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tv   WRAL News 5PM  NBC  November 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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[ phone ringing ] yeah. you're glad you're not standing here, pal. hey, xxxxxxx, what, they just invented traffic?
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[ clears throat ] shut up. did tim give you the message we'd be seeing you at, uh, 5:00 today? [ liery continues, indistinct ] twenty minutes. [ knocking ]
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yeah, i brung you. yeah. looks like you slept good. [ sighs ] what happened? what happened? yeah, what happened? did you drug me, jimmy? mouse, that's a little raw, huh? what do you want me to say? i drugged you, had my way? took advantage when you were helpless? i gotta go, mouse. you son of a bitch. you son of a bitch. hey, can you get over to patrick's? that's where we left your car. mouse? get away from me.
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o.a.'s khryn dabrowski. cleaning lady found her when she showed up for work. super says she's lived here 12 years. thanks. no problem. strangled. looks like ligature marks. where's the cleaning lady? he said she went home all upset finding the woman dead. let me talk to this guy. i'm detective simone. hey, how's it going? isn't this somethin'? what can you tell us about miss dabrowski? - well, she stayed to herself. - was she married? have any kids? no. no, but she had a boyfriend, and you ought to talk to this guy.
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xxxx manzak. riehm architects, 2nd and 46th. - you called him already? - no. you know, on account of the concerns i just told you. so you think he could've done this? well, they had regular set-tos. [ sipowicz ] did he have a key? yeah. who else had one? mildred. that's the cleaning lady. this is the woman who found her? yeah. yeah, she was awful upset. they used to chew the fat when mildred was done working. summers, i'd see 'em outside with their tea. excuse me. polacks? the tea dribble down their chins? meet detective sipowicz. hey, how's it goin'-- uh, no offense. -too stupid. -you need me for anything else? no. just don't go anywheres. don't leave town. why? what's the problem. no problem as long as you stay within this jurisdiction. -i'm a suspect? you gotta be kiddin'. -just stick around like i said. - you can tell i'm not a suspect, right? - his case.
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oh, boy. morning, diane. hi. you feel okay? yeah. you look like you have a virus. no, i'm okay. incidentally, i had a very enjoyable dinner last night. mmm. was it real low-calorie? oh, no. the new cop with anticrime. - morning. - [ medavoy ] hiya, james. hi. you okay, diane? you look under the weather. yeah, i'm okay. so, the chief of d's addressed the d.e.a. meeting last night. - i snuck a look at his advance promotions list. - oh, is that right? bobby's making first grade. yeah? you know, they change those lists, james. yeah, i know.
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he and simone caught on the way in. then it's me. okay, work it with diane. - sure. - you feeling all right? guess from what i look like, someone should put a bullet in my ear. what's going on? d.o.a.'s frank sportelli. fifty-five. shot in the head. that's the address on his driver's license. no one else is in the house. anyone see anything? if they did, they're not talking about it. all right.
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what can you tell me about him? that was his aunt's house, his mother's sister. his parents lived next door. are they alive? they've been dead, like, 25 years. and his aunt died a year after her sister, which was sport's mother. sport lived in his aunt's old house with his wife till about seven years ago. his wife passed away too? she left him, moved to california. did they have any children? no. - what's your name? - louis pesci. - pesci, like the actor? - except he's joe, the lead star of goodfellas. i didn't see anything. sport wasn't that active anymore, so you don't know necessarily what happened. could've been anyone. thanks for your help. i didn't help you. i didn't see anything. okay. so, uh, how long did you know the victim? years. did he have any enemies? you think it could've been one of them drive-by shootings? is that what you think happened?
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don't put me in the middle of this. i just went out before to get the paper. you didn't see nothin'? not a thing. hi. detectives. can we talk to you? - i don't have any information. - what's your name? oleta campisi. do you know the man who was shot? frank sportelli. yes. i found out by asking afterwards. anyone else live with you, mrs. campisi? your husband? - yes. - what time did he leave? - when i was in the shower. - so i guess it's possible he could've seen something? - no. no? you heard sirens when you were in the shower, so that would've made it after the shooting. sal wouldn't have just left, though. my husband's a good person, a good neighbor. he was always trying to help frank. did frank have any kind of physical problems? we think he was gettin' some form of the jerry lewis disease,
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it's not that type of neighborhood. we wouldn't allow it. so, um, what time will your husband be gettin' home? he should be home late afternoon. would you have him give us a call? i know he won't have no information. everyone in the neighborhood knows he's the type who would try to help. - thank you. - thanks a lot. run it for the boss, huh? yeah. i feel like we're real close to a clearance on this. hey, everyone in this neighborhood knows everything about everybody, yeah. that's him. right through there. thanks. richard manzak? i'm detective simone. - this is detective sipowicz. - what do you want? - you know a kate dabrowski? - aw, i can't believe this. - she put a complaint on me? - what do you think?
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e. - no. - no? - yeah, no. you want your boss knowing about your business with the police? people you work with? she struck me, all right? i was struck by her. then i reciprocated. get your finger off me. if you don't got a warrant, i want you out of here. if i restrain myself from breaking his jaw, is what he's doing assault? yeah. i'm telling you-- you were pushing him. now you're under arrest. - that makes you a collar. you understand that? - you guys are xxxs, right?
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- who's that? - d.o.a.'s boyfriend. he's a collar for assaulting andy when we went to question him. is that real, or a way to get him in? he was finger-jabbing me pretty strenuously there. the building super said that this guy and the d.o.a. used to get into it pretty good. - anyone else to look at? - there's no sign of ransacking or forced entry. only other people with keys were the super and cleaning lady. the super's a mope. we got the cleaning lady coming in. super said that her and the d.o.a. - were pretty close. - hey, fellas. - how's it going, captain? - good morning. good morning. arthur. let me know what you get from the boyfriend. mm-hmm. give me a second, andy. i gotta take a leak. who screwed up? i go first. promoting one and not the other isn't right. is that me going first?
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keying on the olushola clearance. that case shows what kind of cop he is. fact is, arthur, 12 months before, andy directed a racial epithet at the same guy. arthur, you more than anybody else know you do not fight battles you can't win. sipowicz's promotion is off the table. now, you gotta decide do you buy too much of a management headache the other guy gettin' it while sipowicz don't. it's not fair to simone to look at it that way. those are my personnel stats too. see ya, arthur. thanks. when'd you see kate dabrowski last, richard? three nights ago.
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you and kate had a fight on friday? is that what she says? answer the damn question. more like a squabble. you sure you remember? you ever black out? what's she saying i did to her? 'cause it takes two, you know? hey. kate's dead, richard. oh, kate. yeah. i didn't do it. i remember everything i did that night. maybe half an hour. then i left, went to the old stand. that's supposed to be an alibi? 'cause half an hour's enough time to have killed her. i need a drink. this is terrible. she wanted me to spend the weekend. why didn't i just-- why didn't you? i broke up with her, told her i wanted out. you get tired of gettin' dumped on all the time. i got some self-respect. how was she dumpin' on you friday? ah, the maid again.
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now she starts on me using polack. "i'm a polack. she's a polack." are you a polack? absolutely. it's different us calling each other that, right? i'm not a big expert with ethnic sore points. god. who do you think killed her? hey, people black out, you know. they do things they never meant. i remember what i did. it wasn't me. could it have been, like, a stranger off the stree the place wasn't broken into. if we get a d.a.'s declination and let you walk on this finger-jabbing complaint, you gonna keep to your regular places? i'm not going anywheres. i'll be drinking at the old stand. i don't wanna get into a big back-and-forth about this on the phone, lillian.
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one in the head. wallet still on him. greg's got his pedigree. yeah, 55. wife had left him. supposedly had some chronic health problem. we wanna talk to a guy who'll be back later. he's a contractor. wife said he helped the d.o.a. around his house. - wife seems somewhat nervous. - she might be worth another conversation. old-time neighborhood. no one was exactly falling over themselves to cooperate. - you wanna use a sound truck? - xxxx 'em off, you mean? - then maybe they tell you something else. - we'll get the truck. okay. um, diane? should we, uh, be talking about something? no. should you be talking to somebody?
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i can't hold simone hostage to management problems that have nothing to do with him. he's on that squad, arthur. if morale would suffer because bobby got a promotion and sipowicz didn't, you'd be wrong not to take that into account. well, sipowicz's work wouldn't suffer just 'cause he's too full of bullheaded pride. what i hate is him being able to think that i reached out to keep him down. you put him up for that promotion. you think sipowicz will believe that? and if he does, was a backdoor way of reminding the board that he had problems with kwasi before. don't live in that man's head, arthur. it's hell for him. it shouldn't be hell for you too. he should get what he deserves. some people would say he is.
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yeah, well, don't worry about it, mrs. superczynski. you just have him call us from downstairs when you get here. - thanks. - right. the cleaning lady's bus broke down. she'll be 20 minutes. they remember manzak friday at the old stand, 7:00 till closing. he don't feel right. - what's going on? - i know. i look like hell. - you all right? - um-- i'm over my head with liery. we were at patrick's bar. i think he might've slipped me a xxxxey or something, bobby. half last night, i don't remember what the hell happened.
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i remember waking up 7:00 this morning at his place. yeah, huh? [ russell ] yeah. - should we stop talking about it? - no. so did liery give any hints as to, uh, what went on? mm-mmm. flicked at me like a stuck bug, sick bastard he is. what, you gotta go out there with greg and james right now? yeah. yeah. we gotta go get the sound truck. [ clears throat ]
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she's out there last night with this scumbag that she's working i guess at some bar someplace. this is her undercover? says that, uh, she thinks he slipped her a xxxxey. she can't remember what happened after. what's she wanna do about it? andy, she don't know what she wants to do. she starts to reach out, and then she pulls back. meanwhile, this bastard,
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yeah. right. no, i got the dates. thanks. b.c.i. says the cleaning lady's husband's got two collars for assault. i'm mildred superczynski to see a detective simone. yeah, i'm detective simone. we spoke on the phone. - i was her maid. - why don't you come on in? we'll talk in here. this is my partner, detective sipowicz. how do you do? we understand you and miss dabrowski were pretty close. i don't know who could've killed her. would you, uh, like some coffee, some tea? i'd like some tea. he'll fix you up. here. what days do you usually work for miss dabrowski?
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that was the last time i saw her alive. here you go. did you ever give your key to miss dabrowski's apartment to someone else? no. - ever know her to let strangers in? - she didn't do that. anyone you know of had any grievances with miss dabrowski, didn't get along with her? only her boyfriend. them two always were arguing. - what would that be about? - smoking. his language. do that in front on you? - she'd have bruises, mention it off of that. - bruises? yeah. how'd you get along with miss dabrowski? sometimes i'd stay after work, we'd have tea. you're upset, huh? well, she's dead. mildred, did you have disagreements with miss dabrowski?


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