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tv   WRAL Morning News  NBC  November 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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[theme music] yep, them government boys're know this land just like they'd been here. hey, what's this picture of chief crazy horse doing in here? ififou don't want it, stick it on the tree. ah, the indian wars are on again. two bits on a hot bath says you can't hit him in the eye. you're on. [horse neighing] [gunshot]
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looks like those hot babas are on you. hyah! hey, where do we get them hot baths? (smitty) 'hyah! hyah! hyah!' [instrumental music] now, why do you suppose they camp thisisime of the day? i don't know. let's find out. i figure we are somewhere in a-- here comes somebody. [music continues] howdy. having trouble? uh, i'm afraid we are.
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and i think we are lost. where you headed for? 'wyoming territory.' you'u' lost. 'we've heard that there's nothing like that place' 'for growing grass to fatten cattle' 'and build up fine herds.' are you an indian fighter? i'm afraid not, son. my name's cheyenne bodie. this is my pal, smitty. what's your name? tommy scott. uh, my name is williams and-and this is mr. scott. - the boy's brother. - hello. howdy. you can get a guide there to take you to the rest of the way. well, we sure are obliged to you. well, i guess we better get these wagons rollin'. yeah, look like them cattle of yours ain't tasted water for quite a spell. they sure ain'n' well, load up, boys. we're gonna roll. [everyone cheering]
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we'll camp here tonight. are you sure you ain't an indian fighter? well, i sure hate to disappoint you, tommy. when i meet an indian, i try to make friends with him. and that's a break for the indian. chief crazy horse might've lost an eyeball this afternoon. huh? smitty is talking about little target practice we had. i don't see how i can hit anything with this gun. sure is old fashioned. i'm a gun salesman for smith & wesson. the gun is made by my company. tommy here thinks it's'sld fashioned. if you ain't an indian fighter, what do you do? well, tommy, when we met you this afternoon we just finished mapping out the boundary line to the territory granted to the arapaho. you've heard of them, haven't you? are they anything like indians?
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without being apache. [everyone laughing] [horses galloping] [dramatic music] [cattle lowing] what do you think? worth coming after? could be. why that herd must run 200 head or better. yeah, well, get goin', boys. but remember now, if anything goes wrong, i don't know you. [yelling] get to the cattle. that herd will stampede! mount up, boys, they're after the herd! [dramatic music]
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whoo! [gunshots continue] (mort) 'tommy, get back.' mort! look out! [screaming in pain] [cattle lowing]
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whoo! hyah! [horse neighing] - scott? - yes. tie him up. haven't you got anything better to do?
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no luck, eh, cheyenne? where are your friends headed with that herd? i don't know what you're talking about. well, you'd better know what he's talkin' about. killing him won't get your cattle back, williams. we scraped together every cent that we had and bought fine stock. that's what we were counting on to get started with. now we haven't got anything. cattle thieves don't hang on to what they steal for long. his partners will sell your herd as soon as they get a chance. there's a town not very far from here by the name of julesburg. julesburg? i ain't been there but i heard tell of that place. they say there ain't no law and there ain't no sunday. if you think that's where they're taking our herd just show us the way-- julesburg don't take kindly to strangers. we all rode in there, we'd attract too much attention. 'it'd be better if smitty and i rode in alone.' i ain't so sure that'd work either.
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smitty's right. can i borrow one of your wagons? well, i see no reason why you shouldn't use scott's wagon. we'll take care of tommy. that's it over there. what do ya wanna go to town in a wagon for? strangers that come to town in a wagon
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you know, i've been thinking, cheyenne. why do i have to wear these clothes? because you'll do better in julesburg if you make out like you got a purpose in town. but i don't know anything about selling guns. - 'i'll tell ya, smitty.' - tommy?
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looks like we got a stowaway. better turn around and head back. please don't send me back. please. can't i stay with you? i-i don't wanna go back without-without my brother. well, alright. but when we get to julesburg you're gonna have to pretend that you've never met me before. i never saw you before in my life. i'll ride on ahead. et to teach smitty everything you know about those new guns. i won't. the smith & wesson products are superior to all other firearms. the new revolver's balance is superior plus the new quick-loading metallic cartridge. are you listening? hmm? yeah, yeah. alright. so i'm a gun salesman.
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(smitty) 'hyah! hey!' [cattle lowing] - how many, floyd? - two hundred and twenty six. two hundred and twenty-six head. signed.. ...thomas walcott. you paid a real big price for that herd, mr. mccanles. well, mr. walcott raises fine stock. i think it's deserving of the top dollar.
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mr. mccanles. hello. - morning, mr. mccanles. - hello. oh, good morning, mr. mccanles. good morning, wilfred. well, how's our lady businessman today? very busy, thank you. now, what in the world is this? [chuckling] "now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party." [laughing] she's just keeping in practice. sure is a demon for work, isn't she? you don't have to put on no show for me, jeremy. i'd prefer it if you'd call me mrs. barnes. jeremy, that's no way to talk to mr. mccanles. uh, don't let her upset you, mr. mccanles. uh, business has been a little slow lately and jeremy is rather nervous. ah, your wife would never upset me. wilfred, i've got 226 kinda of cattle over in the pens. what's your company paying?
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that's a deal, i won't try to bargain. 'plenty of profit in it for all of us.' where did you get the cattle, mr. mccanles? oh, some outfit headed west got discouraged and turned back. you couldn't be the one that discouraged them, could you? mrs. barnes sometimes you take too much advantage of being a woman. wilfred. here's the bill of sale for your records. and get the money. i'll be in the bar. mr. mccanles. i don't have that kind of money in town. i'll have to telegraph our kansas city office. how long will it take to get it? - four or five days. - four or five days! can't you get it faster than that? - well, i can try but-- - you try hard, will you. i don't want them steers running up a big feed bill. i'll hurry it up as fast as i can. you better.
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wait. you don't really believe he bought those cattle, do you? well, he had a bill of sale. he could write these out by the dozen. all the company requires is some proof of ownership. if there's any trouble, mccanles will be responsible, not us. we know what kind of a man he is. we have to be sensible. mccanles runs this town. if i try to buck him, i'll be out of business in ten minutes. you'll have your self-respect, at least. i haven't bought one head of cattle in the last month. wilfred, i'm afraid. the way you talked up, no one would ever think you were. afraid of what he's doing to you. we don't belong in this town. they're not our kind of people. nobody's good enough for you, jeremy.
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[cattle lowing] i get 223. well, i counted 226. but since mccanles is kind of sweet on your wife he won't do no bickering. [instrumental music] you seem mighty interested in this herd, mister. i'm always interested in good cattle. best looking stock i've run into in a long time.
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from time to time. you're wasting your time here, mister. this herd's already been sold. that's too bad. i said this herd's already been sold.
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[upbeat music] whoa. tommy, we sleep in beds tonight.
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we'd like a room, please. - what are your rates? - hmm? - how much? - how long? oh, a day or two. just long enough for me to, uh, finish my business. it'll be a dollar a night for both you and your son. (tommy) i ain't his son. my kid brother. it makes no difference, it's still a dollar a night. "morton scott and brother." what's your line? i represent the new metallic cartridge revolver put out by the smith & wesson company. this weapon will take its rightful place in our parade of progress and is destined to play an important role in our country's western expansion. "sells guns." hey, drummer. come over here. we've got a seat open. maybe a little new blood in the game will bring me luck.
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had three of a kind and a feller beat me with two sixes. - two sixes? - they had a pearl handle. i didn't feel bad, the feller next to me did. he had six aces. [laughing] i'm glad you gentlemen invited me over here. i have right here one of the finest examples of gun workmanship in the world. this weapon will take its rightful place in our parade of progress and is destined to play an important role in our country's western expansion. it will, huh? maybe we ought to go out and see how this thing works, huh? fine. there's a stranger hanging around the cattle pen there. seems mighty curious. is that so? better get him over here.
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says he's a cattle buyer. he's a big old boy, ain't he? now, in order to give a proper demonstration you gotta have a target. what would you like to shoot at? well, it's your show, drummer. you gonna do the shootin'. me? yeah, you gonna see if you can shoot this spade out of the black lady. well, i ain't the world's greatest shot. but if you get somebody to put it up.. floyd, have the cattle buyer hold the target. hold this. what's this for? just hold it. the salesman's gonna give us a shootin' demonstration. look, i didn't come to julesburg to get my hand shot off
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pick it up. it doesn't look like i've got much choice. (mccanles) 'stand back, floyd.' higher. alright, mr. scott, let's see how your gun works. can't. i'm awful good at cans. if you could get somebody to throw them up.. - the card. - yeah. hold it steady, will you? and i'd be obliged if you'd aim kind of careful like. [gun shot] [all laughing] [laughing continues] - you are not a very good shot. - i missed you, didn't i?
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le buyer can shoot this new gun. when you get through with it, i'll be in the hotel. - just give me a call-- - come back here. you're holding the card. - the card? - yeah, get going. i sure hope you know something about shooting guns, mister. can you hold it a wee bit steadier? i ain't moving a muscle. [gunshot] say, that's mighty good shooting, mister. alright folks, the show is over.
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your gun handles real well. look me up before you leave town. - i might do business with you. - i sure will. i wanna get every customer i can. looks like he came to the right place to sell guns. well, i better be getting back in the hotel. say, mister. you got a cattle broker in town? sure have, the office that joins the hotel. thanks. [typewriter clacking] - hello. - hello. what's your name, little boy? tommy scott. what's that thing? oh, this is a typewriter. what's that? well, it writes words. here, i'll show you.
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put it right there. and then you press these buttons. [typewriter clacking] - there. - gee, that spells my name. hi, young man. may i help you? yes. well, you're the prettiest cattle broker i ever saw. my husband is the broker. i'm just his secretary. sorry to hear that. 'did you want something?' did you buy those cattle over in the pen? oh, yes. why do you ask? may i ask who you bought them from?
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i've been in the cattle business a long time and i never made a secret of who i bought my cattle from. if you want to discuss business you're going to have to talk to my husband. oh, where is he at? right now, he is at the bank. hey, can you put your name on this thing, too? - oh, sure. - excuse me. i've been looking every place for you, tommy. oh, you must be mr. scott. yes ma'am. well, your son and i have been chatting. t his son. he seems awfully unhappy. is there anything i can do? aw, he'll be alright, ma'am. i guess you just missed your big brother, huh, kid? don't cry, tommy. [tommy sobbing]
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i guess you're right. this has been a hard trip. it's the first time he's ever traveled with me and.. well, i guess he's just not used to it. come on, tommy. i'll check in and stop back and see your husband later. i'd like a room. you know, that sure was good shooting for a cattle buyer. you gonna be in town long? that all depends. mr. mccanles, i've just come from the bank. i've made arrangements so you'll get your money tomorrow morning. good. i didn't want to wait five or six days. the bank said if i bring in the bill of sale they'll advance the money from kansas city. thanks, wilfred. - got any baggage? - no, no baggage.
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you're traveling light, aren't you? a man travels faster that way. [sombre music] hey, you. yeah, what do you want? i'm dry. how about some water?
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r come on, tommy. crying won't do any good.
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he's having an awful rough time of it. can't get over what happened to mort. i know, how hard it is for you tommy, but.. you know, indians say that nothing ever really dies. they think of life as a stream that never stops flowing. when we die.. ...they believe that we move to another branch of the stream that goes on forever. i feel the same way, tommy. 'i wish you could, too.' i'm sorry. i don't mean to cry, but i-i can't stop. well, indians are very brave, but they cry too, tommy. you don't have to be ashamed of crying. [knocking on door]
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he hadn't got much appetite. oh, well, maybe i can talk him into it. tommy. tommy, i brought you some warm milk. i don't want any milk. why don't you sit up and drink it? it might make you feel better. that's a good boy. doesn't that taste good? see, all your brother needed was a little-- he ain't my brother! my brother was killed! wait, i.. i might've known that no decent men would ever come to julesburg. he's not his brother, so i don't suppose you're in the cattle business. tommy's brother was killed on the overland trail during a raid on a wagon train. those cattle your husband bought were stolen from that wagon train. that's why we're here, to try and get them back.
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ade with mccanles. how do you know it's mccanles we're looking for? here's the bill of sale. that w brand on those cattle doesn't stand for walcott. the rightful owner of that herd is a man called williams. i don't see any reason why i should believe that you're telling the truth. you know i'm telling the truth. julesburg is a rotten town. as long as people turn their backs and pretend that what's going on is none of their business. it'll stay that way. there's not much a woman can do about changing things. may i go, please? but, cheyenne, there's something that's bothering me. how are just the two of us gonna round up mccanles and his gang and get them cattle out of julesburg? we got all night to worry about that.
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well, come in, mrs. barnes. wilfred and i was just celebrating our first big deal. drink up, wilfred. we were wondering where you were. wilfred, if i had a beautiful wife like that i'd wanna know where she was just every minute. oh, i don't suppose a young lady like you would quite understand what i'm talking about. i've always understood you completely. if you did, we'd get along a lot better than we do. i'd like to see my husband alone, if you don't mind. well, what for? we're all partners. there needn't be any secrets. wilfred, you don't mind if i stay, do you? no, i don't mind. what did you want see me about? it can wait. oh, come on and have a drink with us and celebrate. you may find out, mr. mccanles. you haven't anything to celebrate. - now, what do you mean by that? - what do you mean, jeremy? this morning, the bill of sale was on my desk.
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here this morning. where is it, mrs. barnes? i haven't got the faintest idea. but i'm glad it's gone. we-we've got to find it. the bank won't advance the money without it. i think you're wasting your time looking for it. did you by any chance visit that big fella that's trying to pass himself off as a cattle buyer? i don't think that's any of your business. i won't have any problem gettin' back that bill of sale. but, i want you to know that when i want anything bad enough i can get it, jeremy. i sure admire a woman for being proud. but i don't understand how a woman of your spirit can be proud of keeping and wearing the name of mrs. barnes. why don't you leave him alone? do you have to ruin his self-respect? nobody can ruin a man's self-respect exceptin' a man himself. wait a minute. i'm not done with you. - let go of me! - take your hands off my wife!
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told you to get back into the office. pretty late for you start actin' like a man. please, mr. mccanles. leave him alone. (cheyenne) 'i'd listen to, mrs. barnes if i were you, mccanles.' [dramatic music] if any of your men make a move for their gun they won't be helping you to stay alive. you're gonna find out you're making a big mistake, boy. e in the hotel? no. then you better take her home. come on, jeremy. [music continues] [gunshot] [gunshots] (mccanles) 'let him go, boys.' he can't go no place.
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lt cover the outside. we might have an awful long wait. well, he can't stay up there forever. what happened? better take a look outta the windows, smitty. we're liable to be here for quite a spell. stay back, tommy.
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why do have to sit here sweatin' out? let's go up and get 'em. ain't nobody stoppin' you, floyd. you wanna get a hole in you like that black lady you just go right up ahead and get him. can't ya think of somethin', cheyenne? better be careful, tommy. a gun's not the best thing to play with. un with the new high-powered cartridge. you mean, those new high-powered bullets will fit any 44? (tommy) 'sure.' what are they doin' back?
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i didn't think you two would come back here. came back here to get some things. we won't be here long. we're leaving julesburg. you ain't leavin' julesburg till i get the money for my cattle. mccanles, he's comin' down. huh? [dramatic music] alright, drummer. come on down. - good morning. - good morning. mrs. barnes is in the office, tommy. why don't you go over there and play with the type writer? think i'll have some breakfast. forgot all about him being up there. so did i. would you mind pointin' them things the other way?
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what's that cattle buyer doin' up there? you mean that fella that shoots well? yeah. he's pacing around upstairs like a crazy man. what's goin' on, mr. mccanles? oh, nothin' for you to worry about. good. i'm leavin' julesburg just as soon as we have breakfast. i sure wish i could sell a gun before i leave. how's the chance to get some ham and eggs for breakfast? very good. do you mind? we don't have to sit here. let's play some poker or something. good idea. get a deck and deal 'em out. hey, drummer. you wanna sit in a couple of hands with us before you leave town? i'd love to, mr. mccanles, but i can't afford to lose. you know i ain't sold a gun since i come here? i've got something in here i think you'd be interested-- we're not interested in any new guns. 'i'm not talkin' about guns.' 'my company puts out a new high-powered cartridge'
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my company does. it's the newest thing out. let me see your gun and i'll show you. alright.. no, you just give me the cartridge and i'll put it in. hey, your company got a good idea at that. how about the rest of you gentlemen? i've got enough cartridges here for you. don't worry about the cost. once you try 'em you'll never use anything else. well, they're free. [guns clacking] well, come on, give me some of them new bullets. just put the gun down, mccanles. [laughing] i ain't kiddin'. put it down, or i'll blow your head off. you, get your hands up and get around front. 'cheyenne!' [gunshots] keep 'em covered. those shots will bring us more company.
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alright, drop 'em. go over there. [horse galloping] [dramatic music] i'd never thought i'd see this day. get out of the way. come on. i'll kill the first one who makes a sound. - 'put these in your safe.' - 'yes, sir!' i've been dying to do this for a long time. [laughs] alright, on your feet. 'get over to the door.'
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[music continues] [gunshot] wilfred! - give me the gun, wilfred. - stand back! [gunshot] you know, cheyenne. this is the best fight i had since i left texas. don't forget to drink your milk, tommy.
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after you get to fort laramie, cheyenne where will you be heading? oh, i guess we'll go wherever the government sends us, tommy. thanks for what you did for julesburg. and for us, cheyenne. i don't think my husband would mind if i kiss you goodbye. as long as you're passin' out goodbyes like that i'd like to have one of them myself. goodbye, smitty. bye, smitty. bye, cheyenne. care of yourself, tommy. so long. we'll be seeing ya. [instrumental music]
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hello, jean. thank you for coming, josh. come in. where's frank? he left here this afternoon. working? yeah, heh, working. well, i'm glad one of us is. mustn't be easy on you, jean, being married to a bounty hunter, live in hotel rooms, him tramping all over the country. that's right. but i want to stay married to him.


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