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tv   Today  NBC  October 31, 2016 10:00am-10:59am EDT

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padre? ( shouting )
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ho!!! you all right, boy? kin of yours?
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any sign of who did it? that might be his father. bill. yes, sir? go get a couple of shovels, will ya? all right. ash to ashes, and dust to dust. the lord giveth, and the lord taketh away. we commend his spirit unto thy hand of the lord. ( speaking latin ) amen. all: amen.
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boy, it's all over. you can't just stay here forever. come on. flint, you better go get him. bring him back and put him in one of the wagons. we can't just leave him out here. can't leave grave markers in this indian territory. they wouldn't touch the sign of god. these people don't know our god. they have strange ways, father. believe me, i know. but why pick my wagon? that's what i'd like to know.
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the major asked me to find a place for the boy to stay. you're the most likely-- what's going on here? this is the let crowded wagon, just the two of them on it, but mr. thornton-- it's my wagon! i've got a right to say who rides in it! hold on, mr. thornton. maybe you better read the articles you signed. flint here is asking you to do the fair thing. hawks: major adams, see you a minute? just a second. if i was you, i'd do what he says. what do you say, thornton? fair? look at him. he isn't even our kind. what do you want me to do, ignore it? pretend that it isn't so? oh, jay, stop it! a boy who's just suffered grief like him... i apologize for my husband. i'm embarrassed for what he's said. we all are. alicia, i didn't mean that-- flint: what do you mean? well, i was thinking about you. if you care about me, stop talking that way. we apologize. we'd be glad to take you with us.
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flint: muchacho. adams: all right, come on, everybody, we're rollin'! let's move out! adams: thornton... mr. thornton, that boy, he just sit there like that all the time? i think he's still in shock, major. my wife says he'll come out of it, but i'll be honest with you, he don't act like any kid i ever knew. how many young boys have you ever known
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would you like some water? some food, perhaps? aren't you hungry? we're mr. and mrs. thornton. we've never known a mexican boy before. it's sort of new for us. my husband is a good man, really. what's your name? adams: all right, folks, let's load up! flint: let's load up! man: load up!
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well, now what's the matter? my shoulder's itching again, major. oh, will you quit that? that's the third time you've done it today. it never itches when i'm around comanche or hopi, just when i smell sioux. listen, i'm not gonna be starting and stopping every time you get a hair-brained suspicion. now, you show me something specific and i'll run like a scared deer. you and that scar of yours. major, i'm tellin' ya, i smell sioux around. and they're not very far off. looks quiet enough to me. what do you expect, war whoops? don't you get smart with me, mccullough. we've movin' ahead. wagons...
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well, now what? well, you wanted something specific-- that oughta do. god help him, he's still alive. go on, tell me those aren't sioux beads. i know they're sioux beads. so what am i supposed to do? so next time, listen. no sense in us sitting here arguing about it. let's get him back to the wagon. bill! go get some help. right away.
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there's indians around. they caught some stranger up ahead. it's no sight for a woman, alicia, you stay where you are. there's nothing much you can do; nothing much anybody can do. is he dead? might as well be. he will be by sunset. thornton: too bad. nice young fella, about thirty, curly hair... hard to figure out what he's doing in this part of--- harm you. better come away from him, son. for boy. father, i'm afraid it's too late. he's laid out there so long those wounds have festered. i don't think we can save him. where are you going?
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ool boy. place is infested with sioux indians-- what's the matter with him? get him out of the sun. put him in our wagon here. alicia! get some water and some clean rags! hey, boy! what are you doing there? wait a minute! come back here!
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ton, the man's in real bad shape. major, if we had the proper medication, we could-- mr. thornton, i'm telling you, the man is dying. i don't think there's a thing in the world can save him. is there somebody on the train that's got medication that can help him? medication or no medication, when a man's been cut up like this and is left to lay out in the sun as long as he has, no medication that i know of in this world is gonna do him any good. what are you doing there, boy? wait a minute. i don't know what he's doing, but whatever it is, it's getting some kind of a reaction. maybe it's some kind of native poultice. i never saw it before. hawks: major adams, that kid-- so that's what he's doing with those berries. i saw him down in the wash and he was crushing 'em up. boy... what is that stuff? he wants to nurse the man, major adams. is there any good reason why he shouldn't? whatever it is, it seems to be working. it's the first time the boy's reacted at all, major. he wants to help. he wants to be of some use.
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ight. hey, hombre. you think you can help this man? si. all right, go to work on him, then. i can do it alone. hey, gringo, you hear me? hmm? where are those other two? where are those other two, gringo? i'll make you well, gringo, then you'll tell me. you're not going to die.
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. call unitedhealthcare or go online now. ? ? now let's see who they're talking to. up the at the topof the arroyo. is it, a war party or a hunting party? it's not the right part a jor camp. i'd say just a hunting party come into these his pick up some meat. i don't like 'em looking down ohroats. well, we can't outrun 'e- eewe'em i don't like 'em sooner or later.own ohroats. hey, lookie out there. isn't that a big plain area there? yeah, that's a plea tre, but we wouldn't be gettg there till tomorrow. then by golly, we better circle up right here in this meadow. i'll echo that. it's as good a place as any. i sure don't like 'em hitting us whi lewe're moving. bill! go on ba and bring the wagons in.
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justope those sioux are hunting four-legged meat. my name is juan ortega. juan. i'm pleased to know you. i want to thank you that man? that was major adams. he has charge of our wagon train. where do you come from, juan? what are you staring at, boy? is that a watch? yes, yes, it's a watch.
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where'd you learn to speak english so well? the jesuits taught me. jesuits? where? at santa cablerro mission. that's where i was raised. but your family...? my mother was dead, that's all. and my father was-- my father worked very hard. he was a great man. but he was a mexican. he had to travel very far to do many hard jobs. and once a year he would come to the mission. he brought me these shoes. he had come to take me away, to start our new life. come on, let's hurry it up! take 'em down to that draw and move out, make a 180-degree arcs with your wagons. come on, move 'em out! alicia!
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just down in that draw, boy. come on. come on, gringo, get well. ( shouting ) e! ( shouting ) hurry it up! get those wagons in closer! all right, let's go, let's go! bring the stock inside the circle! pile those boxes higher and make sure there's a water barrel by every wagon! get 'em on the inside! come on, boy, come on! ( shouting )
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you stay back here. get under cover if it starts, you hear me? now, there's lots of us, honey, everything's gonna be fine. don't worry about me, jay. boy, come here. now, boy-- why do you call me "boy"? my name is juan. do you know how to use one of these? si. if it becomes necessary, gringo, do youear me? where are those other two? others? who--who are you? where--
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yes. save them. edwards. herbert. are they alive? i want to save tm.? cliffs. cliffs? up--up from wash. rocks. face of cliffs.
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come on, injun! step out and get it! ( rustling ) who is it? is that you, booley? where are ya?
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show yourself! will ya stop this?! if you've got any mercy, man, show yourself! ( clatter )
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for some reason or other, they hen'tshown themselves, so flint and i are gonna take a look around. bill, if anything busts out while we're gone, you take charge. all ght, sir. take care of yourself now, major.
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? yeah, he's right. you're too old and fat for brush scouting. why don't you stay with the wagons like he says? why don't you just mind your own business for a change? come on, flint. sure gettin' touchy, ain't he? you and your big mouth. ( reciting prayers ) what's the matter? i don't hear anything. listen. ( rustling ) ( breathing heavily ) hold your fire!
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h-help me! help me! what are you doing out here all by yourself in this country? three of us. indians hit us. we broke for the hills, edwards and me. jarvis-- they got jarvis! we could hear him scream all night. all night they tortured him. it was awful. all right, take it easy. jarvis? that's our boy's name. we found him. he's still alive. it couldn't be jarvis. he couldn't be alive, not after the screams we heard. he was more dead than alive when we found him. mexican boy that's with us nursed him back to life. ( coughs ) mexican boy? yeah. what about this other fella who was with you? he's on a cl on top of the ridge there. if we're ever gonna get him, we better get him now.
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( coughing ) come on, we better get started, then. here. he's here. tuck! tuck! you arnd it here. do you suppose he struck out for help? unless the sioux got him. tuck! tuck! you around here, tuck? keep your voice down. you'll raise every brave within a quarter mile. keep quiet. we better get started back. right. come on, mister, this way. me on. nobody around here.
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couldn't we go back and just take one more look? only place we're going is back to camp. quiet down. he wouldn't run away like this, i'm sure he wouldn't. now, look, go back just once more and see if we can find him. major! can't we go back just once more? what do you make of this? e thing, it's not the work of an indian. why do you figure at? indian wldn't tie a knot that way, and no sioux would walk away and leave a perfectly good rope. who else, then? wait a minute. wait a minute, you don't-- you don't think that i had anything to do with this, do you? i didn't hang him!
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he was alive this morning when i left him! i didn't hang him. i'm telling you again i didn't hang him, he was my friend. we bter get ba to the wagons. wa a minute-- wait a minute. can't we bury him? not now. listen, mister... he was my friend! i didn't hang him! this looks like your friend? that's jarvis. he's alive. yeah, thanks to our mexican friend there.
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if this man's a friend of yours, you can thank the boy for his life. oh, major. i figure we should get underway d get ou this valley. if you remember, i just pulled you out of the brush. now, why don't you let me n my own wagon train? i'm justaying, the glory flats settlement's only eig hours' ride from her i'm well aware oth. then i think we ould push on through the night. bill, keep tbushwhacr away from . son, mrs. thor there lls me that ur name is jn.
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doing da it just couldne thathese threelaswe come across d anything to do with... hangg your father? oh, no. no, those are not the men. no. mrs. thornton... i'd like to ask you a favor if y don't mind. would you kind of stay close to that fella jarvis? what i mean is, just don't leave him alone th juan. but why? but i'd appreciate it if you'd do like i ask.
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out there toda been hung. you don't think e boy did it? i don't know. but i goa lotofanhiin in thek ad. su how's jarvis? oh, he is well. yo uh... traveling alone? that's right, yanqui.
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i w you an hour ago. you were looking to the wagon our friend. oh. ( coyotes yipping ) flint, how many men u got out on the flank? y four hours. hofar oue th? twhundd yards. enou time to give us three to five minutes if we see anything major adams says we shod reach glory flats by noon tomorrow. accordg to cousin verbena, the cabin's large. jay, there'll be room tspare. will you come to your senses, alicia? he's a mexican! he's a fine boy. d he nds a home, jay.
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oh, for pete's sake, alicia, i never figured on having a-- shh! there's six pigs and two horses and the llets. jay, you'll have your hands ful with the cro. you want a hiredand, i'll find you a hired hand when we get there. i want a son. i swear, alicia, you drive a men to the edge of his prejudices. a mexican boy for a son! evenin mrs. thornton. mr. thornton, tomoow morning when we start out i'd like to switch positions of your wagon. you've g good, stng tea, and wa to put you ba where's the boy? at his supper. right over-- he spped away. there? flint: what's up? that mexican boy's gon
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he w sitti there just a few minutes ago. there's something going around here that makes my skin kind of crawl. i don't know what it is, but i don'like it. mrs. thornton? yes, major adams? yost right by this fella jarvis, will youease? you boys spread out and hunt that kid. i want to find him. oh, father.
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juan. what is it, son? you're trembling. you took me by surprise, padre. took you by surpr-- where have you been? we are of the same faith, juan. understand that any time of the day or night nt to talk to me. not yet, padre. soon, but that time is not yet. don't stretch god's mercy too far, juan.
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you see me now, yanqui. you know who i am? juan ortega, grio.
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maybe you regnize this? booley's watch. where's booley? uhh. when you die.!want yoe i've waited too long omen founhim. thboy? bill, keep the women and children-- mrs. thornton. you didn't leave jarvis alone in that wagon?
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i told you i'd take care of 'em, didn't i? i'd see they got what they deserved. why didn't you trust me, boy? my father would have make a home for us. all the way from mexico he spoke of the home we would have in california. he worked very hard all his life, and he had nothing-- nothinbut his dreams of a home for us. then one day he comeke e fros and he said toe, "we go now, juan. we start a new life." that's the kind of man he was! there was never such a good man! i would defile my love for him if i didn't hate these killers! all right, juan. get down out of the wagon. your killing's over now. the law will take care of that man.
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, people screaming ) take cover! ( people screaming, horses whinnying ) bill, get some help to the other side! ( shouting ) hawks! over here! aaah! now, gringo. no! no! no!!! help me, someone, help me-- no one's going to hear you now! you don't know what you're doing! your father deserved to die! alberto ortega was a murderer! i take no pleasure in killing, but now i'll enjoy it! a killer of women and a thief! you're gonna kill me,
10:48 am
he stole from me-- all my stock. but edwards and herbert, they had reason to kill him. you've murdered and killed for nothing! your father killed a woman! liar! he killed a woman--ann. look in the gold watch if you don't believe me! well, look! are you-- are you afraid to look? are you afraid to find out what your old man was like? ann was booley herbert's wif and your father murdered her. killed her in cold blood, just like he killed tuck edwards' brother. well, open it and read! what-- what's it say in there?
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it wasn't your father's watch at all! he stole it from herbert! that...was your father. a murdering, thieving, honorless man. and we tracked him clean from abilene and we caught him, remember that! we-- oh, holy mary.
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wagons... ho! whoa...whoa there. yeah, well, mrs. thornton, you're gonna like that settlement at glory flats. real nice people there. if you get a chance, stop in the feed store and say hello to ward hastings for me. thank you, we will. just one more favor, major adams. i'd like to try again with the boy. well, we already said good-bye to him. please! i'll go get him.
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bless me, father, for i have sinned. hey, father, have you seen juan? oh, there you are, juan. the thorntons would like to have a few words with you. they'll have to wait, major. i'm hearing juan's confession. oh, i'm sorry, father. you take your time. i'll wait over here. i hope you know what you're letting yourself in for, alicia. that boy has scars that he'll carry to his grave. we need him, jay. even after knowing his background? even after all that. you're a stubborn dutch woman, alicia. but you've got the word of god in you, i'll give you that much. i killed in anger, padre. but i am sorry now. i am sorry. in the eyes of god, that's all-important, son.
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what will they do to me? ll have to face this alone, juan, but you'll have a fair trial. on that you have my word. ( speaking latin ) amen. say your rosary, juan, and pray to god for your salvation. go in peace, my son. here's your boy, mrs. thornton. i'll stop back in a couple of minutes. good morning, juan. my husband and i are leaving the train now, and we want to talk with you. of all these people, you were the only one who treated me with respect. i appreciate that, you know?
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just a minute, juan. i have so much to say to you-- things which can't be said now because there just isn't time. this is going to be our new home out here. there's a place for a strong, healthy boy around. if you'd like to come and live with us... we'd try to become like family to you... and love you. love me? can't you understand tha i have killed two men. we are asking you to be our son. father martin says there's going to be a trial. they could send me to prison. we'll deal with that when it comes. i am a mexican. jay.
10:56 am
th'm an easy man. well, there'll be soft times, too. what do you say, boy? my name is juan. all right...juan. so long, major. so long, mr. thornton.. ood to you out there.
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you know, father... i sure hope those people do wel somehow they've ginew vr the human animal. major, may i tell you about people? now, father, wait. i shouldn't have opened my big mouth. i knowjo i've gotta get a wagon train started. later, father. lead out! let it roll!
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? roll along ? ? wagon train ? ? rollin' over prairie whe there ain't no grass ? ? pullin' over mountains where there ain't no pass ? ? sittin' on a board, eyein' the weather e pu?rdn' over mountains where we stay together ?s ? e byide on the wagon train ? ong ? ? pickin' up a passenger in every town ? ? wonderin' if he's ever gonna shoot you down ? ? sittin' on a board,eyn'h? ? prayin' to the lord we stay together ? ?ide by side ?
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[knocking on door] >> come in. >> the man you wish to see is here, sir. >> send him in. >> i suppose you know by tomorrow morning you'll be sentenced to be hanged. >> yes, sir. >> i also suppose you know why. >> i understand it was for killing an indian. >> not just an indian. this particular indian was a chief traveling here at my expressed invitation to attend a treaty council. now i'll have every indian here


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