tell you what our new friend, mr. wells, told me? mm-hmm. promise not to get a swelled head? what did graham have to say? graham said, "your husband has marvelous presence." mmm. i said, "graham, you're preaching among the converted." mmm. relax, furillo. enjoy the ride. don't change the subject. [ both laugh ] that's them now. hi, annie.
4:56 pm
george foster, foster and sons mortuary, sir. is this the departed? my assistant will bring the car around, sir. trip all right? it was fine. how's uncle cy? oh, he has his aches and pains. you'll see him back at the house. i was planning on you staying with us. appreciate it. welcome home, leland. leland? you didn't know that your daddy's first name was leland? where did "reggie" come from? ald hill. i used to say your daddy had a bank president's name and a bank robber's heart. [ both laugh ] i'm glad you've brought him here. there's nowhere else to bring him, annie.
4:57 pm
appreciate the rhythm, guid. the kid i'm paired with now don't know the play. yeah. all right, let's get it off our chests. what part don't you know about, tommy? what part do i have to tell you? i didn't wanna get into this. there's some stuff going on at home. that's bull. oh, man, you're gonna tell me what this money's for? obviously, you think it's gambling. it happens to be a domestic problem. tommy, "a," i don't believe you, and "b," this sucked, no matter what. which righteous brother were you? this was a stone, freakin' shakedown! you transferred? what happened to "division pulled you"? i put in for a transfer, and this kind of stuff is why. jeez, that's beautiful. you asked to split up?! forget about what's right or wrong. you keep this up, you're gonna get whacked. not me. i'm a defender of the community. plus, i thought i was your pal. unh-unh. no, this was no friend.
4:58 pm
i stepped in front of a couple of years ago. no, that was me. but you were different. oh, i'm a different guy! i must not have a scar, then! that was a cheap freakin' shot. didn't feel cheap when i took it! this look cheap to you?! i -- i'm wrong. i'm sorry. you don't believe it, see, but...i love you like a brother. yeah, you been there for me, too. just hate what you're doing to yourself, tommy. and honest to god, i keep being afraid you're gonna get hit. i win the lottery next week, this all goes away. [ chuckles ] look, you made me ruin my vice.
4:59 pm
hey, guid... let's see each other, all right? no...i don't wanna see you no more. [ sniffles ] -- captions by vitac --


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