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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 2, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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can you give us your present location, captain? in dr. adams' study, mr. spock. why? then you're with dr. adams now. affirmative. captain... van gelder has made reference to a particular treatment room. the term was neural neutralizer. yes. he was injured there. i've seen the room. dr. adams explained the mistake van gelder made. go ahead, mr. spock. anything further? your mr. spock sounds like a very excellent second in command, captain kirk. please tell him to go ahead and speak freely. i have to check in with a member of my staff anyway. thank you, dr. adams. excuse me. stand by, mr. spock.
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van gelder is extremely agitated, captain, and warns that you are in danger. well, that's foolish. uh, please repeat, captain. i didn't receive that. tell mccoy the technical expert he sent along with me insists that any concern is... unjustified. according to adams, van gelder created his own problem. he's suffering from neural synapse damage, as if his brain were short-circuited. it's no wonder he's having delusions. and understood. but we still have some doubts up here, captain. can you tell us any more? not really. when do you plan to beam back up, captain? i... think we'll spend the night here, mr. spock. no! no. no. no. and you will continue to check in every 4 hours? affirmative. kirk out. no! no.
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your captain. no! no! don't let him stay! don't let him stay! don't! no. no. don't hypo me. please, don't hypo me. i'll try not to fight. i'll try. but you must listen. warn your captain. dr. adams... d-- dr. adams... will destroy... destroy how? what? right...
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enterprise log. first officer spock, acting captain. i must now use an ancient vulcan technique to probe into van gelder's tortured mind. spock, if there's the slightest possibility it might help-- i've never used it on a human, doctor. if there's any way we can look into this man's mind to see if what he's seeing is real or delusion-- it's a hidden, personal thing to the vulcan people, part of our private lives. now, look, spock,
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it could be dangerous. do you understand? it requires i make pressure changes... in your nerves, your blood vessels. you must... open my mind. let me warn you this will not affect you, dr. mccoy. only the person i touch. it is not hypnosis.
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good. the reading's leveling. you begin to feel a strange euphoria. your body... floats. yes. i begin to feel it. open your mind. we move together. our minds... sharing the same thoughts. [door buzzer] good evening. good evening. what did you think of the inmates we saw here this afternoon?
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i thought they were happy, well-adjusted. but a bit blank. captain, if you're questioning the methods of a man like tristan adams-- i'd like to see that treatment room again. you say you're somewhat familiar with the theory behind it? yes, somewhat. but if you'd simply state any doubts you have to dr. adams-- and if he's lying, he'll continue to lie and i won't find out a thing. the only way i can be sure is to see that machine at work. or is that too impractical and unscientific of me, doctor? well? coming. what is our name? who are we? we are simon van gelder. dr. adams... the neural neutralizer.
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he can reshape any mind he chooses. he used it to erase our memories, put his own thoughts there. he was surprised it took so much power. we fought him, remember? but we grew so tired. our minds so blank... so open... that any thought he placed there became our thoughts. our minds so empty... like a sponge needing thoughts, begging. empty. loneliness.
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wanting any word from him. love. yes. hate. yes. live. yes. die. yes. such agony to be empty. empty. lonely. so empty. empty. so empty. i have no desire to damage my brain. can this be handled with reasonable safety, yes or no? yes. and will you be able to determine if that beam is harming me in the slightest? yes, captain.
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ready? mm-hmm. we'll try minimum intensity-- a second or two. anytime you're ready, doctor. just for a second or two. nothing happened. something happened. your face went completely blank. try a... harmless suggestion. you're hungry. you know, when we finally get through this,
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i put that suggestion in your mind, captain. i said simply that you were hungry. remarkably effective for a device that dr. adams was going to abandon. i think we should try this again. yes. pick something unusual, an unusual suggestion. something we can both be sure of. at the christmas party... we met. we danced. you talked about the stars. i suggest now that it happened in a different way. you swept me off my feet and carried me to your cabin. [laughing] merry christmas. captain, if your crew saw you carry me here...
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is sworn to secrecy. but my reputation... i mean, just having met like this. of course, it would be different if you cared for me. you want me to manufacture a lie, wrap it up as a... christmas present for you? no. i'd prefer honesty. now captain kirk is going to have a complete demonstration.
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[groans] you're madly in love with helen, captain. you'd lie, cheat, steal for her, sacrifice your career, your reputation. no, doctor, no! the pain, do you feel it, captain? you must have her, or the pain grows worse. the pain, the longing for her. helen. for years i've loved you. you must continue to remember that, captain. and now...she's gone. helen. helen, don't go. i need you, helen! now, captain... you must take your phaser weapon
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captain? the pain increases unless you obey me. i... must... drop it. very good, captain. very good indeed. and now your communicator-- drop it on the floor. kirk to enterprise. aah! kirk... to enterprise. aah! no!
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they've taken you from the room, captain. you're in your own quarters now. helen... helen... for years, i've loved you. helen... try to remember. i've loved you... he placed all that in your mind. for years. remember. dr. adams took the controls away from me. do you remember the pain, and then his voice? remember?
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yes. i... remember. i... remember. helen... look. the duct. the duct. uhh. give me a hand here. pull. air conditioning. it has to connect with other ducts and tunnels.
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short-circuited, it would cut off the security force field. have you had any training in hyper-power circuits? no. megavoltage. touch the wrg line and you're dead. anything's better than adams' treatment room. time for another treatment? please don't fight me, captain. the pain only gets worse when you doubt me. uhh. uhh! [screams] you believe in me completely. i believe in you.
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i... trust you. excellent, captain. i compliment you. do you know dr. van gelder was down on his hands and knees sobbing at this point? it was so gratifying. i'm so fortunate to have had a couple of excellent specimens to--to work with. i've learned a great deal. the woman doctor-- she's gone, dr. adams. notify security at once, lethe. captain? i... aah! don't know. where is helen? and with what instructions? uhh. uhh. i... don't...
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emergency channel d. it's no good, mr. spock. i can't break through their force field.
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put him back in the chair, eli. and find that girl. aah! uhh!
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mr. spock, the force field is gone. i can send you right to the source of the interruption. get some security people and follow me down. energize. [communicator chirps] enterprise, this is spock.
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captain. captain? helen, are you all right? yes. oh, this isn't right, captain. dr. adams did this to you. dr. adams? dr. ad-- the treatment room. follow me.
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the power came on. he's dead, captain. the machine wasn't on high enough to kill him. but he was alone. can you imagine a mind... emptied by that thing? without even a tormenter for company.
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man: all sections. security check in progress. report. oh, captain, there was a message from tantalus colony, sir. it was from van gelder.
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the equipment destroyed. thank you. it's hard to believe that a man could die of loneliness. not when you've sat in that room. take us out of orbit, mr. spock. ahead warp factor one. acknowledged, captain.
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up creased prices. come up -- coming up, the latest on the impact in our state. it is the time of the election when big names swarm the battleground states and they don't get much bigger than the president of the united states. thank you for joining us. i'm deborah morgan. >> i'm david crabtree. >> expect to see heavy hit are both parties lobbying for votes up until the polls close on tuesday night. wral's capital bureau chief laura leslie has covered many of these events for us. laura joins us now live from chapel hill where president obama led the charge this affect. >> reporter: the fire marshal tells us that about 16,000 people packed into hooker field today to hear president barack obama speak. i can tell thought lines to just get into the event was over a mile long if can you believe that. the president told the crowd


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