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tv   WRAL News at 430 AM  NBC  November 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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if you don't. checkpkpnt one, flight 27 has just landed. are we set? all police personnel are at their posts and ready. well, here we are in sunny, romantic greece. just think a few hours ago we didn't even know each othth. why don't you go check your baggage, christine? i gotta make a phone call. one of those agent top secret calls -i suppose. -yeah, how'd you guess? i'll see you at the front gate.
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let go! take your hands off me! mr. kuryakin, sir. yes, mr. kuryakin. tr i trust you've captured that young man. almost, sir. unfortunately what happened was... you almost did? mrmrinryakin, am i to understand
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were unable to seizeze a single thrush agent? greg martin is not an ordinary thrush agent. i only wish you and mr. solo were as competent. well, sir, we have another plan which should lead to his capture. then execute it, mr. kuryakin, and bear in mind, if you faiaithis time hundreds of people are likely to die almost immediately.
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i don't know what you're talkin' about. nono one more time, christine, we are not enemy agents. we work for an organization known as u.n.c.l.e. now, whether you like it or not greg martin is a dangerous man. i'd expect you to say something like that. well, you just let me tell you... you watch her, i'll get the car. right. i'm going to m me a call to my superior, and you stay here, and don't move.
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she just drove off in a cab due north. let's see if we can pick her up on the radar. yeah, there she is.
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she stopped. we'd better tag her. greg?
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he could be in any one of these. we'd better make sure she's out of the way beforeree take him. greg? greg, what are you doing? shut up. the same two men followed you. well, what are we going to do? i got a car parked around the corner. -well, let's go. -no. christine, it's no good, i'm tired of runnin'. you take the car, get out of here, and leave me alone for good. no, greg. no, i won't leave you.
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all right. maybe there's a chance. it's a slim one, bubu.. well, what is it? tell me. this money. it's $10,000. i'm supposed to give it to another agent for some important information. if you could find a way to give it to those two men as a bribe... well, we could try. it's too risky, they'd shoot me on sight. but they won't shoot me, will they? no, that's too dadaerous. anna help you. please let me. those protective instincts again. well, as long as i'm pretending to be mrs. greg martin i might as welelmake it for better or for worse. all right. start back down the street the two men will stop you, when they do,
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uick as you can, understand? i think so. and if they don't take it throw it at them. -throw it? -don't argue with me. i'll meet yoyoback here in the car. greg. what? would you kiss me before i go? easy. we let her comet to us.
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here. it's $10,000. now you just take t ts money and you leave us alone. where is he, christine? where is he? take the money. get out of there, stupid. it's hot, duck quick! i'm sorry about... he got away, and the girl with him. i wonder what mr. waverly's gonna think
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observe what we have here, the exquisite remains of another temple built to the mythical god, hercules, the greatest hero of greek mythology. of course you all remember that the athenians chose to honor theseus a more compassionate and intelligent god. excuse me, doctor. we mustn't forget our schedule. number three should d in athens by now. oh, yes, yes, yes, yes. now, since we are here to observe him during the final phase of the mission we shouldn't be late. now, take it to the bus, please, everyone, everyone. there will be other opportunities totomprove
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let's go. you told me that package had money in it. -i had to. -why? would you have given it to those two men if i told you it had explosives in it? but, but you used me to try to kill them. you want me to help you kill people and you won't even tell me why. one day, if i get out of this alive, i'll tell it to the real mrs. greg martin. you didn't think i'd let you go back to oklahoma by yourself, did you? u.n.c.l.e. headqs rters athens, agent lilindra here. please identify and report. this is napoleon solo, section two. request an air search and strike unit
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ee minutut. a location of priority required first. we're searching for an identified thrush agent, greg martin. the last time he was seen he was driving a late model english sports car north from tassos alley along thermopylae road. this information will also be relayed to the athens police for an apb. -do you have a license number? -negative. there's also a female passenger with him, christine hobson. we're positive martin won't hehetate to use her as a shield if necessary. look out! greg! greg! help him, please, somebody help him! get off of me! get out. take the bag, take it.
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your arm.. it's all right. but you're gonna have to drive. this car is wrecked. greg! greg! give me the bag. get in. -greg! -get in! air strike unit one to solo, we're effective r your signal and moving on interception course. made you, air strike one, we are continuing on the thermopylae road. this is u.n.c.l.e. hehequarters athens, attention ground unit. go ahead. athens police report an accident involving identified thrush vehicle at the intersection of thermopylae and arastasas roads.
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ove intersection. we'll circle and hold for further orders. ground unit on the way. over and out. nest one thing. do you know where arasassas road is? i know athens like the back of my hand. straight ahead to five blocks. what h hpened to the driver of that car? can you get any of that instance? he stole a green sedan and he's headed for antinos. greg, what are you doing? getting ready.
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just drive the car. that's what you're here for. air strike unit one, this is solo. we're moving west toward antinos. thrush agent and female passenger are somewhere ahead in a green vehicle. intercept and hold if you can. on the way. do not harm the female occupant. repeat, do not harm the girl. understand. out. now, you will agree that a great deal of care was used in the selection of this test site. the small, unimportant village of antinos is nested cozily away from public concern. how many people, sir? oh, 400 or 500 insignificant peasantsts but still a workable population segment. precisely. thrush will be impressed. now, study the dam above the village, gentlemen. the piece de resistance.
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body of water which begs to be suddenly released? and excellent test for number three, sir. patience, all of you. your turns will come and i promise equally rewarding opportunities. doctor, a car is approaching. ahh, that must be number three. it is time. now let us observe his technique most carefully, gentlemen. greg, that stuff in your suitcase, that gun and those explosives, what are you gonna do with them? i have a purpose, that's all you need to know. greg, answer me. why are we driving up this road? christine, curiosity is a defective trait.
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air strike unit one to solo approaching village of antinos. i'm right over target vehicle. roger, air strike one. starting interception. we'll be theree in a few minutes. doctor, there'a a helicopter. what's that?
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i'll put one down in front of them. greg! greg, i can't get out. how unfortunate. greg! greg. greg, please don't leave me.
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ween number three and the dam. nothing! greg! greg, don't leave me, please. greg, help me. help me, the fire. greg. greg, come back please. somebody help me. there's another car approaching. it must be u.n.c.l.e. greg, greg come back please.
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somebody help me. help me. i'm gonna die. i'm gonna... greg. oh thank god. impossible, he's returning to the girl.
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martin, stop!
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the field test has failed. it is obviousat that all of you are going totoequire severe realignment. the now, quickly,nce s there is...there is much to be done. quickly, quickly, let's gogo easy, ms. hobson, everything's going to be all right. he was coming back to help me. he said that he... that he loved meme do you think he... i think k meant it, christine. come on. here in the rich antino valley a wide variety of food products are grown for distribution all over greece.
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of an irrigation dam above the villagag as we move farther down the valley you will notice evidence of m me ancient ruins standing in noble tribute to the culture
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?? >> narrator: here's adventure! ?? here's romance! here's o. henry's famous robin hood of the old west, "the cisco kid"! ?? ?? (cows mooing) >> hey, tom! we'll rest the herd here


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