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tv   WRAL News 5PM  NBC  November 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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morning. what do we got? possible rape victim, locked herself in her bedroom. the mother asked for you. me? yeah. said she had her purse snatched a few years ago and you were real nice to her. uh, thelma morris. oh, yeah. i remember. call e.s.u.? yeah. on their way. the elevator's busted. you're gonna have to hoof it. give us a hint.
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[sighs] [exhales] these people don't need no elevator. [coughs] four or five days, you get used to this. [woman] annette, get your behind out of there. hey. that's the mother. ms. morris, what's going on? that's two more policemen here, annette. you feel special enough to come out now? what happened to your daughter? this girl came home last night, smelling of alcohol, her clothes all twisted around. who she knows she's supposed to stay away from. - shh, shh, shh, shh. - they took her out someplace and took advantage of her. your daughter say that, or are you saying that? i'm saying what i saw on her face when she got home. those boys took advantage of her, and i want them arrested. - how old is your daughter? - she's 17, but she's slow. do you know if she has a knife or a gun or anything like that? no, no. step away from the door, please. annette, i'm detective simone. do you want to talk to me? [annette] i don't know. you do it. he's a good man.
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i don't want people mad at me. aw, you missed that boat, baby. you gonna shut your yap anytime soon, and let my partner do his job? annette, just unlock the door, okay? it's okay. put that down. but i want it. let her keep the doll. come on. you can bring the doll with you, annette. we'll go to the station house and we'll talk about it.
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[no audible dialogue] [russell laughs] i don't know, jimmy. i see some broken ankles in my future. no. no, i'm game. mm-hmm. uh, yeah. can i have cocoa? think you deserve cocoa, do you? let me see what we got inside, okay? i'll make it. she takes it a certain way. you stay there, understand? and put your knees together. [simone] right this way. hey. hey. girl barricaded herself in her room. her mom says she was raped.
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i'll have special victims send someone over. get diane in there too? yeah. diane, would you give us a hand in the coffee room? yeah. why don't you come with me? back here by your mom. annette? what can you tell us about these guys yesterday? i see them at janie's java after they have lacrosse practice. mm-hmm. that's how she comes right home after school, going to that coffee shop. - mrs. morris, please. - go ahead, tell. and so then carey bought me a cranberry muffin... and said, "sit down with us." uh, thteay?
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uh, carey... and ted... and two boys i don't know. and what happened afterwards, annette? aftemuffin? where'd you go? uh-- - a hotel. - you better blying. they said just come for a while. [simone] what happened there? oh, i can't remember. you drank alcohol? i laid down. i was sleeping. [russell] what's the next thing you remember? all the boys had sex with you?
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do you remember if you struggled with them? asked them to stop? well, i asked them to stop, and then when they didn't, i just tried to sleep. you asked them to stop, and you tried to sleep when they woul't? what was the name of the hotel, annette? do you remember that? oh, i got souvenir matches. you got souvenir matches? you took a souvenir? - 'cause the first person asked, you lay down. - i'm sorry what happened. mrs. morris-- are you gonna arrest them? we're gonna talk to our boss and see how he wants to handle it. - i want them arrested. - i'm sure he's gonna want these kids brought in. if you could keep annette at home-- in case we need her to make a photo i.d. hey, josh. do me a favor?
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he went with four boys to the adelphi. says they gave her liquor and then they got over on her-- forced her to have oral sex.p? she gave us the names of two of the guys and their school. special victims wants us on it till their late tour's in. go to the school and pick them up. - the boys are gonna say it was consensual. - she says it wasn't. no. liking the boys was consensual, going to the hotel was consensual. - the rest of it, she was asleep. - want to canvass the adelphi? uh, lie. i time to call the babysi befo i pick these guys up? yeah. where you meeting liery? at the park. we're going roller-skating. don't forget your knee pads. i'll see you. yeah.
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ago. he kept biting the heads off his mom's parakeets. can i help you? whoop. golly, golly, golly. golly, golly, golly. fred, right? - whoop. - you and me met over those, uh, bird difficulties. remember? oh, golly. how's it going? what's with all the "golly"? whoop, wop, whp. [sniffs] you're wring a lot of perfume there, fred. ou move somewhere else? - golly, golly, golly. - moved to golly manor? golly, whoop. whoop, whoop, whoop. [hoots] you said a mouthful there, fred. yeah. so, uh, what can i do for you, huh? whoop. - well, anyways, thanks for dropping by. - oh, golly.
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ooh. golly. stretch out, mouse. cai see us, mouse?.ught.ue upn the spotlight-- big olympic event.
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mmm. do we win the medal? the ones we don't, we steal. oh! [grunts] u okay? - m ok'sause you bui - anyway, there's no harm done. - no hm kay? - oh, that's you decides, huh? - [groans] - jimmy! - hey, you bumped into her, my man. you're the one with the problem, huh? [groans] jimmy! [groaning] oh, god. - huh? you little dirty jew. - jimmy, cut it out. get off him. easy there, mouse. what, am i under arrest now? come with me. i'm calling 911. [man] is that guy all right? what's the matter with you? mouse, i'm on parole now. i'm not leaving him like that. we'll be gone before they get here. mouse-- defender of the suffering downtrodden. yeah, i want to report a man hurt in washington square park. he's gonna need an ambulance. protecting the meek of the earth. uh, west side of the park, near the fountain.
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how about i take carey into the coffee room? ted and me will talk in the pokey. i know what this is gonna be about, and no one forced anyone to do anything.
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. this is an upstanding kid you're hassling. he is a national merit scholar. he's going to harvard next fall. [fancy] councilman, his name's been mentioned... in an allegation of sexual assault. loney. i'm telling you why he's here. this kid is going to harvard next fall. i'm taking him home. i don't know that you want to do that, councilman-- force everyone to their legal remedies? situation's publicized, even if charges don't get filed.t beharges? i can tell you it's not clear at this point if charges will be filed. 'cause this could destroy a boy's whole future. well, thst i'll take you in. [ted] you gotta understand that a lot of girls...
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they want to make him happy. so this was carey's idea? let her make him happyha no, that's not what i mean. making him happy was her idea. [knocking] - dad. this is nuts. - [manos] it's all right, son. you know detective sipowicz. yeah, you were a witness in a homicide i worked. - that shooting at the coffee shop. - that's right. this girl has said some completely wrong things. son, i want you to speak very slowly and carefully-- step by step-- what went on. very slowly. this girl hangs out at janie's java every day. she tried to get carey to pick her up. we're talking about annette, who's borderline retarded. you didn't know she was retarded? dad, this girl is completely developed. she's got a huge crush on carey. she goes to a public school. i couldn't tell if she's retarded.
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see, this is what i don't like about this school. great credentials on college admissions. i don't like the sense of values. bunch of overprivileged kids. how about letting ted tell what happened? you weren't hiding under a table, were you, ted? we went up to the room, and we were drinking. oh, that we're gonna talk about whe we get home. i guess she was a little loaded, but, you know, we were all kind of loaded, - that's what she was doing. - and you were resisting with all your might. - he's trying to be cooperative. - did the girl ever say, "i don't want to do this"? - never showed any reluctance? - no, she didn't. this girl went home and locked herself in her bedroom, and put herself in all kinds of trouble with her mother... being ashamed and trying to hide what happened. that's 'cause she didn't have any problem with it?
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four of you make her have oral sex, and that was fun for her? let's not pretend it's never happened. why don't you keep your mouth shut? - who were the other two guys? - sam tucker and johnny korth. and they're gonna give us the same story? look, i am sorry that she is upset. if i had any idea that she had a problem with it, believe me, it never would have happened. she might have a problem with it later, but-- aw, you're a phony bastard. that's it. reminds me of that tv kiss-ass on that leave it to beaver. all right, detective. this is baseless, and if anyone tries to make capital out of the fact that he was cooperative, i'm coming after him. we appreciate your cooperation.
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- [fancy] what did he say? - oh, she had a big crush on him. he said she liked to party. everyone gets drunk. she takes 'em all on. only thing from that hotel, floor maid saw... four guys let this girl in from the inside fire stairs. room clerk was definite the girl wasn't... with the boys when they registered, which i guess you can argue sneaking her up shows them having a guilty mind. like they won't say that was her idea. we got team photos from the lacrosse coach. my xxxxxxx gave up their names. give the mother the lay of the land? d.a.'s call, but i think he can prepare a prosecution's unlikely. you know, this kid-- we could have talked to him all day. his parents are somewhere in greece.
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the hotel, annette? uh, i don't know their names. it's these two. - are you gonna arrest them? - we already had carey and ted in. carey mad at me? you hush up. here's how it works, mrs. morris. we'll turn in the results of our interviews over to the district attorney... to decide if charges will be filed. oh, they're gonna charge the four of them for what they did. and they should charge the one special for leading her on. the one you so worried's mad at you. charges won't get brought. [simone] that's not to say annette isn't telling the truth. i think everyone pretty much agrees that she is, and it was a bad thing that happened up there. - did they bribe you? is that what happened? - nobody got bribed. they forced sex on this girl. - i-- i don't want to talk about this anymore. - annette-- maybe if you let us talk to just your mom a little, okay? - excuse us for a couple of minutes, and then we'll leave. - what is it--
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boys. can't even get 'em legal punishment 'cause of how you are. i'm sorry then. yeah, you are sorry. you a sorry case. come on, that's enough. [door slams] look, we know this has really... been tough on you, and i'm sure you realize it's been tough on your daughter-- oh, you're gonna lecture me now. you say you won't do your jobs, then you're gonna tell me how to deal with my daughter? mrs. morris, i'm trying to tell you... that your daughter just had her first sexual experience. that's still your daughter in there. j-just get out of here. get out! and let me see to her. [no audible dialogue, no audible sound effects]
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ybody. "oh, that jimmy. what am i gonna do about him?" something like that. "i mean, is he actually crazy? what have i gotten myself into?" yeah, you do that stuff for my benefit, jimmy, don't. it's not cute to me, impressive, nothing. okay, look, mouse. anyone causes you discomfort, it just sends me. i can't stand for it. how'd we get there? i'm just saying how you look and how you're acting. i'm living under pressure. maybe a little steam blew on the jew boy. whoa, now, hey. hey, hey, hey. hey. hey, mouse. you make me sick-- what you say and how you act. i apologize. what do you want me to call the guy, huh? not "christ killer," right? how about "our fellow monotheist"?
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him reaching into my pants is what turned me around. mouse, save me, huh? who's the patron saint of lost causes? hmm. okay, i told you about waiting for my friend, right? you didn't tell me anything. you said something was coming to the airport. is that what i said? not a friend? yeah. yeah, yeah. maybe it was a box. maybe that's why i'm overwrought, not fancy-free jimmy. what's in the box? you know that guy? [russell] no. no? mm-mmm. you know what guy i'm talking about. i thought you were talking about the guy with the red hair. looked like he recognized you. now he's trying to get over like he don't know you from adam. i'm sleeping with him, jimmy. yeah? yeah. you gonna give him a beating now?
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- you feel you covered all right? - guy's a full-on wacko. how do i know if it's gonna come back up? - i'm not sure what you're telling me, diane. - guy gives a beating... to some poor bastard minding his own business skating, doesn't even want me to call 911. [knocks] yeah. diane, i hope i didn't louse nothin' up for you in the park. i think it was all right, greg. yeah, i was... jogging out there with abby sullivan-- instead of having lunch.
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[sighs] maybe you need a conversation at o.c.c.b. - look to get off this. - i'm just reaching the guy. he's reaching you too. well, yeah-- yeah, he is. so-- oh, and they said it was gonna be all fun-- the job. don't try to laugh your feelings off, diane. all right. thanks, boss. yeah. you know, i pulled some kind of back muscle, twice up and down seven flights of stairs. yeah, but you got your exercise. today through friday. aw, sylvia's gonna hate this case. she's riding today? how you gonna file on these xxxx pots? hey, there's your pal.


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