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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  November 3, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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( whistling sprightly tune ) starring andy griffith... with ronny howard.
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all right, next. okay. ah, not too short, floyd. ah. ( horn honking ) looks like the nashville bus is comin' through. yep, and right on time, too.
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( horn honking ) ring-a-ding-ding. that is what i call a female. me, too. yes. that's a female, all right. right, andy? yep. that's definitely not a boy. times like this i wouldn't mind being a young bachelor. she's got it, all right. she's coming right in here. hi there. i'm looking for the proprietor.
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, uh, yes, ma'am, i-i-i am the proprietor. floyd lawson, proprietor-- that's he. uh, that's me. i better get back to city hall. and i... uh, i better check and see if there's been any crime waves or anything. uh, well, good-bye, floyd. ) ( tires screech ) oh, they don't seem friendly. oh, but, ma'am, uh, uh, uh... ( babbling ) isn't that right, andy? oh, they-they're friendly, ma'am. they're friendly as can be. they're just shy. oh, well, i'm glad because that's the one thing i'm looking for is a friendly place. where the people are friendly?
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i worked in this big-city barber shop and this barber, pierre, was forever after me to marry him and i kept saying, "i need time to think." you know how a girl needs time to think? only he didn't think i needed so much time to think but i did, and we had this fight, and i just had to go away. well, you can see why i had to do that. uh, to think. and besides, i was getting awful tired of the big city because, you know it's getting so a girl can't walk down the street anymore without being whistled at. do you know why men do that? oh, i wouldn't have any idea. would you, floyd? oh, no, no, no. i-i wouldn't know at all. and another thing, the big city isn't a very friendly place. the people and all, they're not friendly. so, i just decided i'd get on a bus and the first friendly-lookin' town i came to i'd get off and stay there a while and think things over and do you know this bus that i was on it passed a sign that said
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and that seemed friendly, so here i am. oh, well, we're, uh, we're glad that you think we're friendly. well, you're probably wondering why i came in here. my chosen profession happens to be i'm a manicurist-- i do nails-- and that's what i was doing in that barber shop where pierre wants to marry me only he doesn't think i need time to think it over but i do because a girl needs time to think over that. i thought since i was going to be in mayberry a while i'd be needing a job to ask for a job. a manicurist? here? in mayberry? that's my chosen profession-- i do nails. well, uh, uh, yes, of course, uh, but... well, uh, ma'am, i-i don't believe that there'd be much call for a fingernail doin' here in-in mayberry. yeah. i never heard of anybody in mayberry having a manicure. no. that's right, ma'am. there just wouldn't be enough work for you.
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oh, well, that's the good part. you don't have to pay anything. i work strictly on commission. well, that's the way we work in my chosen profession. now, i'll just work over here at this table by the window where i'll be out of your way, and this chair will be for me and this will be for my customers. uh, what customers? there won't be any customers. you wait and see. there'll be all kinds of 'em and anyway, as you say, "what have you got to lose?" i didn't say that. oh, well, you will. now, i better get over to the hotel and get settled and thanks ever so much for giving me this opportunity. that's all right, b-but... that sign was right. mayberry is a friendly town and that's what i was looking for is a friendly town. oh... oh, by the way, my name is ellen brown. andy! this is ridiculous. what are you going to do about it? what am i going to do about it?
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but this is revolutionary! my customers won't take to a drastic thing like this. a manicurist. oh, oh.... now, now, now, floyd, don't have a spell. it's just a passin' thing. yeah? sure. it won't take her long to find out there's no work for her. i'll give her 24 hours. but while she's here she sure is pretty to look at, ain't she? yeah? kinda like a calendar come to life. oh, she is. oh. what you fellas lookin' at? oh... hi, gang. what's going on? look, look... look over here. wh...? it's that girl from the bus. is she working in here? well, come on in, boys. what are you standing out there for?
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uh, hmm, mm... there. how do, gentlemen? anybody care for a manicure? ( all grumbling ) how 'bout you, sir? manicure for you, sir? no, ma'am, no, thanks. no, thank you. how about you, officer? me? would you like a manicure? uh... no. no, thanks. i, uh... i never, uh, never went in, uh
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i heard you went rabbit hunting sunday, mayor. yeah. how'd you do? shot three. missed you out there, sam. where were ya? fishin'. do any good? t. floyd: what did you do sunday, barney? stayed home. how'd you do? caught three. not bad. how's everything in the hardware business, sam? slowest week i've had in three years.
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le to boost business. barney: oh, yeah? what are you going to put on sale? legs. that's always a good household item. sure none of you gentlemen would like a manicure? now is the time. i find i have an openin'. well, no, i... no, i... howdy, fellas. ( all mumble ) gone already, huh? i told you that little ol' girl wouldn't last 24 hours. imagine her thinking anybody in mayberry would let a girl cut their fingernails and paint 'em and all. ain't that a laugh? why, i'd no more think... uh, howdy.
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ll and i think you've got a nerve puttin' up a sign sayin' that it is. well, ma'am, i didn't know... excuse me but i distinctly heard you say i wouldn't last more than 24 hours here. just to make sure you're not wrong i'll get my things together and i'll just get back on that bus, and... and i'll just keep on travelin' till i find a town that is friendly.
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goodbye, mr. lawson. and thank you. sorry it didn't turn out well. i'm real sorry.
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where you going? i'm going to wait for the bus, if you don't mind. well, uh, that don't seem like very good business to leave when you got a... a customer. i don't see a customer. me. floyd, if your manicurist has got a open appointment why, i'd like to get me a manicure. huh? you mean you would...? well, just a minute, then, andy. get your things. oh, yeah. gee whiz. ( mumbling ) it's good of you to do this, andy. you're a real prince of a fellow, that's what you are. a real prince. ( laughing ) ( clearing throat ) uh, manicurist? yeah. ah... a real prince. well... oh, manicurist?
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ah... uh, they're... they're a mess, ain't they? i generally cut 'em myself. my aunt bee's got a good-sized pair o' dressmaking scissors that i use... or i might just use her poultry shears. sometimes i just set out in the backyard and clip 'em with the hedge clipper. ( laughing ) don't get 'em down too far. i want... i want to leave a little bit for scratchin'. ( laughing )
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andy, what's she doin' to you? she's just givin' me a manicure like any cultured gentleman ought to get. okay? yeah. you're next. what? just be glad you're a cultured gentleman. sit down. but, andy... as my deputy, i want you to look nice right down to the fingernails. now, andy, i... that's a order. well... ( chuckling ) there you are, miss. why, thank you. and may i say i have never had a finer manicure. there you are, floyd. thank you. sheriff? hmm? and i really do mean thank you. well, yes'm. see y'all later. andy? um... uh, andy...? andy!
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what? well, let me have your hand. i won't hurt you. honest. ( gasps ) what's the matter? it makes my skin crawl. i'll be real careful. well, be extra careful with that one. that's my trigger finger. you damage that, and i might as well quit the business. not frightened anymore? nah. feels kinda good. do this one. howdy, fellas. what's up? andy, look. how 'bout that? do you believe it when you see it?
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what about it? "just"? well, ain't everybody gettin' 'em? i know i got mine. you? got a manicure? well, sure. lookit there. you ever see fingers come out so even? can't bite 'em down that good. yeah, but nobody ever had a manicure before in mayberry. oh, well, that's 'cause they didn't know what they was missin'. you know what the best part is, don't you? no. no. havin' a purty girl like ellen hold your hand the whole time. she, uh... she sure is a looker, all right. there's no doubt about that. oh, she is, and she wears the purtiest perfume. oh, it's just a pleasure to sit there beside of her and breathe. why don't you go in and wait your turn? oh, i don't know. i... i'm not so sure how the little woman would take it if i... oh, you, uh... scared of your wife, are you, mayor? oh, no. of course not. she breathes heavy and he jumps a mile. that's not true. if i wanted to get a manicure, i'd do it.
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why don't you? why don't you? maybe i will, maybe i will. too. all right, let's both go. okay with me. me, too. you go first. i'll put you down for 5:00. fine, thank you. you may have to work overtime. my, this is a friendly town after all. there you are. next.
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mornin', floyd. how's everything? awful, just awful. what's the matter? well, it started last night-- call after call canceling the appointments and then more this morning. well, she is going to think this is an unfriendly town now. who can blame her? you mean they're canceling manicure appointments? yes, right and left. i'll bet you there won't be well, what happened? wives. they don't like the idea of their husbands havin' their hands held by a pretty young thing like miss ellen. something we should've thought of, ain't it? oh, i don't know what to tell her now. things were goin' along so well and everything. this is just where we started. this is going to destroy her faith in this town, andy. uh...
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how 'bout you tell her? no. now, floyd, i can't do... oh, there you are, floyd. they told me you were here. i've got to get back to my shop. something's come up. i have to talk to you. just talk to andy. uh, floyd, uh... ellen, won't you, uh... ( clears throat ) won't you, uh, sit down? well... thank you. but i did want to talk to floyd because something very important has come up. when i first came to mayberry i wanted time to think and i thought this would be a friendly town in which to do that, and... i-i-it is a friendly town, miss ellen. you've got to believe that but, uh, there's somethin' that, uh, that i want you to... to, uh, understand. there is? yes, there is. now, uh, i... i don't know whether you... whether you know this or not, but, uh...
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i mean real, real, real good. i can't remember when i've seen nature spend so much time on any one person. and, well, what i'm, uh, tryin' to tell you is that bein' as pretty as you are and as unattached as you are, well, uh... you can be a pretty worrisome thing to other, married women. i can? yes, you can. you can. the fact is, uh are afraid that you're gonna steal their husbands away from 'em. oh, well, that's silly. i'd never do a thing like that. i know you wouldn't but it sure would help matters a lot if you was to be married yourself. and then, see, the wives here wouldn't feel so uncomfortable about you holdin' their husbands' hands. you get what i'm drivin' at? why, sheriff taylor that is the sweetest proposal i have ever heard.
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ellen, i... i... you're askin' me to marry you. ellen, i, uh... i... imagine me the wife of a sheriff. ellen, i... i... it's a good thing you didn't tell me all this yesterday or i might really have been confused. but i cannot accept your proposal of marriage because i called pierre and told him to come and get me as i have thought it over and i have agreed to become his wife. well, that's what i wanted to tell floyd-- that i can't work in his shop anymore but it was terribly sweet of you to ask me. why, that's the most flatterin' thing that's ever happened to me and even though i'm married to pierre i'll always have fond memories of you. well, i better get back to the hotel and get packed. good-byeand thanks again. oh, hi, barney. hi. hi...
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ain't we lucky to be livin'
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-the despair of winter is followed by the hope of spring. -the infernal heat of summer ababished by a gentle autumn breeze. -life's brutal truths are softened by its tender mercies. -you know, i like that. -thank you. my riding has allowed me to express my most inner feelings. i don't know how i would survive without it. i wish you had something like that, xena. -are you kidding? i got this. -it's perfect. [sighing] more hot sand.


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